KEYWORDS: babies, lord, god, world, abortion, generation

Abortion--The Slaughter of the Innocents

David Berg

DO 2579 8/89

1. God is allowing abortion to become a significant controversial issue in the U.S. & many countries of the World to hold everybody responsible! As one article said, "It's the issue that's ripping the country apart!" Doctors like abortion because they make a lot of money, & the women like it because they're selfish & don't want to take care of children.—That's the situation on abortion.

2. Thank God that's one issue the church has finally gotten stirred up about‚ to try to stop the slaughter of the innocents! A mass massacre of babies is going on in the U.S. today, not to mention Europe, the Soviet Union & many other places. The whole anti-Christ World is killing its babies, because babies are of the Lord!—It's your duty to have'm!

3. (Techi: If they arrest people for killing people, why don't they arrest people for abortion?) Yes, that's what I want to know! What's the difference? What's the difference between killing babies before they're born or killing them after they're born? It's horrible, just horrible!

4. The Lord is allowing the whole World to become conscious of these demonstrations against abortion, the slaughter of the innocents! The Lord is making people see those things & hear those testimonies of Christians who are willing to risk their lives & their freedom, to even go to jail to show their defiance, to try to prevent those babies from being killed!

5. One–&-a–half million abortions a year are performed in the U.S. alone, & it's estimated that one out of every four pregnancies ends in abortion! What a horrible slaughter! So fiendish!—The Devil trying to get rid of the children even before they're born! It shows you how he hates children, & therefore tries to destroy them before they're even born!

6. This controversy over abortion is making the whole World aware of what's happening, so they can't just forget it! Those demonstrators are being a great witness to the whole World, & they're a witness against them, especially against the authorities who allow it! They're a witness against the whole population who are all guilty of allowing it, & allowing laws to be made that permit policemen to arrest those precious Christian demonstrators, & allowing judges to throw them in jail & fine them & cause them to suffer for trying to save the babies! What has the World come to when a judge sends people to jail for trying to protect babies from being murdered? What's God going to do to this generation?


7. In all the photos & newsclips of these anti-abortion demonstrations‚ I don't think I've ever seen a sign saying "Save the Babies," have you? I've seen "Stop the Killings!" & things like that. I was just thinking that would make a good sign! They're always saying, "Save the Whales," "Save the Otters‚" "Save the Alligators," "Save the Wolves," & they're not even saving their own babies—human beings! What a perverted generation, allowing the mothers to surrender their children to those murderous, fiendish doctors who are making money out of killing the babies!

8. Think of it!—The mothers pay to have their babies killed! Those God-damned AC doctors are demanding that the women have so-called "freedom" to kill babies‚ because they want to make money out of it! And the selfish mothers who are "without natural affection" (2Tim.3:3) don't want the babies because it interferes with their selfish lives! How horrible!


9. Lord, You're allowing it to happen to show how horribly wicked this generation is, how selfish, how cruel, how Satanic‚ diabolical, murderous & fiendish they all are, except for Thy Christians who are opposing it. You're placing the blame on this whole generation, except Thy children, so that You can judge them guilty!

10. This generation are the ones who are being judged as guilty!—Not just the ones who are doing it, but the ones who are allowing it! The entire public is going to be found guilty in Your court for having allowed it! So You're proving them guilty, all of them‚ & You're going to judge them accordingly.

11. They're going to have to stand guilty in Your court someday, & maybe their children will be there, the ones they murdered & slaughtered & killed! Maybe they will be there as the witnesses, pointing the accusing fingers at the mothers & fathers, & at the general public that allowed such things to happen just through indifference & pretending it's not their business because they're not actually doing it!

12. Well, You know they're doing it by allowing it! Thank God for all those precious brave Christians who are doing their best to stop it, even suffering themselves in order to try to prevent it! Bless them, Lord, & strengthen them! Give them courage! We know You're allowing their demonstrations to be a witness against the general public who are permitting it. They're showing up the others through their own testimony & witness against them. They are proving that the general population are the ones who are just as guilty as those who perform these murders & the mothers who request them!

13. Just think‚ it's legal murder! If the mother killed or hurt the baby a minute after the baby is born‚ she would be judged harshly as a murderer & child abuser & all kinds of things! But judges in the courts, & the government that makes the laws‚ & the doctors & the wicked public & the mothers are just as guilty of murder when they allow a doctor to kill their unborn baby! They're just as guilty as they would be if the baby was born & they'd killed it with their own hands! "Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents: I have not found it by secret search, but upon all these."—Jer.2:34.

14. Oh God! What this generation is going to have to suffer for its sins! Thank You, Lord, that You're coming soon to stop all this wickedness, crime, cruelty & suffering of the innocents, including the persecution of us! TYJ! PYL! Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus, & bring an end to all this, in Jesus' name!—Rev.22:20.


15. (Maria: Even though the Lord doesn't like abortion, He allows it, & at least the children are saved from a worse Hell, of growing up in this wicked World!) Yes, growing up in a World where their parents hate them & don't want them & abuse them! Our first disciples—who are our Family parents now—went through Hell just in the things they suffered & experienced as teens. Think of what this new generation of children suffer!

16. (Maria: Think of what this present generation is going through today, 15 to 20 years later‚ since the World has gotten so much more wicked & evil! The horror stories of their experiences in the System that our Family parents experienced are nothing now!) Their parents were worldly & materialistic, & their children—who are now our Family parents—were horrified at their worldliness & materialism.

17. Today, worldly parents are downright cruel‚ wicked & Satanic!—Horrible! (Maria: And the schools & all the things that the kids have to endure are many times worse now!) The middle-aged parents of our first teenage converts & Family members were actually rather self-righteous & churchy. Their main sins were their hypocritical self-righteousness & materialism & allowing their children to be deprived of God & the Bible & prayer in school, & allowing evil Evolution to be taught.

18. They sowed the wind & they're reaping the whirlwind!—Hos.8:7. Now it's gotten so bad that there's no remedy but the Coming of the Lord! This generation & even their little children are so polluted & corrupted & perverted, there's no solution other than for the Lord to literally wipe them out! (Maria: Our Family is like a last resort & rescue from the Lord just before the deluge!) Yes, & they're reaping the final harvest! TTL!


19. Abortions would be considered murder & a crime in any other situation, but because both the women & a lot of men who impregnated the women are so selfish & don't want babies, the lawmakers & politicians all want to please the people, so they consent to it. So these demonic politicians & covetous doctors & lawyers & all the rest make it possible at big fees for the women to have abortions, because they're all making money on it.—Making money on killing babies! Think of it! It's horrible!

20. It's so horrible that God is going to stop it pretty soon, very soon! He's not going to allow it any more! He's going to send them such big trouble that they can't even think about it!

21. From one point of view, maybe we should even be for abortion‚ because women who want to kill their babies don't deserve to be mothers & wouldn't be good mothers! Maybe abortion saves the babies for Heaven without having to live in this Hell on Earth—unloved, unwanted, abused & suffering! My God!

22. Nevertheless it is a cause which has shown how evil the World is, & at least it is bringing to light the evil & God's opinion on it—that it is evil, it is murder & it is slaughter! Even if it is saving the babies from having to live on this Earth unloved & unwanted, nevertheless, it's slaughter, it's murder! And everyone that advocates it is guilty of murder & deserves the judgements of God!

23. And they will get it, because God keeps records of all evil doing, including mothers who slaughter their babies & the people who support them, & the doctors who do it to make money‚ & the politicians who permit it to please the people & keep their office! My God, what a horrible World we live in with such devilish people! Oh God, even so come quickly, Lord Jesus!—Rev.22:20.

24. But Lord, You haven't come & You're not coming for a reason! You're permitting us to stay here to fight this battle, to condemn the World & to bring it to judgement! TYJ! PYL! God is letting this happen as one more nail in the World's coffin, as one more justification for what He's going to do to them!

25. The ancient heathen worship of the devil-god Molech encouraged the mothers to burn their babies as sacrifices, an ancient form of abortion & "birth control."—Lev.18:21. God condemned them & wiped them out, in fact, wiped out the whole World with the Flood, & He's going to do the same pretty soon with a Flood of fire!—2Pet.3:7; Rev.20:9. He forbade the parents to put their babies through the fire, burning their babies! Of course, they've done it by the millions in their wars, & He's still judging those generations! He's surely going to judge this one that condemns their children to death by the cruel doctors & surgeons.

26. So they're going to reap what they've sown‚ & He's even now condemning them to death! The Lord will save the babies in Heaven, TTL! (Maria: I guess even the babies of evil parents, right?—Because the babies are not to blame.) Yes, because they're innocent. But unless they repent, He will condemn the parents to Hell for these horrors! My God!

27. I don't think the World even woke up to how horrible the situation was until this controversy arose! God bless the churches & the Christians for forcing it into public knowledge, forcing the World to be guilty & convicted of it! They can't ignore it now!


28. That's clever of the Pro-Life side to use just a simple little sound recording of the baby's heartbeat to show the mothers that the fetus is really alive! How demonic, Satanic, vicious & evil it is for those smooth-talking doctors to call them just a little collection of cells & say, "They're not really alive." How sickening those God–damned devilish doctors are!

29. It's the AC media that promotes it! They're absolute devils!—Instruments of the Devil to try to destroy God's creations! God damn those fiends! We know that You will‚ Lord! They can be such smooth-talkers, seeming so reasonable & logical & charming‚ when they're nothing but demon-possessed tools of the Devil trying to convince the mothers & people that it's all right. "Don't worry about it, they're not babies, they're just little bunches of cells."

30. Jesus, help, Lord!—And You're going to! You're going to save the babies & damn the evil parents that consent to their murders! TYJ! You're going to work it all out in the end. TYL! So we don't have to worry about it. We just recognise Your righteousness, Lord, & Your justice in judging this generation & condemning them to Hell where they belong! TYJ!—And You're going to soon save us out of it all!

31. Lord, help us now to think on the good things‚ the beauties of Thy Creation & Thy Love! But Lord, we also have to recognise the evil, & we're not ignorant of the Devil's devices (2Cor.2:11), & we condemn them & damn them! We look forward to a World in which righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas, an Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness & where there's little or no more of these evils.—Isa.11:9; Hab.2:14; 2Pet.3:13. TYJ! Amen, Lord. Now help us to sleep‚ Lord, & get these awful things off our mind.

32. We have dealt with it, we have exposed it, condemned it, damned it‚ & we have called for Thy judgements upon it, & we know that You will! Now, Lord, we've done our job, fulfilled Thy mission, & we ask You to help us think on better things & go to sleep, in Jesus' name. TYL! Lord, You're not only going to get the victory, but You already have the victory! You've already settled it in both Heaven & Hell! TYJ! Hallelujah!