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War and Peace

David Berg

—Or‚ What Has Communism Got?

—MOApril 16, 1973NO.255—GP

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1. IN "WAR AND PEACE" TOLSTOY IS LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. It's a picture of the human soul searching for an answer.—And all of the experiences through which he goes, whether it is School, or love, or war, or peace‚ show that none of these satisfy him and that none of these is the answer. You feel these experiences with him. It is a picture of a young man going through life looking for the answer, and shows all of his experience in life in which he does not find the answer.

2. IT SHOWS THE FUTILITY OF WAR, THE FUTILITY OF LIFE‚ THE FUTILITY OF PEACE‚ the futility of the kind of government they had. It also points out the futility of their religion, that in spite of all their religiosity, their religion is hypocritical. The faith of the people was sincere, and they were honest and sincere in their faith, but they were putting their faith in a religious system that was corrupt and hypocritical. The poor people weren't to be blamed, but they had their faith in something that was false.

3. COMMUNISM CANNOT HELP BUT IDENTIFY GOD WITH THE RELIGIOUS SYSTEMS who were supposed to be giving them God. So when they become embittered against the religious system, they usually become embittered against God. "Because‚" they say, "if that's what God's like, I don't want anything to do with Him!" It shows the hypocrisy of the priests and the nobility who can go so piously to church and then mow down the poor!

4. THIS COMMUNIST ANTI-GOD PROPAGANDA HAS TO BE SUBTLE. They handled "Nicolas and Alexandra" the same way. They have to identify God with the corrupt religious system, or a corrupt religionist. It shows the sincerity of the people, but shows they were sincerely wrong, because their religion wasn't doing them any good, so God wasn't doing them any good. He wasn't saving their people or them from starvation and the brutality of war.

5. TOLSTOY WAS SEEKING. HE COULD SEE THE GOOD, BUT THEN HE COULD SEE THE EVIL. It was an extremely fair picture of life. But having taken you through all these experiences and shown you how evil men usually triumph in a Capitalist society, whether economically or politically, he infers the failure of religion‚ and, therefore, God. That's your subtle punch right there‚ when he asks: "If evil men can work together to get what they want, why cannot good men work together for what they want?

6. BUT ALL THE TIME HE WAS SEEKING, DID HE EVER FIND THE ANSWER?—And if so, in what? He went down and worked with the poor and became a peasant. He was looking for a purpose in life.—Did he ever find it? He learned compassion for the poor by giving up everything, but where was the solution to poverty?

7. IT'S SUMMED UP LIKE THIS: HIS ANSWER TO MAN IS MAN, NOT GOD. If man could get it together he could solve his own problems. That's the whole principle of Communism, and the whole principle of the Devil from the Garden of Eden on: That man himself, if he could get it together, could solve all his own problems. "Don't just let these bad teachers and religious leaders and politicians do it! But you, you can answer your own problems if you'll get busy and fight!" How smart they are to show that movie in all–night sessions that only young people would attend!—Eight solid hours of strong conditioning, indoctrination and propaganda!

8. COMMUNISM PREACHES‚ "YOU ARE THE ANSWER TO YOUR OWN PROBLEMS! You just need to get it together and start fighting for it against your evil rulers!" But as it so often proves, as long as the heart of man is still evil, as soon as they get control they're just another set of evil rulers! They can never have perfect love and compassion for the poor without God's love, because the heart of man is still evil.

9. MAN'S FINAL WORLD GOVERNMENT IS GOING TO BE THE MOST PERFECT GOVERNMENT THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS HEART OF MAN COULD EVER CONTRIVE, the most idealistic, the most fair, the most compassionate‚ the most equal‚ the most sharing. It will be like trying to have Christianity without Christ! So then of course they will see it needs a Christ, a superman to make this possible. So the Devil himself once again, as he did in the beginning‚ will try to be the world's god, to show they can do it if they have him as their own god. But because he's not the right God, in the long run it won't work.

10. THE MOVIE SHOWED THAT THE RUSSIANS DON'T REALLY HATE THE PEOPLE: THEY REALLY HAVE COMPASSION for the poor soldiers and victims of the system. It's their leaders who are the monsters. It shows how they tried to deceive the people into thinking they were being victorious when they were going down in ignominious defeat. The leaders didn't dare tell the people they were losing.

11. THE MAIN CHARACTER‚ ANDRE, WHO WAS REALLY THE PERSONALITY OF TOLSTOY, NEVER REALLY FOUND THE ANSWER. But his idea was, "If the people get it together and overthrow the evil, we may be able to find the good, the answer. We don't really know what the good is, but we're bound to find it if we get together and overthrow the evil. "You must sometime see the film called "The Adventurers". It was American capitalistic propaganda against the South American revolutions, showing how EACH NEW REVOLUTION BECOMES THE NEXT TYRANNY.

12. THIS IS THE PRINCIPLE OF ANARCHY: "IF WE CAN JUST DESTROY THE EXISTING SYSTEM, WE COULD FIND THE GOOD, or it will create itself. The good is bound to arise somewhere."—Like the lie of evolution! In a way it sounds like that's the principle of "War and Peace": "If you'll just destroy evil, you can create good. You may not know the answer yet, but just to destroy the evil is good.

13. "LET'S DO EVIL THAT GOOD MAY COME!"—THAT'S THEIR PRINCIPLE. BUT THAT KIND OF EVIL NEVER CREATES GOOD, but just another tyranny‚ usually worse than the first! Communism doesn't really offer the answer. It only has a theoretical goal: An earthy Utopian Communist heaven on earth. But Communism even admits it hasn't reached that yet. Death too is not the answer either, but you must die for the people. The most subtle propaganda is the kind where you don't even know you're being propagandised. It even subtly gives you the impression they weren't actually against religion.

14. IN FACT, COMMUNISM IS A RELIGION IN ITSELF. The Soviets are very puritanical, extremely self-righteous and narrow-minded. It's a religion of self-righteousness. They're against any forms of so-called evil. It's like saying you can have a religious experience within yourself without God.

15. COMMUNISM EVEN PREACHES A KIND OF IMMORTALITY, not the literal immortality of the soul‚ that you will continue to exist as a distinct personality, but that you, according to the good influence you had in the world, your life and the good you've accomplished will live on. "You will become immortal according to what part you had in helping to bring about the Revolution. Even though you die, the Revolution will be a part of you, and you will be a part of the Revolution that will live on—That's your immortality! There's an element of truth in that, the immortality of your influence does live on. The Bible teaches that too.

16. YOU GET THE IMPRESSION FROM THE FILM THAT THE MASSES MUST DIE, THAT DEATH IS NO BIG THING. THE MAIN THING IS TO DIE FOR THE BIG THING. One person is not all that important. If you die for the Big Cause, you will live on in the Big Cause, because your death helped to make the Big cause possible.—This is the type of immortality that communism preaches: That to die for the Revolution is to live on in the people that you have liberated. Your influence lives on, this is true.

17. SO THEY'RE AGAIN IMITATING A SCRIPTURAL TRUTH AND USING IT, BUT THEY'RE NOT GOING FAR ENOUGH. The Bible says, "No man liveth to himself, and certainly no man dieth to himself." There is one thing everybody has to have, and you cannot be without‚ for it is impossible for you to be without it: Everybody has influence. Whether we live or die‚ we have some effect on others and the world. How much have we affected others and the world around us and the course of history?

18. IN OTHER WORDS, THEIR CONCEPT OF IMMORTALITY IS THAT YOU LIVE ON FOREVER IN YOUR INFLUENCE—the influence you had. They're claiming to offer an immortality that is not religious: You don't have to have religion or believe in God to have immortality. You will live on, not in God or in Heaven, but you will live on in the people on earth in as much as you have tried to create heaven here for the people."

19. THIS IS WHAT MAO TAUGHT: HE SAID, "THE PEOPLE ARE GOD!"—AND THAT'S THE CARDINAL PRINCIPLE OF COMMUNISM: MAN IS HIS OWN GOD—SELF-WORSHIP! He said, "They say we are godless and have no god, but our god is you the people! This is the ultimate in the worship of man: That man is god, and that man is worth living for and dying for! It's just one step from the ultimate truth, almost but lost! Jesus said: "God is love, and the greatest commandment is to love God and the next is like unto it": It's almost equal—almost the same—"to love your neighbour."

20. THEIR IDEA IS: "WE ARE GOING TO HAVE EVERY PART OF IT, THE WHOLE THING, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE RELIGION, BUT WITHOUT GOD!—We are going to have as much brotherly love, as much self-sacrificial spirit, as much sharing, as much forsaking all‚ as much dying for a cause, and creating the ultimate good as you could possibly have—but without God! in other words: We are going to be God!"—This is the ultimate in blasphemy and rebellion against God! This is the very same thing Satan said to himself: "I will be as the Most High!"—I don't want to be next to God. I want to be God!

21. WHAT SUBTLENESS OF PROPAGANDA, SUBCONSCIOUSLY IMPLANTED IN YOU, ITS IDEALS AND IDEALISM and those fundamental principles‚ without your even being conscious of the fact you're being propagandised!—And it's literally by a masterpiece and a master mind like Tolstoy, who however eventually did find his answer in simple faith in God! "Death and suffering are a necessity for the greater goal of the Revolution!"

22. COMMUNISM PREACHES AGAINST LEADERS AND LEADERSHIP. THE PEOPLE ARE THE LEADERS, the "dictatorship of the proletariat," which means the dictatorship of the people. "I am the captain of my soul, the master of my fate!" You don't have to have leaders‚ you can be your own leaders. That's what our enemies tell our backsliders and the Jesus People. But this shows you God knows what He is doing, and the Devil does nothing but imitate:

23. "GET RID OF YOUR PRESENT LEADERS, AND WE'LL BE YOUR LEADERS!"—IS WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN! For if Communism is going to preach total anarchy to the present regimes and tyrannies, present world leadership, if their doctrine is totally against any leadership, then how are they ever going to have a successful revolution?

24. ANYBODY BUT A FOOL KNOWS, IF HE'S A STUDENT OF ANYTHING AT ALL, THAT EVERYTHING HAS TO HAVE A LEADER! If they preach a doctrine against leadership and leaders, then how are they going to have a successful revolution without leaders?

25. WELL, THEY CONFESS THAT AT THE MOMENT THEY DO HAVE TO HAVE DICTATORSHIP, AND THEY NOW HAVE TO HAVE LEADERS TO BRING IT ABOUT. But they say their goal is total communism—leaderless‚ lawless and sinless, in which everybody is equal. Because of the equality of the distribution of wealth, etc., in their future Utopia nobody steals or murders, because nobody has any motive for it, so everybody becomes sinless.

26. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE RELIGION IN COMMUNISM: A WORLD WITHOUT LAW AND WITHOUT LEADERS AND WITHOUT SIN, because, like gods, they have eliminated all of the evil! What then do they preach for the people to follow? Well, they are not to follow a man or a leader, but all are to agree on a certain ideology, a certain system of thought, a way of thinking‚ a certain Plan.

27. THE PLAN, OR THE IDEOLOGY BECOMES THE LEADER. Now they're not just all wrong in that, in a way we do the same and say it's all in the Bible and the MO Letters! In other words, you can have this Plan without any earthly leaders necessarily being responsible, if you'll all live according to the Plan, the ideology, the system of thought, the Principle, the divine principle, you might say‚ although they wouldn't call it divine, but the spiritual principle of their kind of life, of their system of communism.

28. WHERE DO THEY FIND THIS PLAN? WHERE DO THEY FIND TRUE COMMUNISM?—IN MARXIST, LENINIST AND MAOIST DOCTRINES, OF COURSE! They are trying to prove you find it in no one leader. In their present government they've set up a tripartite leadership, and there is no longer one great idolised and deified demagogue of the people—no god of the people in a certain leader. They say this is what's been wrong with all the other systems—they've all been led by a man. "Our system is not led by a man. Our system is led by a great Principle, a great Plan, a great system of political thought and economics."

29. WHAT THEY'RE REALLY SAYING IS THAT THEY'RE LED BY A SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE OR SYSTEM‚ WHICH OF COURSE MEANS THEY HAVE A SPIRITUAL LEADER, THE DEVIL, although they would never confess that! They do have a god, and he's Satan!—Even if they don't know it! Some thoroughly atheistic Communists no longer even like Marx, because, although Marx claimed not to believe in God‚ he confessed to what he called the principle of History. He confessed there was a driving Force behind History, which showed there was a Plan for man. He didn't believe in God, but there is Something back there this Dialectics of Materialism, swinging to one way then the other, but always coming back to the middle and getting closer to the goal.

30. MARX CONFESSED THAT THERE WAS SOME PLAN BEHIND IT ALL, BUT HE DENIED THERE WAS ANY PLANNER, but there was some kind of a Principle, some Force. But how can you have a Plan without a Planner? The most atheistic of Communists think that Marx still had a hangover from his former Jewish-Christian religion! They say, of course, if you believe there is any Plan or Design, as logical thinkers you then must realise there had be a Planner or Designer! Therefore, the anti-Marxist Communists, who are more on the order of the Maoists‚ no longer accept Marx en toto as much as they accept Lenin‚ because Marxism was too religious. He said there was a Plan and a Design and a driving Force of some kind behind History.

31. BUT IF YOU CONFESS THAT, YOU HAVE TO CONFESS THERE IS A DESIGNER BEHIND THE DESIGN AND A PLANNER BEHIND THE PLAN! This driving force then must be an omnipotent power, a God behind History, who must have given a Plan and a Goal to History, and man is being driven to his ultimate goal whether he likes it or not! But Communism says Capitalism is going to collapse because it is the design of the Design, and Communism is going to triumph because it was the plan of the Plan! In other words, the Plan itself becomes a god and the Design becomes a god which they serve and worship! The Principle itself becomes their god!

32. SO COMMUNISM ITSELF BECOMES THEIR GOD!—THE STATE BECOMES THEIR GOD. They then worship and serve the state, which is of course‚ they claim, the people. So what they are really doing, they say, is worshipping the people. The people are worth living and dying for, and they're the ultimate goal. People are the answer to people, and people can solve people's problems. If the people could get control and triumph, then the people could solve all the people's own problems. So we're back again to self–worship and the worship of man!—"Man and his world!"

33. SO THEY CONFESS YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOME LEADERS RIGHT NOW TO GET THE PLAN ACROSS, some teachers to teach the Teaching. But eventually, when all the people know the teaching and have all graduated and school is over, who needs the teachers? Everyone will be taught and all will know, and "None shall say unto his neighbour, Know the Lord, for all shall know Me!"—See what a mimicry of God's Truth it is? In the End, in other words‚ "By My Spirit you'll all be taught, and will have no further need that any man teach you, for all shall know Me!" Everyone will then know the Plan‚ and become part of the Plan, and find his place in the Plan.

34. SO WHAT THEY ARE REALLY SAYING IS THIS: WE HAVE THE PLAN, WE HAVE THE SYSTEM OF TEACHING THAT WILL SAVE THE WORLD! We have the gospel, the good news of the truth, that man can save himself if he will just get together and try. "Man, get on the ball! Get it together! Get with it! Work together, fight together, and you'll solve all your own problems! Save yourself! Get rid of your present leadership, the evil corrupt system, the evil corrupt leaders of the System, and accept ours instead! Get rid of all the old and hire the new!

35. WE ONCE HAD MARX, BUT WE NO LONGER NEED MARX BECAUSE WE HAVE MARXISM! We once had Lenin, Lenin is gone but we still need Leninism‚ which is helping us to bring about Marxism. Do you understand the difference? Marxism is the Plan—Leninism is how to put the plan into effect‚ how to bring about the Plan. But eventually we will need neither, neither Marx nor Lenin nor those who teach us Marxism or Leninism, because all will know and be part of the Plan!

36. ALL OPPONENTS AND ENEMIES WILL HAVE BEEN LIQUIDATED. All the evil will have been crushed and eliminated, and only the good will be left—the common people and the Plan!—And the people, since now they have become part of the Plan, will no longer need planners nor leaders, but they themselves will be the Plan, a Kingdom of hell upon Earth!

37. BUT OF COURSE, AS THEY GET CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THAT GOAL, THEY ARE GOING TO FIND IN THE END THAT THEY NEED ONE LAST LEADER to really and truly unite them all into the Plan, and to be like the Spirit of the Plan. All of these other so-called man-made religions, including Christianity, will have to be totally eliminated and replaced by the Plan—Communism‚ or the final anti–God government of the Antichrist and his religion of self-worship! Because the people have to believe in something‚ they will have to have them worship not only the Plan, but since it is man's weakness to need to embody the Plan in a personality, they will have to give them some personality who symbolises and embodies the Plan‚ who is like the Spirit of the Plan, that they can follow. In worshipping him they'll be persuaded they're not really worshipping the man, but the Plan!—And of course it will be whom?—The Antichrist!

38. THE WHOLE IDEA WAS STOLEN STRAIGHT FROM THE BIBLE and from God, because His is the ideal Plan! The only problem is, who is behind it?—Which Planner? The Devil is engineering this new plan, you see?—And he is working towards the ultimate goal of having the world worship him. But he got this Plan from Somebody else, because the Principle is God's! There is a Plan, but like their plan, though they deny a Planner‚ they have a Planner, and almost confess it even as Marx confesses it in his Design of History, implying a Designer. He confesses there is a Plan, and indirectly admits there is therefore some kind of Planner.

39. THE BIBLE OPENLY CONFESSES THERE IS A PLAN AND A PLANNER, A DESIGN AND A DESIGNER, AND THAT IT IS FOR THE PEOPLE, AND THE ULTIMATE GOAL IS THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE AND THE ABOLITION OF EVIL and the evil leaders and the evil systems by the people—Not just their leaders, but everybody, every individual person can have their particular experience of conversion to the Plan and conversion to the Spirits of the Plan and be no longer controlled by man, nor man's leaders, but controlled by the Spirit or Divine Principle of the Plan, individually controlled, everyone by the Spirit of the Plan‚ every man his own priest, every man his own king, his own leader, because he's controlled by the Spirit of the Plan, the Spirit of God!

40. ALTHOUGH YOU MAY HAVE TO HAVE TEACHERS NOW TO TEACH YOU THE PLAN, THE BIBLE, AND THE MO LETTERS, we're teaching now that one day soon you will no longer need the preachers and the teachers of the Bible. All you really need to teach you is the Bible and the MO Letters if you'll just read them and believe them and accept them! MO also is only for the time being & MO is merely the one who is giving you the Plan. If you will faithfully follow the Plan, the Bible and the MO letters, soon you'll no longer need MO, for "I Gotta Split!" That's why God is giving it all now. I'll be gone one of these days, but God has spoken by His Spirit to give you the Plan.

41. YOU SEE, THE BIBLE WAS ENOUGH IN ITS DAY, it was all the truth that man needed when it was fresh and new and had just been given by the prophets, the original prophets, until it was contorted and distorted and misinterpreted and mistranslated and everything by the preachers! Although the Bible is just as new and fresh and good as ever to us if we can sweep away all this fabrication of man's interpretations, and sweep away all this churchy garbage and get back down and delve underneath to find the foundations, then we can see the plan how it was supposed to be.

42. BUT THE TRUE FOUNDATION HAS BEEN SO CLUTTERED UP THROUGH THE CENTURIES BY MAN THAT HE HAS LOST SIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL FOUNDATION, the original Plan. Even though he has the Bible and looks at it, he can't see it. He can't see the forest for the trees. He can't see it because he's been mentally conditioned by all the preachers and teachers and false teachers and the wrong way they live, their dandy bad example which is so contrary to the plan of true Christianity, that the plan is lost under a heap of man's own rubble!

43. NOT THAT THE PLAN IS NOT AS GOOD AS IT EVER WAS, BUT WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO REDISCOVER THE TRUE FOUNDATION? Who does the rediscovering? It takes an archaeologist who comes in and clears away the rubble! He knows the difference between rubble and the genuine Foundation‚ and he clears away the wreckage‚ debris and dust of centuries and uncovers for you again the true genuine Plan. He shows you what the Plan really was like. He digs out the Bible from under all the trash and reveals it to you as it really is and really was.

44. BUT IT TAKES A LOT OF HARD WORK AND A LOT OF DIGGING AND CLEARING AWAY OF THE RUBBLE OF CENTURIES, all the false teaching and example and false systems, to uncover the basic Foundation and the real Plan, compared to which the rest is all trash! God Himself, the Master Builder, built the foundation, but man covered it and buried it in his litter, so God has to take whom to unbury it? He has to take and use man and man's tools for the sake of man to unbury His Foundation.

45. WHO IS THE ARCHAEOLOGIST? IN THIS CASE I AM YOUR ARCHAEOLOGIST. With every Letter I'm clearing away the churchy rubble, getting rid of man's debris, and pushing aside the preachers' litter, to try to uncover for you once again what the Bible really says and means‚ what Jesus taught, and how He really lived‚ and what the disciples really showed, and what they were really trying to show by their example. In other words, we're rediscovering what God's plan was all the time! It's been there all the time and is as good as ever, but we can't build on that foundation again till we get rid of all the rubble of the Rabbis!

46. SO, WE'RE LIKE THE COMMUNISTS‚ AND THEIR WHOLE IDEA IS FUNDAMENTALLY RIGHT UP TO A CERTAIN POINT, AS MUCH AS THEY GOT OUT OF THE BIBLE! You must get rid of the rubble to rediscover the true Plan for man.—They say History's true Plan, they don't say God's Plan. But personally I don't see any difference. except that with their help eventually History's Plan will become the Devil's Plan! Right now we're showing you pictures of what the Foundation really looks like, so when you get rid of the rubble and arrive at the true Foundation, you will know what the Foundation is like.

47. BUT THE COUMMUNISTS ARE SAYING: "WE'RE YOUR ARCHAEOLOGISTS‚ because you must help us get rid of the rubble of Capitalism, or you'll never discover what the real Plan is supposed to be."—Which is only partly true. The method of the idea is true. That's what always has to be done in order to build any new building or even to continue to build the original building.

48. THE ONLY TROUBLE IS, THEY'VE GOT THE WRONG CORNERSTONE, AND THEREFORE THEY'RE REALLY BUILDING ON THE WRONG FOUNDATION! Their picture of the foundation is not the same as ours, because they have a different planner and a different designer or copier and counterfeiter of the plan they're going by!—So they're going to arrive at the wrong foundation. They're uncovering the evils of the system and its debris, and the present selfish capitalistic systems of economics, politics, etc., are wrong, that's true. But they're digging in the wrong direction, so they're not going to discover the right foundation. They'll discover somebody else's foundation, the Devil's, and therefore they'll build another building which cannot stand, because theirs is built upon the sand!

49. WHEREAS, ACCORDING TO OUR ARCHAEOLOGIST, WE HAVE BEEN TOLD TO DIG IN ANOTHER DIRECTION, AND WE'LL DISCOVER THE TRUE FOUNDATION THAT'S ON THE ROCK, CHRIST JESUS! The method is the same, or very similar. Whether you are digging in this spot or in that spot, we are all archaeologists and all trying to find a foundation.—And the methods of finding the foundation are the same: It's in digging and in clearing away the rubble of centuries and the ruins of past systems and generations, which only buried and covered and disguised the foundation.

50. IN OTHER WORDS, THE PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION ARE ALMOST IDENTICAL, BOTH OURS AND THEIRS, AND THE SEARCH IS ALMOST IDENTICAL. The method of search‚ and the methods of uncovering, getting rid of the old‚ to find the originals or the new, whatever you want to call it, are much the same.—And the supposed goal or the object of the digging seems very similar and looks almost the same: It's to discover the Plan, to discover the Foundation. And the purpose is almost the same: To try to build, rebuild or to finish the building and the original plan on the original foundation for some good purpose, the good of man, a house that can be used or a building that can be rebuilt. So the method is much the same and the purpose is much the same. The method is digging and clearing away the rubble and trying to find the original foundation, and the purpose is to try to rebuild the building and make it useful to man.

51. THE TROUBLE IS, THAT ALTHOUGH THEIR METHOD IS SIMILAR, AND THEIR PURPOSE AND GOALS ARE SUPPOSEDLY SIMILAR, THEY ARE DIGGING IN THE WRONG PLACE, LED BY THE WRONG SPIRIT, AND THEREFORE THEY ARE GOING TO DISCOVER THE WRONG FOUNDATION, THEY WILL THEN BUILD ON IT ONLY TO FIND IT'S BUILT ON SAND INSTEAD OF ROCK— THE SAND OF SATAN INSTEAD OF THE ROCK OF THE REDEEMER! Therefore when they get their building all built, which they will, using similar methods and with ostensibly the same goal in mind, the good or salvation of man‚ and rightly clearing away the rubble of the false systems and the ruins of the ages, they're going to find their house will not stand but fall! The rubble does have to be cleared away—but they're going by the wrong plan, so they're going to discover the wrong foundation or cornerstone, and build a house that's built on the wrong kind, the Sand of Satan instead of the Rock of the Redeemer! So when they do get their building built (and God has to let them do it to find out they're wrong!)‚ their building will only collapse!

52. THESE TWO PROCESSES ARE GOING ON RIGHT NOW, WITH TWO DIFFERENT SITES AND TWO DIFFERENT GROUPS OF ARCHAEOLOGISTS. They say, "We have the right site, and here is where the temple is." But we say, "We are going by our plan, the Bible and we'll find the right Foundation—Christ." But they say‚ "Dig here and we'll find the right foundation—communism!" So God is allowing both groups to go by their plans, both teams of archaeologists‚ both working just as hard, and it seems sometimes they're working even harder and there are a lot more of them! Both are now discovering the foundations, and having discovered the foundations‚ as we are doing and they are doing‚ they are beginning to build their building of Communism. and we are beginning to build our building of His New Church, the true Kingdom of God.

53. NOW WHAT IS THE FINAL TEST? TO SEE WHICH HOUSE IS GOING TO STAND! When the storms of God's judgments and His floods come, and His rains beat and His winds blow, then the whole world will know which one has been built on a sound Foundation that will last! So the whole idea of both ours and theirs is similar. The methods are similar, the plans are similar, the goals are similar, the purposes are similar.—Even the archaeologists look much alike! Both are getting back to the basics.—Only they are getting back to the wrong basic, because they have the wrong planner! Therefore they're going by the wrong plan, and though they're digging very hard & sincerely, they'll discover a wrong foundation. But they will discover a foundation, and a very remarkable foundation, with an amazingly supernatural cornerstone, Satan's Antichrist!

54. BUT THEIR FOUNDATION IS NOT BUILT ON THE RIGHT KIND OF SOLID ROCK, BUT ON SHIFTING SAND, theirs is not on God but the Devil‚ not on Christ but the Antichrist‚ not on the Holy Spirit but they are led by evil spirits! So when their building is built it will soon crumble!

55. BECAUSE THERE ARE TODAY MORE OF THEM, THEY ARE IN THE MAJORITY, MORE DIGGERS AND MORE BUILDERS, THEY'RE GOING TO BUILD FASTER AND COMPLETE THEIR BUILDING BEFORE WE DO, with their kingdom on their final cornerstone, the antichrist, before ours. They're going to stand back and marvel, "Aha, we have finished ours! We are victorious! You never made it! We have our building! Behold the Kingdom of Man! Behold the Dominion of the Devil!—How perfect, how finished, how wonderful, how mighty, how glorious!"

56. BUT RIGHT WHILE THEY'RE GLORYING IN THEIR ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENT, SUDDENLY THERE'S GOING TO BE A RUMBLE‚ a horrible and ominous rumble and their building is going to begin to crumble and collapse around their ears! At one sudden supernaturally miraculous mighty stroke of God‚ their building is going to be totally and utterly destroyed, and ours is going to be instantly and supernaturally miraculously completed! God waves His wand of power and presto!—There's the finished church, the finished Temple, the finished Building caught up into Heaven in the Rapture!

57. IN THE RAPTURE JESUS TAKES OUR STONES AWAY—US—AND HE TEMPORARILY REMOVES US, IT MAY EVEN LOOK LIKE A DEFEAT TO OUR ENEMIES, that all the stones are removed and the foundation and the cornerstone and the whole works is caught up into heaven. But there it is created into the final perfect building. You've seen these cartoons where the building exploded, and as the rocks all fly up and fall down again‚ they all fall into places and the building is there again!

58. THAT'S WHAT IT MAY LOOK LIKE TO THEM‚ LIKE OUR BUILDING HAS EXPLODED IN THE RAPTURE AND VANISHED‚ AND THE DEVIL'S IS LEFT TO HAVE FULL SWAY.—His building remains and ours is gone. But ours is only gone temporarily‚ so God can wreak his judgments on the Devil's building and destroy it totally! Then our beautiful building, completed in Heaven, is going to float back down to Earth and be established forever!

59. THE SUPERNATURAL MIRACLE-WORKING POWER OF GOD IS THE ONE THING OUR ENEMIES ARE NOT COUNTING ON! God is going to get His greatest victory out of the seeming greatest of all defeats. The rule and reign of the Antichrist is going to look like the eventual and final triumph of Man without God! The Devil will look like a success and God will look like He's been defeated, and the Church like it's been destroyed! But what they're not counting on is the supernatural, miraculous omnipotent power of God, the one and only Creator!

60. THE DEVIL IS NOT A CREATOR, HE'S ONLY AN IMITATOR AND DESTROYER. HE'S CONJURING UP HIS FAKE BUILDING OF PAPER MACHE ON A SANDY FOUNDATION, and it's going to be utterly destroyed by the power and fires of God and the winds and storms of tribulation and the judgments of God!—Then God's building, whose completion is not dependent on man or a man, but its truth is dependent on an idea or spirit—the Spirit and Power of God—will be completed by God and the building will be finished by God.—Which of course He's already doing through us. We are both the tools and the stones.

61. GOD'S BUILDING WILL BE FINISHED BY THE LORD IN HEAVEN OF OUR LIVING EVERLASTING STONES! MAN'S SALVATION BY MAN AND MAN'S BUILDING WILL VANISH, AND MAN'S MAN-MADE KINGDOM AND KING, THE ANTICHRIST, WILL BE DESTROYED! Then that which is eternal shall descend and be established and rule and reign forever, Praise the Lord! And "His dominion shall be an everlasting dominion," Praise God‚ which shall "rule and reign over all kingdoms of the earth," and the rest shall be destroyed!

62. DON'T FORGET‚ THE PLANS ARE NOT THE SAME, BUT ONLY SIMILAR! THE ARCHAEOLOGISTS ARE NOT THE SAME BUT ONLY SIMILAR, and the diggings are not the same, but very similar and their purpose is not the same but very similar. Their goal is not the same but similar; and the foundation they will uncover and discover and build upon will look much the same, but will only be similar and their cornerstone will bear a strong resemblance and be similar to ours, but not the same; and their foundation will look much alike, look like stone, but will turn out to be only sand stone, not the same but similar, whereas ours will be solid rock!

63. THEIRS WILL CRUMBLE, BUT OURS WILL LAST. THEY'LL FINISH FIRST‚ GLORY FIRST, RULE FIRST‚ AND WE WILL FINISH LAST AND RULE LAST, BUT WE WILL GLORY LAST AND FOREVER! But it is all very similar, because the Enemy is only imitating the plan of God, and it's the counterfeit plan by the Counterfeiter, the Devil, so they're going to have a counterfeit building, having discovered a counterfeit foundation. The Enemy‚ not being the wise Master Builder that God is‚ is therefore going to construct a counterfeit building‚ which, though it looks like the real thing, will collapse at the first tremor!

64. "THAT WHICH IS SEEN IS TEMPORAL, BUT THAT WHICH IS NOT SEEN IS ETERNAL!" They are building a temporal and a materialistic building and an earthly kingdom. (When we say earthly it doesn't mean they won't both be on Earth‚ but one will be of the Earth and only earthly, the other of Heaven and therefore Heavenly.) They are building a temporal, materialistic earthly kingdom according to the Enemy's plans. We are building an eternal spiritual Heavenly Kingdom according to God's Plans. Theirs will look at first as though they have succeeded, until the storm of God's judgments comes. Then theirs will be destroyed, since it was temporal, only for a time, to show the futility of man trying to save man.

65. THEIR IDEA THAT MAN CAN SAVE MAN IS WRONG, BUT GOD'S GOING TO LET THEM TRY IT, AND BY SO DOING TRY TO SHOW THEM IT WON'T WORK. Then He's going to destroy it. So it will only be for a time. Being material‚ it will be destroyed with matter, and being built by Satan‚ it will be destroyed with him. Being earthly, it will be destroyed with the Earth. But ours, being Eternal, will last forever! Being spiritual, it is Eternal. Nothing material can even affect it, and being Heavenly, it cannot be destroyed and being built by God, it will be all powerful!

66. SO THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE: THE PLANS AND THE METHODS AND THE GOALS MAY LOOK VERY MUCH ALIKE, BUT WE HAVE THE RIGHT ONE and the reality, whereas they have the wrong one—the counterfeit. We have the right one and the reality that will last and endure and rule and reign forever! They have the wrong one, the counterfeit, that, when tested by the fires of God's judgments, will be burned up and destroyed. Theirs cannot last, and therefore will be destroyed forever.

67. SO THE IDEA IS: "BE NOT DECEIVED!—BE PREPARED," as Grandmother's prophecy told us. "For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap": If you sow the flesh and materialism and the pride of man, you'll reap the decay of the flesh, the destruction of materialism and the final humbling of man! Whereas, if you sow to the Spirit, you'll reap life Eternal! If you sow to the Spirit rather than to materialism, you'll sow that which can never be destroyed, the spiritual! If you sow unto the Lord, you will reap the ultimate glorification of God alone!

68. WELL‚ THAT'S KIND OF A LITTLE PICTURE FOR YOU TO SEE NOT ONLY THE SIMILARITIES, BUT THE BASIC DIFFERENCES. "SO BE NOT DECEIVED! God is not mocked!—Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall also reap! He that soweth to the flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, but he that soweth to the spirit shall of the spirit reap life eternal." It's amazing to me how the Lord gives these things to me in pictures! It's not hard for me to get an answer, because when I ask the Lord a question and I am trying to see the answer, the Lord‚ shows me pictures, and all I have to do is describe them to you!—All the ideas of the Planner and the Design from the beginning, all about the building and the archaeologists—I can see all of this!

69. NOT ONLY THE GREAT BIBLE PLAN OF GOD HAS BEEN BURIED IN THE RUBBLE OF THE CENTURIES BUT EVEN THE MOST IDEALISTIC PLANS OF MAN‚ the great beautiful golden age plans of the Persians, Greeks, Romans, etc. The most idealistic plans of man have been buried for centuries, and all the Devil is doing is merely trying to resurrect the Golden Age of Man, Man's salvation by Man in its most ultimate form. The true plan and foundation of God as outlined in the Bible has been almost totally buried under the rubble of churchianity and the traditions of man in opposition to the knowledge of God.

70. THE BEAUTIFUL FALSE PLAN OF THE DEVIL WITH HIS PROMISE OF THE GOLDEN AGE OF MAN was almost fulfilled several times in several ages and kingdoms of man‚ like the beauty, art and philosophy of the Greeks‚ the ultimate in the physical, sexual‚ artistic, governmental, and philosophical expression of man! Even the Devil's plan has been buried for centuries under the rubble of man's material confusion, wars, politics, capitalism, etc.

71. BUT SATAN IS GOING TO TRY TO REVIVE HIS ORIGINAL PLAN OF THE SALVATION OF MAN BY MAN, as outlined in the Garden to Eve, by the knowing of both good and evil. "To know evil is to be able to destroy it," so he says, "and ye shall be as gods and save yourselves, so you won't need God! God is trying to deny you the ability to know the evil and destroy it and become gods yourselves."

72. BUT GOD HAS FRUSTRATED THE DEVIL'S PLAN THROUGH THE AGES. Time and time again when the Devil has tried to rebuild it, God has destroyed it. God has been trying to build His Plan throughout the ages too, but, because of the sins of Man, He has had to allow the Enemy to frustrate or delay the building of His Temple, time and time again.

73. BUT THE TIME, SINCE IT IS NOW SO NEAR THE END, GOD IS GOING TO ALLOW THE DEVIL TO COMPLETE HIS BUILDING and make it as perfect and beautiful as he can possibly make it. He's going to allow man to do his best and his ultimate to save himself, to be his own god and his own savior. Having known and recognized the evil, Man thinks he can destroy it and become as gods.

74. BUT IN SO DOING, GOD'S GOING T O SHOW MAN HE'S CREATED AN EVEN GREATER EVIL, the greatest of all evils—the evil which looks like good, the most dangerous of all evils—the wrong that looks like right, the counterfeit that looks like the real thing! It will be the master deception, the ultimate delusion, the final falsehood‚ the big lie, which God will then destroy with His own truth.

75. DO YOU SEE WHY HE HAS TO DO THIS?—FOR THE SAME REASON HE HAD TO LET MAN MAKE HIS OWN CHOICE IN THE GARDEN. When Satan tempted man to do evil he was lying, and he was offering them a lie. He was claiming he was going to reveal to them the knowledge of both good and evil. Whereas they really in a sense already had the knowledge of good and evil, because the knowledge of good is to obey God‚ and the knowledge of evil is to disobey. But Satan tricked them into experiencing evil by disobedience, doing evil by making it look good.

76. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT SATAN'S DOING TODAY THROUGH COMMUNISM: IT'S THE DEVIL'S LAST FLING TO TRICK MAN INTO DOING THE ULTIMATE EVIL BY DISOBEYING AND DENYING GOD AND MAKING IT LOOK GOOD, pleasing to the eye and the satisfaction of the flesh and ministering to his pride to become a god!—Isn't that what Eve said or the Devil made her think about the fruit! First of all, the Devil insinuated God was a liar: "Thou shall not surely die!—My plan is not death, it will not result in death, but will result in life! Besides," he indicated to her, "first of all, God's a liar!"

77. THAT'S THE FIRST THING SATAN HAS TO CONVINCE YOU OF, THAT GOD'S PLAN IS THE WRONG PLAN, AND THAT HIS, SATAN'S PLAN, IS THE RIGHT PLAN: "God knows in the day you eat thereof your eyes shall be opened (educated.)" THIS IS THE MAJOR STRESS OF COMMUNISM—EDUCATION—TOTAL education their way.—"And ye shall be as gods!—You will know the difference between the good and evil."—"And when the woman saw the tree was good for food," it looked good to eat, and ministered to the flesh.

78. JOHN OUTLINES THESE THREE THINGS: HE CALLS IT, "THE LUST OF THE FLESH, THE LUST OF THE EYE AND THE PRIDE OF LIFE"! It's not only pleasant to the eyes, it tastes good‚ it looks good, and a tree to be desired to make one wise!—The pride of life! If I taste of it, it will taste good; it looks good and will make me good. COMMUNISM LOOKS GOOD, TASTES GOOD AND IS TO BE DESIRED TO MAKE ONE WISE, TO BE GOOD. It appeals to the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh‚ and the pride of life: the ultimate classification of evil! He offered her the bait and she bit and it killed her!

79. BUT, LIKE GOD HAD TO LET THEM DO IT IN THE VERY BEGINNING, SO HE WILL HAVE TO LET THEM DO IT AGAIN IN THE END, He'll let them have the bait again, and they'll lust for it for the same reasons: It'll look good, taste good and supposedly make them good. Salvation of man by man! The ultimate fulfillment of the beginning! But when it is fulfilled, they're going to find out God was right after all: That it was a lie, because they'll die‚ just like God said!

80. THEY'LL FIND THAT IT WAS NEITHER GOOD NOR THE TRUTH NOR GOOD FOR THEM, BUT THAT IT'LL KILL THEM AND DESTROY THEM, AND THAT GOD WAS RIGHT AND THEY WERE WRONG! They lived a lie and they'll die for the lie! Whereas we'll live the truth, and though we may die for the truth, we'll live forever for the truth‚ thank the Lord! The Devil offers you his imitation, his big lie, Communism‚ and he says, "Come and live for the lie!" which he claims to be the truth! But instead you'll die for the lie! But the Lord says come and die for the truth, and you'll live and not die! So it's a choice between living for the lie, or at least what the Devil calls living for the truth, but turns out to be dying for the lie, and what God calls dying for the truth, which turns out to be living forever!

81. REALLY IN THEIR PICTURE "WAR AND PEACE" THEY'RE SAYING: "COME AND DIE FOR THE TRUTH AND YOU'LL LIVE FOREVER!"—BUT IT'S A LIE!—So instead they die for a lie and die forever! God tells us to both live and die for the truth, but He's not lying, so we really do live forever, if we live and die for His truth. So the only way to know that you've got the truth and not the lie‚ the right and not the wrong, and the true plan and not an imitation, and are building the right building and not a counterfeit, is how?

82. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO KNOW WHICH IS RIGHT AND WHICH IS WRONG, which is truth and which is a lie, which is life and which is death, which is reality and which is imitation, which is the real thing and which is the counterfeit‚ which is the right plan and the right design and not the wrong one? How are you going to know?

83. YOU CAN KNOW BY MAKING SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT PLANNER and the right Designer and the right Creator! If your plan is designed by man,—if it be of man it will come to nought! But if it be of God, no man will be able to stand against it! Just be sure you have God—the right God—not a demon god of the Devil, or one of man's gods, or man himself as your god, or you're doomed to destruction with man!

84. IF YOUR PLAN IS OF MAN AND THE DEVIL, IT WILL FAIL AND BE DESTROYED WITH MAN AND THE DEVIL! But if it is of Christ and God and led by His Spirit, it will last forever with God and His Spirit and Christ and His Saints!—Amen? So you be sure you've got God and not the Devil, the God of gods, and not the Devil demons! Then shall ye be indeed of God, for as He said‚ "Have I not said unto you: 'Ye are gods'?"

85. THE ONLY WAY TO BECOME A GOD OR AN ETERNAL SPIRIT LIKE THE ANGELS, IS TO BECOME ONE OF GOD'S CHILDREN, THE SONS OF GOD! But the surest way to become a devil and like the demons of hell is to follow Satan and become a child of the Devil! To trust in man for your salvation and to believe in man as your god is to perish with man in the End, and to be doomed with the Devil! But to trust in God for your salvation is to be saved by God and to live with Him eternally!

86. BECAUSE GOD'S PLAN IS THE ONLY ONE THAT IS GOING TO SUCCEED AND LAST FOREVER! All the plans of man engineered by Satan or designed by the Devil, though they may look for a little while like they're succeeding, are doomed to ultimate failure, death and destruction! This is the difference between true Christianity and false Communism, between true faith in God and a false faith in the Devil, between true trust in God's eternal plan and a mistrust in Satan's counterfeit plan designed for destruction!

87. HERE'S THE BIBLE GOD'S PLAN FOR ETERNAL LIFE, AND HERE'S COMMUNISM, THE DEVIL'S DESIGN FOR DEATH AND DESTRUCTION! They both look a lot alike, sometimes they look alike, they work alike, have alike methods and even their goals look alike. But one is the solid genuine foundation of Truth on which we're building, a building that will last forever, whose Giver is God! The other is the imitation foundation of a counterfeit, whose designer is the Devil and whose builder is man, and whose end is death and destruction! It's just that simple!

88. SO DON'T BE DECEIVED BY A DELUSION AND DON'T ACCEPT A SUBSTITUTE! There are lots of imitations and counterfeits in circulation, but there's only one true coinage of the Realm—and that's faith in God, which you can exchange one of these days at the bank of Heaven for the genuine gold of His Kingdom!—But all the paper money and papier mache of the Devil will be burned along with his earthly dominion. So don't accept the substitute—the imitation, the counterfeit, and the Devil's lying promises of his false millennium of Communism under an Antichrist!—Instead of 1000 years of Heaven on Earth, the Devil's reign will only be 3 1/2 years of Hell on Earth!

89. DEMAND THE REAL THING‚ THE REALITY, THE GENUINE, THE TRUE KINGDOM OF GOD UNDER THE KING OF KINGS, JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND ONLY SAVIOR! SETTLE FOR NO THING SHORT OF ETERNITY! Don't live a lie and die forever! You cannot save yourself, and man can never save you!—Only God can save us through Jesus Christ His Son. Are you living for the lie or dying for the truth?

90. YOU CANNOT SAVE THE WORLD BY DESTROYING EVIL MEN, BECAUSE ALL MEN ARE EVIL, INCLUDING YOU! We can only save the world by letting God destroy the evil in our own hearts, for He alone can save us. Otherwise, every revolution becomes merely another vicious system of the cruel tyranny of more evil men! So that revolution after revolution merely becomes a vicious cycle, or a deflationary spiral, of the aspirations of men, which can only end in Hell on Earth and Hell hereafter!

91. ONLY A REVOLUTION BY GOD WHICH DESTROYS THE EVIL IN MAN‚ in every man, in the very heart of man, and establishes the true reign of the righteousness of Christ in each and every heart can result in an upward spiral ascending into Heaven and bringing down the Heaven on Earth of the Kingdom of God, which shall destroy all of the kingdoms of man and end man's salvation in death, but establish God's salvation in life eternal!

92. BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH TO TRY TO SHOW A COMMUNIST THAT HE MERELY HAS THE WRONG PLAN BECAUSE HE HAS THE WRONG PLANNER and therefore is automatically doomed to despair. You have to try to prove to him why it is the wrong plan, and show him how he can know he has the wrong planner‚ BECAUSE MAN'S PLANS HAVE NEVER SUCCEEDED AND NEVER WILL! In all these thousands of years he's never been able to save himself, and he's already failed in generation after generation who are lost!

93. WHERE IS MAN'S HEAVEN ON EARTH?—IS IT ONLY TO BE FOR THE LAST GENERATION? WHAT OF THE POOR MILLIONS WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE? Are they to be gone and lost forever? How much more fair and just and righteous and merciful to save the lost of all generations and restore the lost of all ages in the final restitution of all things by God Himself in a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth and throughout the Universe which will eventually right all wrongs and save all the lost who trust in Him, and restore the faithful of all generations in one great and final Kingdom of God of Heaven on Earth of those that trust in Him!

94. COMMUNISM CANNOT CONQUER DEATH AND PAIN AND SORROW AND CRYING AND WIPE AWAY ALL TEARS FROM YOUR EYES, BUT GOD CAN AND WILL! Having a full stomach and a full purse and a full head cannot give you a full heart, and can only leave you with an empty and unhappy heart which only God can fill!

95. "FOR A MAN'S LIFE CONSISTETH NOT IN THE ABUNDANCE OF THE THINGS WHICH HE POSSESSETH!" Living, the real thing, doesn't consist of things at all, because things cannot satisfy! They may temporarily satisfy the body but they can never satisfy the soul or the spirit of man which cries out to God its Father for the joy and happiness and the eternal fulfillment that only God can give and for which He created it to enjoy!

96. SO "FROM EACH ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY AND UNTO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEED" WILL NEVER MEET THE REAL NEED, THE GREATEST NEED OF ALL, MAN'S SPIRITUAL NEED! For man has not got the ability to solve his own problems, nor to save his own soul, nor to create his own happiness‚ nor satisfy the love and longing of his own heart, which God made to be satisfied by God alone! So to try to create a world Utopia which merely ministers to the material needs of man leaves him the most miserable of all men! For it will never satisfy the inner man, the soul of a man, the spirit of man, the needs of his heart, the desires of his heart, which are only fulfilled in the delights of God!

97. LOOK AT THE RICH!—THEY'RE THE MOST MISERABLE OF ALL MEN, AND YET THEY HAVE EVERYTHING THAT COMMUNISM SAYS WILL SATISFY AND MAKE YOU HAPPY!—But they're not happy! The rich are the most miserable and the most unhappy people in the whole world, for they no longer even have hope of happiness in riches, because they've already arrived and they've already attained all these things—wealth, money‚ power, material possessions, things! But to their sorrow and dismay they have discovered that these things do not satisfy!

98. THE RICH FINALLY GOT EVERYTHING THEY WANTED, BUT NOTHING SATISFIED, AND SO THEY'RE LEFT IN THE UTTER DESPAIR OF THE SOUL AND THE UTTER POVERTY OF THE SPIRIT, and are indeed the poorest of all men‚ because all that they labored for and all that they lived for and all that they longed for and all they finally obtained failed to satisfy! As Lord Byron said, "I have quaffed every cup of pleasure, and drunk every drop of fame, and yet I die of thirst!" The rich and the famous and the powerful are the saddest of all, because they have attained all that the world has to offer‚ and obtained everything that materialism has to gain, and yet they die of thirst!

99. IF YOU THINK THINGS WILL SATISFY YOU, LOOK AROUND YOU!—Every advertisement is a lie! Every TV commercial is a deception! Every bit of political propaganda is another phoney promise, because none of them are ever fulfilled and none of them ever satisfy, and the whole world cries for more and is never satiated, or is satiated and sick because it doesn't satisfy!

100. COMMUNISM CANNOT CONQUER DEATH AND THE GRAVE! COMMUNISM CANNOT GIVE YOU ETERNAL LIFE AND HAPPINESS! Communism cannot offer you anything but broken promises, lying vanities, false millenniums and counterfeit Christs! For after they have given you all these things, they cannot give you more, for they only have things to offer‚ and things will never satisfy your soul, your heart, your spirit, your longing for love, for God and eternal life and purpose!

101. COMMUNISM CANNOT MEET EVEN THESE MOST BASIC OF ALL HUMAN NEEDS, THESE DESIRES FOR THE LIFE, LOVE, LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS which God alone can give! The desire for the immortality of the soul and everlasting love, that yearning for eternal Heaven on Earth, can only be given by the God of love, life, liberty, Heaven and Eternity, the Creator of all!—Which Communism is not and never can be!

102. "CHOOSE YE THIS DAY WHOM YE WILL SERVE! IF GOD BE GOD, THEN SERVE HIM!" If Baal be god‚ the filthy heathen demon of sexual perversion and all that is vile, then serve him!—Or if Mammon be your god, the lust of riches that never satisfy, then serve him!—Or if Moloch be your god‚ the pompous pride of man's learning and education that is only foolishness, then serve him!

103. OR IF GODLESS COMMUNISM BE YOUR GOD, THE DEVIL'S OWN DAMNABLE DECEITFUL SYSTEM FOR THE DOOMED THAT DIE FOR HIS LIE, THEN SERVE THEM!—"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" of the Living, not the dead and dying! Marx is dead, Lenin is dead, Stalin is dead, and Kruschev is dead, and you will all be dead if you don't find God! Jesus is the only One who ever rose from the dead and can give you power to do the same! Communism may satisfy your body but it will never satisfy your soul!

104. ASK ANY COMMUNIST!—ASK HIM IF HE'S HAPPY!—IS HIS HEART CONTENT?—Or is he only living for pie in the sky that'll never happen before they die! Does he have peace of mind? Does he yearn for death, to be delivered from the body and free in the spirit? Is he impervious to pain? Is he sans sorrow? Has he crushed his crying and terminated his tears? Has he ceased his dying and eliminated his fears? Is he no longer growing old and made eternal his years? Has he found eternal joy and everlasting happiness, without sadness and without death, without sighing and without dying? And has he found love that lasts forever and a God that cannot fail?

105. WHEN HE HAS, AND WHEN HE DOES, THEN HE CAN TALK TO ME ABOUT COMMUNISM! When he can tell me how I can meet my departed loved ones again and find my lost loves and be joined with them eternally in everlasting happiness in an eternal life of love and joy and heavenly happiness forever with the God of love and those I love, then he can talk to me of Communism! The things he promises me‚ I already have‚ and the things he cannot promise I have more than he!

106. HE'D BE BETTER TO LISTEN TO MY LOVE, AND LIVE MY LIFE OF HAPPINESS NOW AND HEREAFTER, THAN TO TALK TO ME OF HIS PIE IN THE SKY OF SOME GOLDEN TOMORROW which he can never bring, and a yesterday he can never rid me of, and a day filled with joy and love and life and happiness which he can never give me, but God has already given! If these words be reason, give me my liberty rather than his death! Let him live his lie before I'll believe it! I'm living my truth, if you'll receive it!

107. WE STAND BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA!—THE RED HOT DEVIL OF COMMUNISM AND THE DEEP COLD BLUE SEA OF THE CHURCHES, AND WE ONLY HAVE GOD! But if God be for us, who can be against us?—I'll take Jesus for mine! And His happiness now!—To all your sick promises of your sky–pie tomorrow that may never come! Give me mine today! I want none of your endless tomorrows that never come! I've got mine here and now! I've got God's love and His happiness here in my heart right now!—Not beyond some very blue or uncertain red horizon! If I died right now‚ I'd die happy!—Let Communism top that one!

108. AWAY WITH YOUR COMMUNIST TOMORROWS!—I WANT MY HAPPINESS NOW!—And I've got it!—What more can Communism offer me than I already have?—They can't even give me as much as I have already, and they'll never be able to deliver all I'll have tomorrow!—They just haven't got it to give, and never will have!

109. WHICH DO YOU PREFER?-OUR HAPPINESS HERE AND NOW?—OR THEIR MISERY NOW AND FOREVER! You can have Jesus and all He has to give, which is everything, right this minute if you'll just pray and ask Him to come into your heart with all His Love, life, liberty, truth‚ peace‚ plenty and happiness here, now and forever!—Don't accept an empty, hollow sham of a counterfeit!—TAKE JESUS' HAPPINESS HERE AND NOW!—Will you?