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From Heaven to Hell in One Generation

David Berg

DO 25628/89

1. It's amazing how the World can almost go completely to pot—the Devil's own brew pot—in just one generation! In just one generation, my generation, the World has completely changed from good to evil! Compared to today, the World was Heaven on Earth when I was young!—Now it has become Hell on Earth! In just one generation the World has gone to Hell, changed from Heaven to Hell! The World had already changed to mostly Hell by the time the first Family Members were even born.


2. I think the two World Wars greatly contributed to the change from good to evil! The Depression helped keep people poor & humble, but they were going bad even then. The so-called "doughboys," the American soldiers in Europe, came back from evil France with a lot of wicked ideas, & that brought on the Roaring '20s!—Which is when the Stock Market boomed & the Crash of '29 occurred!

3. After WW1 they thought there weren't going to be any more wars, & they just went wild—wild & wicked! The '20s were the days of the Flappers & short skirts & bobbed hair & make–up‚ all these ideas they got from France. The French women were pretty loose, they were even smoking, & in those days usually only bad women smoked. But the soldiers brought it home to the U.S., & that's when practically everybody began smoking like a smokestack back in the '20s! Before that, no "good" women smoked & it was considered very evil!

4. So the War just seemed to bring in a flood of evil! I guess they caught a lot of evil spirits when they were over there in Europe, because Europe had been pretty wicked. Up until then the U.S. had still remained fairly pure. (Maria: Partly because it was a much younger country?)—Yes, with old-fashioned values. A lot of the early American settlers were fugitives from injustice & persecution & had strong religious beliefs.


5. Nearly all of the early American colonies were religious colonies, like the Massachusetts Bay Colony. They got along well with the Indians—no wars or anything—& the Indians even helped them to survive! When the Jamestown Colony was established in Virginia as the first commercial colony in America, they had horrible relations with the Indians. They fought & killed & persecuted the Indians, therefore they had a lot of trouble with them & the whole colony finally failed because it was evil & wicked & mistreated the Indians.

6. The religious colonies thrived & got along well with the Indians. They even brought in a lot of missionaries to the Indians. Then, of course, as the pioneers moved further West, a lot of them were religious refugees from persecution in the East, & they had to be people with pretty strong faith to pioneer the West.

7. In those early days of the 19th century especially, not everybody out West were cowboys, contrary to the motion picture view of the "wild & woolly" West! Of course, a lot of them were‚ & there were lots of bandits & robbers & shoot-outs & gunslingers, but most of the people were good‚ hard-working folks. They had to work hard to get a living out of the semi-desert West & Southwest! Part of California, Arizona, New Mexico & half of Texas was desert! The part of the West a little further north was not so much desert, but it was just desolate, what they called "badlands"—not much rain, great plains & rugged mountains.

8. So it took some pretty strong characters to survive & to pioneer the West‚ & most of the communities were very religious. If not actual religious communities such as the Hutterites‚ Mennonites, Amish, etc., they were at least very good & religious people. They always had churches & all the respectable people went to church. You really couldn't get along in those communities unless you were a good church person.

9. Of course, there were always a few bad apples around, but most people in those days were good righteous church people. Quite a few were self-righteous, of course, but they were good people who believed in being good & Christian & going to church & working hard on their farms & living fairly good righteous Christian lives.


10. It's amazing how fast the World has changed!—How fast the World could change! It seems like the worst of it has been in the U.S., which is the country that I'm most familiar with. The U.S. was where the fastest change took place, & it seemed the worst was about the turn of the century (1900) with the growth of the Industrial Revolution. With that came the growth of factories & cities & all that was evil. When they got away from the farms to the cities, that's when they went to rot! And then when they got into WW1, that really brought change. It seemed like they brought back everything evil from Europe.

11. This was all at about the same time as Darwin & the introduction of Evolution & unbelief! In the century before it had been popular to be a Christian & a church member & to be good. After Darwin & the introduction of Evolution & WW1, it became popular to be an unbeliever & there were lots of atheists & atheist preachers & atheist lecturers & atheist books. It got to be popular to be an atheist‚ an unbeliever‚ a non-church person, a non-Christian, & I'm sure the ACs certainly did their best to promote all of that! They were probably the leaders of the atheistic, anti-Christian movements.


12. I'm just trying to analyse how the World could change so rapidly, especially the United States, which in its beginning was such an example of religious righteousness, purity‚ uprightness‚ holiness & all that was supposed to be good! So many of them were religious pioneers in the early days of the colonies who were trying to make a new country that was good, pure, democratic & even Christian!

13. In those days America was held up as a shining example to the World of a country where most of the people were good & righteous & free & democratic, & where the laws were supposed to be righteous! America was the shining example of what a good country was supposed to be.

14. They took in refugees & fugitives & the poor of the World freely, refugees from wicked Europe!—And Europe was held up everywhere in America as just about the worst of all places & the source of all evil & the place to get away from & "come to the New World wherein dwelleth righteousness!" Of course, the East was considered the worst of all, full of heathen & idolaters!—And Africa was considered horrible with all of its wickedness!—And they were!


15. I'm just trying to figure out how it could have happened so fast! I think the main turning point was the growth of the Industrial Revolution, & big cities as a result, & the wickedness of the cities when people left the farms, & the indoctrination of Evolution in the schools & everywhere.

16. The public schools were the Devil's favourite tool to pollute the young people, because Evolution was the fashion in public school & all the textbooks & classes were evolutionary. So that, of course, helped to poison the minds of youth & change them. (Maria: They were evolutionary way back then?) I'm talking about the last half of the 19th century in the days of Darwin.

17. Evolution was the religion that changed the World for evil & turned them against God! Public schools & colleges were the evil, polluting fountains of Evolution & the anti-God craze, the anti-Christ movement of the ACs! This is at the same time that the ACs were beginning to take over the World. They had already taken over Europe, but now they were taking over North America.


18. Thank God the Catholics held pretty firm in Latin America! But they were poor & pretty violent, so there was a lot of Hell going on South of the Border as well with all their revolutions, etc. A lot of them were Socialistic, trying to follow Russia's example‚ & of course at the turn of the century was also the era of the growth of Communism. (Maria: Which the ACs were also involved in!) Oh yes! They were the leaders!

19. Almost all of the leaders of Communism were anti-Christ, anti-God ACs!—From Marx the founder, to Lenin the promoter on down, probably to this very day! (Maria: So the ACs were working from all angles to corrupt the World & bring it to ruin!) Absolutely!—From all angles! I wonder if Darwin was an AC? He was supposed to have studied to be an Anglican preacher, a Church of England clergyman, but obviously he was full of the Devil!


20. So you might say the turn of the century was really the turning point when atheism became popular through Evolution. Violence & crime, of course‚ also became rife with the growth of the filthy cities, the move from the country to the horrible cities with their poverty, drunkenness, crime & all that was evil! When they got away from the purity of the farm, that was one of the turning points‚ & it all happened at about the turn of the century.

21. And then, of course‚ God let them get into the great World Wars with their horrible violence & slaughter of millions!—No doubt God's punishments & judgements on them for their wickedness & the World's turning away from God. Those were also the days of Freud & Nietzsche & all those devils, & the turn to psychiatry instead of belief in God!

22. (Maria: There were some major atheistic writers, too, that influenced the World.) Yes‚ it was a time of a turn from religion to atheism, a turn to violence, wickedness & crime!—The turning away from Christian religion & the religious foundations of the United States. And from that time on, from the turn of the century on, the World was turning into Hell on Earth!


23. When I was little it was still good out on the farms! It was Heaven out there in the country where there were almost all good people, hardly any bad people except for a few old drunks & a few itinerant labourers, usually extremely poor, who stayed away from churches. But most of the people went to church & were Christians & really truly good people.

24. That was the heyday of the foreign missionary movement, by the way—the last of the 19th century & the first of the 20th—when the U.S. was sending hordes of missionaries to the foreign fields, particularly to Eastern fields such as China, India & Japan, & also to Africa. In those days they practically converted Africa to Christianity! Those were days of great missionary movement in the last of the good generations when the churches were still very missionary-minded, willing to sacrifice to send missionaries to foreign fields.

25. That was it! The turn of the century was when the Earth began to turn into Hell on Earth!—And these were all the contributing factors: Industrialisation‚ urbanisation, leaving the farms, Evolution in education, the resultant turn to violence & crime, & the worst of all crimes—war! And the World became more & more violent, more anti-God, more anti-Christ & more Hell on Earth!

26. When I was born, that was the generation of the last of the good people, & they were nearly all farmers living on farms. The Christians of the churches in the big cities were rich & worldly & not so righteous any more‚ but thank God I got to witness that last generation of good Christian farmers! Thank God I got to see the last of the good generations, the dear old farm people! It seemed like they were the last of the good people in the U.S.

27. I began this discussion trying to figure out what made the World change so fast from such good people to such bad people, & those were the main contributing factors: Industrialisation, urbanisation, cities, leaving the farms, Evolution in education, violence‚ crime, wars & bringing back the evils of Europe to America!

28. And of course the growth of the power of the ACs & their influence on the U.S. was a contributing factor! They already had control of Europe for a long time, but they consolidated their control of Europe & took over the U.S. through those two great World Wars, until now they control nearly everything! They control industries, banks, the money & the media! They control people's minds through their movies, TV, radio, newspapers, advertising & education. They've taken all the religion out of education, God out of the public schools, & now they're reaping Hell!

29. Liquor & drunkenness was bad enough, it always has been, but they have "sowed the wind & reaped the whirlwind" (Hos.8:7) in their youth with drugs! That sort of thing was unheard of when I was young‚ even in High School! Nobody used drugs‚ not even marijuana back in the '30s & '40s! But after WW2 they brought back drugs. Marijuana swept the youth, such as in California in the '60s, & then it swept the nation‚ followed by hard drugs.


30. So that's how it happened, how the Devil was able to change the World in my generation from a fairly good World to a very bad World!—From a Heaven on Earth on the farms of the 19th century, to Hell on Earth in the cities of the 20th century!

31. But now it has gotten so bad that God is going to have to bring an end to it! He is going to let them have their last attempt at ruling themselves & trying to make a good World out of a bad one under the Antichrist‚ & of course it's going to fail.

32. Everything is so bad‚ not only the people, but the pollution & the wrecking of the environment & the atmosphere, that if God didn't stop it soon, the Devil would succeed in absolutely demolishing the Earth & slaughtering Mankind & destroying all God's Creation! But the Lord is not going to let him! So He is going to bring an end to it soon‚ thank the Lord, with His Own Coming & our Homecoming to a peaceful Earth "wherein dwelleth righteousness" (2Pet.3:13), & we will try to teach the World God's way of Love & peace!

33. Of course, even that will ultimately fail in the Battle of Gog & Magog. The Millennium will be a day of showing mercy even to the wicked, but as the Scripture says, "Yet will they not learn righteousness!"—Isa.26:10. Therefore the Lord will have to destroy them all, including the very surface of the Earth & the polluted atmosphere, & He will create a New World in which there is only righteousness, beauty, peace, goodness & Love! There will then truly be Heaven on Earth as the Holy City comes down & God dwells on Earth with saved Mankind, & Heaven really begins for the whole Universe! TTL!

34. Amen! TYJ! PYL! I was just sitting here thinking & praying about how it used to be & how it could change so fast! And that's how it happened!—In one generation! Of course, it's taken longer than that all together‚ because it's been changing ever since Adam & Eve! But that's how the Devil gained almost complete control just in my generation!—And why the Lord is now going to have to bring an End to it all! Thank the Lord!