KEYWORDS: thou, maria, god, david, oplexicon


David Berg

MOJuly 11‚ 1973DO No.261

P.O. Box 31, London, WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936


1. YOUR FATHER NEEDS LOTS OF LOVING BECAUSE HE'S VERY MUCH A MAN AFTER MY OWN HEART, BECAUSE I LIKE LOTS OF LOVING! I have many loves who make up My Bride. I have one Bride made of many brides, and I need much loving by many loves! All are My Bride. You understand the Words of your father? So you give him much love, for he is a mortal man and he needs much loving to show him thy love. Like Me, he wants to be loved all the time!

2. I CAME NOT TO BE MINISTERED UNTO BUT TO MINISTER, BUT HE NEEDS MUCH MINISTERING UNTO—much ministering unto his under-parts to show your love. Your father needs rest and very much love with both pen and penis. He needs to be satisfied that you will receive all seeds from pen and penis that it bear fruit to bring him many children. Don't you understand the Words of your father's bosom? He will plant many seeds from both pen and penis, for he is a strong man and hath much juices which I give him for My glory! (God's spiritual juices.)

3. FOR I AM THE LORD THY GOD AND I WILL DO AS I WILL AND NO MAN INSTRUCTETH ME in this way or that, but I do as I please! Therefore I bless David and all his seed of both pen and penis if you will receive it.—You receive it?—You willing to bear children to David! Much, much children shalt thou bear, so many, thou canst not number throughout the whole world! By thy pen thou shalt bear, many, many children to David, but there will be some who will also bear seed to his penis. Whom he loves will love him and are willing to bear seed to his body—of which he already has many children—if they will receive and they will cherish and treasure the seeds that I give unto them by means of their father David. You love much penis of David?—Then do not neglect. There is no such love, so much love in all the writings before him! (It's God's last chance to show His love to the world, so He's really spreading it on!)

4. I AM ENABLED BY MY SPIRIT TO PICK UP THY PEN AND WRITE FOR THEE if thou art too weary‚ if thou wouldst believe. For I know these signs, for they were given to Me. (Maria: What signs?) The signs which thou writest. Therefore if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. (All good inventions are inspired by the Lord from His spirit world‚ and all bad ones from the Devil and his demons.)

5. YOU LIKE MUCH SEED FROM DAVID'S PEN even more than from his penis, but there be many who like his penis, too with whom thou shalt share much seed. You love penis of David?—It needs your love!—For it is much loved by many women who want much seed from your father David. Now you rest, sweet baby.


6. WHAT MORE WOULDST THOU KNOW? ASK‚ AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO THEE! Seek‚ and ye shall find! Knock, and it shall be opened unto thee! For whatsoever thou seekest thou shalt receive, whatsoever thou seekest thou shalt find‚ and wheresoever thou knockest it shall be opened unto thee even unto the whole of the Kingdom! David needs love while you write My Words. What seekest thou that thou mayest receive when thou asketh, that it shall be opened unto thee? (Maria: Whatever is most important for the children.) The Words of David, of course! Whatsoever Words thou seekest they also seek.

7. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND. KNOCK AND IT SHALL BE OPENED UNTO YOU. (Maria: Why did the boy from the Publications Colony leave with that money?) He that leaveth and taketh doeth so because he is selfish and careth not for the sheep‚ for he is an hireling! How much money did he take? (Maria: 80 pounds.) That is nothing!—It is the hire of an harlot which he desires! Who was he? (Maria: Daniel Kingston.) He will rue the day when he robbed God‚ for God will rob him of his share in the Kingdom!

8. (MARIA: WHAT ABOUT THAT PRIEST WHO REPORTED THE PEOPLE WERE MASSACRED BY THE PORTUGUESE IN MOZAMBIQUE?) He is a sly liar who seeks to gain his own ends! (Maria: What are his own ends?) He opposeth the powers that be ordained of God, and the government that I have given. (Comment: The Portuguese have to rule some of the worst parts of Africa!) (Maria: Is he actually making the whole thing up?) He exaggerates the truth to subvert justice! (What does he want?) He seeks vengeance. (Upon whom?) Against them who exposed him to his people! (Comment: The implication was that these were trumped-up charges by the guerrillas to cover up the bad publicity they got about the guerrilla kidnapping of the 300 school children.)

9. YOU ASK SUCH FOOLISH THINGS THAT ARE OF NO CONSEQUENCE, WHEN THOU COULDST SEEK THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE! Ask what thy soul desirest and thy heart seeketh. You seek petty things that are of no consequence, like a little child who asks foolish questions. (Maria: What is wrong with our work in India?) Because they love her not, and they know her not, and they seek not her love to be ravished of her! (Maria: Will the people listen to the message of the "Green Paper Pig"?) Yes, many‚ many, many! Many have already heeded the Words of God's prophet, and for this cause they do already destroy the idols of Mammon!

10. (MARIA: AND NITLER WILL FALL SOON?) AS THE GRASS OF THE FIELD WHITHERETH and vanisheth and is cast into the fire so shall he be gone the way of all flesh, for he displeaseth Me. (Does John Dean the Watergate witness answer truthfully?) He does, as best he knows how, for his life is at stake and he has much love for the truth and to be sincere to his wife. Oh, may he know that his father loveth him, and that Thou lovest him and carest for those who are honest and confess their sins!

11. (WHAT SHOULD FAITH DO IN CYPRUS TO WIN THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE?) SEEK MAKARIOS, of course, as I have told you many times before. If she wins his heart, then she shall win their hearts. (What should she tell him?)—That she loves him, of course! (Will the [ACs] be angry at us for these things?) They will do what they have always done: They will reject My Words, and despise MY prophets, till My wrath be visited against them, and there be no remedy!

12. (WILL WE EVER RETURN TO ISRAEL?) OH YES, OF COURSE!—WE SHALL RETURN TO RULE OVER THEM in the power and might of the Lord in the day that Christ shall receive His Kingdom! (But we will be in Petra before that?) We will seek refuge with them which are despised, with them which are had in contempt, and with them which are accounted as nothing by them which have rejected the Word of the Lord. But unto them which receive us it shall be a blessing, and unto them which reject us it shall become a curse!

13. O LITTLE ONE‚ IF THOU KNEWEST THE POWER AT THY COMMAND, THOU WOULDST ASK AND THOU WOULDST RECEIVE! Thou art as a little child which knowest not what wonders are at thy command! Ask, and thou shalt receive! (Maria to David: Could you please tell me what I should ask?) You must ask, I but answer. For it must be according to thy faith, not mine. Thou shalt seek for thyself and not for another.

14. OH, THE TRUTHS THAT ARE AT THY HAND AND THOU SEEKEST THEM NOT! Is there nothing that you wish to know? (Maria: I don't know what to ask. For when I ask some things sometimes He won't answer me specifically.) He will in His time‚ for thou art His beloved, and He shall reveal unto you that which is needful when it is needed. For it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom according to His will.

15. (MARIA: IS THERE ANY MESSAGE FOR THE OTHER GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD?) You have already told the governments more than they will receive‚ but still he must tell them‚ that they may be held responsible. Ask and ye shall receive, but ye ask not, and ye have not because ye ask not.

16. I COULD REVEAL UNTO YOU THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, but thou art a little child and knowest not what to ask! What seekest thou, O little one! Desirest thou not to know that which is to be? (Maria: But when I ask specific times, places or names, the Lord usually won't tell me!) It is not for you to know the day nor the hour until the time comes, but ye shall know the season. Thou canst ask what thou wilt, yet thou askest nothing. (Maria: What shall I ask?) Whatsoever thy heart seeketh.

17. (WHAT WOULD DAVID WANT TO KNOW?) What is that in thy hand? What is that package? What does it contain? (Maria: What package?) The mail! (Maria: What does it contain?) Many questions—which are not for them to know! Your father is weary. He needs rest. (Maria: They have asked of Robinhood.) There are many Robinhoods! There are many Robinhoods who rob the rich to feed the poor!

18.(MARIA: IS PRESIDENT ALLENDE OF CHILE ONE OF THEM?) YES‚ OF COURSE! That's why they hate him and seek to destroy him. (What can he do?) Seek my face! Poor little girl! Even Peter had not the opportunity which thou hast, and yet thou seekest not. (With this, David is silent, and Maria says no more. But David is wondering why we're having such difficulty with these questions and answers.)


19. (SUDDENLY: ) HIS NAME IS OPLEXICON! (MARIA: WHO IS HE?) THAT ONE WHO WOULD OPPOSE THE ANSWERS OF GOD! (Where is he?) He comes out of the world of the spirits! (How does he oppose the answers?) He seeks to quell the springs of God! (How does he do that?) By denying the truth to all who would listen. (Maria: Who is the one who fights him?) That's our angel Gabriel—and Michael! (What can we do about Oplexicon?) Commit him to the wrath of God for God shall destroy him!

20. (IS HE A FALLEN ANGEL?) YES‚ ONE OF THE ARCHANGELS OF SATAN! (Who does he work with the most?) His father the Devil, of course! (I mean who does he try to oppose the most?) Us, of course! (Any particular person?) Me, of course. For we are the most powerful force of God and bear His truth, and Satan hateth it but he cannot help it. Thou askest such simple things, the questions of the simple.

21. LITTLE CHILD, REST NOW. SLEEP ON AND TAKE THY REST, FOR MINE HOUR IS NOT YET COME. (Maria: What hour?) Thou knowest. (He was evidently speaking of the day of his death.) (When it is come, will I know what to ask?) When my hour is come thou shalt ask much and thou shalt receive much of me. Rest now, sweet child‚ for I am weary.


22. (DAVID COMMENTS WONDERINGLY AFTERWARD: "THERE IS SOMETHING STRANGE ABOUT THAT NAME, OPLEXICON"! Suddenly the Lord says:) "Fearful is the power of this one, and great is his might, for he is one of the mighty ones! He is mightiest spiritual enemy of David, and the one assigned to fight him!" (Rebuke him, O Lord, in Jesus' name!) (I was marveling at his name, almost in wonderment, and the Lord said:) "He is not the match for your father!" (It was as though the Lord was rebuking us for marvelling at him as almost like a form of worship!) "God Himself is the only real match for your father!" (But Lord!—That's a pretty strong statement! Surely the archangels of God are a match for David?) "Nay! Even these obey thy will!"

23. WHEN I REBUKED OPLEXICON IN JESUS' NAME AND POINTED MY FINGER AT HIM, HE JUST VANISHED like the Green Paper Pig!—He was just standing here like a big powerful beautiful idol, an image, and he fell over flat on his back and vanished! I thought, "Whoever heard of an archangel falling flat on his back!"

24. (PRAYS:) OPLEXICON IS NOTHING TO THEE! HELP US TO BE FEARLESS IN OUR REBUKE OF HIM, fearless in our resistance of all our enemies in the spirit world. We rebuke you, Oplexicon in Jesus' name! We rebuke you, Oplexicon, in the name of Jesus! There must be something symbolic about that "O," too. Each time I rebuke him, he falls flat on his back, just like a stiff idol! He is an idol, apparently with which people become entrapped or snared.

25 MANY OF THESE ANCIENT IDOLS REPRESENTED ACTUAL DEMON SPIRITS. THIS IS WHY GOD DIDN'T LIKE THE IDOLS, because of the spirits they represented. The Lord has given us that name for some reason, so try it on some of them. Say: I rebuke you, Oplexicon, in the name of Jesus! It's almost like that "O" is a sign of his rank and his status. To whom did the people say, "O KING, O" Daniel"?—Only to people of great importance! These devils are afraid of you knowing their name: There must be some special power in rebuking them by name.

26. THE LORD MUST HAVE HAD A REASON FOR MAKING MANY OF OUR WORDS WHAT THEY ARE TODAY. God controlled their roots and preserved them until today, so we could still understand their meaning. Even some of our modern English words, with their Latin or Greek roots, are related in sound and meaning to the name of this mighty spirit of the heavens. Our word "perplex," which means to puzzle with difficulties, comes from the Latin word "perplexus," meaning entangled. Our English word "plexus," a network, comes from the Latin "plexus," which means a weaving. Our word "icon" meaning image, is from the Latin "icon" and Greek "eikon," meaning the same‚ an image.


28. ANOTHER RELATED SUBJECT IS THE "SOLAR PLEXUS," A RADIATING NETWORK OF NERVES CENTERING NEAR THE STOMACH AND VERY IMPORTANT TO OUR SPIRITUAL EMOTIONS. Speaking of the inspiration of God's spirit, the Lord says: "Out of thy belly shall flow forth rivers of living water!" It is the physical seat of the fountain of the spirit. In oriental religions like Yoga‚ it is this centre of spiritual emotion which the demons seek to control through trance–like meditation resulting in actual "demon possession," or a complete snaring of human spirit by an icon demon like "O-plex-icon"!

29. SO OBVIOUSLY OPLEXICON IS A DEMON IMAGE OR IDOL WHO EVIDENTLY OPPOSES THE ANSWERS AND DENIES THE TRUTH. The Devil casts a snare, tries to entrap or weave a snare, to stop the truth. Oplexicon either entangles the answers with idols‚ or he is some kind of an idol that entangles.

30. THE "ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION" IS GOING TO BE AN "IMAGE OF THE BEAST" OR A DEMON-POSSESSED IDOL OF THE ANTICHRIST! It has something to do with money, too. The monetary system itself is an idol, the money-god of Mammon, an abomination of desolation which the world worships! Money, in a way, is the "image of the beast" of this world, reflection of his power—the entangling idol of governments of today! It is his, the Antichrist's image‚ the entangling demon idol the people worship—which represents his and what he has to give! That's why the "love of money is the root of all evil"!—(1Tim 6:10)


31. SO, YOU SEE‚ IN SPITE OF OUR SIMPLE REASONING AND QUESTIONING ABOUT MINOR WORLDLY EVENTS, NOW THE LORD HAS GIVEN US AN ILLUSTRATION OF WHAT HE THINKS IS IMPORTANT: THE THINGS AND POWER AND CONFLICTS OF THE SPIRIT WORLD—The real world—where world destinies are being decided by the struggles of the spirits and archangels! Our daily lives and the world's future are being influenced by the battles in the spirit world between the Lord and His angels on the one hand, and the Devil and his angels on the other—including Oplexicon!

32. THANK GOD, ONE LITTLE WORD SHALL FELL HIM! JESUS!—THE MASTER OF ALL! Hallelujah!—You have but to utter the Name of Jesus to fell all the demons of hell, Oplexicon and Satan himself!—So why worry about our earthly enemies who are but mere mortal men!

33. SO "FEAR NOT, I AM WITH THEE! BE NOT AFRAID‚ FOR I AM THY GOD! I will help thee, yea I will strengthen thee, yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of My righteousness! (Is.41:10) Hallelujah! We don't need to fear the Devil or any and all of his angels!—Jesus is with us! "Resist the Enemy and he shall flee from thee!" (Jam.4:7)

34. "FOR GOD HATH NOT GIVEN US A SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT OF POWER AND OF LOVE AND OF A SOUND MIND!" Hallelujah! "For perfect love casts out all fear!" Amen!—And "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee!" (2Tim.1:7; 1Jn.4:18; Is.26:3) Praise God forever! God is bigger than any devil!—And much, much bigger than Oplexicon! Amen?