KEYWORDS: lord, usa, people, east, god, world

World Currents--No.45

David Berg

Comp. 11/89DO 2585


1. In some ways it's a wonderful time in World History, it looks like the Golden Age has already begun!—The Golden Age of Freedom & the conquest of Communism & the downfall of tyranny! It looks like it's happened! It's so terrific! I'm hoping that this means the Great Event that was supposed to happen in the first half of November was the good event that's happening in East Germany & the Fall of the Wall! Thank You Lord! It really looks like it, so maybe this is it!—Only it looks like a great good instead of a great evil! PTL!

2. It certainly is a great event!—The biggest event since WW2! It's as though they took the cap off a boiling tea kettle by allowing the East Germans to go through the Berlin Wall! That is really some big thing to see pictures of all those people standing there at the Berlin Wall! Wow! What an event! Let's hope that was the big event, the big news predicted for November! Maybe this was the good news & the next will be the bad news!

3. I still agree with all of the guys who are predicting the Crash, & there are a lot of them now! They say it just can't go on any longer, & that's what I believe whether it happens this month or not!

4. But the great event was supposed to be negative. The conjunction of those three planets that was occurring was supposed to have a very negative meaning.—Some said it couldn't be worse, that it would be like the end of the World! Well, if the hardliners in Russia would assassinate Gorbachev & take over & thereby discourage the liberalisation of the other countries, that would be very negative!

5. When the East German police started bringing up those water tanks in front of the Brandenberg Gate & trying to clear out that square I thought, "Uh oh! Here's where it could happen just like it did at Tiananmen Square when the Chinese students just pushed them too far!"—But thank God it didn't! The East German police have really been taking it very good-naturedly. Those people got up on top of that wall & acted like children, even some middle-aged folks! There was real exultation in finally being able to do the things they were forbidden to do for so long. A lot of people were going through the Wall just to see if they could do it!

6. Well, it still doesn't mean the Crash won't happen! It's just gotta happen, that's all!—Otherwise the Antichrist would have no excuse for taking over. And he's gotta take over soon because the World is just going to pot!

7. Lord, whatever it is‚ we trust Thee that You're going to see us through! But I want to see it! I really do want to live to see some of these great events & what's going to happen. I want to see it happen! These are really exciting times! And I know the Lord will take care of us. PTL! TYJ!


8. God bless Gorbachev! He did it! Of course, how long it will last, we don't know! Thank You Lord for Thy men who love Thee & are getting the victory!—Gorbachev & Walesa, men of faith & prayer! TYL! Thy children are winning the victories! TYJ! PYL! Please don't let them be crushed, in Jesus' name. We know the Antichrist must come, but woe unto them through whom he comes!


9. That was a real smart thing for the East German President Egon Krenz to do, to open the valve & let off the steam by making some passages through the Berlin Wall! People always want to do what they're not allowed to do. If they're told they can't do it‚ it's the perversion of human nature to want to do it! Now he's given them what they wanted. They wanted freedom, they wanted to cross over, & he's released that tremendous pressure & that tremendous urge! He knew that if they would be satisfied even just to walk across & come back, many of them would be happy to stay. They just wanted to know they could do it! "We didn't want to be told we couldn't do it!" Now they feel free.

10. So I think it was a very wise thing that Krenz did & he may be able to keep his position as a result if he comes through with more reforms. Of course, if things don't continue to progress with more reforms & more democracy etc., the people might not remain as happy. Economically there's not really any great problem‚ because East Germany has been the most prosperous state in the entire East Bloc & held up as a model of Communist prosperity! People are not starved or in terrible economic conditions like they are in some of the other East European countries that have been so wrecked by Communism it'll be a miracle if they ever recover, particularly the Soviet Union!

11. So if the East Germans feel that they can now come & go when they want to‚ they're not going to be so anxious to leave. It was the courageous pioneers of the Exodus (those who fled East Germany through Hungary the previous month) who really deserve a lot of credit for bringing this whole thing on, because they started it! That got the East Germans to thinking about it, & then a lot of them wanted to go‚ & did go. And then a lot of them still wanted to go & have freedom to travel. So finally Krenz saw that it was something that just had to be satisfied, & he figured if he'd throw these few bones to the dogs that they'd be satisfied & would not devour the government.

12. (Maria: Although it seems like people today are almost never satisfied! They have one reform & that's not enough & they want another & another & another! No matter how good a government it is or how free it is‚ they're still always complaining & wanting more! So it doesn't look very possible that they'll be satisfied.) Well, nobody is ever fully satisfied, but if they at least have enough food, clothing & shelter & a moderate amount of freedom, most people are content.


13. Willy Brandt was a very strong leader of West Germany & particularly popular because of his policy of detente, of making peace with the Communist Bloc. He was a leader of that & it was going great until it was discovered that his chief assistant, imagine, was an East German spy!—Which immediately discredited him! People immediately thought, "Well, the reason he was going for peace with East Germany & peace with the Soviets was because he's an East German Communist sympathiser!"—Which probably he was, but at that time during the Cold War it wasn't very popular to be pro-Communist‚ pro–Soviet or pro-East Germany. So he had to resign in favour of a man who was more to America's liking—more anti-Communist, anti-Russia, anti-East Germany & who would hold the fort & keep the Cold War going & not try to make peace—Helmut Schmidt.

14. So actually, I think what's going on now is proving that dear Willy Brandt was right, that he was headed on the right path to try to make peace! But the U.S. was very much against it & very glad they got rid of him because the U.S. was determined to carry on the Cold War & was not pleased with détente. They didn't like the idea of co-existence & détente! They figured they were going to have to eventually go to war & put the Soviets out of business. Thank God they didn't & they just waited for Communism to destroy itself!

15. This is exactly contrary & contradictory to what Soviet Communist propaganda had been preaching & teaching all the way from Marx on down—that eventually Capitalism would just crumble under its own problems & corruption etc.! Well, I agree‚ they're right that they would & they are, but it just so happened that Communism crumbled first, thank the Lord! I'm sure the Lord had something to do with that to show that Communism doesn't work!

16. But the thing they're not going to like is when the Lord shows the World that Capitalism doesn't work either! And then the Antichrist is going to come along & try to show the World that his system is going to work, & that will be the last one, & it will eventually fall also!—Because only God's System can work, His Rule on Earth!

17. "Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name! Thy Kingdom come! Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!"—That's God's goal & it will happen! And it's coming soon‚ thank the Lord, & we will all be part of it! Praise the Lord! And His is the only Kingdom that is going to work & last!


18. They're trying to get sympathy for the criminals now, the murderers. My God, this is becoming a horrible age!

19. The authorities, particularly some of these sympathetic women judges, are deliberately releasing criminals now, hardened criminals who have killed & murdered, & now they're out on the streets.

20. The poor cops are facing an uncontrollable situation. It's like trying to stop a flood with a teacup! Think of the risks they take, risking death every day. I wonder how many of these criminals the Devil protects by inspiring law enforcement agents, lawyers & judges to let them go, to sympathise with them‚ & put them back on the streets!


21. Sometimes the Lord allows His Own children to suffer the most because they know better. A good example of that is the way He dealt with Israel of old. That's why He's going to let America suffer, because they know better & yet they've sinned against the Lord & have allowed God & His Word & prayer to be kicked out of their schools. Even Christmas celebrations have been kicked out of the public schools! God is just as illegal in the schools of America as He is in Russia!


22. I wonder sometimes who thinks up those nice terms like "affirmative action," which means pro–Black action or integration. Another nice term they have is "pro-choice," which means pro-death to unborn babies. If they were going to be consistent, the opposite of pro-lifers‚ would be pro-deathers! But of course they don't want to make it sound like what it is.

23. Some of those Supreme Court Justices are the ones who are tearing down the U.S., … authorising abortion, taking the Bible & religion out of the schools & abandoning prayer.—Just one horror after another! They're also taking away the rights of parents to refrain from putting their children in hospitals or under medication or in evil public schools!


24. The U.S. has the highest murder rate of any nation in the World today, about eight times as high as Britain's.


25. Peaks always precede the fall. Any country that has reached its peak is soon to fall into a state of collapse. What we have been reading about America being at its peak reminds me of something which I think Kierkegaard‚ a famous existentialist philosopher, said, "We are never so close to the abyss as when we are on the brink." That's where America stands today as far as I'm concerned.


26. The U.S. media has to stir up trouble & have something to print in its papers. Their favourite topics are, number one, sex, number two, smearing the Republicans & Conservatives, & number three, smearing the Christians. Those are their main targets right now.


27. Trying to make America, or any country, more literate is not going to help much without the Lord. It just makes them more Devilish.


28. William Branham saw a beautiful but hard, bitter & cruel woman as the leader of the World in the Last Days.—Actually, the leader of America. I interpreted it as meaning the Great Whore, the symbol of the U.S.


29. America's big cities are in such a mess that they're going to be very willing to give themselves to the Antichrist to save the World that they know.

30. They say that New York is collapsing, the subways are all in a state of disrepair. It's going to take billions of Dollars to fix them! The main bridges are all collapsing, crumbling because the steel hasn't been painted or maintained for years & years. They're rusted & large holes are appearing in them, they're falling apart!

31. Only two big water tunnels conduct water to the whole of New York City & they're leaking millions of gallons of water a day. Much of the equipment is 70 years old & they're afraid to even test it because they're afraid something will happen, it might break down. And if they do have a repair to do, they'll have to use the equipment & they're afraid that when they have to open it up again for the water to flow back through it, it'll malfunction. Some subway tunnels are becoming rivers, underground rivers, due to the leaks.

32. They say that over the next ten years it'll take 50 billion Dollars to repair all these things, which New York doesn't have. New York is bankrupt already, everybody knows that! Apparently the same problems exist in all the big U.S. cities, they're all crumbling, decaying & collapsing. The Lord's gotta come soon!

33. The amazing thing about it is that people live above all this mess‚ while the foundations of the whole city are crumbling! People are still buying expensive apartments, townhouses & shopping in expensive stores & buying offices in tall skyscrapers that are probably also crumbling & will soon collapse! The worst part about the whole thing is that the whole nation is crumbling morally, which is even worse!

34. The Lord's gotta come soon! Even without any atomic bombs or anything, the whole System's crumbling! The cities are growing so old they're falling apart‚ falling to pieces, thank God! I hope those wicked cities do! New York is one of the most decrepit. They're having to destroy bridges & highways that are falling apart! It's all going to pieces there!

35. I wonder how much longer it'll take for those skyscrapers to start collapsing? You know that they must be in bad shape too, if those other structures are in such a mess! That's typical of the hypocrisy of the System. New York looks so nice on the surface—well, certain parts anyway—but underneath, it's corrupt, near collapse & falling apart!

36. It's not safe to live there just because of the crime & violence, but now even the buildings & streets & subways & bridges aren't safe any more! It reminds me of the old song we kids used to sing, they must've had that problem in London, "London Bridge Is Falling Down." And with the air & water pollution & everything, the whole World is about to collapse—without any atomic bombs! So the Lord's going to have to come soon to save it. The Antichrist is going to try but he won't succeed. Amen? The End is nigh! PTL!


37. No wonder immigrants try to get to New York! The minute they arrive there, they receive welfare‚ apartment & food, clothing, everything. No wonder New York is bankrupt!


38. The U.S. is tearing down past principles‚ virtues & values just to erect anything different, whether it's good or not. Just like they're doing with their buildings.—Tearing down all the old landmarks & building new ones to suit themselves & their luxury.


39. You know why people are buying all those guns in the U.S., don't you? (Maria: People are afraid that guns will be banned completely & they won't have a chance to buy'm, & also they're afraid of things getting so bad in the country that they're going to have to have vigilante groups to defend themselves.) That's exactly what they're buying them for. Perfectly good upright citizens of the community are all buying guns, in fact, they're the ones who are buying them the most, because they figure the time is coming when there is going to be anarchy & they're going to have to defend themselves from all of these criminals, rebels & anarchists, etc. They're even stockpiling them in refuges up in the hills.

40. … [I]t's the "haves" who want guns to protect themselves in the future from the "have-nots."


41. Instead of slaughtering the Sodomites like Israel was told to do in the Bible, the U.S. is trying to save them! They're demanding help for them, & using some of the biggest part of their health budget for AIDS, due to political pressure.

42. Imagine the audacity of these AIDS sufferers to insist & demand that they've got to be helped‚ "You've got to save us! You owe it to us to save us—us Sodomites!" I'd like to know why! In the Bible, they were ordered to execute them‚ stone them to death—not save them! It's ridiculous! It's almost unbelievable! (Lev.18:22‚29; 20:13; Deu.23:17).

43. It shows you how wicked the System & the governments are! They're pressured by AIDS activists to save them. Can you imagine in Bible times insisting on compassion & understanding for the Sodomites? The Lord condemned kings who didn't slaughter them or stone them to death. They're defiant against God! Can you imagine their nerve?

44. (After a strong prophecy damning Sodomites: ) Wow! The Lord sure is furious with those Homos, the Sodomites! I think that's the first strong confirmation I had of that, as though we needed any confirmation, because it's all through the Bible! Think of that! All those people proclaiming that they've got to protect the Sodomites! Well, the Lord is not going to protect them! …

45. … It's sickening even to see pictures of those Sodomites, ugh! …

46. God's curse has strengthened itself against any remedies! AIDS has become immune to the only government-approved drug against it.