KEYWORDS: people, maria, way, savages, hugo, music

Why Hugo?

David Berg

DO 257810/89

1. In my dream we were visiting the Carolinas in the U.S. to see the horrible destruction left by Hurricane Hugo. These young teenagers were taking us around in their jalopy to see it. We had met them up at this sort of canyon in the mountains where they had a big colony of teenagers. But they weren't like the sweet‚ peaceful, peace–loving hippies of long ago. They were living up there like savages!—Like these teenage savages of today with their hard rock & heavy metal music.

2. In fact, they had a lot of what they now call "boom boxes," I guess you've heard of those. They're portable radios with big speakers & they really are loud! In fact, this one guy had rigged up his speakers with so much volume that every now & then, sort of like a prank, he would turn it on full force in the camp. And it was so loud that people would cover their ears & literally scream because of the pain in their ears, & people would come & pay him to shut it off! (Maria: A new way to make money!) Yes! I was so thankful that somehow the Lord spared my ears & it didn't bother them.

3. So anyhow, they were kind of friendly & interested in our curiosity, our visit to see the devastation of this part of America. So they drove us down to Myrtle Beach. We were sort of up in the mountains at their camp when the dream started. They drove us down to Myrtle Beach & it was just absolutely washed out! When that 20-foot wave hit, it was just wiped out!

4. I wonder what History is going to call these savage kids of today‚ if there is any History. They certainly weren't hippies. They weren't the hippy generation, most of whom smoked pot & were fairly peaceful & peace–loving, etc. A lot of them were war protestors in those days. But these guys in my dream were just drug addicts, actually living on hard dope & their boom music.—Horrible!

5. You can understand how the Hammites, the Egyptians, were at first very wise & very civilised. But they worshipped all those devil gods. The original Egyptians apparently melted into the jungle. The so-called Egyptians today are nearly all Arabs who came later with the conquest of the Muslims. When you think how those ancient Egyptians were so smart & civilised, they weren't savages at that time. But when they fled into the jungles they soon became savages.

6. How did they get that way?—All that jungle music‚ war dances & sex dances! They just became completely depraved & totally degraded, & became absolute total savages! So I was thinking‚ wondering if their music had something to do with it.—That must be the medium through which the Devil got in & turned them into absolute savages! The jungle music today has now gotten down to almost nothing but a beat, no melody or anything at all, just a beat, a heavy beat to which they dance.


8. So in the dream they took us to Myrtle Beach, & the devastation was just horrible! That 20-foot wave pushed by the hurricane just practically wiped it out completely!

9. (Maria: Is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina?) Yes‚ Myrtle Beach is just a little ways north of Charleston, where Hugo first hit with such devastation—the worst of all! Then it went North, clear inland up to Charlotte, North Carolina; it made a direct path to Charlotte. It landed in South Carolina at Charleston & just wrecked it, then went all the way north to Charlotte. They'd never had such a hurricane before! (Maria: I hope it got some of Bakker's enemies. He had his headquarters in Charlotte, & that's where his trial was being held.) Yes, maybe that's what's happening! Part of it was God taking vengeance on his enemies!

10. It came up & crossed the Southern border of North Carolina way inland, a couple of hundred miles inland. They never expected it to go that way. They'd never had a hurricane come that far inland with such fury. When they go inland they usually just sort of weaken & peter out.

11. We looked at all that in my dream and we wondered, "Why, Lord?" And it came to me that although the Carolinas are one of the strongholds of the Southern Baptists, one of the biggest Fundamentalist denominations in the United States who preach Salvation & being born again, etc., God was punishing His people for allowing the sin that was going on and the way they were letting their teenagers run riot.

12. I think Hugo is God's warning to people that He is not going to tolerate the horrors that are going on!—And that horrible boom box music! They just play it almost entirely for the loudness of its effect. Awful!

13. (Maria: Well, if He moved with such fury on them for that, think what He is going to do with the rest of the people eventually!) Well, He always judges His church, His people first before He wipes out the heathen. "Judgement must begin at the House of God!"—1Pet.4:17. So it was a message, a warning to God's people‚ one of the most ardently religious Christian areas of the United States, North & South Carolina, including lots of the Negroes & Negro churches & all where they really tout their religion & profess Christianity. But they've apparently been living like Hell, or at least allowing their children to live like Hell.

14. (Maria: Maybe a lot of them were Jim Bakker's supporters there, too, who were getting it for the same reason.) Oh yes, I don't doubt it! (Maria: The Family's even had a Home in the area‚ & also a road trip went up from Florida to somewhere in the Carolinas.) Probably as a final warning to them.

15. So does that answer the question‚ "Why Hugo?" (Maria: Yes.) I think it does. It was a warning to the church & the church people & the Christians. Those are almost the best people in the Southern U.S.‚ nearly all Christians, church people. But apparently they're allowing their children just to run wild & go to Hell. And God is fed up with it! So that's why Hugo! (Maria: It makes sense!)

16. I have to suffer these nightmares & visions like the Prophets did. Afterwards‚ they often fainted or were sick many days (Dan.8:27). That's about how I feel. I feel like I'm right there! I wake up tired, almost tireder than when I went to bed! Oh, thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus that You pulled me through in spite of it all! In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Well, the Prophets had to suffer for the sins of the people. Maybe they had to experience some of the horrors of it so they could really blast'm. It's not a very easy experience to go through in order to carry the Message to the people. That must be what it's for! Praise the Lord!

17. This World is getting to be Hell on Earth! It seems like many of my dreams are about the nightmares of the future, conditions in the future. It's like viewing it in the future, the very near future, how bad things will get after Hugo. Well‚ maybe it's that way now! Maybe that is the condition of the people, the young people especially.—The horrors of their music!

18. In my dream I was thinking, "Why aren't the police doing something about all of this? Why aren't they stopping all of this horrible loud music that hurts people's ears until they scream & have to pay'm to stop? Why aren't they doing something about this colony of virtual savages, criminals?" And a voice said, "Oh, the police would be besieged! They just can't handle'm. They don't know what to do!" The poor police must be almost terrorised in those big cities with all those big gangs. Because of drugs, the criminals have money to buy rifles & big cars & big guns & all kinds of things. I mean, it's a war!