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Ask Any Communist

David Berg

—MOAugust 21, 1973NO.256.—GP

Box 31 London WC2E 7LX England, or B. P. 752 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

Pray tell me this, if not amiss:

Ask Commie if he's happy!

Is heart content and life well spent

Or does he still feel scrappy?

And is his pie still in the sky

And not like yours and mine

Or does he sigh he cannot buy

Our happiness of mind!

Yearns he for death so free of breath

To terminate his tears?

Or has he pain and cries in vain

To free of all his fears!

Is hushed his crying and ceased his dying

Grows he no longer old?

Or fears he death and its foul breath

As body grows so cold!

Tires he of sighing but scared of dying

When death's head ugly rears?

And finds he less than happiness

As God prolongs his years?

Has he quit crying for life undying

And love that cannot fail?

Some future bliss will he just miss

And life e'erlasting wail!

When he's found this I'll drink his piss

With plans that always fail!

When what he cares with me he shares

His purpose will avail!

If he'll impart right from the start

A life that's always free

Then I will say I'll go his way

And he's the one for me!

But till he does, I'll not his fuzz

I'll not trade mine for pot!

His promised heaven I'm 'ready livin'!

Why trade for what I've got?

So let him dream till out of steam!

—I've got contentment now!

Why should I trade for noise he's made

And dreams of later row?

He's not what seems, for all his dreams

He can't give here and now!

Why should I miss my present bliss

He can't give anyhow?

When death I meet and lost loves greet

And am forever free

The love I know for'er will grow

And live eternally!

Why dirty work for this damn jerk

Who wants to fight in streets?

He'd better list and get the gist

And hope he Jesus meets!

I'd rather love of God above

And have my happiness

Than list to tripe of his own stripe

And make a hell of mess!

For he's yet to show me how he can blow me

With his system he says is so blest

I'll take my roses while I can count noses

And he can have all of the rest!

He can have his tomorrow so full of such sorrow

And its fears he for me can't allay!

For all of his sorrows and future tomorrows

Can't rid me of yesterday!

My day is already so full of what's ready

And the happiness God's already given!

For the life that he talks and he so seldom walks

I tell you I'm already livin'!

Long after he's passed from these things that don't last

And the things here for which he has striven,

I'll live with my wife a much happier life

Than the hell into which he'll be driven!

So if these words make sense to you

Then listen to my reason:

For I would soon go hence with you

Than listen to his treason!

I'd sooner have my liberty

Than all his slavery!

His educated jibbery

Just leads to knavery!

Let him live his lie before I die

And then I might believe it!

But if he can't, may he repent

And living Truth receive it!

So here we stand upon the sand

'Twixt Hell and deep blue sea!

The redhot hell of his poor land

Or church as cold can be!

You think it odd we have but God?

But He has made us free!

So take your Reds and Fascist heads-

We'll take our liberty!

The churches cold can have their old

And ministers' pink tea!-

I'll take my fun until I'm done

And leave the rest for thee!

You take your pie in future sky—

I want mine now and here!

For all is mine for which you whine

And you can have your fear!

For I have heaven in my heart

And I am happy now!

So why should I with heaven part

And to your future bow?

You promise me the things to be

Which can't help and when I'm dead!—

Horizons blue and things to do

When Marxist blood runs red!

I'd rather die than live your lie

Still happy I would be!

For why should I live for your lie

And things you can't give me?

The flowers of Spring, the birds that sing

—Did you make all of this?

And pray if not, then tell me what

You can create like this!

Methinks you can't!—For things you pant

But things cannot bring bliss!

For things won't grant the good you rant

And happiness you'll miss!

For Jesus gives me everything

Much more than you have got!

For Christ is our Creator,

King Which Communism's not!

For Reds cannot me joy now give

Nor blues my freedom ring!

For Jesus Christ I now can live,

My happy heart now sing!

So won't you take my Jesus now

Instead of counterfeit?

To love and live He'll show you how

And that's the truth of it!

Don't be a ham for empty sham

And hollow words and lies!

The Communist cannot have this

Not even when he dies!

For truth and Spring our God can bring

And happy you can be!

Take Jesus' joy right here and now

And you'll have more than he!

Come with us now!—We'll tell you how!

—His heavens we can't wait!

For we are happy here and now!

—His heaven is too late!