KEYWORDS: lord, jesus, name, mercy, allan, soul

Prayer for Edgar Allan Poe

David Berg

DO 2609 7/90

1. Edgar Allan Poe, Lord, he was a man tormented! Lord have mercy on him, deliver him. But he knew the mystic mid-regions of Weir, the Nether World. He was a man tormented. "Quoth the raven‚ never more!" Oh, God, have mercy on him, Lord, in Jesus' name. He was one of my favourite poets. He knew the Nether World. My God, please have mercy on him, Lord, in Jesus' name. He was a beautiful delicate soul, Lord, sensitive. Oh, God, please have mercy! Please deliver him, Lord, in Jesus' name! You promised, Lord, that we could deliver them like the other souls, if we would pray for them. Lord Jesus, he's had enough torment, enough agony. Oh, Jesus!

2. (Prays in tongues:) Oh, hear Thou the prayer of Thy Servant. Lord, fulfil his desire to be delivered, in Jesus' name. I love you! I love you! I pray for your deliverance from that world that you dreaded.

3. Oh, God, please, Lord, have mercy on him! He's already suffered agony enough. Please deliver him, in Jesus' name! In Your Love, Lord, Your mercy! Deliver Edgar Allan Poe, I ask You right now, in Jesus' name, to deliver him! I love you! I love you, Allan‚ & I ask for your deliverance that you shall know love & mercy, that Lord, You shall have love & mercy on this poor tormented sensitive soul!—In Jesus' name!

4. I know he tinkered with things unknown & mysterious & he should have stayed away, but Lord, please have mercy on him, O God‚ in Jesus' name. Have mercy on him. Deliver him, Lord, in Jesus' name. You promised, Lord‚ that if we will have mercy, You will have mercy.—2Sam.22:26.—That whoever we deliver here, You will deliver!—John 20:23. And I love him, Lord, & I understand him. Deliver him, Lord, from the darkness & the torment of soul that he went through! Oh, Jesus! We know he shouldn't have, Lord, but have mercy, Lord, have mercy! In the Name of Jesus have mercy, & deliver the soul of Edgar Allan Poe from the darkness.—In the Name of Jesus!

5. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! He's coming up from the darkness into the Light! In the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord for delivering him. You promised, Lord, that whosoever we deliver, You will deliver, Lord. In the Name of Jesus. Thank You Lord! He was a beautiful soul‚ Lord, but he was tormented by darkness. Thank You Jesus!

6. Thank You Lord for Edgar Allan Poe! I asked for mercy & the Lord has delivered him! Jesus can deliver more if we would but have the burden & pray & ask Him. For whosoever is delivered on Earth shall also be delivered in Heaven. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! He's such a beautiful soul‚ Lord. He just got tempted by the other worlds, Lord, the wrong world. Oh‚ God! But he knew. He was just tormented‚ Lord.

7. Maybe that's what he deserved, but now, Lord, I believe he's had enough. So take Him‚ Lord, into Your bosom & love him & forgive him, in Jesus' name.—For my sake, Lord, because I love him & I want him! Deliver the soul of Edgar Allan Poe from the torment of the blackness, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! I want him, Jesus!—In Jesus' name, amen. Thank You Lord! It's done! It's finished! The Lord has him. Amen! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen! Amen!

8. Isn't that beautiful how the Lord can give deliverance through our prayers?—Like those sailors & those soldiers, if we just pray for them & ask God to deliver them. (See #1262, "Singapore Sailor," & #368, "Where Poppies Grow.") "Whatsoever is loosed on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven."—Mat.16:19. I don't think people realise the power of our prayers & our love, how much God can do if we just pray. It's so wonderful! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! You delivered the tormented soul of Edgar Allan Poe in answer to our prayers, & You will keep him, Lord! Deliver & keep him so I can see him some day.

9. God bless you, Allan. I love you! Jesus! (Tongues & weeping) Your Father David has prayed for you that you might be delivered, because I love you. Your poems had such an effect on me & I wept for you before. The Lord gave me a burden for you long long ago & you helped to open a door for me to the things of the Other World. Thank you, thank you. It was a dark door, it was a scary door, but it was a door of the Truth, the dark door of the Other World. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! It was Truth & you opened my eyes to the Truth. Even though it was frightening, it was the Truth. Thank you, thank you. Thank You Jesus that you showed me those dark things to lead me to the Light.

10. Thank You for delivering Edgar Allan Poe, whom I love, who showed me the darkness that I might lead him to the Light! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah‚ in Jesus' name! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! I see him! He's coming up from the Nether World into the Heavenlies. Amen! Thank You Jesus! God bless you, Allan. I love you! I prayed for you. You really affected my soul. In Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord for delivering him! He wasn't that bad. He was just an agonised soul.

11. Thank You Jesus! I love him! I love you, Allan! Thank You Jesus! I prayed for you to be delivered & the Lord has answered prayer & I see you now in the Heavenlies. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!—In Jesus' name!

12. I have redeemed one more soul from Hell through Your Love & mercy‚ Lord! I love you, Allan. I'm just like you!—A soul redeemed by Jesus!