KEYWORDS: abortion, babies, women, god, people, usa

Jewels on Abortion

David Berg

Comp.10/89 DO 2583


1. I think the Lord is trying to raise the consciousness of the World to what's going on in those abortion clinics!—To show them how wrong it is, & so they can be judged accordingly & held guilty at the Judgement for their attitude of ignoring the slaughter of millions of babies!

2. It's the biggest controversy in the U.S. today! God is really letting it come to the fore! They say it's going to be a real hot fight between the Republicans who have taken pretty much of a general anti-abortion stance, & the Democrats who are mostly for abortion. God is making abortion an issue so that people are going to have to take a stand one way or the other! The church is finally waking up & it's largely a battle between Christians & the ACs!

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3. Not only is abortion putting people on the spot religiously & regarding human rights, but AIDs has become an issue in which you're either for the Sodomites or you're against them! And if you're against them, then they say you're unreasonable, you're prejudiced, you're unsympathetic, you don't care & you're hard-hearted! A few years ago people didn't concern themselves with such personal issues, but now the media spends half their time on such things!

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4. This abortion fight is probably going to be the final condemnation of the U.S. to bring America to destruction! God is trying them now.


5. The church Christians in the U.S. are finally doing something now! They're demonstrating against abortion in front of the entrances of those abortion clinics. 70,000 of them demonstrated right in front of the White House & the Supreme Court recently! They came from all over the U.S. to demonstrate against abortion!

6. At last the Christians have got a cause to fight for! Theirs is called the Pro-Life Movement, & the ones who are demonstrating for abortion, women mostly‚ call theirs Pro-Choice. Isn't that ridiculous? It's really pro-murder, pro-baby murder! They think they ought to have the choice to murder their babies if they want to!

7. The Pro-Life church people are really demonstrating & fighting & not being afraid to be persecuted for what they believe! Some of them even sit down in big crowds of hundreds in front of the abortion clinics! (Techi: So the women can't get in?) Yes, so the other women can't get in to kill their babies! They sit down & refuse to move & the police pick them up & carry them into the paddy wagons! These protesters were praising the Lord & saying, "Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!" Of course, to wilfully break the law when protesting like that isn't very wise, but at least some of the church Christians are finally getting up a little steam & a little fight for something!

8. God bless them! At least something finally got them stirred up to really do something, to fight & to really demonstrate! (Maria: Yes‚ to even suffer for their faith! They said in the last year they have had 15,000 arrests of protesters all over the U.S.‚ more than in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.)


9. Curse those pro-abortion doctors, Lord‚ for all the living infants that they've destroyed & encouraged to be destroyed! Convict those mothers for destroying their children! (Maria: And God bless the people who are fighting it!) God bless them & protect the people who are trying to save them!


10. The spokesman for that pro-abortion group said in one article, "It's frightening to think of all the women who would die by illegal abortions." Well‚ maybe they should die! A life for a life!


11. Now they not only want to kill the babies, but they want to outlaw surrogate motherhood, can you imagine? The Devil is up to trying to stop babies altogether if he can. He wants to destroy Mankind!


12. It's estimated that 370,000 drug-addicted babies will be born this year, 1989, in the U.S.‚ most of them addicted to cocaine because of their parents' addiction. Why should they worry about cocaine babies when they're killing 1-1/2 million healthy babies every year!


13. The most powerful statement in this article on abortion was when the handicapped woman said, "What is the point of all of these tests on pregnant women?—To get rid of people like me?"


14. These pro-abortion groups think up all of these nice terms like "Pro-Choice" for their filthy cause! They're baby killers! Amen‚ Lord, help their opposition to overturn it & stop this baby killing!—SAVE The BABIES!


15. Those pro–abortion groups are raising big money & are financing women in those controversial cases. They actually take the women & escort them to the nearest abortion clinic, or abortion clinics in other States, in order to support abortion. Some of these women wouldn't have even gotten an abortion if the pro-abortionists hadn't encouraged them & assisted them & escorted them there to get it so they'll be sure & get it, just in defiance of the laws etc.


16. The pro-abortionists say, "This is my body, I don't have to let any fetus own it! I don't see why the baby should own me, I have a right to my own body!" Well‚ they don't see because they don't recognise God! They don't feel like there's any obligation. They don't feel obligated to the child & they don't feel obligated to God. And since society has made abortion legal, they don't feel obligated to society that they shouldn't kill their babies. Their husbands don't want the babies either because it's such a financial burden. It costs tens of thousands of Dollars to give birth to, raise, & educate a child these days in most Western countries.—But it's your duty to God!


17. They say there are 40 adoptive parents waiting for every aborted child!


18. 75% of the women say they have abortions because it interferes with their career. You don't murder somebody just because he or she interferes with your career!


19. Even the siblings are having nightmares & wondering if they're going to be next! I don't doubt that the Lord lets the babies come back & haunt these parents that have abortions!—It would serve them right! Many of these parents have feelings of guilt & emotional & physical problems & even become over-protective of their other children, afraid they're going to die or they're going to lose them.


20. Abortion weakens instead of strengthens a marriage. 70% of all relationships fail after abortions.