KEYWORDS: lord, cesar, romero, arm, dream, back

Cesar Romero Dream, The

David Berg

—A Lesson on Prayer! DO 2592 7/88

1. I was in some kind of an auditorium showing pictures, & this great big tall handsome man in a grey silk suit who looked like Cesar Romero was being very nice to me & introducing me to the audience. Cesar Romero is that tall, wavy grey-haired Mexican actor with the moustache, a very handsome fellow. I felt a little shy there with this very important big rich man.

2. As he introduced me, he had his arm around my shoulders. He was trying to promote me & make the audience like me, he was real nice to me. I was a young fellow, like when I used to travel around & show pictures in the churches. He was on my left side & he had his right arm around my shoulder. He was so much taller than me that when I tried to put my arm around his shoulder, my arm would only fit about half way around his back.

3. I was thinking, "Lord‚ what can I do for this man who has everything & is being so kind to me & letting me show my pictures here & introducing me so kindly to the audience & all?" And right then the Lord told me‚ "Pray for his back! Where you have your hand on his back he has back trouble." So I started praying for his back.—And then I woke up!

4. It came to me then that we should be more interested in people's problems & trials & sicknesses & things like that & remember to pray for them! People do things for us, we ought to do what we can for them! Peter said, "Silver & gold have I none, but such as I have, I give!—Rise & walk!"—Acts 3:6.

5. So thank the Lord, I was praying for his back when I woke up. That was a good dream! (Techi: Maybe the Lord made him so tall so that you would have your hand right there.) Yes, he was so tall I couldn't even reach his shoulders, so I had my arm around his back. He was about a foot taller than me!

6. In my dream it was just like it was Cesar Romero! (Techi: Maybe it was, & maybe he does have back trouble.) Yes, so maybe we ought to pray for him right now! Lord, do bless Cesar Romero & help him, in Jesus' name. He always seemed like a good man to me, Lord, You let him live a long time. He's quite old now‚ but he's still active.

7. So that was my dream! I'll call it‚ "The Cesar Romero Dream!" PTL! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus for another beautiful day & all Thy goodness & mercy, & a good night, a good rest, & all Thy blessings, Lord! Work out whatever You know is best for today, in Jesus' name, amen! TYL! PTL!