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Back to the Beginning

David Berg

DO 2551 9/89

—We've Done It Before & We Can Do It Again!

1. I'm pretty persuaded that if anything big is going to happen in November, it's probably going to be the Economic Crash! The whole thing is just hanging on bare threads right now! More & more economists are coming out & saying it's likely to happen‚ & the more honest ones are saying flat-out that it can't help but happen!

2. It's wonderful to be aware that it's going to happen so we can be prepared‚ & I think we've done a fairly good job of getting ready for whatever is going to happen. But where do you think we're the most vulnerable when the Crash actually happens? (Fam: Probably economically, because people's income will be way way down, & therefore the Family's income will be way down.)—And that means WS' income will drop as well.

3. But we have to survive for the sake of the Family, so we're doing the best we can to repair & prepare so that the whole ship doesn't sink! We've got to have at least one, or maybe two or three good lifeboats where we can be sure that we survive, because without us it would be pretty difficult to keep the rest of the Family going.

4. I believe the Lord is going to keep the Family going somehow! There may not be much income coming in, & if the Family is living on a survival dribble‚ our WS income will be greatly reduced & we will have to live on a survival dribble too. That's one reason I'm suggesting that we get any supplies & equipment that we need now, because we won't be able to get them later. We should get all of the equipment we need now while we have the funds.

5. The present state of poor Latin America is a good dandy bad example of what's going to happen to the rest of the World! And the way our Latin Family is still managing & even prospering should be a very good example of how to survive it! They ought to be sharing all the advice they can right now, so the rest of the Family can make similar preparations.


6. Well, I lived through the Great Depression with a family of 12-25 most of the time & an income of only about $10 a week, & we survived! Of course, the prices were very low then too. That's what I'm wondering: What are the ACs going to do about that this time? They seem to have figured out how to use inflation to really crush a country now, like they're crushing the Latin Americans.

7. There was no such thing as inflation during the Great Depression, the prices were totally deflated & they got down to where even the poorest people could pay them. I remember seeing ads in magazines that said, "Take our retirement plan & some day when you're old & retired, you can live like a king on $100 a month!" The trouble is, by the time those people got that old‚ they couldn't even exist on $100 a month! So it doesn't always work that way. Inflation wiped out the value of their money.

8. I'm wondering if they're going to figure out some way to keep inflation up even though people have less money. Maybe they'll just keep the prices high whether people can pay for things or not, like they're doing in South America.—Just jack up the prices & let'm starve!


9. It might not be a bad idea for at least some of the Family to consider living out on farms where they can raise their own food. They can grow grains & vegetables & raise animals for meat. It wouldn't hurt to know how to do some of those things. The Lord has kept alive a lot of those old-fashioned skills that are going to be very essential in the Millennium, things like how to drive a team of horses or be a blacksmith. There are still places that specialise in making buggies, coaches & wagons. They make'm mostly for the movie industry, but it's preserving the art.

10. They still have a lot of those old sailboats too. They train sailors on them nowadays, just to give'm a little idea of what sailing was like in the old days. So they still know how to sail & handle all that tackle & everything! The Lord is preserving a lot of those old skills that are going to be very important in the Millennium. We'll have people teaching those to everybody‚ even some things about raising animals.


11. The way things are going we may even have to go back to the basics of using manual typewriters, carbon paper & onionskin paper to get out the Word! Every office ought to have at least one non-electric typewriter that doesn't need anything to operate it other than just a girl with 10 fingers, or even a boy with two fingers!

12. I'm sure thankful I learned touch typing in school. It sure has been a blessing, because I used to type all those prayer letters before Mama came along. I used to have to type stencils & run the mimeo machine, the works! But that's what got us started, way back in the pre-Mama days!

13. Dear Eve was no help at all with anything like that! She could type, but I couldn't trust her to write the prayer letters. Well, later when I was out travelling getting Fred's show on TV‚ she did try to get'm together‚ mostly pictures & captions & things like that, because the prayer letters were a very important source of prayer & income!

14. I think we should be prepared for the worst scenario! We may have to get back to non-electronics—typewriters that work without electricity & some sort of duplicating machine that works without electricity. How far back would you have to go to find some kind of printing press that works without electricity? You'd have to go to manual mimeograph machines.

15. My lifetime goes back to that kind of thing. (Fam: Perhaps they have offset printers now that you can operate by hand.) Let's find out about that! If necessary, a mimeograph could do it if we had to. On a mimeograph you can print about four GN-size pages if you use the long legal-sized paper, so it's possible to print the GNs that way. But if we don't have the hand-operated equipment it could be impossible! I think we ought to buy every single one of our printing centers some kind of printing or duplication equipment that is purely hand-operated, that needs no electricity.

16. I'm trusting that the System will continue to exist in one form or another, & if anything we'll still be able to use the postal system & transportation. If we have to go back to Paul's days of hand-carried couriers, we could do it, but I don't know that things are ever going to really get that bad to where we can't use the postal system. I'm sure they'd try to catch us, but to do so they'd have to open all the mail! They're never going to have enough time for that, they have enough trouble sorting mail without having to open it all!

17. I think maybe I'm less afraid of what's coming than some of you, because I've been through something very similar before! We went through the Depression & the anti-Christ dictator that got us out of it! Roosevelt was as much a dictator as the U.S. has ever had. If he had lived any longer‚ the U.S. would have become a dictatorship‚ & a Communist dictatorship at that!—Which is why I'm sure the Lord killed him. He died of a sudden stroke.


18. Can you think of anything else we're going to need if we'll have to operate everything by hand? We'll need little transistor radios to get the news, & the radio will be our main source of information!

19. In the Army they used to have hand-operated generators for keeping the radios going. I remember seeing them in the junk shops or in the Army/Navy stores after the War. (Maria: Didn't we see a video where some missionary organisations in Africa were giving the villagers little radios like that?) Yes, they were distributing hand generators that could generate enough electricity to operate small radios. They would give them a small radio that was big enough that the whole village could gather together in the town center & hear the Gospel in their language, & they would generate the power by hand.

20. I can remember using hand generators when we were showing "Bible in Pictures." There were some towns in the outback of the U.S.A. that still didn't have electricity‚ particularly on the Indian reservations. So it shows that some areas do use hand generators.


21. We need to be perfectly‚ completely, independently self-operating, self-sustaining & self-sufficient! It's not enough for us to have food if we can't write or type or duplicate! Of course, we'd have to cut down drastically on our publications, probably to nothing but MO Letters & a little news, so that the printing centers could get it out even if they only had a mimeograph.

22. Each of our major printing centers would probably duplicate less copies than I did with my old prayer letters! Good night! I used to get out 2,000 copies of our 8-page prayer letter at least once a month. That would be something!—Two thousand copies, most of which I printed by hand! Well, when it got up that high, we were in Miami & we finally had enough money to take them to the printer.—Before that I did them all myself & cranked them out by hand!

23. Our mailing list got up to 2,000 after we left Valley Farms & joined the Soul Clinic & went to Miami etc. It was then that I realised that I'd rather have a lot of those little old ladies out there on a pension supporting me than one rich man, because there were a lot more people to pray for us‚ & they did, God bless'm!—And a lot more people to support us! Fred used to say, "I'd rather have 10,000 little widow ladies each send me in $1 a month, than one rich man giving me $10,000 a month!—Because for one thing‚ he's going to want to run the whole thing & tell me what to do with his $10,000!"—Like Brother Paul did down in Selah, Texas etc.

24. So it can be done! I've done it myself, personally! I typed out all the little letters on legal-sized paper & I put the pictures on, & when we could afford it, I'd take it down to the printer & have them make me sufficient copies. We had special "letter days" when we put the whole school to work folding, stuffing & stamping. Let me tell you, preparing 2,000 letters was quite a job! It took us about three or four days at the end of the every month to get'm out!

25. So we can do it! Like the old song from WW2: "We've done it before & we can do it again! We can do it again! We can do it again! We have done it before & we can do it again!" So praise the Lord! (Sings:) "Praise the Lord & pass the ammunition! All aboard, we're on a mighty mission! Praise the Lord & pass the ammunition & we'll all stay free!"—It used to say "stay free" but we can say "productive"! We've done it before & we can do it again if we have to! If I could get out 2,000 copies all by myself, then I know our print centers can do the same!

26. We got in a mountain of mail & good support from our prayer letters! Most of our students didn't have anything to give towards running the Soul Clinic school‚ so the prayer letter generated almost our entire support. In fact, that was our sole support when I built my church in Arizona. Imagine those people kicking me out of a church that I paid for & built with my own money that I received from prayer letters from people that helped to support us! Think of it! We raised virtually all the money ourselves just getting out prayer letters.

27. I used to do the prayer letters all by myself because Eve was too busy with the kids; in fact‚ she didn't have too much confidence in our prayer letters. I knew what it could do because my Mother did it & my Grandfather did it! My Uncle used to belittle it & say, "Oh, Nina Virginia thinks she is going to evangelise the World with prayer letters!" But it did the job!—And if we had to do it again, we've done it before & we can do it again!


28. Well, I think we need to learn how to be without electricity, without all these fancy machines, & go back, shall we say, to the beginning?—Back to the beginnings, just like we used to do!

29. One thing we don't want to have to do is write our Letters by hand! Let's at least have some mechanical typewriters. They must still have'm. They don't have to have those electronic self-correcting things, just ordinary normal manual typewriters! We're going to have to be prepared to be purely mechanical instead of electronic, & we're going to have to have our publishing centers equipped with manual typewriters & some kind of manual printing or duplication equipment.

30. One of the cheapest, simplest things that almost anybody can use is the mimeo! If they've got hand-operated offset machines that you can make your own plates with, then of course that would be better, & every print center should have one! Just in case the System fails, electricity fails & the whole works fail, at least we can still get out the Word! We may have to go back to the beginnings, but we've done it before & we can do it again! Amen? OK! Let's make an itemised list of what our offices should have.

31. Number 1: A manual typewriter! The print centers & offices must have one.

32. Number 2: Some form of manual duplicator‚ either a mimeo or offset.

33. Number 3: Supplies: Legal-sized paper, along with legal–sized carbon paper. They'll need duplicator supplies as well. You'd better be well-supplied & stocked up with whatever supplies you need for the duplicator. (stencils, ink etc.)

34. Number 4: A mail box somewhere.—Of course‚ everyone should already have this.

35. Number 5: Legal-sized envelopes. It might be hard to get the legal-sized envelopes‚ so it would be good for the print centers to have some on hand. In that day our mailings will have to look like normal letter envelopes. There was a time we used to fold up the GN to fit in an ordinary personal-size envelope so it wouldn't even look like any kind of business letter, but just like a personal letter.

36. Number 6: Hand-operated generators, or you might look into solar power too. I think you can get battery chargers that are solar-operated & maybe there are transistor radios that are solar-operated. We need some form of generation to keep our radios & tape recorders going.

37. Number 7: Small transistor radios & tape recorders that don't use much battery juice. Tape recorders for both recording & listening, & radios to listen to the news.


38. I hope I'm not scaring you! I've been through it before, so it doesn't scare me! I'm willing to do it any way we have to as long as we get out the Word, because that's our job, to feed the people! We've got to get out something to keep them inspired, encouraged, directed & in fellowship! Amen? Praise the Lord!

39. It's amazing! We're going back to the early beginnings & ways so that we need a whole new set of machinery & materials! We have pretty much tried to get everybody to prepare themselves for physical survival, but we need to prepare for our spiritual ministry's survival with this equipment. In the days that are coming I think we'll be severely handicapped if we don't have it. Our print centers will certainly need all of this, & we editorial & preparation offices will need a lot of it as well. We've got to be able to get back to where we can do it by hand, the hand-made process!

40. I think this is a Letter that needs to be gotten out to the Family as soon as possible! There are things they could do to make themselves not so utterly dependent on System electricity. Praise the Lord?


41. I think we ought to research those solar-powered batteries. They'd probably sell more of those little card-sized calculators if they didn't say they were solar-powered, because, as you know‚ you can just put them right under any electric light & they will work fine‚ it doesn't have to be actual sun light. I wonder if the whole Family knows that they can get so-called "solar-powered" calculators where they never have to buy any batteries?—That work just as well under electric light as they do under solar light. I think that's pretty important, especially for our accountants!

42. They've got oodles of solar–powered calculators nowadays & you don't have to depend on these damned batteries! When are they going to come out with a solar-powered dictaphone or tape recorder, or a solar–powered transistor radio? I wonder if they have solar-powered battery chargers? What do those explorers do out on long expeditions when they can't run down to the corner drugstore & buy more batteries for their radio? They must have some type of either solar-powered equipment or hand-generated equipment. I'll bet you can find one or the other! You'd better research what's available locally before you go out & buy the first thing you see, though. OK? PTL!


43. It's exciting to have a challenge like that!—And to know we can conquer it! Praise God? That's the way I felt in the Depression!—No matter what it was, if I needed it, I figured‚ well, somehow we're going to get it!

44. I even built my own little radios during that time—I had the first radios on the block! People were coming around to me buying these radios & I'd say, "You buy the earphones & I'll build the radio for $5!"—And I'd go around to all the hock shops & the little junk shops & electronic shops & pick up odds & ends of radio parts. And one thing I always had to shop for were those nice little cedar chests—they made lovely little radio cases! I'd shop around for them & go to work on them & sell about one a week.

45. $5 was a lot of money in those days! To show how much money it was‚ my weekly allowance was 25 cents‚ so I was always finding different ways to make money! I sold perfume, Cloverine salve, & oh, I don't have time to tell you all the rest! Thank you for your patience! I think that's enough to get you started!