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Home Schoolers, Attack

Karen Zerby

—By Maria Maria #111 DO 2567 9/89

(After reading an FC report about media controversies & legal battles being fought between Home Schooling parents & School Board authorities in the U.S.:)

1. Compared to the big guns levelled at them, some of the poor parents in the System who try to defend Home Schooling aren't doing too well. The problem with a lot of those Home Schooling people is that they try to tread so softly. They say‚ "Well, we're not really attacking the public school system, we're just convinced that Home Schooling is better for our children."

2. But if you're going to win a battle like that, if you find yourself being questioned or interviewed about why you teach your kids at home, you've got to attack the school system!—You've got to go on the offensive & really attack!—Otherwise, I don't think you're even going to have a chance of winning.

3. And the main point that you should emphasise in your attack should be the thing that the System is so absolutely freaked out & panicked about right now.—Drugs! Imagine, the American President himself gave a big televised speech all about it, declaring the government's "war on drugs"! It's become an all-encompassing, overwhelming gigantic problem that they don't know what to do about! They can't see any solution in sight, & they're just completely freaked out about drugs!

4. So if you pound away & sock away on that, that should do the trick! They're already freaked out about it, so you just have to say‚ "I'm keeping my kids at home because of all the drugs & violence in the public schools!" Even if that's all you say, you'll probably win the battle!—At least in their minds. They still may not let you get away with it so easily, but at least they're going to understand why you're keeping your kids out of public schools. It's a reason they can all certainly relate to!

5. We should even teach our little kids how to answer such questions: "Don't you want to go to public school so you can have lots of friends?" They should answer with conviction, "No! I don't want to get beat up or become a drug addict like so many of the kids in public school are becoming!" What better answer could you have than that? They have no defense against that, they have nothing they can say against it! What parent wouldn't want to keep their kids away from drugs?—They all do!

6. Satanism amongst teens & school children is another big thing that a lot of parents & officials are getting concerned about now. Different reporters & media people have discovered & exposed how Satanists are behind all kinds of horrible mass murders recently, & that Satanism has become rife in many of their high schools. A lot of people are finally waking up to how bad things have gotten!

7. So if you're ever in the position of defending Home Schooling, go on the attack about drugs, Satanism & violence!—And Sodomy! As much as most of them don't seem to mind homosexuality nowadays, & in fact even exalt & promote it in the adult World, they really cringe when you talk about their kids, boys being raped by other boys in the school bathroom etc.—And that's the kind of thing that's apparently going on in America's hellish schools! Boy‚ that kind of scenario really triggers their panic button!—Not to mention all the other forms that school violence takes—violence against teachers, violence against each other, beatings, bullying, knife fights, gang wars etc.!

8. The list is almost endless of all the things that parents today are seriously scared & worried about! But the thing that they're especially panicked about right now is drugs! So you should just fire away on that—rat-a–tat-tat—and don't stop‚ don't let up!

9. It doesn't matter how many supposedly wonderful facilities their schools may have, or how many team sports they offer or how many friends they say your child can make there! Just remind'm about their mushrooming drug problem, & any parent in their right mind will say, "Boy, I understand why you want to keep your kids at home!"

10. The parents are finally waking up‚ thanks to all the media coverage & exposure about drugs & violence in the public schools, & a lot of them are finally scared enough to try to do something about it. Of course, it's too late for the public school system. They threw God & the Bible out, & now they're reaping what they've sown!—"They have sown the wind, & they shall reap the whirlwind!"—Hos.8:7.

11. But if you just sort of beat around the bush like it seems that most of these poor Home Schooling parents in the System do‚ & meekly say, "Well, we prefer Home Schooling because it's so nice & quiet & we can do one-on-one teaching & teach what we want to & we don't have to give them Evolution," you're probably not going to convince'm. It's true that those are all good reasons & good things you can say for Home Schooling, & you should mention them.

12. But the System has their big arguments that they're going to fire back with: "Oh, but look, your kid has no friends of his own age! This poor little child of yours, he's becoming a social misfit‚ he doesn't have friends & he's psychologically unfit because he's confined so much to his own family & is just tutored by his mother‚ who's not even trained.—She's not even an accredited teacher!—And he doesn't even get to participate in any team sports, so how will he ever be able to live in society?

13. "Besides, you don't have anything like the modern facilities that our great public schools have to offer‚ along with our huge modern library of thousands & thousands of volumes! How will your poor kid ever learn what he needs to know without all of our expensive reference books & encyclopedias & all our fancy volumes?"—And on & on they go, blah blah! So they have all kinds of big arguments to combat most of your arguments.

14. But boy oh boy, if you just sock it to them about drugs & about the violence & about Satanism & about all the crime & the bullying & the peer-pressure blackmail & the homosexuality, I think that at least the parents, the general public, will certainly sympathise with you. I'm not saying that the school system will necessarily sympathise, they don't want these things exposed & they don't even want to admit these problems exist. But if you're trying to appeal to the general public, or even if you're being interviewed or going on TV to give your reasons & answers, I think you'll win a lot more people to your side if you attack these issues that they're all freaked out about right now.


15. While discussing & praying about the need for our Home Schooling families to go on the attack & "give an answer to them that ask of them" (1Pet.3:15), we came to the conclusion that it would be a tremendous help to both our children & adults to publish some questions & answers in Catechism format on this subject. We could include even more information than was included in the Home Schooling FSMs, & could give up-to-date facts & stats on drugs, violence, Satanism etc. in today's public schools. (A new "Catechism" book of powerful & enlightening questions & answers is being compiled right now! Please pray for those who are working on it‚ for their strength, inspiration & stick-to-it-tiveness, as it's a long hard job!—But well worth it! PTL!)

16. I think that if we give a tool like this to the Family with clear & powerful answers that they could actually give directly to those who question them, we could almost require the Family to memorise it!—Both children & parents. It's a very big need right now, & I think that we could give some pretty powerful answers that will just bowl'm over!—That they'll have absolutely no argument against, that will convince'm that we're right!

17. We need a presentation that's powerful enough to even persuade school officials if they come around to any of our Home-Schooling Homes. Of course‚ the Lord can do miracles & blind their eyes, & they might just overlook our Home Schooling families entirely. But the better our answers are & the more powerful they are, the better chance our people will have of keeping their kids out of the school system, should they have any such run-ins with the authorities or the media or even with their neighbours!

18. I think our folks should almost memorise such questions & answers.—And if not memorise'm‚ at least have them down so well that they can give them out fluently & powerfully & quickly & effectively with no hesitation or stumbling around!

19. I'm very happy with the way our Catechism compilers have been willing to include extra facts & figures, & in this case, I think some up-to-date stats on drugs & crime & violence in the public schools are essential! Of course, we need to use some of those heavy quotes from Dad's Letters that were pubbed in the Home Schooling FSM as well, blasting the anti-God, anti-Christ school system. I wouldn't want our Catechism to have only the answers we'd normally give the public, & not cover the deeper spiritual reasons behind it all as well.

20. The main thrust of our defense of Home Schooling to the public should be a blast against the drugs & the violence in the public schools. But we should also tell'm how we believe in teaching our children good morals & building good character‚ & how the schools today are anti-God & anti-Christ. The reason why they've gotten bad & are such a mess is because they threw out the Bible & prayer!

21. In other words, in our Catechism section on Home Schooling‚ we need to give the full message. As far as the System is concerned, the anti-Bible, anti-prayer & anti-God factor is a weak argument, even though it's a strong argument for us. But we still need to tell them that because that's our message & that's part of our witness.

22. Our main thrust to outsiders should be to attack the drug & the violence problems. If you were being interviewed on a TV show, for example, you shouldn't just go blasting them for all the System's spiritual sins & evils.—At least that shouldn't be your major thrust. So we'll have to strike a balance in the Catechism, it needs to have the whole message in there. We don't want it to give only the argument that we want to give to the System. In the Catechism we should also give all the spiritual reasons why the school system is so bad.—It's Devilish, it's anti-God, it was set up by the ACs for the purpose of corrupting the kids etc.

23. But that's not the kind of thing that you would normally say if you're trying to win good PR on a TV show! Unless you really felt led of the Lord to do so, you wouldn't normally sock it to'm about the ACs & their horrible System & how they've rejected God & the Bible etc. You could bring all that out in a somewhat veiled or less confrontational way. It's an important part of our message, & is the reason why the schools & the kids have gotten into such a mess today, & why they don't have any absolutes or any moral rules to base things on etc. So we still have to preach the Truth & tell'm about it.

24. But the thing that will win their sympathy & get'm to agree with you is when you sock it to'm about their drugs & violence & perversions & Satanism etc.!—That they can't deny or argue against! So "use it," & tell it like it is, amen? PTL!