KEYWORDS: usa, acs, pinochet, grapes, people, world

World Currents--No.44

David Berg

DO 2577 Comp.7/89


1. The ACs are trying to bring about the collapse of any country in Latin America that resists their domination‚ particularly Peru, Bolivia‚ Chile & Argentina. I'm sure the Devil's really trying to destroy Peru because of our people there & the very good President (Garcia) who's bucking the ACs. The Devil also knows that Peru would try to be a leader in Latin America to stir up other countries to default on their debts to the U.S. banks.

2. The AC bankers have already cut Peru off from receiving further loans because Garcia trimmed down Peru's debt repayments to only 10% of the country's foreign exchange earnings. That really got the ACs mad, & then he grabbed all the banks when the ACs started balking! So, he's got a war going on between him & the ACs, almost civil war! They're just furious with him! Peru is one country they haven't been able to dictate to. Garcia is a Christian & he likes our people, so it's no wonder the Devil wants to destroy him & Peru!

3. It's well known that the so-called "Shining Path" guerrillas in Peru are led by ACs who hate Garcia. Of all the names to call their horrible rebellion & their guerrilla activities! They slaughter & bomb innocent peasants & carry on terrorist activities in the cities. They're founded & led by ACs, so apparently Garcia's not too crazy about ACs.


4. Guatemala was at one time Communist by election. About 35 years ago they freely & democratically elected a Communist President. What did the U.S. do? It sent in the CIA, which staged a coup & installed the U.S.-backed-&-approved candidate as President!


5. If the U.S. would spend as much on the Salvadorians as they've spent on the guerrilla war there, they could've stopped the war a long time ago!


6. The reason that the economic situation of Cuba is so bad is because the U.S. has made it that way. Before Castro took over, the U.S. was their biggest customer who bought their sugar, etc. Since then, the U.S. has been desperately trying to break the Cuban economy by boycotting all their products.

7. Poor Castro's become an old bottle, hard & unchangeable. He's an old bottle, not willing to adapt to the times.


8. These are significant days. It looks like the Contras are a spent force. Honduras is very worried about the Contras, a virtual army of 10,000 well-armed foreign soldiers right there in their midst‚ with no place to go & no more U.S. government financing. It looks like they'll have to disband, since the U.S. has pretty much given them up, & Congress refuses to finance them any more. The five Central American Presidents have finally come to an agreement on the situation & offered to help Honduras disband them.

9. Funding the Contras was dear Reagan's fatal mistake. Now the U.S. is going to have to pull out his Contras, just like the Russians had to pull out their soldiers from Afghanistan. So Reagan's policy—which became the U.S. policy—is suffering a big defeat.

10. How he could scream against the Russians in Afghanistan when he had all of his hired mercenaries down in Honduras, I don't know!

11. A U.S. lawyer recently said that the Contras are not just dead, they're buried. So that's another war settled.


12. There are plenty of rich people in Mexico & other Latin American countries. In fact, that's why the poor people are so poor there, because the rich people are so rich! Like every country in Latin America right now, Mexico is having tremendous economic problems, but as far as the stability of their government is concerned, at least they're not having a revolution! The government is pretty stable because the U.S. has been helping them quite a bit. Most of those governments are fairly stable, at least as stable as they're ever going to be!

13. (Maria: I guess it's in the interest of the U.S. to keep Mexico stable.) The U.S. gave special consideration on terms for loans & that sort of thing to Mexico, which they refused to give to some of the other countries in Latin America, & made them quite upset.

14. God damn those ACs in Mexico who fought us, that committee of 40‚ like the 40 Jews who united together to assassinate the Apostle Paul! (Acts 23:12,13). I think they even called themselves "The Committee of 40" & tried to get us thrown out of Mexico. That's when our Family members were all thrown in jail there, some years ago. God bless our Family!—They were a real blessing & testimony & witness in the jail & the Lord finally got them out!

15. So Lord‚ You rebuke those God-damned ACs in Mexico who influence the government & virtually are the government!—In Jesus' name, amen!


16. The U.S. doesn't like Noriega (the leader of Panama) because he's too independent.

17. Imagine! A nation like the U.S.A. that slaughters 1-1/2 million babies every year through abortion is making a tempest in a teapot over one little criminal! The U.S. is guilty of far greater crimes than Noriega! When you think about all the lies our enemies have told about us, you wonder about what they say about Noriega‚ how much of it is really true! I hope he defeats the U.S. I would love to see him stand up to them. (And he has!) I hope he stands up & defeats the U.S.! I love a guy with guts! God bless him! I would just love to see him defeat them!

18. When you think about how they lie about us, you realise how they could be lying about him! The Americans used to love him‚ drug trafficker or no‚ as long as he obeyed them & did what they told him to do. But when he finally decided to declare his independence & do as he pleased, as the legitimate leader of Panama, that was the unpardonable sin to the U.S.! He refused to be their puppet any more!

19. That was really a bad mistake, to allow his goons to beat up the opposition candidate in public. They shouldn't have allowed that kind of thuggery. The Western media really uses that kind of stuff against him.


20. In the States, California has had a corner for years on seedless grapes. But recently Chile has been producing new seedless grapes & exporting them to the U.S.

21. In the largest action of its kind, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration warned consumers not to eat any fruit at all from Chile. Imagine! They urged that all Chilean fruit be removed from U.S. markets. They started testing the grapes because they received two anonymous phone calls saying that cyanide had been found in the fruit.

22. It shows you what one little lie about two little grapes in Philadelphia by a couple of unknown scientists can do if it's picked up & blown up by the media. Of course, there was nothing about the identity of these two supposed scientists who discovered the cyanide on the Chilean grapes. If that wasn't a plot by the ACs to try to unseat Pinochet‚ I'd be surprised!

23. The ACs tried to wreck Chile's whole economy by conspiring with the enemies of Pinochet & the California grape–growers to kill the Chilean fruit market, & kill the country along with it! The whole bunch of them together probably cooked up the plot to find traces on two grapes in, of all the wicked cities, Philadelphia! (Maria: How could they find them unless they were told which grapes were poisoned!) Well, they didn't have to find them, they probably injected them themselves!

24. When things are dependent on scientists, the average common person who doesn't know anything about it has to take the word of scientists—like they do about everything else, including evolution! Scientists can fool & lie to you & conspire together to commit literal crimes against humanity!

25. The World has gotten so wicked that they can do things like that. They can ruin one poor little Latin country just because the ACs want to destroy Pinochet. It's quite well known that the major enemies of Pinochet are former Communist Jews!

26. They've decided the only way to oust Pinochet is to wreck the economy of Chile! The ACs have also decided that the only way to oust Garcia, their bitter enemy, is to wreck the economy of Peru. My God! The God–damned ACs are taking over the World! They're sabotaging the whole World! The only countries they're allowing to survive & exist or even prosper, are the countries that they already control!

27. The World has become a snakepit of the wicked, the Devil's own! Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus! Whew! The sooner the better!

28. You just can't believe the absolute gullibility of the public, how they will believe everything they're told & be scared stiff by every little bit of evil propaganda! Imagine!—A poor Latin American country was temporarily put completely out of business by a conspiracy of its enemies armed with a few little traces of cyanide—supposedly—in those two grapes! It was probably put there by the scientist that afterwards discovered it! How else could they have ever found such a thing in the billions of grapes that are shipped to the States?!

29. You'd think that the public would see what an obvious frame-up that is, total propaganda designed to wreck Chile's economy!

30. They said a child would have to eat 2,000 of those grapes that had that slight trace of cyanide in them, to even get slightly sick!

31. God help us! The World has just gone mad! And the worst thing is that the people believe everything they're told! All the fiendish anti-Christ propaganda, everything, all of it, the public believes it all! "Men's hearts failing them for fear!"—Luk.21:26.

32. Boy, wait until I get to power! It's going to be a pleasure to fight some of these wicked people! It's going to be a banquet! A feast to destroy the wicked! The Wedding Feast of the Lamb!

33. The Wedding Feast is obviously a feast of destruction, vengeance & slaughter, because Jesus invites all of the vultures & the predators of the World to come & feast on the military men & on the wicked! (Rev.19:17,18,21; Eze.39:17-20)

34. It's almost unbelievable how gullible the public is, how they couldn't see through such a transparent conspiracy directed against the poor Chileans. They don't care who they hurt, like all the innocent Chileans who aren't even responsible for Pinochet.

35. Lord Jesus, help that poor country & that poor man who is downright persecuted. Those God-damned ACs will never give up until they've got the World, & they've just about got it!—What a World! The World You made is beautiful, Lord! But what Man has made of it is horrible! It's Hell on Earth!

36. Lord bless & help poor Pinochet & the poor Chileans! Encourage him, Lord! Curse the monstrous Americans & the conspiracy of Chile's enemies who have condemned a country to death with their vicious false propaganda. God damn the California grape growers who conspired in this thing! How come people couldn't see that the controversy arose just as the California grapes were about to come on the market in the U.S.?

37. What a way to ensure that they have the field completely to themselves, a complete monopoly on the whole market! They arrest people who try to do that with commodities‚ gold & silver & stocks, or anything else. But with a clever conspiracy like this, they can get away with almost anything! The business world is getting so crooked & viciously cruel that they will stop at nothing to cheat & conspire to rule & dominate the market!

38. It's quite obvious who hates Pinochet. The ACs are bound to hate him because he's a conservative, & all of Pinochet's enemies are liberals & Communists led by ACs. (Maria: Didn't he recently get voted out?) Well, he thought maybe he was more popular than he was, & he made the mistake of calling for a referendum or a poll to show his popularity.

39. It was not an election, it was just a poll‚ as he wanted to see what the public opinion was, he was trying to prove that public opinion was for him. It turned out that the results showed that 2/3 of the people were against him. But the opposition is so fractured, totally divided into so many factions & parties & leaders etc., it appears that they could never get it together in a presidential election & unitedly back one candidate with more votes than he gets. In other words‚ none of his opponents can come out in an election with more votes than Pinochet would get, so he would still win an election.

40. He made the mistake of calling for this poll just on his own popularity, so they all ganged up together against him, which is something they cannot do in an election, because they'd all back different candidates in an election. But when it was just on whether or not they liked Pinochet, they were able to unite against him. That was the wrong thing for Pinochet to do, very unwise. He must have thought the people liked him more than they did. The vote was simply either for or against Pinochet & his policies, & about 60% of the people voted against him.

41. But when it comes to where the opposition has to vote for somebody else to replace Pinochet, they're so divided that they'll never be able to out-vote him & he'll still get a plurality. Pinochet might not get the majority of the votes, but he would get a plurality‚ he'll get more votes than anybody else, even if he doesn't get an absolute majority. His political enemies admit that they don't think they could get one single candidate who could beat him even in a run-off, so he's still the most popular man of all.

42. The U.S. backed Pinochet because he was a conservative & an anti–Communist, & they helped him pull that coup on Allende in 1973. Allende had won the previous election, & he was the last one who was able to unite the liberals, Communists & radicals to vote for one candidate, himself. So the U.S. backed Pinochet for a long time‚ until apparently he must have offended the ACs, so now they are openly against him‚ & the AC media is carrying on a continual propaganda campaign against him!


43. The Latins normally have an innate distaste for Americans, because the U.S. has been so mean to them & pushed them around for centuries, fought wars with them & really insulted them, time & time again!—Not to mention the horrible bondage of this terrible debt burden they now have, nearly all of which is owed to American banks, & is due to their virtual insistence on loaning the Latins money which the Americans knew they could never repay. Now the banks are insisting on being repaid, of all things!

44. Did you know that when you include the interest‚ etc., the Latins have already more than repaid the whole debt? But because of various banking practices & high interest rates, they now still owe more than they originally borrowed, even though they've actually literally paid it all back!

45. I think they just ought to call a moratorium and cancel the debts! The U.S. is scared to death of that, they think that will bring on the Crash. Well, let's hope it does!

46. Even Gorbachev, in speaking of World conditions etc., said that the poor Latins are saddled with debts that they will never be able to repay! He showed his sympathy for the Latins & hinted that the U.S. ought to just cancel those debts & give those poor countries a chance to survive. As it stands now, the Latins are sinking deeper into debt all the time, & with the worsening inflation, their economies are just collapsing. Many of those economies used to be booming, until those AC banks started bilking them & forcing those loans down their throats.

47. The American ACs and their banks have done their best to crush Latin America & make economic slaves out of them, & they've just about succeeded! I think the only thing that's going to save Latin America is for the American banks to just declare a moratorium on the debts, so the Latins can all be released from their debts.

48. They're never going to be able to repay those U.S. AC banks anyhow, so the smartest thing that the U.S. could do would be to keep them as friends & just forgive them for the debts, instead of infuriating the Latins & making them rebel & default. The Latins would be forever grateful! The U.S. should make a positive stand & say, "Well, we understand, we forgive you," etc. But they won't do it, of course, because just like the Jewish merchant Shylock in Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice," who wanted his pound of flesh in repayment for a debt‚ those bankers want every penny!