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Latin America & Home Field Boom, The

David Berg

DO 2574 10/89

1. Latin America distributes almost half of our total literature & wins over half of our total souls won. So they are a big field & they really accomplish a lot. North America & Europe are coming up now, especially Europe! Europe is growing rapidly, & North America is also following. Sending new leadership to Europe & North America has really done them a lot of good, PTL!

2. However, Latin America is the most important mission field right now because it's the most fruitful. They're distributing the most lit & winning the most souls. It's probably their last harvest before their total collapse.

3. I thought that was a real good article that Pablo wrote, about how it's bad times for Latin America, but it's good times for us because we're there right when they need us & we're doing them a lot of good. (See Pg. 13) The Lord is blessing us there & most of the Homes are surviving very well.

4. Almost all the fields are really booming, except those fronts that we're withdrawing from where the battle has already been won, you might say, in parts of the East.—Except for Japan, Thailand & perhaps a few others.

5. I think we've pretty much shot our wad in the East, except in fields that are still tolerable & fruitful like Thailand.—And I would still say Japan is fruitful, in spite of the fact that they ruled against us, which I'm sure is why the Lord brought down their government, thank the Lord! We apparently have some big enemies in Japan.

6. The Devil is still strong in Japan with his demonism where they worship the Devil in every rock or sign post or phone booth or whatever.—It's pitiful! But God has given them their chance. They've heard & seen, & we've had tremendous outreach & coverage, lit & Tape distribution in Japan. We've reached thousands & thousands of people!

7. The Lord has kicked out the government that was so much against the Family & fought us & refused us visas etc. I think He is giving Japan a little more time now that the Socialists are gaining power in the government there, some of whose members have been friendly towards us. So we'll probably last a little longer in Japan until the harvest is fully gathered.

8. So I'd say that Japan & Thailand are still the most fruitful Eastern fields, & we seem to be doing pretty well in both of them. Thailand has even been the leader in some of the stats. Of course, the Devil knows Thailand's a very fruitful field & that the Lord has been blessing us there, so the Enemy is eventually going to come in with strong opposition. When we've reaped, sown & done our job‚ then the Lord always lets the Enemy blast us & smear us & persecute us until most of us finally have to leave. Thailand is probably having its chance right now!

9. I think the Family's future now lies more in the Home Fields. This is going to be the last chance for the Home Fields. We're being driven out of most of the foreign fields, so the future lies in the Home Fields. The Lord is giving them their last chance. We're really moving on the Home Fields!

10. The latest stats are extremely encouraging! It's almost phenomenal what the Lord is doing through us & how the Lord is blessing & prospering us & how the Family is actually booming in some places, in spite of us being driven out of some worn-out fields.

11. And Latin America is right now being the most fruitful where the most action is. And though we're withdrawing pretty much from many of the Eastern fields, the old Western fields are being re–invaded, & Europe is beginning to boom. North America is beginning to really boom & prosper as well. The stats are really shooting up. You just can hardly believe it!

12. From month-to-month, the stats are sometimes increasing 100%; in other words, doubling what they were the previous month in these Home Fields where they're returning!

13. To sum it all up: Even though we're now having to leave some of the foreign Eastern fields, & having to go home to the West, the Lord is blessing us with a new harvest in the West.—Latin America is the leading one right now & Europe is following‚ & North America is coming up also‚ thank the Lord. I think they're all going to boom!

14. We've done our major job, & the Eastern countries of Japan & Thailand are still going pretty strong. But we're gradually being forced out of those Eastern countries & most of us can't expect to be there too much longer. So our last great harvest, I believe, is really going to be in the West where most of us originally came from. I believe that we're going to really boom & harvest there for awhile until it's all over. Praise the Lord? Amen!

15. I'm tremendously encouraged by the recent results!—Not only for the tremendous results in Latin America, but in Europe also. They're really beginning to boom! North America is really picking up life as well‚ so I'm really pleased, I'm really happy. Everything is positive, encouraging, even thrilling! Terrific! I'm tremendously encouraged at what is going on. PTL! GBY all!