KEYWORDS: jews, israel, shamir, palestinians, orthodox, parties

World Currents--No.43

David Berg

Comp.7/89 DO 2570


1. Israel is really a police state. If they don't put you in jail, they at least put you out of your job for saying anything they don't want you to say. They claim they don't have censorship—ha, ha! Let me tell you, the Jews try to censor anything that's not the way they want it!

2. Possession is nine-tenths of the law. Occupancy is very difficult to overcome & Israel has already got the Palestinians' land. The only way they will ever give it up is if they're thrown out. There is no other way that they'll ever give back the Palestinians their share of the land.

3. That poll they took awhile back shows you what a difference there can be between the people & the politicians! They took a poll in Israel & it showed that 54% of Israelis favour negotiations with the PLO & only 46% opposed them. It shows that the majority of Israelis favour talking to the PLO, whereas the government absolutely opposes talking to them.

4. They say that's the most favourable results of a poll that the PLO has ever received in Israel. It's the highest number of Israelis ever that favoured talks‚ although in all the polls held in recent years, the percentage was always higher in favour of talks than those against the talks. That speaks well for the people, but it certainly shows how contrary their politicians can be!

5. The European Parliament has suggested that the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council participate in a Mideast peace conference regarding Israel & the Palestinians, & they say that of course the PLO should participate. Shamir has finally indicated that he's willing to let the U.N. participate, to have a U.N.-backed Mideast peace conference, but he still refuses to include the PLO.

6. It seems that the World is getting kind of fed-up with Shamir & Israel. Listen to this newspaper report: "Mr. Shamir & the European delegates exchanged sharp words about Israel's stance & a possible European role in the Mideast. Mr. Shamir accused the European Community of 'adopting positions on the substantive issues of the conflict that lack balance.'"—Balance in their favour, of course! Shamir also condemned the Europeans for "supporting the PLO & accepting the concept of a Palestinian state," something that's totally unacceptable to Israel.

7. He said, "Israel will decide what terms are acceptable."—These stubborn Jews! "One of the European delegates criticised Mr. Shamir for refusing to make concessions to the Palestinians. 'We're beginning to get fed up with the fact that‚ when you talk about peace you do so in very bellicose tones. Continuing in this way, you'll become a kind of dinosaur head of this very monolithic state of intolerance,'" meaning Israel! Thank God the World is getting fed up with the [Israelis]!

8. It's encouraging to see how divided the Jews are amongst themselves‚ "A house divided against itself shall not stand."—Mt.12:25. The Palestinians are a lot more together than any of them, at least they're united—the Christians & Arabs. … I'm glad to see a lot of [the Jews] are sympathising with the Arabs & fighting against the Orthodox Jews, those old Scribes & Pharisees who would still like to crucify Jesus if they could!—And if they can't crucify Him, they want to crucify the Arabs!


9. That guy Meir Kahane is a devil incarnate! (Maria: He's the one who's whipping up the anti-Arab sentiments?) Yes, he's a Jew who's vehemently against the Arabs, he wants to throw all the Arabs out of Israel. He says he wants to kill them or drive them all out! The funny thing about it is that he's not even a real Israeli, he's from New York City! He's just a rabble-rouser who's stirring up the Jews against the Arabs, inciting them to beat up & kill Arabs.

10. He's a monster‚ he's horrible! He's the one who started the Jewish Defense League in New York years ago. (Maria: And he's in Israel now?) Yes, & he's all for violence, using violence against their enemies. Thank God there're so many Jews against him!

11. I notice many American Jews seem to sympathise somewhat with the Palestinian Arabs. They have seen the situation & the poverty & the abuse & persecution that the Palestinians suffer there at the hands of the Israelis. Even many modernistic‚ moderate Jews in America are sympathising with the Palestinians & want Israel to split the country & give the Palestinians half of it.—The same Jews who support Israel with money & keep it surviving along with three billion Dollars a year from the American government, of all things. It's such a farce! It's a horror!

12. The hard-liners in Israel, like Shamir, are actually in the minority. Since those hard-line Jews know that the majority of the Jews worldwide are against them & want to make peace with the Palestinians, at least that helps keep them in check so they don't just ship all the Palestinians out or kill them all, like they used to do. Thank You Lord that somebody's sticking up for the Palestinians!


13. It's going to take the Antichrist to settle this Israeli/PLO situation, & he's probably going to have to use force to settle it! How can the Palestinians say they believe in Israel's right to exist when they don't!


(About the Pan Am plane that was blown up over Scotland in Dec. 1988:)

14. It's possible that the Israelis did it to try to ruin those PLO-American talks. It's the worst time that the PLO would want to cause trouble. I think the World's almost going to welcome the Antichrist if he makes the Israelis come to heel!


15. Shamir is getting protests, particularly from U.S. & European Jews, over this little party of the Orthodox Jews who recently joined Shamir's Conservative Likud Party. He's a tough guy, you know, another terrorist just like Menachim Begin. In fact‚ he & Begin worked together in the Stern gang, the Jewish terrorist organisation which blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946, with the loss of about 100 lives. (Techi: Why did they do that?) Because they were fighting the British & the Arabs to get their independence. (Techi: And the King David Hotel had a lot of British in it?) The King David Hotel was the swankiest hotel in Jerusalem & the headquarters of the British. The Jewish terrorists blew it up & killed about 100 of them, including some Jews.

16. The Jewish terrorists were fighting the British because the British wanted to have a fair settlement between the Jews & the Arabs, the Palestinians. Shamir was a terrorist, the kind of guy who used to shoot British policemen in the back! He actually led the Stern gang & was wanted by the British for murder! Now he calls the Palestinians terrorists, the pot calling the kettle black! Shamir had one entire Palestinian village, Dier Yassin, absolutely wiped out in a horrible, horrible massacre—over 250 people, mostly women & children, butchered‚ & their bodies tossed into wells.

17. (David: Is that the Beirut massacre?) No, not the Beirut massacre. You're thinking about the Shatila & Sabra Palestinian refugee camps. That was in 1982, when Ariel Sharon, the Israeli Defense Minister, allowed the so-called "Christians" of Beirut to go in & massacre thousands of Palestinians in two large refugee camps. The thing about it is, a lot of Palestinians there were Christians too.

18. That's how the whole state of Israel was established, by a bunch of terrorists, guerrilla warriors, criminals & murderers who massacred people.—It's horrible! And those same terrorists are running Israel today! Israel was established just like the United States, on violence, by the violent!—But back to their present–day politics:

19. The two main political parties in Israel are delicately balanced, like on a scale. So even though there are only a few fanatically religious Orthodox Jews, the guys who wear the big black coats & black hats, with their own political party, they hold the balance of power. When Mama & I were in Israel, we used to call them "spooks"!

20. Although they only represent about 10% of the Knesset‚ the Israeli parliament, they actually hold the balance & have a lot of power! Whichever one of the big parties they join & vote with, then that party wins!—Because that party & the religious Jews then form a coalition government which has the most votes‚ the majority‚ so they get to name the Prime Minister & decide how to run the country. (Techi: So those little guys are running everything?)

21. Yes, those little Orthodox religious Jews, the "spooks," are running the whole state of Israel! They were making a deal with Shamir to join his Conservative Likud Party. The spooks are actually much more akin to Shamir's way of thinking than the Labour Party. See, Shimon Peres is head of the Labour Party & he wants to give part of Israel back to the Palestinians, he wants a fair settlement. And actually, that is the feeling of a large majority of Jews in the U.S. & Europe, that they should divide Israel according to the original plan of the U.N. which was made about 40 years ago. Savvy?

22. After WW2, the UN had made a plan for the partition of Palestine. The U.N. voted that the only way to solve the constant fighting between the Israelis & the Palestinians was to divide the land‚ give part of it to each group. But when the U.N. agreed on that, the Israelis declared that they were an independent nation, & that they therefore owned the whole country. They immediately began to fight with the Arabs, & drive the Palestinians out of their homes, & that's how all the Arab-Israeli wars began. They fought war after war, until they finally got control of the whole country.

23. Shamir is the one who wants to keep the whole country & not share any of it with the Palestinians, so he actually is more like those Orthodox Jews who want the same thing. So he was about to make a deal with them, & the price of the deal was that they were demanding that only Orthodox Jews could be declared to be real Jews, & perform conversions.

24. Actually‚ the Orthodox Jews are the very smallest faction of all the Jews, they only represent about 10% of the Jews in the World. The next largest group of Jews in the World are the Conservative Jews, they're sort of half way between the Orthodox & the Reform.

25. The Reform are the liberal Jews. They have synagogues that look just like Christian churches, with a pulpit, & they get up & preach. They have pews & the whole thing is modelled after the Christian churches. Sometimes they even sympathise with the Christian churches. A lot of them even preach about Jesus, that He was a great Jew, a great Rabbi, a great leader, though not the Son of God. They preach the Sermon on the Mount & a lot of Jesus' doctrines.

26. The Reform Jews are very close to being Christians & a lot of them are secret believers. It's claimed that on his deathbed, Rabbi Wise of New York‚ who was a famous Jewish radio preacher of the Reform synagogue, confessed that all the time he did believe in Jesus as the Messiah.

27. So these are three big groups of Jews, the Orthodox, the Conservative & the Reform. The biggest group is the Reformed because they're the modern, moderate liberals‚ Jews who sympathise the most with Christians etc. They're the richest, they've got the biggest synagogues, & they've got the most people, especially in the U.S. & Europe.

28. So, back to the deal that Shamir was making: When it looked like he had practically settled the deal with those Orthodox Jews in Israel—the spooks with the black hats & coats —then worldwide Jewry caught wind of it, that he was going to declare, "Only Orthodox Jews can perform conversions," etc. Can you imagine what a howl they let out? Especially the Jews in the U.S. & Europe, who are the biggest supporters of Israel, their biggest givers, donors, protectors, who control the U.S. government & who virtually finance Israel!

29. Apparently Shamir agrees with the Orthodox in doctrine, he's more an Orthodox in spirit. He was going to let the Orthodox Jews declare that only they could perform conversions. Well, World Jewry, about 90% of whom are not Orthodox, let out a howl that's been heard around the World! So you know what he's going to have to do now?

30. It looks like Shamir is now going to have to work out a deal with the small Left Wing radical parties. Instead of working with the religious parties‚ he's going to have to work out a deal with the small political parties, Left Wing radical parties such as the Communists & the different kinds of little strange parties that are at the opposite end of the spectrum from the religious parties. They're the anti-religious parties, the radical parties & the Communist Party & all the rest of those!

31. They're tiny splinter parties, but they hold the balance of power the other way. It now looks like he's going to have to cancel this deal with the religious parties & ally his party, the Likud, with these little tiny radical fanatical parties that are way out on the political left, instead of on the far right with the Orthodox, in order to get enough votes to make him Prime Minister & able to run the government. The scale is so delicate between the two big parties, that even tiny parties like the radicals can make a big difference‚ depending on who they vote for.

32. There are two big political parties. One is the left wing Labour Party of which Shimon Peres is the head. He's a liberal who wants to give part of Palestine back to the Palestinians, as he sympathises with them. The other is Shamir's right wing Likud Party which is ultra-conservative. They're both almost exactly the same size, with almost the same number of votes in the Knesset, the Jewish parliament.

33. So whenever neither one of them gets a majority, then one of them has to persuade some others to come in with them in what they call a coalition government. This is the way the parliamentary system works. Neither Peres nor Shamir could win, neither one of them got a majority of votes. So they have to persuade some of the small political parties to join in with them, & vote & work together. Well‚ since Shamir's party did win a few more votes than Peres', if Shamir can persuade enough of these guys on the far right or on the far Left to join his party, then he has a right to choose the government & run the government & become Prime Minister.

34. They've already had the election‚ but in a parliamentary system, he still has to persuade some more members of the Parliament to join in a coalition government so he'll have a majority & get to rule. He first tried to choose them from the far Right, the Orthodox. He was making the deal, when all the rest of the Jews in the World began protesting. So now the only thing he can do is make a deal with the far Left instead. They just simply make a deal together & the far Left will probably ask for something in return too.

35. So, that's what's happening right now. Thank God for all this trouble they're causing Shamir, he deserves it. He deserves it! He is a horrible guy! He's a little … demon! He's one of those guys who has dwarfism, he's a little dwarf. Did you ever see him? He only comes up to the chests of all the rest. … He was a terrorist—horrible! He helped to wipe out this whole village of Dier Yassin, men, women, children, everything! Everybody knows it. The Jews know it, the whole World knows it & yet they let this terrorist who is a murderer & a slaughterer & an assassin be a Prime Minister! Once a terrorist, it seems they're always a terrorist! (See WND 286, pg.5; WND 2, pg.7.)

36. They let him rule the state of Israel, that's the kind of ruler they have in Israel! Menachim Begin, the Prime Minister before him, was also a terrorist & a murderer, but they say Shamir was even worse! Thank God they're getting lots of trouble. The only people there who are half decent are Peres & his party. They're trying to be somewhat fair to the Palestinians.


(Concerning reports that Libya was producing chemical weapons:)

37. The Americans will never forgive the Libyans for kicking the U.S. Air Force out of Wheelus Air Force Base, which was their biggest base outside the U.S.! Everybody knows that the U.S. & other Western nations are manufacturing chemical weapons like crazy, so if Godahfi is manufacturing chemical weapons, what's the difference? (Maria: But they say, "The Libyans are irresponsible & they don't know how to handle them.") Yes, yes, "He's crazy," blah‚ blah, "But we Americans know how to take care of them." (Maria: "Yes, we're responsible.") In other words, "We can legitimately do it, but he's illegitimate!"

38. It's amazing how much Godahfi gets into the news & how much of a threat to the World they consider him! (Maria: Well, as has been brought out, he makes a convenient villain & scapegoat to concentrate their attacks on, since he's isolated & doesn't have much support. They can blame all their ills on him.) It amazes me what a fuss Godahfi can stir up!

39. While the U.S. considers bombing Libya's chemical plant, when they don't really know what they're making there, the U.S. itself is making tens of millions of Dollars worth of chemical weapons in Arkansas, & everybody knows it! So what gives the U.S. the right to manufacture chemical weapons‚ but not Libya?

40. It shows you how hypocritical the U.S. is! It's making chemical weapons while it not only condemns Libya for doing the same, but also is pushing a treaty to have all chemical weapons destroyed. (Maria: You know they won't ever do that because they'll always say, "Well, we can't be sure that everybody else is going to destroy theirs, so we won't destroy ours either.")

41. I'm sure they're going to pay for it one of these days. Look what they did to Godahfi when they bombed Tripoli in 1986—their unprovoked attack on him & his home, killing his daughter & wounding his two sons. He'll never forget that!

42. The U.S. is so ridiculously inconsistent & contradictory. They say, "You mustn't do what we're doing! You don't have a right to do what we do. We're the big Super Power, that gives us the right, but you little people don't have rights!" God damn the U.S.!—And I'll tell you, He is going to, that's for sure! God damn the people who manufacture those things & make those arms & then lie about it, or then lie about others who they claim are doing the same thing.

43. They can send planes to bomb a little tiny country, kill its leader's daughter & wound his sons & try to kill him & destroy his home‚ but nobody has a right to tell the U.S. what to do! It's the big bully picking on the poor little guy all over again! They even recognise that Russia, the other Super Power, has a right to do things like that, but not the little fellows. Power & might is right in the Super Power game!

44. In 1986, when Congress was voting on chemical weapons, it took a vote by then Vice President Bush to break a Senate tie. He broke the deadlock by voting for chemical arms! He's going to rue that day! The U.S. excuse was that, "If we don't make chemical weapons, the U.S.S.R. will, so therefore we have to make chemical weapons too so we can push for the destruction of all chemical weapons, of ours & Russia's."—Isn't that illogical?

45. They're making tens of millions of Dollars worth of chemical weapons in order to have them destroyed! Otherwise, how are they going to destroy them if they don't have any! That's really logical‚ isn't it? Really sensible military thinking! It's just insanity, absolute insanity! Those people are just power-mad & trigger happy! The giant wants to crush the little bug that dares to defy him. But who's going to crush the giant who is the most to blame?—God is!

46. The Lord is using Godahfi as a tool to shake up the God-damned ACs!


47. Lebanon is a country run by murderous gangs.—That's what it amounts to!

48. Coalition governments like that never seem to work very well.—Just like I said that Cyprus could never have had a coalition government because the minority Turks would never have gotten a fair deal. Lebanon has had a divided government since Gemayel left office. Muslim West Beirut is governed by the Muslims & Christian East Beirut is governed by the Christians & they're probably better off that way. The partition is not official, but it just happened because no president has been agreed on since Amin Gemayel left office.


49. I don't like that book & I don't like the guy who wrote it either!—Imagine him naming it The Satanic Verses! It's an anti-Christ attack on another religion. See, they've already been attacking Christianity, & now they're going to start working on Islam.

50. It's sex that annoys these religions the most. The Muslims hate to admit that Mohammed was just a normal sexy guy like everybody else.

51. Rushdie's book was an attack on religion & therefore an attack on God! He's sort of indirectly smeared Mohammed, like they do us with bad publicity. They made a major attack on Christianity in that movie, "Last Temptation of Christ." They made a major attack on Islam in the book, The Satanic Verses!

52. Rushdie has a long reputation of smearing religion & using irreverence for his subjects. We're not the only ones getting smeared. All religion is getting smeared nowadays! That guy Rushdie would make a good character actor for the Devil. He looks like the typical stereotype character who usually plays the Devil! And he sure has been doing it!

53. Look at the fruit of Rushdie's writing—all kinds of deaths & violence & even war! It certainly was Satanic!

54. This is what all dictators try to do, try to find a cause that people can rally around, such as The Satanic Verses book. It's always something outside of the country. The Iranian leaders wanted to take the people's minds off the country & their problems at home.


55. The AC is coming in softly‚ the implied meaning being that he's sort of sneaking in on tip-toes. (Maria: Or that could also mean coming in gently, not upsetting the whole fruit basket immediately‚ but taking a little time.) Right‚ sort of creeping in, creeping in. (Maria: Well, that's how the ACs have taken over the World. Just little by little, step by step.) Yes‚ but they've also used a lot of loud screaming & griping & complaining & murmuring. They use every means. (Maria: But it's almost like you didn't know it until it happened.)

56. The real purpose of all their screaming is actually hiding their genuine purpose—all their propaganda, getting sympathy so they can trick you into feeling sorry for them so you'll give them what they want.