KEYWORDS: lord, jesus, name, thy, love, help

Prayer for the Japanese Young People

David Berg

DO 2565 12/89

1. Help the Japanese young people to find You & Your Love, Lord!—Somehow‚ some way to hear our Message, especially the students, to relieve them of that awful pressure.—To find life, liberty, happiness & freedom from that terrible awful pressure, in the Name of Jesus!

2. Help them to find us, Lord, & Thy Message of Love!—Love that is more important than success, more important than business or scholarship or money or anything‚ Lord.—In the Name of Jesus!

3. Amen, Lord, in Jesus' name, help us to find them! Help Thy children to find them. Deliver them, Lord, from the System. Deliver them from that pressure. Deliver them, Lord, in the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Thy Love! Show them that they don't have to have success & the best school‚ that Thy education in Thy School of Love & leniency & tolerance is the best of all!

4. Thank You Jesus! Deliver them from that horrible System, Lord, in the Name of Jesus! Amen‚ amen! Deliver the poor Japanese children, Lord. Amen! Thank You Lord! In Jesus' name! May they learn to know Thee & Thy Word, Whom to know is Life Eternal & freedom! Thank You Jesus!