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Abortion & War--The Devil's Weapons

David Berg

DO 2580 9/89

1. My God! What sins the Americans are going to have to pay for! They're not satisfied with having killed all those poor little Vietnamese, now they're killing a million-&-a-half of their own babies every year! Think of it!—Totally innocent little babies! Boy oh boy, what those mothers are going to pay for, having no feeling, no compassion, not being willing to suffer!

2. That's the whole thing, the Americans & Europeans have gotten so selfish! The women have become selfish, independent, disobedient, hard, cold & cruel!—Murdering mothers! They don't want to have that baby because it is going to cost them something!—Years of toil & care, having to take care of the children & bring them up. They look on it as a horrible thing to have to have a baby & go through all of that.

3. They no longer have any God, so they figure, "What do we owe God? We're not going to bear His babies! We're not going to suffer & sacrifice for His babies, we're going to kill'm!" It's just the demonic Devil who has persuaded the mothers to kill their own children‚ think of it!

4. (Maria: If the Devil can't get'm in wars, he gets them through abortion!—Two of his most effective ways to kill babies throughout the World!) Yes, exactly! The Americans alone are now killing more babies every year than have been killed in all their wars that they have ever fought! The almanac says that from the American Revolutionary War to the present, only 1.2 million Americans have died in battle, & they're killing 1.5 million babies every year!—Imagine! (Maria: The rest of the World's numbers are pretty high too! Either they're sterilising the parents or they're aborting the babies.)

5. As a result, the birth rate of Europe is on a really desperate decline, to where they're now bribing & paying mothers to have their children, offering them big bonuses & yearly support to have children in places like France & Germany. (Maria: They do the damage & brainwash them one way, then they get desperate when they see the horrible effect‚ that their population growth is declining; then they try to reverse the process, but it's too late!) Now they can't even persuade those mothers with money & bribes & bonuses to have children & sacrifice for them!

6. It used to be considered an honour & a beautiful thing for mothers to have children & to love & sacrifice for them & work hard to take care of them. But their demonic doctrine of devils that women's bodies belong to themselves & the baby can go to Hell as far as they're concerned, has destroyed the beauty of motherhood & the honour of being a mother!

7. The "modern" woman's attitude is, "Why should I suffer for this little baby? Why should he take part of my life & make me suffer, when my life & my body are my own? I'm not going to give it to him! He's not going to make me suffer & sacrifice!—I'm going to kill him!"

8. That's exactly the attitude that the mothers of today have regarding their unborn children, & the System cooperates with them & sympathises with them. And the husbands are just as guilty because they don't want to have to bother with the kids either. They want to get rid of them!

9. The women don't want to have to stay home & take care of the house & children, much less have them. They want to go out & get a job & earn a lot of money so that the wife & the husband's combined big incomes will buy them more things & let'm live a higher economic life & have more for themselves. Their attitude is‚ "Why share it with unwanted children?" It's a total selfishness of this generation, & of course they learned it from their mothers & fathers of the generation before.

10. It's horrible! They're "without natural affection!"—2Tim.3:3. It's all described in the Bible, in 2nd Timothy, how it's going to be in the last generation. It's a generation that deserves to die!—Not the babies, but their parents! What kids they do have & raise are nothing but little devils & monsters! God is going to put a stop to it all, & it's gotta happen pretty soon! Thank God!

11. I'm just angry at this World & this generation, & I'm sure God feels that way too! If I'm angry about it‚ think how God must feel! He must be furious at this defiant generation that defies Him!—Preferring to believe in Evolution & all its lies, refusing to believe in Him, much less give Him thanks, selfishly rejecting Him & refusing to acknowledge Him or His authority with their lives, & busy killing millions of His babies throughout the World!

12. It's the hard, cold, cruel, unfeeling‚ unloving parents that ought to be slaughtered! Maybe those babies are going to have a chance to do it one of these days, to kill the parents that killed them! I wouldn't be surprised! It would certainly be a fair revenge. "Who are you?" "Oh, I'm that child you were determined to kill, & now I'm going to kill you & cast your unbelieving soul into Hell!"

13. Praise the Lord, that's enough. Thank You Lord! We can't carry that story any further than Hell‚ that's for sure! Let's go to sleep, Honey.