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Prayer for Jimmy Bakker

David Berg

—And for All God's People!10/89DO 2569

1. Please help poor Jimmy Bakker, Lord, who is being tortured & crucified by the AC System! Give him the strength & stamina, Lord‚ to be a testimony even in prison! He's only had to deal with the high class, refined, white-collared Christians for a long time, now help him to see what it's like in prison. He'll probably get a burden for the prisoners & he could have a real ministry there, Lord, while he's being literally crucified as a martyr!

2. There are going to be prisoners who are wondering why he's even in there when he hasn't done anything near as bad as they have! Give him a good prison‚ Lord‚ with good cellmates who are not too evil & where he can be safe, in Jesus' name! The Devil has really asked that he might sift him, but when he is tried & comes forth as pure gold, You can make him a real testimony!—Luk.22:31,32; Job 23:10.—In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Amen!

3. Poor Jim Bakker has the answer to all their problems of drugs & crime & was doing his best to do good, & they put him in for 45 years while they let the drug-runners run free! The ACs were determined to get him because he was winning so many converts. They're trying to get every leading Christian they can now!

4. I'm sure the judge gave him that long 45-year sentence because he knew that the actual prison term could be cut down to one–third of the sentence & that Jimmy Bakker could be released on parole for the remaining two-thirds. So the judge wanted to make sure he got at least 15 years, so that he could be put out of business & he won't be able to interfere with the Antichrist program or influence people on television any more!

5. They've tried to not only destroy his ministry & his reputation, but also his followers! They've tried to destroy & scatter the sheep. The shepherd is smitten & the flock is scattered.—Zech.13:7; Mat.26:31. But Lord, help them to keep their faith, & cause glory to come out of the wrath of Man!—That the wrath of Man shall praise Him!—Psa.76:10.


6. We found out why the Lord was so angry with Jim Bakker. He was trying to build the largest church in the World, that would hold 30,000 people, called the Crystal Palace. No wonder the Lord stopped things! That's the trouble, when success & popularity goes to their head‚ some of those preachers really go off the beam.

7. I guess Jimmy Bakker's chastening is teaching him a lesson—not to get so involved in money & buildings. He was building sort of a religious Disneyland there with that big hotel & all the rest, & apparently he lived a little too sumptuously & luxuriously. I'm sure he's being cured of all of that now! He's going to come out with much purer motives & something much more along the line of God's Will.

8. He's certainly paying an awful price for such a lesson, which shows the real vindictiveness of the anti-Christs! I'm sure they are gloating over this victory right now!

9. I think, however, it's actually going to make a lot of people sorry for him, just like the crucifixion of Christ made a lot of the uncommitted sorry for the Victim. It certainly very greatly revealed the horrors of the religious leaders of the day & how vicious they were!

10. I think a lot of people who were not even supportive of his program would consider that a 45-year sentence is entirely too severe a treatment for a Minister of the Gospel, even if he did make some mistakes. But I'm sure the Devil & his people are gloating over it! Well‚ he's down, but let's hope he's not out! That's really going to test his mettle in prison!


11. (Maria: What they don't know, & apparently Jimmy Bakker doesn't even know‚ is that the longest sentence he could get is about 3-&-1/2 years anyway!) Well, providing our calculations are right! (Maria: This sure looks like the beginning of the Tribulation!) Yes, & whatever is going to happen next month may be even more revealing! (Maria: Just the fact that this is happening to him right now shows even more that it could very well be the beginning of the Tribulation!)—Yes, not only what's happened to Jimmy Bakker, but those other TV evangelists as well!

12. He must have been doing the most good & making them the most angry for them to treat him this viciously! None of the others have suffered this much, he is the only one who has been treated like a common criminal, as though he were a vicious criminal! They're really out to get him! They're really out to get Christians! Boy, don't tell me that this whole thing wasn't some kind of a plot, a conniving together of the ACs with their hand-picked government officials, a hand-picked judge & that hardened woman prosecutor! Give that judge & that prosecutor what they deserve, Lord!

13. Let them all suffer accordingly, Lord! As they have sown‚ they shall also reap!—Gal.6:7. Bless & strengthen him in prison, Lord! Give him rest. Give him time to think & pray, & help him not to be persecuted there. Give him friends that protect him & keep him, Lord, so that when he is tried he may come forth as pure gold out of the fires of the furnace of the Enemy!—1Pet.1:7.—In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Strengthen him for this ordeal!—And Lord, I hope I never have to go through such an ordeal!


14. I think the public could forgive him for financial mistakes. (Maria: Yes, so many other people do the same thing!) And to have them saying, "He showed no signs of repentance or remorse"—I think he was very humble & very apologetic! That last statement he made was an apology. Why did they say he showed no signs of remorse? (Maria: Probably because he didn't admit to doing what they're accusing him of!) Yes.

15. When his defense lawyers asked the court that he be given a suspended sentence & be allowed to go free to go back to his ministry to try to raise the money & pay his people back, the prosecution said‚ "No‚ we do not think you should permit any bail or release until a pending appeal"—which of course they're going to try. They said that he needed to be put back into prison‚ & they had him in handcuffs & leg irons—in chains! Imagine how cruel they are! …

16. I think America is going to be shocked by that sentence!—The longest prison stretch ever handed down in North Carolina for fraud, along with a $500,000 fine! Most people would have expected him to simply receive a fine & be ordered to pay back the money to all of those people. I'll bet you even the 50-some people who complained that they were gypped & went to court as witnesses against him are going to be sorry now!—Because at least at some time they must have thought well of him & liked him. I don't think the country expected such a harsh judgement! I wonder how much that judge was given by the ACs to do it?

17. Of course, all of the news agencies around the World just repeat like parrots the information they've obviously been fed, that he could have been sent up for 120 years & charged so many millions in fines! It was all designed to get people to think, "Well, he got a pretty light sentence compared to what he could have gotten!"

18. But the fact is, I think most people are relatively fair-minded, & anybody who has ever seen his show—which almost everybody there has—is going to be shocked at the harshness of his treatment, how he was treated all the way through!—How he was sent to that psychiatrist in prison & made to come back to the trial, & now being refused bail because they said there was a possibility of flight, that he's apt to leave the country.

19. Well‚ they didn't have to put him in leg irons, of all things! The whole thing was just cruelty to make him suffer & be totally humiliated, tortured! They don't treat most murderers that way! Think of it, here's a man trying to do good, who just made some financial mistakes. (Maria: And I wonder why they're taking him from North Carolina to an Alabama correctional institute? … I hope North Carolina gets what they deserve!) Well, they got some of it with Hurricane Hugo & they're apt to get it again & more for what they're doing to him now! They also attacked us, you know!—A TV station there!

20. Amen‚ Lord! Judge all those responsible accordingly, & may they reap what they've sown & suffer even more in due season! We know that You will! Judge all of those responsible for putting him in prison & putting him through this ordeal of this trial & this humiliation & this total degradation from what he once was!


21. At least I don't think he's ever claimed that God told him to build all those buildings, that sort of Disneyland Fantasyland of his called Theme Park. It's virtually an amusement park, plus a hotel & restaurant & all that sort of thing. Obviously the Jew who bought the place hasn't been able to sell it or make money on it & it's just standing there idle.

22. Well, he made his mistakes, but it looks like he is really suffering more than his mistakes were worthy of. That was the Devil's chance to get ahold of him, sad to say. That sex affair with Jessica Hahn was the first thing that shook people's confidence in him, & I think his enemies deliberately planned that! I think she was paid to do it! (Maria: Probably paid to seduce him, & it's pretty hard to resist.) …

23. So that was the first thing, & that so discredited him that people were willing to come out against him & testify against him because they were disillusioned. Then Falwell took "PTL" over for awhile, but he couldn't make it work, of course‚ & he gave up.—Especially when he found out it was so deep in debt.

24. I don't doubt it was a plot, a planned program manipulated from the very start!—With Jessica Hahn as a temptress, right on through all the rest of it so they could finally get him! Boy, it shows how the Devil hated him‚ really hated him & what he was doing!

25. He was so sweet & not quite so much of the evangelistic type as the rest of them. He wasn't a real strong preacher, but most of his show was just kind of a fellowship meeting with music, testimonies, prayer & very few sermons. But I guess the Lord let it happen, obviously, to teach him some lessons, & he'll probably come out better than he went in. (Maria: At least it will teach him how terrible the System is, if he didn't know it before!) That's for sure!

26. Be with him, Lord! We know You will spare him from too much suffering! You promised You would not let us be tried or tempted above what we're able to bear, so help him to bear it, Lord, in Jesus' name!—1Cor.10:13.


27. That's what I'd call being catapulted from the top to the bottom & literally into the lion's den like Daniel was! Daniel was cast down from the top to the bottom, but he came through, thank the Lord! (Daniel 6)

28. Well, that's going to be one of the U.S.' crowning crimes, what they've done to Jim Bakker! I wouldn't be surprised that that may be why God is going to really strike in some way next month that is going to really hit the U.S.! I think this treatment & persecution & crucifixion & martyrdom & actual torture of Jim Bakker was one of the U.S.' last sins! That country is really earning its doom!

29. They have touched the apple of God's eye!—Zec.2:8. He was certainly one of God's children & he really preached the Truth on his "PTL" Show that's been broadcast around the World! He usually seemed to be very humble, although maybe later he got puffed up, I don't know. (Maria: But regardless, he still preached the Gospel!) Yes, he's still a Child of God‚ a believer, & preached the right things, as far as I know‚ & he got a lot of people saved & healed!

30. So as far as I'm concerned, he was a Prophet of God, who is literally being mistreated‚ tortured & martyred! And as one of God's main Prophets to the World, with his TV show on over 200 stations & all that sort of thing, the people are without excuse to let him be humiliated & tortured like that, & treated like the worst kind of criminal, like he was a dangerous criminal! They won't even let him have bail to wait until his appeal is decided!

31. Ooh, they were cruel & hard!—Particularly that woman prosecutor & that judge!—They call him "Maximum Bob" because he's notorious for giving long jail sentences, one of the toughest judges in North Carolina! Don't tell me there aren't people behind the scenes who manoeuvre & manipulate these things! I'm sure they had that all set up as to what judge was to preside & who the prosecutor was & the whole works! They've been working on that thing for years! Now they figure they've finally got him & are trying to give him the worst treatment in order to completely humiliate him & grind him into the mud!


32. Well, Lord, You're the Judge & You're going to judge them, & You're going to punish them accordingly!—You said in some cases seven times what they have done‚ maybe even a hundred-fold!—Isa.59:18; Psa.79:12.

33. So, Lord, in Jesus' name, we ask You right now to help poor Jimmy Bakker! He wasn't a very strong man to begin with & had weaknesses & problems, & his wife was almost a drug addict & had a nervous breakdown & all kinds of things! Give him the strength now to survive & come out as shining gold!—And put down & defeat his enemies who now look as though they have won the victory & conquered Thy Prophet!

34. You promised, Lord, "He that toucheth you toucheth the apple of Mine eye!"—Zech.2:8. This is almost like the U.S.’ final horrible sin to have treated Thy Prophet this way, so we ask You, Lord, in Jesus' name, to judge them!

35. Judge the people who even following his trial felt resentment against him & made their decision as to whether this was right or wrong! You're going to judge the crowd‚ the audience of all America that has followed this court case, Lord. You're going to judge them according to how they react over this judgement‚ as to whether they think it was right, or whether they think it was wrong & that he was treated too harshly. We believe a lot of people, Lord, in America are going to judge him‚ & You're going to judge them accordingly!

36. And whatever is coming in November, Lord—if anything—is probably going to be the result & the beginning of Thy judgements against America for her horrible sins!—For the million-&-a-half babies they slaughter every year, & the wars they've conducted & the millions they've killed!—For the atomic bombs, the only nation that ever used them!—And for the horrors of their crime & their drugs & taking the Bible & You out of the public schools!

37. They are reaping‚ Lord! "They have sown the wind & they are reaping the whirlwind!—Hos.8:7.—Including other judgements—the San Francisco earthquake, Hurricane Hugo & all the rest! You're beginning to pour out Your judgements upon these horrible criminals!—Parents who subject their children to public schools that are hells on Earth! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

38. Thank You for protecting us from any such personal persecutions, Lord‚ or any actual suffering‚ except that we've had to move frequently. We always must be on our guard for security against our enemies, even our neighbours. So thank You Lord for preserving us all this time without letting us really suffer very much. We ask Thee to continue to keep us, & if it be Thy Will, Lord, that You spare us from having to go through anything as harsh or severe as poor Jim Bakker is having to go through!

39. Bless & strengthen him, Lord, encourage him! Most of all, help him to know that You still love him‚ Lord, even though You're letting him suffer & be tried & scourged. Thank You Lord that I haven't suffered nearly what he's suffering. I even complain about a little affliction in my bowels to test my faith. Forgive me, Lord! Thank You for how much better I'm feeling. Thank You for answering prayer!

40. There are going to be millions of people praying for Jim Bakker now & we believe You're going to answer their prayers somehow!—In Jesus' name!


41. I think one reason they're sending him to Alabama is to get him away from his followers. (He's now been transferred to a prison in Minnesota.) Who knows, he might have a revival in that prison like Horace Alderman had! (See "The Horace Alderman Story!", ML #993.) That would sure show that the Lord is still with him! They're probably afraid he's going to influence the prisoners!

42. Lord‚ You bless & keep & strengthen him, & help him to find a real ministry for the time he is going to be there! (Maria: Help him to win the tough ones, Lord!) Amen, Lord, help him to win a bodyguard, in Jesus' name.—And to prove that he is the real thing, that he's not a crook like he's been condemned & tortured as by the cruel AC system!

43. Bless & keep him‚ Lord, protect him! Strengthen him, Jesus! And may it really do him good, to really purify & purge & cause him to be made pure & white!—Dan.11:35. Do it, Lord, in Jesus' name! Give him strength! Preserve him! Help him to be strong & to find helpers & sympathisers there amongst the prisoners, perhaps even amongst the wardens.


44. I remember when Aaron was arrested for standing up in the Senate & quoting Scriptures. The police took him down into the basement to question him & were ready to let him go with just a remonstrance, when this big fat … lawyer came in & said, "Throw the book at him!" They were going to let him go without charging him or anything, but this lawyer insisted that he be charged & tried! Boy‚ they are vicious! My God, they're such devils!


45. And the Christian church people … are so ignorant about what's really going on! Maybe this Jimmy Bakker ordeal will help wake them up! (Maria: I hope so!) Of course, there are probably a lot of churches & preachers who were jealous of him.

46. They're so blind!—"The blind leaders of the blind"! Jesus said they'll all fall in the ditch!—Mat.15:14.—Those who are fighting God's Work, our enemies & enemies of some of these other Christian groups.

47. Thank God He's won some victories through some of them, & I think He's winning the victory for Barz! I think his community is beginning to think more of him than Vivian! Praise the Lord! Bless him, in Jesus' name!


48. Bless all Thy children, Lord, around the World who are being persecuted, hounded‚ vilified, tortured & lied about, smeared like we are! Bless all of Thy children who are suffering for You, Lord, in Jesus' name. Deliver them‚ Lord! Make them astounding testimonies for Thee, Lord.

49. Waken the people‚ Lord, of these various countries & help them to see how vicious & vile their governments are! Thank You, Lord‚ that You're freeing the people of the Eastern European Communist countries & delivering them from their evil governments & their persecution & oppression!

50. Thank You Lord for breaking up the Communist monopoly over Russia & Eastern Europe! Deliver them, Lord! Please help it to go on & not stop, Lord! Have mercy on Thy people! We're sure that Thy children, Christians everywhere, are praying for them, & the people there are praying & that's why You're delivering them! After 40 years of oppression You are beginning to deliver them, Lord! Deliver their economy‚ Lord, so that they won't have to suffer too much for lack of food, etc.

51. You've let them be oppressed & persecuted for years because they allowed those Communist governments to arise & take over. Now they realise that they were betrayed & were horribly oppressed, so Eastern European Communism is collapsing, proving that it doesn't work!


52. Help Gorbachev, Lord, to finish his ministry, whatever it may be‚ before his martyrdom!—Czar Michael the Marked, according to the legend. He's a marked man, there's no doubt about that, Lord, & his enemies would love to assassinate him, but we're sure You're the One Who's protecting him until his work is finished! We don't know what's going to happen then, Lord, things will probably be even worse, probably with the Antichrist making his last stand to try to rule the World!


53. But You're going to win in the End by Your great Wrath that You're going to bring down upon the Earth for its sins after You've taken us out! Then we're going to come back, Lord, & conquer our enemies & turn the World over to You, & You're going to rule it through us! Thank You Lord!

54. All of this gruelling oppression & injustice is going to be abolished & wiped out! The Devil will be cast into the Bottomless Pit with all of his Angels (Rev.20:2,3) & we are going to rule the World, Lord, without opposition, except from a few irreconcilable rebels. You're going to give the World one more chance, & then wipe out all of the devils completely & even the face of the Earth‚ & then establish Your permanent & Eternal Kingdom with Thy great Holy City as its Capital!—Rev.20:9,10; 21:1,2. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

55. So You're going to be the final Victor!—And we're going to be the final winners, Lord, in spite of all of this! For just a little while we have to go through some of this. We've actually suffered very little, & nothing compared to what Thy great martyrs of the Jewish & Roman & Catholic persecutions endured.

56. We have not yet had to see such tribulation as they suffered! Apparently this is going to be the greatest, but the shortest, thank You Lord! So help us to keep the faith & look to Thee! Help us to avoid persecution & suffering if we can, Lord‚ by fleeing or whatever we have to do, but give us the wisdom & the strength to do it, in Jesus' name we ask Thee, Lord!


57. We believe this torture of Jimmy Bakker is one of America's last great sins! Her cup of iniquity is nearly full & You're going to begin to strike via judgements, as You already have.—Hurricane Hugo for the Carolinas & an earthquake for San Francisco! Only You know how much else or what great calamity is going to befall in November, if it does. Thy Will be done‚ Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Amen!

58. We believe Thy Will is incontrovertible! —That if You have designed November for the beginning of sorrows, that it will happen! We cannot continually pray it away. You didn't let the Great Crash happen yet, & if it won't happen until November, Lord, then we may still be able to produce a lot of Thy Words & Tapes & Videos, etc., for Christmas! Maybe You'll still give us time, even after whatever happens in November!

59. May it draw people even closer to Thee & cause them to seek Thy help even more, to seek Thy Word & Thy Voice & Thy Children! You promised, Lord, that many would turn to us in those Last Days‚ & those that are wise shall instruct many!—Dan.11:33.

60. We believe these great disasters & judgements & catastrophes upon the World are going to turn many to Thee! We're sure that in the Hugo Hurricane & the San Francisco earthquake, many are turning to You, Lord, because they have nothing left! You let it come & sweep all that they had away, all the things that they possessed & that possessed them! You let it sweep all their things away, that they might have nothing left & no one to turn to but You, Jesus‚ & we believe that many are doing so in their afflictions. You're testing their faith to see if they will turn to You in their affliction!—And those who don't turn to You, Lord, they deserve what they get!

61. So we know not what's coming in November—or even if something is coming then. It seems that many of the psychics & astrologers are warning of something. We think the most likely thing to happen is the Great Crash‚ the Great Depression, & this would certainly punish America, which is persecuting Thy Prophets & has already vilified & humiliated & scandalised some of Thy greatest Prophets, good men, Lord, who have been tempted to be seduced & have made mistakes.

62. They're allowing these leaders of millions to be swept off of television, & America is persecuting Thy Prophets!—Deliberately doing these things to cause them to be ruined & swept away! They're persecuting Thy Prophets‚ Lord, right now, torturing them & causing them to suffer!—Trying to scandalise them & trying to ruin them! Lord, we know that many made mistakes, & therefore You're allowing them to suffer, but Lord, let their followers not lose their faith in Thee!

63. And judge America accordingly, Lord! By this great trial of Jimmy Bakker, Lord‚ the Federal Government has shown itself merciless, cruel, torturous, diabolical, devilish & fiendish! Now You strike them down accordingly & may they be exposed & may they receive Thy judgements according to all their sins!


64. Help us to be ready & prepared for whatever it may be, Lord, in Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! We know that we're going to win the victory in the long run, maybe even in the short run, Lord! Do continue to protect Thy Family! Help Thy children everywhere, Lord, as much as possible, in Jesus' name! Lord, although You said right in Your Word that many would suffer, nevertheless You said many would come through as pure gold (Dan.11:35), & that our enemies & persecutors would suffer much worse!

65. Though the day of disaster & the days of Tribulation seem to be upon us, all the sooner we will be delivered! Thank You Jesus! Help us to survive or escape or be taken to be with Thee, Lord. We know You're going to see us through somehow!

66. Help us all to not fear death, & remember that death is the quickest escape! Even if You take us or cause our enemies to kill us or whatever, we ask You in Jesus' name‚ Lord, to deliver us!

67. We know You're going to deliver Jim Bakker somehow, we don't know how, but it's going to be to the frustration of his enemies! Thank You Lord! In Jesus' name! Bless & keep him while he's in prison, Lord‚ & protect him, & make him a blessing there, in Jesus' name!—And any of us who may follow him in the persecution!

68. God damn our persecutors! God damn our enemies! God damn those who are fighting You, Jesus! God damn them all & send them to Hell where they belong, & deliver us‚ in Jesus' name, amen!


69. These are awful days, I'll tell you! How could we have ever believed that it would get this bad?—And it's even going to be worse! But the Lord will get the victory, thank You Lord! The wrath of Man will some day praise Him & glorify Him!—Psa.76:10. He's going to frustrate the wicked!

70. (Maria: Maybe the Great Tribulation is considered so great because it covers more people & is more widespread, because it certainly can't be greater than what many Christians have had to bear down through the ages. They couldn't have borne any more than they did.) Yes‚ the suffering & the killing or the imprisonment or the torture can't be any greater than has already occurred, although He does say that it would be the greatest that the World has ever known.—Mat.24:21. (Maria: It's probably because it will be the most widespread & everywhere at the same time.) Yes, it will be the greatest in extent.

71. But as far as individuals being tortured or killed or imprisoned‚ what can be greater than that? (Maria: Yes‚ that's right. So if that's any comfort, millions have gone through it already‚ & they made it! Thank You Lord!) Amen! And the Lord by His description in Revelation honours those who have been martyred & shed their blood for the Lord! He gives them the greatest honours of all! They're being praised & sung about in Heaven!—Rev.6:9-11; 7:14-17; 20:4. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Amen! Amen!

72. We shall overcome! That's for sure!—David said, "I will not fear what Man can do unto me."—Psa.56:4. And Jesus said, "Fear not them which can kill the body but have no more that they can do, but rather fear Him, God, Who is able to destroy both soul & body in Hell!"—Mat.10:28; Luk.12:4.


73. I think we've done our part now, we've prayed for him. God bless him‚ in Jesus' name! Boy, that was really cruel to refuse to release him on bail until his appeal is completed! Imagine, insisting on sending him back to prison in shackles, manacles, chains!

74. They are treating him like one of the most dangerous criminals that ever lived! And of course, in the Devil's sight & in the Devil's people's sight, he is really dangerous to the Devil's Kingdom & the AC's designs!—As we also are notorious! They hate us with a vicious vengeance because we have exposed them & fought them & won so many of their children! Thank You Lord! So they really hate us & I'm sure they'd kill us if they could get ahold of us!

75. —Or probably better yet, they'd like to do with us what they've done with all of those others! What they've tried to do is discredit them with their followers, to scandalise them, expose them & humiliate them! What they're trying to do is destroy their followership. By smiting the shepherds they're hoping to scatter the flocks! We got some kind of prophecy years ago about something like that, that the Shepherd shall be smitten & the flocks scattered. (See "The Coming Division," No.117A:37.)—Maybe the Lord was talking about all these television evangelists!

76. I don't think even if I was smitten our flock would really be scattered! I think they'd still be true to the Lord & keep on going, because they know they're following the Lord & not just me. (Maria: The nice thing about us is that our Family, at least physically, is already scattered! And that's the problem with so many of these other people, they're concentrated into big churches or big complexes or big TV shows, & then they don't know what to do!)


77. Our Family was born in persecution! … We're like the example of the Early Church, & the Lord has therefore preserved us because we've been willing to forsake all … time again, over & over! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

78. Jesus‚ bless & keep Thy children in spite of the persecution! They've really learned the art of fleeing, Lord, so continue to preserve them as they obey Thy order‚ that when they're persecuted in one city to flee to another!—Mat.10:23. And that's what we've done, Lord, & therefore in obedience to Thee we have been preserved! Thank You Lord! Amen! Thank You Jesus!