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Latin America Is It

David Berg


1. Latin America is a tremendous field! They need so much love & care, tender loving care & to know how much we love them! Latin America is so important now! They are number one on all the stats! (See Pg.10) They're such a ripe field, so receptive & responsive! Latin America is tops in all the stats! (Maria: Yes, but look what's happening to Europe, it's up & coming as a major area in the World!)

2. Nothing in the World will ever be as ripe & receptive & as fruitful as Latin America! Europe, in that sense, is old hat. They've had Christianity for centuries, they fought wars over it! Compared to Latin America, they're old & they're hard, but Latin America is ripe & it's new & it's beautiful, just beautiful! I just love them! They're wonderful!

3. Latin America is the field today! You can't see that? (Maria: But it's such a mess! It looks like it's going down the drain in every way.) A mess? (Maria: Politically & economically.) Honey, don't be ridiculous! That's to deal with them spiritually, that's to make them ripe & ready for the Gospel & for the Truth & for the Love of the Lord! They're in desperate straits & circumstances, they really need the Lord!

4. Jesus is the only Answer to their problems! They're ripe & ready for Him & they already have a Christian background. They have the fundamentals of the faith‚ so to speak. (Maria: Hasn't Latin America had Christianity for hundreds of years like Europe?) Yes, but Europe has gotten rich & hard & old‚ like an old lady unable to bear fruit & children.—She's nothing at all like Latin America! Latin America is a ripe & ready, fertile wife, really hungry & really sexy & really wanting children!

5. Europe will bear fruit. She will bear fruit, but nothing like Latin America. Latin America will bear the most fruit & is bearing it right now, right now! Thank You Lord!

6. (Maria: Many of our people in Latin America can hardly raise support because things are so depressed economically.) Then we should help them! In any way they need we should help them, because that is today's fruitful field with fresh new fruit! Of course, there is a new generation in Europe now & it can be fruitful too. Thank the Lord we have many good, precious people in Europe who can do great things for Jesus!

7. (Maria: It seems exciting in Europe, things are really growing!)—But nothing like Latin America! (Maria: And Europe is getting united & working together politically, economically & socially.) That's going to be a fruitful field, too. Yes, yes, yes‚ it's going to be a very fruitful field! But Latin America is the most fruitful, the one where the Lord will be readily received! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

8. Latin America is the field now! Europe boasts of 300 million people‚ Latin America has 350 million.—And they're much poorer & more humble & ready to receive the Lord.

9. Old & rich Europe has really had her chance, but our dear Family can still glean a lot of people from her children. Latin America, however, will yield many more. Latin America is it, the field of today! Thank You Lord!

10. (Maria: Where do you think we'll have more persecution?)—In Europe, because they're old & rich & self-righteous & stagnated & regimented in traditional religions. Latin America is still open & hungry & poor. Thank You Jesus!

11. To me‚ Latin America is it, the field of today with the biggest potential! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! I love the Latins! I love the Europeans too. I love the World & all God's precious children! But Europe is sort of old hat, while Latin America is still fresh & new & open‚ new hat! Do you understand? As far as I'm concerned, our major push should be in Latin America, the New World, with really fresh new fields!

12. The Latins are simple, poor‚ likeable people who really love the Lord the best they know how. I see greater potential in Latin America. (Maria: It's getting so difficult to work in Latin America because of all the problems.) More than Europe? (Maria: Yes, because of instability & hunger.) Poverty? That's when people are the most receptive! That's when people welcome help the most! That's where we're needed the most to help & comfort them‚ encourage them & give them the answers!—That their main problem is not money or finances or materialism, but it's spiritual.—To let them know that the Lord is the Answer! Amen? Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

13. (Maria: So you really think in spite of Europe becoming more important in the World today, & Latin America becoming less important, that still for us Latin America is the most important?) Europe is rich & could be a bastion of help & support, but the Lord loves the poor & the needy! Poor Latin America is the most needy & the poorest & needs our help & our love the most!

14. Latin America really touches my heart! Europe has had its day & its chance. Of course, some of our top people should still go back there now & encourage Europe & help them to stand up & witness for the Lord & what's right!—And to encourage them to support the mission field in Latin America. To me, Latin America is the ripest mission field today! Latin America is the field of tomorrow! XXXXXXX!

15. (Maria: With things getting so tight all over the World, do you think our foreigners are going to be able to stay in these places?) What places? (Maria: In Latin America & in Europe.) Well, just let them stay as long as they can! The Latins for sure can stay in Latin America to strengthen, improve & comfort the brethren & inspire the people!—In Jesus' name. (—I Love Europe too!—AMEN!)