KEYWORDS: god, lord, hell, children, jesus, flood

Flood of Evil, The

David Berg

10/89 DO 2566

1. It's like the whole atmosphere of Hell is boiling over to take over the entire Earth! The officials don't even want to confess how bad it is! The drug problem is nothing compared to the whole Satanic operation—the devilish music & the devilish young people! Drugs are only a part of it! The whole Earth is just absolutely being turned into Hell on Earth!—The music, the kids, the crime, the drugs & all of it! It's all just absolutely running rampant!

2. And the U.S. is the worst of all!—The former great example of fairness, righteousness, Christianity, religion, God, the Bible & everything good. The whole World used to look to the U.S. for what was good, an example of good & God & Godliness. Now it's becoming the most horrible Pit of Hell on Earth! My God, look what happened when they took God & the Bible away from their children! Now they're reaping the whirlwind!—Hos.8:7.

3. You don't dare hardly even think about it, because it's so scary when you realise how the criminals & the devils so far outnumber the police! It's a losing war as far as they're concerned. There are far more criminals & devils & demons & drugs & everything else than there are police! The general public are trying to ignore it & just pretend it's not there & it'll go away, but instead it's getting worse & worse all the time!

4. Schools have to have guards & security checks, & students carry cards that they have to punch into machines as they come in to prove they're genuine students. There are all kinds of horrors going on in schools today—murders, beatings, torture, rape & Sodomy! My God, the System schools are absolute hells! Why anybody would ever want to send their children to them‚ I don't know! That's where drugs are rampant, as well as beatings & torture & murder & everything evil!

5. Thank God He's showing the World what a Hell their schools have become without God & the Bible! It's almost terrifying to even contemplate when you see that the Devil is almost totally in control of their schools & youth & crime! My God!

6. Just think, Americans probably have to read about these things in their newspapers every day! It must be hard for them not to think about it & not to worry about it & not to be frightened by it & terrorised that the World has absolutely totally turned evil!—May God protect our returning missionaries & their children who have to be in the USA!

7. Thank God our Homes are little islands of Light & Goodness! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Bless & keep us, Lord! Protect these little Islands of Light, Lord! Overshadow them with Thy wings! Keep them, Lord, in spite of all of the flood of evil outside that is engulfing the World!

8. It's like the Flood!—An absolute flood of evil is going on! The politicians are trying to sort of gloss it over & ignore it. They recognise it as horrible, but they're still trying to say there's hope: "We can do it! We're going to work on it! We shall overcome! We just need to spend more money on it." Isn't that ridiculous? As though money, Hell's own creation‚ could overcome Hell itself! It shows where their faith is, not "In God we trust," but "In money we trust!"—Ugh!

9. Governments just keep spending more money, thinking it can cure all of its evils. It's just a lie, a misconception! Because they've resisted the Truth, He will send them strong deception that they might believe a lie, that they might be damned!—2Th.2:10–12. That's what's going to happen to them!

10. Lord, in Jesus' name, please save Your Own, Your Children! Help them to survive the Flood in Thy Ark of safety, to have faith & belief & provision.—In Jesus' name, amen! TYL!

11. "Be merciful unto me, O God‚ be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in Thee: yea, in the shadow of Thy wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast."—Psa.57:1. He will hide us in the safety of His tabernacle, under His wings shall we be protected!—Psa.27:5, 91:4. Thank You Lord! There are lots of Scriptures about that. Despite the awful horror of Hell & the evil on the Earth, God is going to keep His children! Thank You Jesus!—In Jesus' name!

12.Otherwise it's hopeless.—It's horror, it's Hell! There's no hope except for the Lord! But He is our Hope & our Salvation! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!—In Jesus' name! (Maria: He wants to show His miracles.) Amen! Absolutely!—And His signs & wonders! It's all in Daniel & Revelation, how He blesses & keeps His children!

13. Just think‚ like in the plagues of Egypt, He sends monsters in Revelation to protect His children! Isn't that amazing?—Absolute monsters to terrify & destroy their enemies & protect His children! Those monsters of Revelation are our friends & protectors, but they're the enemies of our enemies, sent to protect us & destroy them!—Rev.9:3-12. Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

14. He will take care of us! Do you remember what I got about‚ "Will I not care for My Own?—My little ones?" (See "He'll Care for His Own!", ML#900.) The Lord is going to take care of us! PTL!