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Our Re-Invasion of Europe

David Berg

DO 2575 10/89

1. We're going back to Europe at just the right time now.—Just as it's really uniting & coming into its great powerful single system, & I'm sure the Lord is going to let us do some real reaping in Europe before the End!

2. Actually in some ways, I don't think we can really say that any one field is more important than another. I think both Europe & Latin America are extremely important. The Latin American field is very very important, the most important mission field, as is brought out in the "Latin America Is It!" Letter. But in different ways, the European field may be even more important.

3. Europe is going to be one of the Super Powers of the World! And to get a foothold where there is tremendous power & backing & even provisioning is very important. It's a very rich area & could be very helpful to a poor area like Latin America. It could be sort of a fruit bowl or bread basket to help feed the Latins, you know what I mean?—Like Japan helped a lot of other Eastern fields.

4. (Maria: Yes, & they could even help support WS. Like you've said before about people going back to their Home Fields, even if they can't be missionaries on mission fields, they can really help support them.)

5. Japan was our strong leading field of the East which in some ways helped to be the driving engine for the rest of those poor little countries in the East. Europe could be the driving engine that will really fuel & help support Latin America when the time comes!

6. Latin America is going to need Europe to encourage them & help support them in every way because Latin America is a disaster area economically; whereas Europe is really just now beginning to come into its prime & could become the most powerful economic area in the World! I think it's certainly going to out-pace the declining U.S.!

7. I believe Europe & the European Work will get to the point where it will be one of the strongest, richest areas of the Family which can turn around & help support Latin America, at least the Latin American Family!

8. And in the U.S., I think the Family is also going to have a tremendous witness to all of the new immigrants there from the East! Apparently many American cities are just loaded with Thais & Chinese & Japanese & Indonesians & Vietnamese, all kinds of people who have recently gone there by the tens & hundreds of thousands! There are whole areas of entire cities that are nothing but new Eastern immigrants‚ & they're really a tremendous field!

9. They're so surprised when our people come in & minister to them in their own languages, because Americans don't usually know anything about the East or the languages of the East. But to have our missionaries coming in right there in the U.S. & approaching them in their language, they're just astonished! There are Indians, Filipinos, Thais, Japanese, all kinds of Eastern communities & people to be reached in the U.S.!—Not to mention an entire generation there that's never really heard our Message!—"The harvest truly is plenteous!"—Mat.9:37. God bless you as you reap it! PTL!