KEYWORDS: japan, usa, world, emperor, massacre, war

World Currents--No.46

David Berg

Comp. 7/89DO 2588


1. What do you bet China is going to do something drastic to try get back at the rest of the World for exposing the massacre in Tiananmen Square?

2. What's to stop China from moving into Hong Kong when they've got oodles of troops to do it with & Britain & the U.S. don't have many in that area? There's nothing to stop them from marching right into Hong Kong & taking it over! They have no principles & no conscience. They did things the World didn't ever dream they'd do in Tiananmen Square!

3. They don't give a damn what Europe or the U.S. or Britain or anybody else thinks! That crackdown not only turned the World against them, but it's turning them against the West for no reason other than spite! They don't like what Hong Kong's doing in harboring student "criminals," etc., & staging massive protests. They consider it an insult. What if they decide to retaliate? Hong Kong's the easiest place they could strike, & they would certainly feel like they had a right to!

+ +

4. The Beijing massacre demonstrates that the monsters of tyranny still exist, the Stalins & the Lenins & the Deng Xiaopings & Li Pengs & all the rest of'm. Some people would class Hitler & Mussolini along with them. Well‚ I'd class Abraham Lincoln as one of them as well! Every nation has its monsters, many of whom are now glorified as heroes after they have rewritten history!

5. It's amazing that those two great crises (the Beijing massacre & the death of Khomeini) occurred in China & Iran at the same time!


6. During WW2, Japan was considered a Fascist nation along with Germany & Italy. The ACs tried to turn the World against Japan. More recently they tried to show that Hirohito was as much to blame as anyone for the war. Why should the ACs do that? Maybe they're furious because the Japanese are getting ahead of the U.S. now, & Japan is the one country that they haven't been able to fully conquer. (Maria: If anything, Japan is conquering them! It's taking over the U.S.!) Yes, Japan lost the war but won the peace.


8. After the Emperor died, they did a real character assassination on him. I'd say it was certainly a well-organized media defamation of the Emperor.

9. They're trying to prejudice the World of today against the Japanese of today. The British have always been much more critical of the Emperor than the Americans. At the end of the war, the U.S. engineered the survival of the Imperial Family, for the sake of keeping the peace & using the Emperor as a tool to get the cooperation of the Japanese people.

10. The British were not so concerned about that, they considered it an American problem because it was mainly Americans, not the British who had fought & licked & then occupied Japan. The British had no irons in the fire‚ & so had nothing to lose by coming out bluntly with what they considered the truth, flatly stating that the Emperor was responsible for the war!


11. The U.S. workers are not going to be able to keep up with the pace of the Japanese workers! The Japanese are by-&-large younger‚ at least in spirit, & in a better state of health, & used to being pushed to achieve more. They really are healthier & more energetic! Most Americans couldn't stand the pace at which the Japanese work! The Japanese seem younger, are used to it, & they're just plain dedicated! Their job is their whole life! It's almost like part of their patriotism, their love of country, to work hard & be industrious!


12. I guess the Marcoses had to suffer for their lack of consideration for the poor. (Editor: Former President Marcos has since gone to be with the Lord.)

13. I dreamed I was defending Marcos against his enemies. It was a little scary, but I felt good about it. But then they were trying to get me, too. They were really trying to kill us, but the Lord kept protecting us. PTL! TYJ!

(—Amen!—Trust the Lord!—Things could be worse!)