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Revolutionary Love-Making

David Berg

—MOSummer 1970NO.259—GP

—For Newlyweds.

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936

(From a taped recording of a personal lecture by MO at TSC, Summer, 1970, at a mass betrothal:)

1. IT'S A SHAME, ISN'T IT, THAT WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED ABOUT LEGALITY and laws over something which is just as common and everyday and plain and right and lawful and scriptural and beautiful as the Lord made it!—Amen?—Praise the Lord!

2. WELL, I'VE GIVEN MARRIAGE COUNSELLING TO MANY COUPLES, and especially just before marriage usually, but I don't think I ever counseled this large a group.—I never married so many people before either!

3. BUT WE HAVE FOUND IN YEARS OF EXPERIENCE that, though you may think you know everything, even though you are not married, nevertheless you may have a few things to learn. Or there may be a few things you should have learned and didn't!

4. I USED TO COUNSEL COUPLES SINGLY, one at a time: I mean each boy and then the girl‚ and then talk to them together‚ because I was so afraid I would embarrass one or the other, you know, to talk in front of their mate. Good night! If you can't even talk about sex in front of your own mate, how in the world are you ever going to get married? Then we discovered while at Laurentide that even group sessions were beneficial.

5. OTHERS HAVE PROVED THAT GROUP PSYCHOLOGY AND GROUP THERAPY HAVE BEEN VERY BENEFICIAL, because they share their problems and they discuss them frankly together. Sometimes your problem is another person's problem, and it gives you the courage to speak out about it: "Yes, that's my problem too! What do you do about it?" It helps to try to find a solution.

6. IT ALSO HELPS YOU TO GET OVER SOME OF THESE SYSTEM HANGS-UPS OF THIS PRIDE TRIP WHICH IS CALLED MODESTY and embarrassment and bashfulness and privacy and so on—all pride! Now let's just face it: The reason you are embarrassed right now, if you are‚ is because of pride. You're ashamed to discuss such things openly. If I were afraid to discuss things with you, if I were what I used to be, it would be because of pride, ashamed: Ashamed of things we should not be ashamed of! Amen?

7. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE RECEIVED A "REVOLUTIONARY LOVEMAKING SHEET"? How many of you have your "Marriage Scriptures" sheet? If you don't have them you should ask or send for them.

8. NOW THE SCRIPTURE IS VERY PLAIN on a good many of these things‚ and a lot of times it's right there but you don't see it. So let me read you the introduction in the Scriptures here: "Male and Female created He them."—There's a difference‚ believe it or not! There's a difference. I think I told you the story about the little boy who was taking a bath‚ when he said to his mama, "Tuck me in real nice like the little girl next door!"—There is a difference!

9. MY WIFE WANTS TO KNOW IF I'M GETTING HOT!—Well, Lord, we thank You for a sense of humour, but we ask You to give us wisdom, soberness and seriousness about some of these things which can create serious problems with married couples. Help us to have love and understanding, all of us, in Jesus' name. Praise the Lord!

10. NOW, HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE READ THESE "LOVEMAKING SHEETS"? Now don't lie to the Holy Ghost. How many of you have really studied them? "They shall be one fruitful and multiply...Marriage is honourable in all, the bed undefiled...Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence." That nice‚ beautiful word they use in the King James, benevolence, means lovemaking! "Also the wife unto the husband...Defraud not one another." Don't withhold yourselves from each other "except it be with consent".

11. NOW IT TAKES TWO TO CONSENT. Do you understand? You must agree together. It takes two to consent. When I say defraud not one another‚ that means do not withhold yourselves from each other unless it be with consent. Now I'm dwelling on that point because that one point has destroyed more marriages than almost anything else!

12. THE WIFE EITHER THINKS SHE'S TOO HOLY after she gets baptised with the Holy Spirit or something, and that she's not supposed to do that any more, or is using it as a weapon to punish her husband. This is strictly forbidden by the Scriptures! You're not to withhold yourselves from each other except with common consent: Both of you must agree to it. Now maybe she really is tired, worn out and half sick, and just can't make it. If you love her, husbands‚ or vice versa, if he is, if you love him, wives I'm sure you've already manifested your love by endeavouring to contain out of loving consideration for the other party.

13. ON THE OTHER HAND‚ WIVES, if he cannot contain, it really doesn't take very much effort on your part. Now it is a little different the other way around: A woman can without getting aroused. Of course, it's not best for her that way, and in that case you may have to use some added lubrication, because God has put the natural lubrication there if she is aroused.

14. BUT IF YOU HAVEN'T LOVED HER ENOUGH, loved her up enough to get her aroused, the lubrication doesn't flow. You don't even need Vaseline if all conditions are as they ought to be. I'm sure Adam and Eve didn't have a jar of Blue Seal Vaseline handy or something, or all the other products of the system! So the normal, natural thing is, if she is sufficiently aroused it's not necessary, but it is better for her if she is. But it is possible, even if she is not. In which case, fellows, you better use a little Vaseline for lubrication. If she's too tired or doesn't want to, well, than‚ you have to.

15. IT'S NOT GOING TO TAKE MUCH EFFORT ON HER PART, as long as it's not her period. In fact, the Scripture forbids it then in the old Mosaic Law. Though we are not under the law any more, it is still just plain common sense: It's not supposed to be good for her at that time. I don't know all the reasons why.—I'm not a doctor‚ even if I sometimes may sound like it, but there are reasons. And apparently God has His reasons, knew about it, and that's why He made that rule. All those rules were made for your physical welfare and happiness. Amen?

16. IF YOU'RE HAPPILY MARRIED AND HAVE NO PROBLEMS‚ MAYBE YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO HELP OTHERS. Maybe you'll be out and have a team of your own some day and be marrying kids and have to instruct them yourself‚ so maybe you'll just have to take a lesson on how to do it.

17. WE HAVE SOME COUPLES THAT ARE BEING MARRIED FOR THE FIRST TIME, and we use this sheet to save time. I think it will save you time. I just want to impress it on you. Maybe you read it and didn't understand it.—It's possible, if you're not married. So I've tried to make it very plain.

18. BUT JUST REMEMBER THAT IT HAS TO BE WITH CONSENT: You cannot withhold yourself from him, and he cannot withhold himself from you, either way, depending on your physical condition and health and so on. You must have love and consideration for each other. Amen?

19. NOW AS I SAY, IT IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT IN THE OTHER DIRECTION, because it takes quite a little bit of effort and strength on his part!—If he's too tired sometimes it's almost impossible. However, there are ways, even if he's too tired, to make you happy, girls, and they are described somewhat here if you'll study this carefully. Is that clear? Now that's very important. You may not realise how important it is!

20. BUT ABOUT THIS WITHHOLDING BIT and this sometimes faking bit just because somebody's mad: This has destroyed many marriages, because that's what marriage is for, otherwise you could just be good friends! So please remember that, girls, you are your husband's right: He has a right to you! And vice versa‚ boys: She has a right to you! God's Word says so! 'Cause neither one of you has power over your own body, according to 1 Cor.7.

21. IN OTHER WORDS‚ YOU CAN'T SAY, "I AM MY OWN, AND I DON'T HAVE TO!"—'Cause now you belong to each other and you have to share. Marriage is a very humbling thing. That's one reason it's real good for you to get married: It humbles you and knocks some of that damn pride out of you!—'Cause the Lord knows you don't need it! Otherwise you can be independent and you can do as please and so on: blah, blah, blah!

22. IT'S PRETTY HUMBLING TO CONFESS YOU NEED a woman, boys!—Right? Pretty humbling to confess you need a man, girls!—Right? Now when you get married, that's what you are confessing: That you have need, you have necessity. So praise the Lord!

23. EVEN IF YOU DO SEPARATE FOR A TIME with consent, come together again lest Satan tempt you for your incontinency. In other words, it is better to marry than to burn. Try to accommodate him, girls, to the best of your ability: That's his right, even when you don't feel like it.—And, boys, try to accommodate her. This is something that needs to be talked about: To the best of your ability try to please her, make her happy, and satisfy her.—And you can do it! You can do it even if you are not able, if you know what I mean. Maybe sometime I'll have the courage to speak very, very frankly. Boys, I said‚ boys, you can do it‚ even if you are not able! (See "Revolutionary Sex!")

24. HANDS ARE WONDERFUL THINGS! They can really give a lot of loving! They can finish the job when nothing else can!—Amen? Some of these girls have that satisfied smile on their faces saying they agree, praise the Lord?

25. I WISH HAD PICTURES ON THE WALL AND CHARTS and everything to explain things to you, and I've threatened and I'm going to! God help me! I should have done it by this time, but the present necessity and the present is stressed, so I'll have to try to draw pictures here to show you parts of the body. The parts of the human, the male species, are not hard to find, but the parts of the female are pretty well hidden, and it's kind of ah.... Well, that's where most of rub comes! I didn't mean it that way, but you know what I mean: the fact that these parts are not so obvious and need a little more describing‚ a little more picturing and so on, requires a little more explanation.

26. SOME OF YOU MAY HAVE HAD SOME SEX EDUCATION IN SCHOOL‚ college or high school.—They teach it in grade school now! But some of you may have not had such an opportunity or privilege. Anybody here think we should be ashamed of the parts of the human body?—That which God created for you to use and enjoy and propagate?—Any reason why you should think it's bad or evil or dirty or wrong? Is there anybody here that's too bashful for me to describe it or draw pictures?—Anybody want to leave now? Yes, I'm sure some would like to, but maybe this will be a little blessing for you. Praise the Lord! You can copy this on your notes‚ I'm sure.—It's no worse than a sex education class in school!

27. ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS IN MARRIED LIFE IS THE WOMAN!—Of course, the man, he's a problem too! But one of the most common failures in married life is failure to satisfy the wife. A man usually is not too hard to satisfy. In fact, he usually gets satisfied 'cause he can't usually do it unless he is pretty well along, and so, then he is usually satisfied. But in the case of the woman, some of these things are not quite as obvious: She might not be much aroused, and this is not as evident as it is in the case of the man. When the man is aroused it is pretty evident and quite obvious. But it is not as easily shown in the case of the woman‚ the wife. So it takes a great deal more care and loving patience with her, sometimes beyond that of the man. Therefore the parts of the woman's body are extremely important to you husbands to know what you're doing!

28. I MAY BE DRAWING ON THE BOARD HERE for the first time for some of you husbands something which, even though you have been married this long, you didn't even know was there! I don't know, since you've read and studied and may have had some sex education before. But just in case you haven't, I'm not going to suppose that you have. Even if there's just one person who doesn't know this, it's worth it for their sakes.—Amen?

29. (DRAWS ON BOARD): NOW THIS IS NOT ONE GREAT BIG HOLE! This hairy mound is the mons Venus of the pubic area, and these are called the labia majora: That just means big lips.—And in the Bible where it says that "she wipeth her mouth", speaking of the harlot‚ and she says, "I have done no wrong", this is the mouth it was talking about, right here‚ believe it or not!

30. NOW IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT I SHOW YOU SOME OF THESE THINGS, because, especially some of you just getting married, you need to know! Now you could probably fumble around and eventually discover these things through a few days, weeks or months of experience, but it might save your wedding night to know a little more about it and not be frustrated, disappointed, unhappy and wondering if maybe there is something wrong with you or your wife!

31. IF SOMEBODY HAD BEEN KIND ENOUGH TO EXPLAIN ALL THIS TO ME in very simple terms, show me and my wife when we first got married, we might have done better on our honeymoon! Maybe that's one reason why I insist on doing it for you: We could have saved ourselves a week of agony and a trip to the doctor to see what was wrong with her if someone had told us! There wasn't anything wrong‚ nothing wrong with either one of us physically.—It was just that she was so inhibited with all that holiness background that she was all tied up like an ox!

32. AND I DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE LOVE! I was so bashful and so holy that I was afraid to touch her to loosen her up, and I wouldn't have thought of giving her a drink of wine in those days to relax her! By golly, wine is a dandy relaxer! Candy is dandy‚ but liquor is quicker! But I'll just warn you, fellow, that you better not drink too much of it, or you may not be able! Of course, you don't have that much around usually, but on your wedding night we try to furnish you a little to give your wife, maybe, as it might help her: It kind of relaxes her‚ and this is very important.

33. THIS IS WHY THE PRELIMINARY LOVEMAKING IS SO IMPORTANT, CARESSING HER in the way described here on the sheet, all of those parts and particularly this one‚ (points to clitoris) believe it or not! Lest you misunderstand and get the wrong hole‚ I better show you both holes! The one way down here is called the anus, and that is not for you, buddy boy! That is for her bowel movements, and if you don't watch out you could hit the wrong one!—And if she is stupid and ignorant enough‚ she might not know the difference!

34. OF COURSE, THERE ARE SOME PERVERTS WHO PREFER IT THAT WAY, A VERY DIRTY BUSINESS!—But there are actually some perverts who go for that sort of thing, and this is the sort of thing that God judged places like Sodom and Gomorrah for and so on: Sexual perversion, which is against nature, of which Paul spoke. These things are unlawful according to God's Word, and, to say the least, they're just plain ridiculous and harmful to health, as any doctor will tell you! So stay away from perversion!

35. BUT RIGHT ABOVE THAT IS ANOTHER ONE: THAT'S FOR YOU!—THE OPENING OF THE VAGINA. They have a lot of technical names for every bitty little part, but you don't have to know all that.—All you have to know is where it's at!

36. NOW A LITTLE BIT ABOVE THAT IS ANOTHER VERY, VERY SMALL HOLE.—No chance of you getting in that one, because it's too small! But it's very important, because that's the end of the urethra: It is where she urinates. And you probably couldn't even find it, but anyhow it's there. Isn't it amazing how God has placed it that position for the purpose of washing? It cleanses, believe it or not: The uric acid in the woman's urine helps to cleanse and purify and disinfect her.—Flows right over the rest of these parts and washes them. God has thought to everything! It's beautiful!

37.—AND NOW! HERE IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS in the entire sexual field of the woman's body‚ the thing you must know something about if you are going to keep her happy‚ and if you are going to make yourself happy! Because the greatest happiness is found in making someone else happy.

38. NOW A FELLOW MAY HAVE A PHYSICAL NECESSITY and just get rid of his own necessity, but she's not necessarily going to be happy. You may be relieved, delivered and relaxed and ready to go to sleep, but maybe your wife isn't. And I would dare say in all of the marriage counselling I have ever done with couples who were having trouble, that was the principal difficulty. The women were running around after other men instead of their husbands and just simply unhappy, or possibly just so tied up in knots from tension that was not relieved, or actually suffering backaches, headaches‚ congestion‚ and eventually even disease which can arise from the lack of satisfaction on the part of the woman—all because they were simply not satisfied sexually by their own husbands!

39. THE SEXUAL ORGANS OF A WOMAN BECOME FILLED WITH BLOOD just like the sexual organ of a man at such a time, in case you didn't know it. And there are changes that take place. Ordinarily she is as tight as a snapped purse, almost like she's zipped up! But when she is aroused, if you have loved her properly, tenderly and gently, and caressed her as you should, this will automatically open, these lips, till they fall wide open!

40. LOVING HER HAS JUST THE OPPOSITE EFFECT ON HER AS IT HAS ON YOU, fellows: It relaxes her and it makes you even more tense! But she has certain tension also which builds up there due to this blood that goes to these various parts.

41. NOW THIS IS JUST THE OPENING OF THE VAGINA, which is actually a short tube that extends within her body to the uterus. I don't have time to draw you the other pictures, the side pictures, to show you the vagina is the tube which leads to her uterus or womb. It varies in length in some women‚ but it doesn't matter, because God has so made that tube so it can adjust to almost any size! It's made like stretch socks‚ so it doesn't matter what your size is boys, the shoe fits! Thank the Lord!—Amen?

42. THAT'S GOD'S FORESIGHT! REMEMBER: GOD PLANNED ALL THIS. IT'S NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF, nothing funny; it's wonderful how the Lord planned it all! And this tube leads to the womb, or the uterus, sort of at a 45 degree angle, sort of upward when she's in this position (standing). At the other end is the uterus, or the mouth of the uterus; and there is where, inside of the uterus, the fertilisation takes place and pregnancy takes place, when the egg that comes down from the ovaries lodges on the wall of the uterus and is penetrated by the male sperm or seed from the male semen or the juice pumped into the female by the male penis.

43. THE BABY HAS TO GROW IN THE UTERUS‚ although the uterus ordinarily is not much bigger than that! (Holds up fist.) It's not much bigger than a pear‚ pear-shaped too, in its normal stage without fertilisation. Yet it can grow and expand, its very thick walls can expand so they can hold an entire baby!

44. AND THIS TUBE OR VAGINA CAN ENLARGE and expand so big a baby can pass right through it when born! Although on your wedding night, boys, you may find it is even difficult to get into!—Believe it or not.—Unless you use a little wisdom, sometimes a little Vaseline, and a little hard work.—And that is very important.

45. RIGHT ABOVE THAT IS SOMETHING WHICH VARIES IN SIZE AND SHAPE with various women, but all have about the same principle. It is a little mound, usually about the size of a pea or bean. It has a little bump on it, and sometimes it extends a considerable distance: It is called the clitoris.

46. NOW TO SHOW YOU HOW WE ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE: Though it's an extremely small, small little button there, press the button and see what happens! Some wonderful things happen! If she doesn't feel like it, you can usually make her feel like it that way—at least most women.

47. SOME WOMEN, YOU CAN NEVER MAKE THEM FEEL IT!—THAT'S WHAT THEY CALL WOMEN WHO ARE FRIGID. They say that with most whores and harlots it is almost impossible for them to ever reach a climax, which is called an orgasm: The climax, or peak‚ when she comes to that point where she reaches the climactic peak of feeling—because they have abused their bodies so long they don't even feel it any more!

48. FRIGID WOMEN SOMETIMES ARE LIKE PEOPLE'S CONSCIENCES: THEY BECOME HARDENED and darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life that God intended for them to live‚ and past feeling! They can't feel any more; almost nothing can make them feel it. They have to use all kinds of instruments and vibrators and streams of water and everything else. They can hardly feel anything anymore because they have so abused their bodies, so exhausted their nervous systems, it is almost impossible for them to climax.

49. BUT THE NORMAL WOMAN, WITH A LITTLE LOVEMAKING and a little petting and a little necking, whatever you want to call it, the caressing of her body in all the right places, including this (clitoris), especially this, she can be usually encouraged to make love and want to make love real bad, or real good! Praise the Lord? That little bump is extremely important to her, believe it or not.

50. NOW IN THIS AREA INSIDE THE BIG LIPS, THERE ARE MORE LITTLE LIPS down here underneath here that run around this vagina hole like this, called the labia minora, meaning the little lips, and you will find them on both sides of that hole. They cover the hole even if the big lips are open, unless they are spread apart quite a ways.

51. ALL THIS AREA INSIDE THESE LIPS, ESPECIALLY AROUND THE MOUTH OF THE VAGINA HOLE‚ IS VERY SENSITIVE in response to the touch, but particularly this point here in most women (clitoris). Now believe it or not fellows‚ there are almost no nerve endings inside the vagina along the walls of the vagina itself! A woman has almost no feeling inside that hole! You may think by sticking your finger in there and fiddling around that you are getting her all excited. Well, just the idea of it might excite her, or the fact that there is pressure thereby around the outer parts of the hole and clitoris, that may be what's exciting her.

52. BUT IT'S A FACT OF SCIENCE THAT THERE ARE VIRTUALLY NO NERVE ENDINGS INSIDE along the walls of that tube called the vagina. Now there are some nerve endings at the mouth of the cervix of the uterus, believe it or not. Why do you suppose God put those nerve endings there?—So you would get that far?—Or make her feel good to have you there! There are nerve endings there which are stimulating, to try to make sure you get all the way in and that you get that semen as far in as possible, so the poor little sperm guy won't have to swim too far! Cause that's what those little seeds do: They actually swim, like little tadpoles! They swim up the moist surface inside the vagina and they make their way all the way up into the womb!—And if the girl has an egg there waiting and ready to be fertilised‚ and it's God's will, that that little rascal will enter that egg and make her pregnant!

53. THIS WHOLE BUSINESS OF WITHDRAWAL‚ WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY AGAINST GOD'S WORD, "coitus interruptus" they call it, a method of trying to prevent pregnancy by the guy jerking out just before he goes, is something for which God killed a man in the Bible, Onan, because he was robbing his brother's wife of a child!—That was absolutely prohibited!—Not masturbating, but withdrawal to prevent pregnancy by spilling the seed on the ground!—That's true Onanism—not masturbating‚ as some assume.

54. WELL‚ THAT ISN'T EVEN ABSOLUTELY SURE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! There is no method of so-called pregnancy prevention which is 100-percent sure! It doesn't matter, even if you use condoms, there rubber things, or buttons for the girls, rubbers for the man, pills or anything else.—And I believe these contraceptives are absolutely unscriptural! You are not becoming one when you do that! This is "that which is against nature" according to God's Word.

55. IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT ENOUGH FAITH TO TRUST GOD THAT GOD KNOWS WHAT TO DO, He knows His own business, He knows when you should have a child and when you shouldn't have one, then you shouldn't be married! Is that clear? But you can trust Him!—And I've found that trusting works!

56. I'VE HAD THEM SAY, "OH, WHAT A NICELY PLANNED FAMILY, ALL TWO YEARS APART" I said, "Well, you have to give God the credit for the planning, not me, 'cause I was there quite often!"—And we didn't use any preventatives either! Contraceptives, incidentally, can be very damaging to the women, seriously damaging, can cause cancer, sickness, inflammation, infection, damage, all kinds of things, very bad, as well as make things very difficult and unsatisfactory.

57. WELL, THE LITTLE BUMP HERE (CLITORIS) IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. She does have feeling around here too, and all around inside these lips. So. fellows, if she needs to get better prepared‚ you simply run your finger all around inside there and caress this little bump in particular. Sometimes it's just one little bump‚ sometimes it's longer Sometimes it has a lot of feelings on both sides. It all varies with the woman.

58. GOD MADE A LOT OF VARIETY in the world. Isn't that wonderful? So you just find out what's pleasing to her. And don't be ashamed to tell him, girls! Damn that damn pride of yours! Don't be so sanctimonious and so holy and so pious that you're afraid to tell him that it feels good—"Right there! Faster! Slower.—A little lower." Call the shots! Give the signals! Tell him! There is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be embarrassed about!—It's all God-given, including the feelings that make it so enjoyable, pleasurable and ecstatic!

59. THE FIRST YEARS OF MY MARRIED LIFE, my wife and I were afraid to even talk to each other about such things! It's a wonder we were even able to find each other in the bed, it was so dark and she had so many clothes on! God damn this so-called holiness bit! This self-righteous bit! Most so-called holiness is God-damned self-righteousness!—Plain pride!

60. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU: I'M OFTEN THINKING ABOUT THE LORD and praising the Lord and saying, "Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!" and "Praise the Lord!" and, "Thank you, Honey!"—right while I'm doing it! I mean, if you have got a good habit of praising the Lord, you're praising the Lord at all times!—Amen?—And thank Him, and thank her! Don't forget to thank her; or don't forget to thank him.—Gratitude's a great thing in married life! Don't ever let her hand you a glass of water or fix you a meal without thanking her. Thank her for everything boys. Girls, thank him too. Show gratitude. Show appreciation.—It's a great help! Praise God?

61. ANYHOW, DON'T BE ASHAMED TO USE YOUR FINGER! Well, what do you think God made it for anyhow? If it feels so good, why did God make it that way if He didn't mean for you to let her feel it?—Huh? If God didn't mean for her to be touched around there, how come He made it feel so good? Because, boys, that thing you put in here doesn't affect her much up here. It only has a slight effect on it. With that push-pull method there is something about the drawing of those tissues that does pull down a sort of hood on that little button‚ and it does have an effect on this, but not near as much as your finger. That button was put there for you to press to open the door!

62. AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT GOD SAYS IN HIS WORD in the Song of Solomon: "My beloved put his hand in at the hole of the door and my bowels were moved for him!" She wasn't having a b.m.! That's just nice, delicate language the Bible uses, which means he was putting his hand right down in here and got her opened up where she felt like it! That's what it's talking about! I'm just talking simple language so you can understand.

63. I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU GOT IN SCHOOL‚ BUT I'M DRAWING PICTURES AND MAKING IT PLAIN and simple! And I'm trying to do it and remind you of the Lord at the same time—that that's the way God made it and intended for it to be! And it will make all the difference in the world in your married life if you keep her happy! Is that clear? Don't be afraid to put your fingers down there, boys!

64. PET OR MASSAGE THIS IN PARTICULAR (CLITORIS), slow or fast, depending on how much she can stand, how much she likes it.—Watch out you don't go too far‚ or she may go before you do, before you "get there"! However, if she is like some women are, she can do it several times in a row‚ believe it or not! It is possible for women to have a series of climaxes.—Now not all women, for most women seem to just have one. But some women can have several.—Believe it or not! My wife has gone as many as three times in a row‚ one right after the other, with a little help! Of course it is a little exhausting‚ but wow! If she's having trouble sleeping, she'll sure sleep after that, I'll tell ya!

65. BUT THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A MAN, AS A RULE. EVEN THE STRONG AND VIRILE MEN CAN HARDLY GO MORE THAN ONCE EVERY HOUR. Once in a great while there is a man strong enough to go twice in an hour. But that is very unusual. The average man, if they went one hour, it would be an hour, at least, before they could go again. But he can sustain his erection and almost go several times in a row—and feel great!—I've done it as high as fifty by count, maintaining an erection as long as two to four hours!

66. FRANKLY, IT'S NOT TOO GOOD FOR YOU TO GO TOO OFTEN. Once a night, or once a morning, is sufficient for the average man. In fact, it may be too much if he is working hard and not getting enough rest. Every other night is usually considered moderation and normal for most married people. But if both of you are extremely virile and strong‚ and you like it and are able‚ nightly is not too much for you. I've gone every night. almost every, and often twice a night, for as much as a whole year, believe it or not! It's possible.

67.—AND I'M EVEN AT WHAT'S CONSIDERED THE DECLINING SEXUAL AGE by most people, or they think it is, or they say it is. "Men over 40", you know: you gotta get this, you gotta get that, gotta get inspired. "Men over 45" are supposed to become impotent: can't go anymore! But that's only because they have abused their bodies or abused their privileges or contracted diseases or something, judgments of God, and are no longer able, or are weak or sick, or fearful or psychologically impotent. They think they can't, so they can't!

68. NOW THERE ARE A LOT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS INVOLVED. The fact of the matter is, my grandfather was still going strong in his 80's! He said so! One of his students asked my grandfather while he was in his 80's: "When does a man usually get impotent?" He said, "I don't know.—I never have become impotent yet!" In fact, he had his third son at the ripe old age of 65!

69. ANYHOW, IT'S EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO PREPARE THE WIFE. I'll bet it was a year before I had the courage to even touch my wife's breasts! We were so straightlaced and so narrowminded and so holy and so spiritually-minded I was almost afraid to touch her, if you can imagine that! It's ridiculous!

70. FOR THE BIBLE SAYS‚ PLAIN AS DAY, "LET HER BREASTS SATISFY YOU AT ALL TIMES!"—Pet them, suck them, love them, kiss them, anything! This extremely arouses some women. Some women can have an orgasm just through your caressing the nipples!—Believe it or not! She's one of them‚ right here, believe it or not. Good example! (Points to Eve.) Yes, caressing her bosoms is very important.

71. THAT IS ALSO WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT FOR A MOTHER TO NURSE HER BABY. That is why a lot of married women have female trouble by not nursing. Because nursing helps the female organs to return to normal after a birth. It helps the vagina, uterus, and all to contract and return to normal shape, if the baby nurses the mother!—Believe it or not!

72. AND ANOTHER THING: IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO PREPARE THOSE NIPPLES FOR THE BABY'S NURSING!—The doctor told us, told Eve: "Now remember: Be sure that you take a wet cloth every day and massage around the nipple so it will toughen them up and get them ready for the nursing baby." I said to her later on, after I'd had a little experience,"—Wet cloth!—Nothing doing, I'll do that job myself!" As somebody has said, man has come from woman and spends the rest of his life trying to get back to where he came from: all three places!

73. I'M DEALING WITH PROBLEMS particularly, right now, and that is one of the major problems: satisfaction of the wife, and preparation of the wife for intercourse. Now she will not tighten up enough here, she will not lubricate enough here (vagina), if you don't prepare her enough here (clitoris) and here (breasts). Is that clear?—And you can find out when she's ready just by feeling around with your finger. When this thing begins to get so wet and wild it's obviously well-lubricated, that means she is ready! Amen? Don't start right here now, boys! I know I'm getting you all excited, but hallelujah! That's extremely important for the preparation and satisfaction of your wife.—And that is up to you!

74. BUT I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE GIRLS: If he is so damn stupid or lazy that he refuses to do it for you, you can help yourself and use your own fingers down there, believe it or not! There is nothing unlawful or unscriptural or illegal about it! Is that clear? I mean while he is busy with other parts or whatever he is doing, it is perfectly legal for you to help get yourself going so you will be ready for him when he is ready!

75. OF COURSE‚ IF HE IS GETTING A LITTLE OLD AND TIRED, YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO READ A BOOK WHILE HE IS GETTING READY! But, boys, if you have a wife who really loves you, she has infinite patience, and even if you are tired, she can usually be successful with you. That's important too‚ girls: Just as there is nothing wrong with your husband touching you down there, or even you touching yourself down there‚ neither is there anything wrong with you touching him where he counts!—Is that clear?

76.—THERE'S NOTHING UNSCRIPTURAL, NOTHING UNCHRISTIAN, NOTHING BAD‚ NOTHING NASTY, NOTHING WRONG WITH SEX AT ALL!—That is an old damn system hang-up from some old damn holiness Christians, so-called—probably the same kind who thought sex was dirty in the first place! God made it! You are supposed to use it, or work with it, or play with it, or whatever you want to call it! But He made it for you to enjoy!

77. AND ALL OF THIS, HOW YOU OPERATE IN THIS OPERATION, CAN MANIFEST HOW MUCH LOVE YOU HAVE, real love. This is only lovemaking, this is only the physical, but it will show: It is a physical manifestation of the spiritual love that you have for your mate. Your patience at it, your tenderness, your gentleness, your desire to please will show how much real love you really have! Is that clear?

78. NOW THESE ARE TWO OF THE MAJOR PROBLEMS OF MARRIAGE: THE PREPARATION OF THE WOMAN AND A MAN. You don't have too much of a problem preparing him, unless he is old. But a loving woman can take even an old man, and she can have lots of patience and lots of love and can inspire him too!—Or even if your husband is tired, sister, and he just doesn't feel like it, you can make him feel like it! Just take your hand and go to work: He'll feel like it!—Nothing wrong with it at all! I mean it!

79. AND, BOYS IF SHE'S STILL SO DAMN BASHFUL‚ so sanctimonious and self-righteous that she is afraid or ashamed to touch you down there, well, there is nothing wrong with getting yourself ready if you have to, or you're not going to be able to satisfy her‚ either, to perform your ministry that the Lord wants you to perform. Now normally you won't have to: In many cases the proper stimulation just of loving your wife will accomplish that purpose. But, particularly as you grow older or you're tired or something, you may find you need a little help, either from her, which is best because that's mutual, or from yourself. You can be loving her while she is loving you. Nothing wrong with it, perfectly scriptural; it's even in the Bible, believe it or not! But it is very important to the mutual satisfaction and enjoyment of both of you.

80. 'CAUSE REMEMBER, THIS, ALL OF THIS, IS A TYPE OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST. It is that holy, it is that clean, it's that beautiful, believe it not! It is a type of your relationship with Jesus Christ. That's what Jesus is doing with His bride, knocking at the door. You open the door as His bride and He comes in.

81. SO DON'T FORGET THAT PREPARATION IS IMPORTANT TO GET HER READY. Until she is open and juicy down there she's not ready.—And I mean it! You could actually damage her, cause irritation or infection‚ if you try to come in before she is lubricated.

82. NOW IF SHE JUST DOESN'T FEEL LIKE GETTING AROUSED. doesn't want to, or maybe she is even sick and shouldn't be aroused because of the strength necessary‚ yet you need her: Then, fellow, you use a little Vaseline and lubricate yourself or her with the Vaseline and this will take care of it usually. I hope the Lord will help you understand this.

83. THE NEXT MOST SERIOUS PROBLEM besides improper preparation and improper satisfaction of the wife and one of the first problems you'll find as a newlywed is the fact that this hole here, the vagina, may or may not, depending on the case, be almost closed by a little fleshly curtain called the hymen, or the virginal curtain. It is simply a part of the opening which partially closes it in some cases, but not all cases by any means. Many girls are born without it so just because she doesn't have it doesn't mean she's not a virgin. Yes, all kinds of things could cause it to be absent. But sometimes this has to be stretched and almost torn to get in. There may be even some bleeding; it may hurt. But you can be careful, prayerful, delicate‚ gently working your way in. Be sure she is already aroused and lubricated and the lubrication is there‚ or with Vaseline on your finger, fellows.

84. TALKING ABOUT YOU NEWLYWEDS ESPECIALLY‚ the ones that have never yet gone together, you have not come together yet, you will frequently find that she is tense, inhibited, fearful. Fear is a terrible thing. You need faith to get married. You need to relax, trust the Lord, trust your husband, because you can get so tense you can close up almost like a clam and he hasn't got a chance. Ask the Lord to help you. Ask the Lord to give you faith‚ to help you relax, to trust him, to love him; trust the Lord and it will make the job 100 percent easier.

85. NOW UNDER THE BEST PROCEDURE, get this, this is what I intended to put pictures of on the opposite side of the sheet and deal with problems in marriage such as these. on how to open that door: You do it, first of all, by proper petting and caressing and loving and fondling. Get her ready, excited, aroused, and the lubrication is there, the lips are open. But maybe the little hole is so small and so tight you can't even get in.

86. SO THE BEST THING FOR YOU TO DO BEFORE YOU EVER TRY TO GET IN IS TO TAKE YOUR FINGER, SON, now I'm talking to you‚ boys, coat it with good, clean Vaseline. Or if she is naturally lubricated and aroused enough that the lubrication is there, take your finger and gently put it into that hole, first the finger tip‚ push it in, gently, ever so gently, until you can get your whole finger in, you can get one finger in. Try working it in gently up past this knuckle; usually this middle finger is the one because it is the biggest and the longest. If you can work it in (I'm not giving you the finger, folks; you are supposed to give her the finger), this is the one here, and you try to get it up to this big knuckle right here. You see this big knuckle? If you can get this big knuckle through, you are making progress!

87. YOU CAN BUY SOME PRETTY GOOD BOOKS ON THE SUBJECT. One of the best books is "Human Sexual Response", put out by Drs. Masters and Johnson at the University of St. Louis. It's the most complete. Now the original came out in a big, heavy 10-dollar edition, but you can get a little pocket book for about a dollar. Of course, you don't have a dollar, so if you need it, I'll loan you mine or something.

88. BUT YOU DON'T REALLY NEED TO READ ALL THAT STUFF. THIS IS ALL YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW, basically‚ and you can learn the rest from here. I'm just trying to get you started. You can learn all the rest and all the other things yourself from experience. There are infinite varieties and ways.

89. MY WIFE AND I ARE STILL LEARNING, believe it or not! We learn something different almost every year. God has made it so infinitely varied that you never have to get tired or bored; there is still more to come. There are still some things you still haven't tried and some things you still don't know. 'Cause you can discover new ways and new things after 25 years of married life! I'm telling you, there's a lot there. That's the way the Lord made it.

90. NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: LET'S NOT LEAVE THE SUBJECT OF GETTING HER OPENED‚ because it is extremely important. it can be terribly frustrating. Our honeymoon was one of the most frustrating weeks of my life! 'Cause I was ready and so was she but I couldn't even get in because I didn't know these things. That's why I am describing in detail, helping you to understand so you will know.

91. IF YOU CAN GET THAT ONE BIG FINGER IN AS FAR AS YOU CAN, YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS. Now watch this; be sure there's good lubrication, go gently, tell her to tell you if you're hurting her. You hear me? Are you listening, boys? Girls, did you hear that? Tell him if it hurts. Don't be so stupid that you are afraid to tell him when it hurts. "Ouch! Not so hard, not so fast, take it easy." Tell him!

92. JUST VERY SLOWLY WORK THAT FINGER IN IF SHE IS VERY TIGHT. The next thing, if you can work either this one or this one in, having got one in like this‚ you gradually work the other one in along side of it, like this: Either that one or (index or third finger) this one along side the big one. If you can get two fingers in, boy, you're ready to go! You're in! I mean it! If you can get two fingers in, you are ready to go!

93. NOW‚ OF COURSE‚ IN THE PROCESS OF DOING ALL THAT‚ SHE MAY GET SO EXCITED SHE MAY GO, BINGO, if she is very sensitive. It may be all over for her for a few minutes. But that's all right: she'll still enjoy having you there, even if you are a little later. Well, it might take you a half hour! But I'm telling you the easy way to do it, so you don't have to take her to the doctor at the end of the week and have her opened up by a machine that costs you 10 dollars by using an expander!

94. TAKE YOUR FINGER, BE SURE IT'S WELL-LUBRICATED, BOYS, AND GET ONE FINGER IN. I'm talking about you newlyweds in particular. I hope you're awake. Gently guide him in, girls; tell him if it hurts, and go slow. It's gonna hurt a little. I warn you, girls, it may hurt. You'll possibly have to endure a little pain‚ unless you're one of those I might say blessed ones, with whom maybe it's not too hard. But usually in a newlywed girl, for the first time, it can be a little tight. Now sometimes it's not, so praise the Lord‚ you don't have to worry about it.

95. IN SOME CASES, YES, GIVE HER ANOTHER GLASS OF WINE. THAT WAS FINALLY MY SOLUTION. I asked the Lord what I should do, and He said, "Give her some wine." Took me a few years to learn that, but, praise God, it sure was a help! If she has a lot of inhibitions and she's all tense with a lot of these crazy phobias and fears and so on, wine can really help loosen her up!—And open her up!

96. I WANT TO TELL YOU NEWLYWEDS, YOU BOYS GETTING MARRIED TONIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME—Of course, maybe it might not be the first time‚ in this day and age! It's rather rare today to find a young person for whom it is the first time. So she may be well–prepared and know more about it than you do, or you may be well-prepared and know more about it than she does, or maybe you are both well-prepared and this whole lecture is in vain! But if so, maybe this is the first time you have heard it from a Godly standpoint, that it's not a sin, it's not wrong, it's not dirty, it's not evil. You weren't putting something over on God that He didn't know all about already, because He made it!

97. BUT THAT'S EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, YOU POOR NEWLYWEDS, TO GRADUALLY, SLOWLY WORK YOUR FINGER INTO THAT HOLE. Now be sure you find the right one‚ and, girls, don't be ashamed to guide him‚ guide his fingers, put your hand down there and show him where it is, if necessary‚ to the right spot if he can't find it. He might get the wrong one‚ too far or something, but usually you don't have that much trouble.

98. BUT JUST FEEL AROUND VERY GENTLY, poke around till you'll find the place where your finger does go in, and then work it in gradually.—And then, after you have gotten one in try to work the other one in beside it, gradually, very gradually. And in most cases it will probably hurt the first time, it may even bleed. That's not at all unusual, so don't get excited and scared. It's a good idea on your wedding night maybe to put a towel under you so you don't get the sheet dirty or bloody for the first time. Is that clear? That is, if you have any sheets—I don't know.

99. THE EQUIPMENT YOU NEED: Vaseline‚ and some tissues for cleanliness afterwards. And‚ girls, let me tell you something: perfume, if you have any, or if you can scrounge some, or maybe use a little hairspray, I don't know what, something to make yourself smell a little better. You're not supposed to have any hair spray, but the Bible is full of Scriptures about perfumes and ointments and so on.

100. SO IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT ANY PERFUME, BORROW SOME OF HIS, if he's got some after shave lotion or something, especially around your ears; that's where his nose usually is‚ in the act‚ at your ears. It's wonderful how the Lord made you so your nose and mouth are around her ear at that time when you're making love, and hers is around your ears, so that you can whisper to each other, talk to each other, tell each other what to do. It can be beautiful if you have a perfectly clean mind, open mind, and it's Scriptural, and you can approach it as a Christian ought to do. Praise the Lord? Amen?

101. ALRIGHT, NOW THOSE ARE THE THREE MAJOR PROBLEMS WE HAVE DEALT WITH ALREADY. What were they? Can anybody recite them for me? Preparation, satisfaction of the woman; yes‚ and opening her‚ that's a part of course, of her preparation the first time.—Thank God you don't have to do that after that! Once it is open enough for that first time, it may still be a little tight, you may still have to give her quite a bit of preparation and keep stretching that hole and getting it open‚ but you stick to it, and you probably will, until you succeed. Praise the Lord!

102. NOW THOSE ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT‚ and that one about getting her open is extremely important especially for you newlyweds. The part about proper preparation is not only important for you, but proper satisfaction is important for all you fellows to remember. Is that clear? Don't be so damn selfish that you just hop on and go to it and drop off to sleep and ignore your wife's needs, ignore her desires, ignore her satisfaction, because she can reach just as extreme an orgasm as you can, believe it or not.

103. IN SOME WOMEN AN ORGASM OR CLIMAX IS MORE VIOLENT THAN IN OTHERS. Some women almost kick the slats out of the bed; others, well, they come easy go easy. So some are more violent, more expressive. And girls, let me tell you something: Don't be afraid to do what you feel like doing! Don't be ashamed to show it! I mean it! Did you hear me? Do whatever you feel like doing, if you feel like bouncing up and down or kicking the foot of the bed or doing whatever you feel like doing, or sticking your feet straight up in the air or whatever. I mean it, whatever it takes, do it!—In any position that feels best to you‚ satisfies both of you mutually‚ whatever.

104. SOMETIMES ONE POSITION WILL SATISFY HER BETTER THAN YOU, BOYS, and another position satisfies you better than her so try them all. As the old saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."—So some of them got it and some of them didn't.—Ha!—"Suck-seed".—Get it?—With your lower mouth, girls. Using the upper one or oral sex, can be dangerous to your health.—It depends on how clean you are, or if either of you have any diseases.

105. NOW THOSE POINTS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO THE SUCCESS OF YOUR WEDDING NIGHT.—That's why I'm taking time for you boys and girls to know these. This is a technical problem and you need to solve it lovingly, tenderly, gently and with prayer. Amen? Ask the Lord to help you. And I think we ought to give these married couples tomorrow off at least. The Bible gave them a whole year off but the hour is late, and this is a Revolution!—Praise the Lord?

106. DID YOU KNOW THAT SOME WOMEN HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO HAVE AS MANY AS 50 ORGASMS IN A ROW? That's, of course, a freak. That's an absolute freak. Two or three is not unusual, but 50 in a row is a freak! But I'll tell you something boys‚ you're missing something if you don't learn a little. Oh, I can give you a lot of advice and counsel, but you will find that you are not on a drag strip trying to see who can get to the goal first! But this the next point: simultaneous climax is not too frequent. It is a little rare‚ but it's possible and it's nice if you can both go together. The climax, that's the orgasm, that's the peak of the feeling, in case you haven't been there and you don't know. But she has one, you have one.

107. NOW THE MAN HAS A TENDENCY TO GO FIRST, ESPECIALLY IF HE HASN'T PROPERLY PREPARED HER and got her ready. Don't you be selfish and say‚ "Well‚ I've gone now and I'm gonna go to sleep." You just keep going as long as you can and help her all you can! Kiss her, love her, pet her, fondle her, keep going as long as you are able, and tell her to keep going. If she has to stick her hand down there, keep going‚ so that she can finish and she can be satisfied also. It's possible, and you can usually do it together with a little help and cooperation, especially, now that you find you can do this for her too‚ boys.—The gentleman in a hurry is going to be gentleman without a flurry!—And pretty soon he may be a gentleman without a furry, if you know what I'm talking about!

108. YOU CAN SLOW DOWN, BOYS, AND WAIT FOR HER, in case you don't know it. You can slow down and wait for her. In fact you can even stop! Just stop, stop movement completely. And if necessary, she can slip her fingers down there between you and touch that spot with her hand and get herself going a little further and faster to try to catch up with you before you move again. And you will find that while you are waiting the crest of your wave is slightly subsided and then you can work up to it again. And you can do that, boys, believe it or not‚ as much as 50 times, because I know: I have done it! You can go right up to the peak and stop and let it die down a little bit‚ then go again! Did you hear that?

109. NOW I'M TELLING YOU THESE THINGS BECAUSE THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO YOUR HAPPINESS as married people. You may want to know why I am going through all these gory, gruesome, cruddy details, but you'll find out before your married life is over!—And ignorance of these things has absolutely wrecked some marriages and caused some women to leave home, and some men! But you can wait‚ and you'll find out, boys, if you'll learn a little continency, a little self-control, a little patience, and stop, then go again, that you will immensely increase and prolong your own pleasure! Believe it or not!

110. YOU CAN REACH A PEAK WITH-OUT "GOING" many‚ many times! And there's not a thing wrong with that; it's perfectly healthful, as long as you can do it. And at the same time she is being better satisfied and has time to catch up with you in case she is behind. Now on the other hand, you may have, through your fondling and caressing‚ caused her to go before you get there. So in that case‚ she should cooperate with you and give you all the cooperation and consideration she can to help you to finish. Is that clear? After you have started married life you may have to have another class to deal with the problems you've run into.

111. SOMEONE HAS ASKED ABOUT MASTURBATION for singles or when partners are absent: I'll tell you this right now. This can be satisfied even in your sleep! In fact, in the normal case of a normal boy, it will happen anywhere from 2 to 4 times a month in his sleep: he'll have what is known as a wet dream: He will be dreaming about some pretty girls and go off in his sleep! Some boys wake up and get terrible phobias and conscience—stricken and guilt complexes about this. This is terrible!—Actually this is a perfectly normal function, just as normal as a girl's menstruation, believe it or not! There's nothing wrong with wet dreams for boys.—Except it makes a mess!

112. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS THAT IN THE TESTICLES, THOSE BALLS OF THE BOYS WHERE THE SEMEN IS MANUFACTURED, it goes from there and flows up to the seminal vesicles, where it's stored till needed. It's being continuously manufactured in the balls, it never stops.—And it flows continuously into the seminal vesicles‚ which are about in the same position up here as the woman's ovaries. The boy's seminal vesicles, one on each side, are little storage sacs. The seminal fluid from the balls goes up there and is stored there until they become so distended and so full they have to empty.—And they will empty, whether you do it, or it happens in your sleep‚ or you find yourself a woman, they will empty because you are made by God that way, believe it or not!

113. NOW THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT THIS IS SO HORRIBLE, terrible, it shouldn't happen, shouldn't have such dreams, terrible! But it so happens that, if it doesn't happen any other way‚ God has allowed it to happen that way, even in your sleep: To empty them‚ to relieve that pressure, to empty those little seminal vesicles and start you again on the normal routine. Does that shock you? It's the truth!

114. SOMEONE ELSE ASKS ABOUT SINGLE MASTURBATION AGAIN, OR THE MASSAGING OF SEX ORGANS BY HAND, OR "JACKING OFF": Son, it depends on what you call masturbation. Well, in cases of emergency such as that, there is no law against it. There's no scripture against it: I challenge you to find any scripture against it. But I don't think that it is nearly as good for you as marriage, in the case of either boys or girls. That's why it says it's better to marry than to burn! Is that clear?—But if all else fails, masturbation is a relief, perfectly natural, healthful and harmless, as long as you don't it any more often than you would practice normal married sex: say‚ two or three times a week if necessary.

115. IT SPEAKS OF: "LEST SATAN TEMPT YOU FOR YOUR INCONTINENCY": In other words, lest Satan accuse you and condemn you and make you feel under condemnation for your incontinency or overmasturbation: "not containing." You understand? But remember‚ God is merciful. God is a loving God; He is a merciful God. He knows your frame; He remembers that you're dust. As the father

pities his children, so the Lord pities them that fear Him. So He knows how much you can stand, and He knows how much you need, and if it takes your help, well, God help you and have mercy on you. Is that clear? You'll have to thrash that out with the Lord.—But there's no law or Scripture against it, and it's a normal, natural sexual function, as long as you don't do it too often, depending on your own strength.

116. SOMEONE ASKS WHAT DOES THE SCRIPTURAL TERM "CONTINENCE" MEAN: IT MEANS CONTAINING‚ it means containing in any way, containing, holding. If you're continent against your wife or your husband that withholding but continency just means containing or holding: not masturbating or fucking.—But neither is a sin: neither masturbating or fucking under legal Scriptural circumstances! If you need it, go to it!—God made it!

117. NOW I THINK THAT DEALS WITH IT.—Let me just deal with one more final aspect of married sex: Now fellows, you have opened her up to the point that you are able to come in, you newlyweds, then you should be ready by that time to enter. This medical terminology is called mounting or various things, and the normal position, of course‚ is for her on her back with her legs spread open‚ her knees open and you on top. This is usual. But it doesn't always have to be that way.

118. SHE CAN BE ON TOP OR SIDE BY SIDE in the other most usual positions‚ but if she is pregnant the female-on-top position is very dangerous, and could cause an abortion or loss of the baby or miscarriage. But there is actually, believe or not, less chance for pregnancy if she does take the upper position. Actually, there is less; it is not as likely to occur.

119. YOU WILL ALSO FIND OUT THAT IF SHE USES THE TOP POSITION THAT IT CAN BE EXTREMELY SENSITIVE, extreme sensation‚ believe it or not because there is extremely deep penetration, with her on top. Now don't necessarily try this on your wedding night; it probably won't work. You have to learn a few things first but it's possible and there's extremely deep penetration and terrific sensation for both.—This is why it is extremely dangerous in the case of the pregnant women.

120. IN THE CASE OF PREGNANT WOMEN: It is better by all means for you fellows that have pregnant wives to almost stay away from them sexually after about the 7th month. Either that‚ or you should try a method which does not require such deep penetration: Anything, from keeping her legs closed with you astride her, to having her put her hand down there around you to keep you from going in too far. Is that clear? That is extremely important. You could do irreparable damage, you could cause a miscarriage by too deep penetration during the latter days of pregnancy. It is perfectly legal, perfectly all right for you to have fellowship with your wife in this way while she is pregnant.

121. ALSO, YOU MEN WITH PREGNANT WIVES SHOULD TRY TO AVOID THE NORMAL MENSTRUAL PERIODS of the month when she would normally menstruate; because if you do have intercourse at the time when she usually menstruates, you could possibly cause a miscarriage. Try to avoid that time. You have to avoid that week any way when she's not pregnant, so why not take a week off when she is? You ought to be able to be continent for a least a week! Some women are more acute and more sensitive and desire more sex when they are pregnant than when they're not, believe or not. So it just depends on the woman. God has a large variety of people in the world.—Praise the Lord?

122. BUT WATCH OUT FOR DEEP PENETRATION‚ YOU MEN WHO HAVE PREGNANT WIVES: Be very cautious about that, especially after the 7th month. You could cause damage: You could batter the baby's brains out, or at the least cause miscarriage! So watch it! You can, even without causing a miscarriage, actually do brain damage to the baby, believe it or not, by too deep penetration in the latter stages of the pregnancy.

123. USE THOSE METHODS THAT I TOLD YOU IF YOUR WIFE IS PREGNANT: Either be sure she does not use the upper position‚ and for a while it may be almost necessary for her to close her legs tight to keep you from going in too far. But in the last stages, you will probably have to put your hand around him, girls, right at the base of the penis, to keep him from going in too far. This is successful and this is possible and this doesn't do any damage at all, because he is not getting in far enough to do anything. Now in the very, very last stages‚ I would be very, very cautious, because you don't want to cause any trouble.

124. NOW BACK TO THE WEDDING NIGHT—AND ALL THE WEDDED NIGHTS!—Either she goes first or you go first, whatever you do, or maybe you together—that's fine! But if you don't, one or the other goes first, so be patient, wait for the other one, and do all you can to help them finish, because it is very bad, especially on the woman‚ believe it or not, for her not to finish too.

125. THE MAN MAY THINK HE'S DISAPPOINTED IF HE DOESN'T GET TO GO, but he usually does. But as I said, a woman can get congested, she can get tense, develop backaches‚ and a general state of psychological and physical confusion and dissatisfaction if you do not satisfy her. Is that clear? So it is very important to try to satisfy her as much as possible. Now some women don't require as much as others, and it is very difficult to satisfy some women, no matter how hard you try. With some women there is perhaps a psychological barrier there‚ or even physical difficulty. But this is particularly true in case of some women where frigidity is a factor. So if you have any special problems like that, you're welcome to come to your Shepherd to discuss them, and he'll give you books or discuss them with you and help you on the matter if he can. (See "Revolutionary Sex.")

126. FOR COUNSELLING, COME AS A COUPLE: THERE'S NO USE TALKING TO YOU SINGLY unless you are too bashful or embarrassed about it.—If you must, come alone, but I'd rather talk to you together. And I don't see why you should hide these things from each other, unless you're ashamed or afraid or something, or that something is wrong with you or something. But if you must come alone, alright; but if not, it's best to come together for counselling.

127. NOW IN THE LATTER STAGES, WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED AND SHE IS FINISHED AND EVERYBODY'S HAPPY, it's a wonderful relaxation, a satisfaction created by the Lord, and that's one reason why it is good to make love when you go to bed at night, so you have some time to sleep and rest afterwards. Or if maybe you take a little nap first and wake up during the night, or if you wake up early enough in the morning that you can get a little more rest afterward, because you will find it a little bit difficult to make love in the morning and then have to get straight up---I mean straight up in another way! But you should have a little bit of rest‚ even a few minutes' relaxation‚ where you just relax a few minutes or doze and get little bit of rest afterwards. Is that clear? Amen? It's your "love nap"!

128. TRY TO MAKE LOVE AT A TIME WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT, when you have time to enjoy it and time to relax a bit and rest afterwards in that time of really beautiful loving, which shows that you really love her, and that you really love him, as you lie there in each others' arms and show real love toward each other, genuine spiritual love afterwards, when the physical need is all satisfied and that's all gone, and you no longer have any sex desire. It's a wonderful time to show how much you really love each other. Don't forget to say while it's all going on, "I love you!" That's very important. Don't forget to say, "I love you!" Keep speaking words of love. Do you know that words sometimes can do more for a woman than anything else?—Especially if you are speaking with love, tenderness and meaning and sincerity. Praise the Lord?

129. SOMEONE ASKS, WHAT IF THEY HAVE DIFFICULTY REACHING A CLIMAX?—Stop worrying about it! That's one of the best ways to prevent it is to worry about it! If you don't, and all else fails, well, go to sleep and try again later. Or, Honey, if you just don't feel like it any more, that means you've probably gone. Whether you knew it or not, you probably went. Going is climaxing, or the orgasm. Now it is very violent in some people, but it's so easy with some people they hardly notice it! So don't be surprised: Just work at it and see what happens. You may hit the jackpot, one of those that really thumps on you when you climax, so praise God!

130. IT'S KIND OF EXCITING TO REALISE THAT YOU CAN MAKE SOMEBODY THAT HAPPY AND EXCITED and thrilled and everybody's happy! Praise the Lord! But don't forget, as for frequency, I think I have already mentioned that: Normally, two or three times a week.—With newlyweds, two or three times a night!—Ha!—Just get the rest you need between times.

131. WHERE? WELL, ANYWHERE THAT YOU CAN GET AWAY IT. Complete nudity is important. Don't be so damn bashful. When? Any time you can get away with it. How? Well‚ there are all kinds of ways of how. And the equipment is important: You may need some Vaseline, tissues‚ etc.—That's for cleanliness afterwards so you don't get the bedding soiled.

132. AND WINE IS VERY HELPFUL, MORE FOR HER THAN FOR YOU!—WATCH OUT, BOYS: Too much wine can make you temporarily impotent or unable! And‚ oh yes‚ very‚ very important: It's a good idea to have some eats on hand, as sometimes after all that activity you wind up relaxed, but starving to death, hungry! So I think you dear married couples should scrounge a little, maybe even a couple slices of bread to take home with you in case you need it.—Praise the Lord?—You know: "A loaf of bread‚ a jug of wine, and thou!"—Omar Khayyam said that.—But they're not really in the proper order: It should have been a jug of wine, thou and a loaf of bread!—Ha!

133. OR SOMETIMES, LIKE WITH US, ONE OF THE MOST AGGRAVATING THINGS ABOUT MY WIFE WAS THAT SHE USED TO GET HUNGRY RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF IT all:—"Honey, I'm hungry!"—Or "Honey, I've got to go to the bathroom!"—For goodness sakes, do go to the bathroom and please eat before you go to bed!—Amen?

134. POSITIONS: I've mentioned that, how to embrace. It is very important, fellows: you can use all kind of parts of your body to make love with! Even your feet, your legs, your knees, your elbows. Like the story I told about one couple—you are all married here so I can tell you this one: She woke up in the middle of the night and said, "Honey, is that your elbow?—If so, please turn over! If not, I'll turn over!" Those who aren't married yet won't understand what I am talking about.—A man often gets "that way" in his sleep!

135. YOU WILL FIND THAT DURING THE NIGHT SEEMS ONE OF THE MOST NATURAL‚ NORMAL TIMES for intercourse, a time when you have been rested and you are prepared, when often you will awake with what they call an early morning erection. A man will awake in the early hours of the morning, and the woman will pleasantly awaken to discover he is already up and diligently working on her front lawn! It's a nice way to wake up, girls.—Amen? And also, girls, it's a nice way to put him to sleep sometimes‚ if you want to just put him to sleep!

136. THE PETTING IS VERY IMPORTANT: You can read all these Scriptures here, and all of them describe it if you'll only understand. Finally, as I said, be sure that afterward you stir not my love till he pleases. If you can, give him a little time to sleep a bit afterward, and don't go needling him to get out of bed and get you a loaf of bread or something, whatever it is! Have you got all of this pretty clear?

137. NOW WITH MORE PROBLEMS: One of the couples I married came to me a week later and she was very sore and almost bleeding, and I'm ashamed to admit that this is one of the couples I married! But it is one of the few couples I ever married that I didn't have time to instruct, and that's why I'm so insistent on this little talk beforehand‚ 'cause I don't want to cause any more damage by not telling you what to do!

138. IT SO HAPPENED THAT ONE OF THE COUPLES SLIPPED THROUGH MY FINGERS before I had a chance to tell them anything, because they were in such a hurry to get married!—And it turned out he was in such a hurry he was jumping into bed and jumping on top of her and going to it and jumping off and going to sleep‚ just like that! He hadn't even gotten started petting her or preparing her: And she never even got started! So she wasn't lubricated, she wasn't ready, she wasn't open, she wasn't anything! As the oil drillers say: He was striking a dry hole! So, I mean she was really getting in bad shape! She thought she had some terrible female disorder! So I discussed it with them and found the trouble: no preparation or concern for her, much less helping her finish! So that is very important!—And you can cause very serious trouble and damage and illness by improper preparation and/or lubrication. Don't forget it! And if she just hasn't got the lubrication, that's what the Vaseline is for: Use it!

139. NOW IN THE EARLY STAGES SHE MAY NOT BE TOO WELL LUBRICATED‚ so you may have to stick your finger inside here (vagina) to get the lubrication to rub up here (clitoris). Do not rub this up here without lubrication! Is that clear? You can make it sore in a hurry and really hurt, and she may not even want to then! Is that clear? It is very sensitive, that little button called the clitoris. It's her center of sensation, and properly pushing that important button can cause a terrific explosion!—An orgasm or climax.—Push and see!

140. OH, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING EXTREMELY INTERESTING: One reason this is so terribly sensitive, the clitoris, that little button that isn't any bigger than a bean (to show you the wonders of God's creation‚ and that we're fearfully and wonderfully made:), it has just exactly the same number of nerve ending as the glans penis, or the sensitive end of a man's penis!—Identically the same number of nerve ending as the penis has! So there is a tremendous amount of sensation concentrated in that little‚ tiny spot!—Just as much as on the whole end of him‚ believe it or not! Praise the Lord? So it's a very important spot! God created it, He made it for a purpose: Use it!—Try it!—You'll like it!

141. NOW, ANY QUESTIONS?—HOW? OH, THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS! You can bounce up and down, rock back and forth, all kinds or things! It all depends: Just shake, rattle and roll!—Whatever you want to do. You don't like to make love to a dead corpse, but sometimes with too much movement on her part you can get hot and break away, so watch out! But there's a certain amount of synchronization and rhythm of movement together which is wonderful! Either you can ride with it, you know, like this: Ride with it. That's the kind of rhythm you should have. Whereas if you go boom, boom, boom, and you hit hard every time, let me tell you, you're gonna get bucked and maybe thrown! That's bareback riding the hard way, so watch out!

142. YOU'LL FIND SOMETIMES‚ BOYS, IT'S HELPFUL TO PUT YOUR FEET AGAINST THE BEDPOST OR THE FOOT OF THE BED OR THE WALL or whatever it is, and sometimes it's helpful if she can. She may want to stick her feet straight up in air, all kinds of things‚ Also, some people like to put some padding or a pillow under the girl's hips if she is lying in a bed. This is very helpful to some women. Some women can hardly even reach a climax without their hips propped up quite a ways by a thick pillow. Put a thick pillow under the hips of the girl and you'll find out that it's a lot better for her.—A hard bed is best, with just a little bounce to bang the birds!

143. SOME WOMEN ALMOST REQUIRE THAT, SOME KIND OF THICK PILLOW UNDER THEIR HIPS. Just watch out it isn't your bed pillow that you are going to put your face on afterwards, 'cause it may not be very pleasant! Take a nice hard, big plastic pillow, if possible, sofa cushion or something, if you got something handy—anything!—A couple 2x4's or concrete blocks or something!—Or put her on the edge of the bed or table or car seat while you stand up beside it and do it.—She'll feel great, and you'll love it!

144. DO YOU THINK THE CHURCH SHOULD BE WILLING TO DO ANYTHING FOR THE LORD?—So should you wives be willing to do anything for your husbands, whatever makes him happy, whatever gives him pleasure. If you can't be humble enough to do so, you're gonna wreck your marriage! You have to be humble, confess and admit that you're human, you have a human, fleshly need, be honest about it and don't be afraid to satisfy her‚ or him, whatever it takes!

145.—JUST BEWARE OF ORAL (MOUTH) SEX OR ANAL (RECTUM OR REAR END) SEX: They can be insanitary‚ unhealthful, dangerous—and even unscriptural!

146. WELL, YOU BETTER TAKE IT EASY ON THE BOSOMS TOO: SUCK THEM, BUT DON'T GO BITING THEM or you might bite 'em off when you get excited! When she is excited you'll find that her nipples are somewhat distended, or stick out, and if you suck too hard or lick them too much they can get sore, so watch out. Because bruising or irritating her teats too much can even cause cancer! So take it easy! "Her breasts shall satisfy thee"‚ and kissing them can even make some women go, but be sure she enjoys it and it doesn't hurt her. This is particularly true at menstrual periods: most girls breasts are a little tender, sore or sensitive at such a time.

147.—AND YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE MAKING LOVE TO HER DURING HER PERIOD ANYWAY!—IT'S NOT GOOD FOR HER. Although some perverts like it even more then, it's unscriptural and unhealthful. If she wants it then, just do it with your hand.—Or if you need it during her period, do it with your hand!—Or even between her legs, but not you know where!—At least I hope you do by now!—Hallelujah!—Have fun!—God meant for you to!—He made sex, and created it for you to enjoy and have children! So God bless you with both: joy and children!—Amen?

148. AND DO YOU THINK THE LORD IS WILLING TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU IF YOU LOVE AND PLEASE HIM?—So should you husbands be willing to do anything for your wives if you love and want to please them! If a marriage goes on the rocks‚ the rocks are often in the bed!—So solve these sex problems as soon as you can, if you want a happy, healthful, contented and satisfying marriage. Remember: happiness is not found by pursuing it for yourself.—Happiness finds those who give it to others!—So do your best to make your mate happy, and you'll find this makes you happy too—if you really love, as God loves, unselfishly. Selfishness destroys any marriage. Try a little real love and unselfishness by the grace of God!—It works wonders! You are to try to please your mate‚ not just yourself, God says.—Try it!—You'll like it!

149. REAL LOVE IS PREFERRING THE HAPPINESS OF YOUR MATE TO YOUR OWN! "In honour preferring one another." This brings true happiness to all.—Including God!—Believe it or not, He wants you to be happy!—That's one reason He created sex and marriage, for your pleasure, enjoyment‚ satisfaction, companionship, fellowship, team work, sharing and children.—And that's the most unselfish part about sex: children!—Yet they are and can be the most rewarding and enjoyable of all!—The real climax to all sexual fulfillment, if you love them and train them the way they should go. Fucking my wife caused a Revolution!—My children!—Or you wouldn't even be here!—Amen?