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Abortion Alternative, The

David Berg

—Christians Need to Offer a Genuine Helping Hand! DO 2582 10/89

(Maria reads from her notebook what Dad said in his sleep:)

1. "Be sure they have persuasive material against abortion for the mothers who think they should destroy their children. We need to give them Pro-Life material to try to persuade them not to kill their children! What are the Christians & churches offering to replace it? Are they offering to take the babies in? Are they offering to give the women help? They have got to take the responsibility of babies!"

2. Isn't that amazing? I never got around to telling you that, so the Lord had me give it to you in my sleep! That's just exactly what I was going to tell you! That's just what I've been burdened about.

3. The protesters just chaining themselves to doorways of abortion clinics isn't going to help those mothers any! They're just trying to stop'm from having abortions. They need to offer them help instead of going to all that expense of those huge rallies and demonstrations. Of course, that's good to wake up the people and stop the mothers, but what is the alternative? How are they going to help the mothers who can't handle their babies? Maybe they're single mothers who have jobs and can't even afford to have their babies, so what are they going to do to help them?

4. That's where it seems to me the Christian protesters are being a little hypocritical, because it doesn't seem that they're offering real genuine help, such as financial help & babycare or adoption assurance, things like that.

5. The rich Christians need to put their money where their mouth is & put out more money to help the girls! To the girls it's a problem. A lot of them don't want to have abortions, so what they need is help with their problem. If the Christians don't want them to get an abortion, then what do they want them to do? In a lot of cases, of course, it's just plain selfish women & selfish parents. (Maria: But that message showed how the Lord is merciful & the Lord really realises the problem, that it isn't all selfishness, but there are a lot of women who really feel like they have to do it.)

6. The single unwed mothers really can't even afford to have the abortion, but it's cheaper to have an abortion than to have a baby! It's gotten very expensive to have a baby in the U.S. nowadays, they say it costs $2-3,000!—Whereas an abortion is only $1,000. Then there's all of the babycare afterwards, & if she has a job, how is she going to take care of her baby? (Maria: And even if they have money to spend for the babycare‚ a lot of mothers would probably feel that since they have to work, why even bring the babies into the World if they're going to have to be away from them all of the time.)


7. A lot of women want to have the baby & would like to keep it‚ but the rules at the adoption agencies are that they can never see the baby again or even know who the adopting parents are! Therefore the girl has no hope for the future that she is ever going to see her baby again, & that's the killer! That really tortures them & frightens them!

8. If the adoption agencies would break that barrier, so that the adopters are willing to be more unselfish & willing to let the mother see the baby, even come & visit, that would seem to be the ideal solution. Let the rich adopters take care of the baby for her, like grandparents‚ & let her come see the baby, & when she is able, even allow her to take the child back. (Maria: Well‚ maybe that would be the ideal solution, but you wouldn't get very many people to agree with that!) Apparently not.


9. Well‚ it's a very difficult problem. The ideal solution, which seems to be very unpopular today‚ is exactly what the churches are advocating: That the girls just don't have sex if they haven't got a husband that can support them & the baby! Promiscuous sex, loose sex & the liberal attitude toward unmarried sex is what is causing most of the problem.

10. They had problems like that in my Mother's younger days when she was working for Immigration & the Crittendon Homes. They had problems with White slavery & that sort of thing, but their main thing was that they helped girls who had, what they called in those days, "gotten in trouble." In those days, in order for the parents of the girl to get rid of the problem & the embarrassment, the classic solution for the family & the parents of the girl was to throw her out on the street as having disgraced the family & done something abominable!—When of all times they should have taken her in!—Her & the baby! They should have helped her have the baby & helped her to take care of it!

11. But that shows the selfishness of the parents, they don't want the embarrassment & the disgrace & the reproach of having an unwed daughter who has a baby out of wedlock, because then the rest of society would shun the parents! So unless the parents are willing to be sacrificial & love their daughter enough to take her in & help her have the baby & take care of it, then they have to be really cruel. And that was the norm in my Mother's day.

12. So the girls, of course‚ were just absolutely thrilled to have any kind of home, some place where they could go & where people would take care of them & give them rooms & help them have their babies & help them get a new start one way or the other.—Either help them get some kind of a job so they could both support & take care of the baby, or help them get the baby adopted. So, it is a problem.


13. Well, frankly, I think our Family is almost the perfect solution, where everybody takes responsibility!—Where we insist that the children are our responsibility. They belong to all of us! And we allow early marriages in our Family‚ so that when they're at their youngest & strongest & have the almost irrepressible sexual urge, & when God obviously meant for them to get mated & have children, that they have a community & atmosphere in which they can & it's permissible & even encouraged!—And where we will take care of them, because we are their Family!

14. The boy doesn't have to go out in the dirty System to get a job, & the girl doesn't have to turn her baby over to strangers, but they can live together in peace & harmony & love & with assurance that they're going to be taken care of, & that their baby is going to be taken care of. So it seems to me that our type of society is the ideal solution!

15. In fact, it's the same system used for thousands of years of tribal society! This is really the way it was in the natural tribes of people of huge families. A tribe was a big family, sometimes with all the same name. They knew who their relatives were & the relatives took care of them in the tribe.

16. In those days they encouraged having children, it was considered a blessing! Women had more helping hands & many hands make light work! That's even true today in agricultural societies like China, the farmers want more children so the children can help with the work. (Maria: Even though the government doesn't allow it.) Yes‚ they go ahead & have'm anyhow & get in trouble!

17. (Maria: In today's modern World you can understand why people don't want children!) Good night! Nobody sticks together any more, not even families. (Maria: Look at the public schools & the terrible things that are happening. No wonder there are so many abortions. These people read all about the schools & think, "My God, I don't want my child to have to go through that!")

18. Well, praise the Lord, thanks to the Lord, we have the ideal solution! We are a tribal society & we stick together & help each other, & help make it possible for the young couples to stick together. And we teach responsibility for the child‚ if they have one, that they have to take care of it. But we make it possible for them to take care of it by helping them, so they don't have to go out & work in the dirty System & earn a living to survive. They can stay right in the Family & earn their living & survive in a congenial, hospitable, loving atmosphere! To me, our society‚ our tribe, is the most wonderful thing in the World!


19. (Maria: Nowhere in this World are you going to have an absolutely perfect situation with no problems & no difficulties, but at least we're the best there is at present. When the Millennium comes, the World of the Future is going to be a lot better!) That is going to be the ultimate solution!

20. (Maria: A lot of times the Family gets to looking at how big their problems are, & forgetting that even with all the problems‚ they are far better off than the System! Like many former backsliders have said, "Even the Family at its worst is better than the System at its best!" Of course there are problems, but the Lord is going to right them all & help us smooth them out later!)

21. Amen! Do so, Lord! Do bless & help our Family to solve all their little problems. We thank Thee that they're not as big as their problems would be in the System. Do help us all to cooperate & do all we can to be unselfish & loving & kind & helpful to our young parents & their children. (Maria: And to our older single parents, Lord.) Yes‚ & to our older single parents who are usually women with children. Help us all to be more kind, unselfish, considerate & helpful, & the single men to help the single mothers & really be good fathers!

22. We do ask Thee to help us solve these problems even in our own Family. Thank You Lord that our situation is so much better than the System's! We don't just throw the mother & her children out like the System does‚ or force her to get somebody to adopt the kids or whatever. So thank You Lord for our Family & its solutions, Thy solutions of Love, kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration, helpfulness & sharing. Thank You Lord!

23. Do bless & keep all of our families, young parents & single mothers & make them fruitful & make them a blessing! And do help those poor single mothers out in the System to find a solution for their situations.

24. Help the churches, Lord, & the church people to be more unselfish & more sharing & more helpful, more willing to give.—Not just talk & demonstrate against abortion, for which they're right & that's good, but to also help the girls solve their problems by giving them actual material, financial help & a helping hand! Help the church people to reach them with this helping hand, Lord, to help solve the girls' problems & not just condemn them for it!—In Jesus' name. Amen! TYL!