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Way the Wars Went, The

David Berg

—The Truth about the Wars of the World!9/89DO 2548

—From a Dream Inspired by the Spirit of a Civil War Soldier—in His Own Words!

(Having watched the classic movie "Gone with the Wind," in which the American South's merciless ravishing by the North is graphically portrayed, Dad went to sleep & received the following revelation.—From the spirit of a Confederate soldier!)

1. Tonight we're fighting the Civil War & we're on the South's side. The South is losing because the North has superior numbers & arms. But even our servants are defending us! Those so-called slaves that belong to us‚ they're dying for us! God bless'm!

2. The North has made a very bad attack on us, but we repulsed them. Everything is in shambles! Everything is in ruins! They're so vicious, so horrible! Our beautiful big estates & houses are burned & destroyed by these vicious horrible cruel murderers, the Northerners! My God, they're even foreigners from other countries, poor countries in Europe, who have come at the Northerners' invitation to help them fight the war against us.

3. It's so horrible! My God! We're Christians‚ Southern English Christians‚ but they're like devils & demons!—Led by the ACs! My God! They're winning, so history is being rewritten to their liking. My God! What horrors! What horrors & lies & deceit in the name of the God-damned foreign Northerners, so horrible! My God!

4. It's almost the worst war ever fought! They're beating us. We just haven't got the numbers or the arms. It's horrible! Thank You Jesus! At least we withstood that last attack, but there're so many dead!

5. God bless the dear Negroes who love us & whom we love, & who are doing their best to defend us & to bury the dead. My God, it's such a slaughter! My God, what have they got against us? Why do they want to massacre us? Their excuse is that they want to free our slaves. Ha! What a lie! Our precious slaves are fighting to defend us! They love us because we love them & care for them‚ & they hate the Northerners.

6. But we just haven't got the numbers, we haven't got the arms, we haven't got enough bullets! The North has all of that from their mines & their factories run by foreigners. It's Hell! It's really Hell on Earth! We had a Heaven on Earth, it was beautiful! We had all of our precious people educated. We were rich! And our servants, the Blacks, loved us. They even fought for us to defend us, but there weren't enough.

7. Those God-damned foreign Northerners came down & slaughtered us! We just didn't have the numbers or the arms. And they had all of those God-damned foreigners & their factories for the weapons & arms. They keep coming! They just keep coming & coming & killing & killing us! It's horrible! It's horrible! Oh, Jesus‚ Jesus, Jesus! What horror, Lord! What a nightmare! (Maria: Do they just attack one plantation at a time?) One after the other. Devils! Demons! Of course, they won.

8. I guess I'm dead. Of course I'm dead or I wouldn't be here. (Maria: What do you mean you wouldn't be here?) To tell it, of course! I'm dead! And all these with me are dead or we wouldn't be here, because we lost. And the God-damned foreign vicious cruel North won! And they wrote the history & their victory is glorious, & their man is wonderful! But thank God we shot him & he had no time to gloat! We killed him! So theirs was a hollow victory because we killed their monster, their vicious leader‚ Lincoln!

9. But they plagued us! They pursued us & killed us & slaughtered us, it's horrible! Terrible! The horrible Northerners, those awful Northerners! My God! They were horrible‚ cruel, murderous massacrers of the beautiful, wonderful, glorious South! The wrong side won, but some day the Truth will be known!

10. My God, why do I have to fight the Civil War in my sleep?—To tell the true story to our children of the vicious, horrible, monstrous, diabolical events of the Civil War led by the ACs to conquer the Christians!—The God-damned evil anti-Christ Northern ACs against the poor Christians of the South. But, of course, the Devil won. This is his evil anti-Christ World.


11. (Maria: Was this a case where Lincoln was just a misled Christian who did all the wrong things?) He was a monster! He was a horror! He was a tyrant! Christian?—Ha! He was a monster! My God, he was a tyrant! He was totally wrong & on the wrong side. My God! … (Maria: So he was never even saved?) Oh‚ of course not! … He was typical of the Antichrist.

12. God damn them! In the Name of Jesus we damn them, Lord, in Jesus' name! Don't you understand? They're wicked! They're evil, they're horrible! They just pretend to be Christians, but they're people of the Devil like the ones that killed Jesus!

13. Lord bless those that know, in Jesus' name, that know the Truth, & that know the honest victory! We really won the battle, but they run history! The big–mouthed ACs run the propaganda & the so–called Ministry of Truth.

14. (Maria: Did you say you really won the battle?) Of course we did! We did it! We won the victory! We drove them off! But‚ my God, they had such numbers and so many bullets! They kept coming back, these anti-Christ forces, & of course they finally won. But you can't find a Negro in the South who would say they won. They love us & they stood by us. They helped us. They fought for us. They saved our lives.—Those precious, precious servants that loved us.

15. My God, it was a horror of death, but Lord, You helped us & kept us to preserve the Christian faith of the South. May God damn the anti-Christ ACs, all of them who would try to blot it out! Thank You Lord! It's wonderful!

16. (Maria: You know, there are many stories about Abraham Lincoln & what a good Christian he was, all kinds of anecdotes about how he read the Bible &...) Blah blah blah!—A lot of lies of the Devil! Well, if he read the Bible at all‚ he was a typical so-called System Church Christian, the ones who hate us, the ones who lie about us. The same people who hate us & try to destroy us!

17. God damn Abraham Lincoln! He's suffering in Hell right now because he fought on the wrong side. The South were the Christians.—Even their Black servants who loved them & fought for them. The North were the God-damned AC-led anti-Christs who found their champion & hero in that God–damned tyrant Abraham Lincoln!

18. Abraham Lincoln, may he perish! May he go to Hell where he sent tens of thousands of American soldiers! May God damn him forever! I hate him! He was a monster! He was a tyrant! He was the ACs' tyrant, their head! God damn him!

19. (Maria: Weren't some of the Northern colonies founded on religious freedom, too, & were Christians?) My God, that was long ago! Two hundred years ago, yes. But I'm talking about the time of the Civil War, the middle 1800s, when they were absolutely vicious, devilish & Satanic, led by the God-damned ACs of whom Abraham Lincoln was the leader!—The vicious‚ God-damned, horrible, awful‚ traitorous, Satanical leader. Abraham Lincoln was the Devil! He was an absolute Satanic devil who led the war, the Civil War against the Christians of the South.

20. That war was a victory for the Devil against the Christians! But of course you won't see it like that now because they were the victors & they wrote the history! Praise the Lord anyhow! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen?

21. (Maria: Well, there must have been some good Christians on the Northern side?) Yes, deluded, just like they are today!—By the delusions & the evil propaganda of the Devil! There are lots of good Christians who fight us thinking they are doing the right thing.

22. (Maria: But Abraham Lincoln was not one of those?) Oh, I think he was absolutely Satanic, absolutely controlled by the Devil! I think he was deceived by the Devil. He claimed to have faith in God, but his god was the Devil that deceived him & led him in his whole war against the Christians in the South! He was a monster! A terrorist! A tyrant!

23. My God, he was anything but a Christian! Yet he thought he was & he pretended to be & his supporters claimed he was. My God! He was an awful, awful, terrible, monstrous tyrant of the worst kind who fought against God's people! He fought against the true Christians of the South & he defeated them to set up his horrible anti-Christ vicious rule of the North!

24. Lincoln was a symbol of the Antichrist, showing how the Christians & the church people will follow him in spite of all of our warnings. In Jesus' name, help us, Lord! (Maria: So even some real born-again Christians will follow the Antichrist?) Apparently‚ just like they followed Lincoln, & still speak well of him.

25. My God, what a God-damned anti-Christ World! In Jesus' name! My God, what a horror, what a nightmare! What a diabolical, evil man Abraham Lincoln was‚ a tyrant! May he go straight to Hell!

26. The South shall rise again, & I'm going to see to it in the Millennium! I'm going to have the South ruling the North in the Millennium! (—End of Dream.)


(The next morning:)

27. That was almost the most absolutely unfair war ever fought! The South had a perfect right to secede from the Union! It joined voluntarily‚ why couldn't it quit voluntarily?—Just because the Union didn't want it to, & they wanted to grab it & seize its wealth!—A bunch of big bullies that just did it by force of arms. … "Dear Abraham Lincoln"! Abraham!—I'll bet he was an AC!

28. Who was the guy that shot him? (Maria: John Wilkes Booth.) He leaped from that box seat to the stage, it must have been pretty close, & he broke his leg as he landed there. But he still had enough strength to stand there & raise his fist & shout, "Sic semper tyrannis!"—"As always with tyrants!" He knew Lincoln was a tyrant, horrible!


29. They started the war, you know, because they challenged the city of Charleston! The South had voluntarily joined the Union‚ which was supposed to have been a Confederation, a voluntary association. So when they pulled out, Lincoln just defied them & said it wasn't voluntary, "once in, forever in"! Think of that! Their whole premise & everything was wrong!

30. The North wanted to fight the Indians. The North wanted to fight the Mexicans. The North wanted their help in carrying on the stupid wars they wanted to fight.

31. See, the North was poor. The South had all of the wealth & brains & education. The North was a bunch of poor labourers‚ poor manual labouring classes that came from the poorest parts of Europe. Most of the South's refined & educated types came from England, whereas the North was full of foreigners, a lot of whom didn't even speak English.

32. The main States that had all of the leaders that led the Revolutionary War against Britain were the Southern States, Virginia being the principal one. The South had all of the brains & the leaders & the education & wealth, but they didn't have the numbers. They were rather thinly scattered out on huge plantations. But they had the slaves, & most of the slaves loved their masters & their masters were good to them.


33. Uncle Tom's Cabin & a few of those tales were of the rare, evil & cruel slave masters who were bad to their slaves. And of course those are the ones that got trumped up & publicised: "This was the way the whole South was! They beat their slaves & they murdered them & they did this & that to them." Well, a few of them did‚ but why beat your own property?

34. It's like killing your own property, because it certainly was to their advantage to take good care of them & house them well, tend them when they were sick‚ help'm when they were born & bury'm when they died. Most of the slaves with good masters just nearly worshipped their masters! They would have done anything for them, they even died for them! There were a lot of Black contingents made up of slaves in the Confederate Army who fought well against the North.

35. (Maria: But were there Blacks in the North also?) There were Blacks, runaway slaves in the North, & guess where most of them went for protection?—Washington‚ D.C.!—Which to this day is about 97% Black, & where a bunch of Hell is being raised with the shootings of the drug dealers!

36. The North is now getting it back! They wanted to free the slaves, so when they got free, a lot of them thought the North was paradise! They thought they could go up there & get jobs & make money, etc. Well‚ they did, & they went up there, but they were virtually slaves there too—money slaves, slaves of their jobs, etc.

37. And they weren't taken care of there! They were used to being taken care of, housed‚ fed & everything free. (Maria: Having all of their decisions made for them.) Yes, & though most of them were sweet, they were simple & dumb, & they didn't know much of anything. Up there if they couldn't get a job they just starved to death. Nobody gave a damn! (Maria: And they had to endure terrible working conditions too.) Oh, they were horrible! And then came the bitter winters which they weren't used to. But nobody cared about them.


38. Oh, it's such a big bunch of malarkey that the North was sorry for the slaves of the South! The fact was that right then they wanted cheap labour. The North was industrial & it was built on mining & manufacturing & all that sort of thing. And that's why they're the ones that won the war, because they had the numbers—so many people‚ poor people‚ to fight the war—& they had the armaments! They had the steel mills & everything they needed. They had the coal, the steel, iron, everything they needed for armaments, that's where they were made.

39. The South had to send clear to Britain for its armaments! Britain‚ of course, sympathised with the South during the Civil War & helped them a lot. Oh, the Southerners were much more like the British, the English, they were highly cultured, civilised & educated. All the wealthy children from the South & all these big plantations went & finished their education in England.

40. That's why the South has that English drawl! Many Southerners got educated in England & they were closer to the British in every way.—And Britain needed the South's cotton & their agriculture‚ their food, etc., which they had an abundance of. (Maria: Which the North didn't want them sending away to Britain.) Exactly! The North needed it & the North didn't want them sending that stuff to Britain! The North had the coal & the iron & the steel & all that sort of thing, but they needed the food!

41. So it was strictly a financial war! They went to war to grab the wealth & the agriculture & the food of the South. That's what it was all about! And that's why they didn't want them to leave the Union! The Union deliberately wanted to grab the South & keep it for their booty, the spoils of war! It's a horror story!

42. So Britain helped them all they could, but it was already worn out with wars of their own, it just couldn't help them much in the way of actual manpower. (Maria: And from that distance, too...) Yes. But Britain helped them with ships, & the South traded its cotton & its food for armaments & for machinery. The South needed machinery for cotton gins & whatever other machinery they needed, & Britain had plenty of that!

43. Well, the North was making its own machinery & they wanted to sell it to the South‚ & here the South was buying it from Britain! The whole thing was a selfish, horrible, lustful war of the North against the South just to grab its food & riches!

44. The South had everything the North needed, & they were determined to get it—by war!—In spite of the North's noble pious platitudes & mottos, "Free the slaves!" & all that junk! That was the only main issue with which they could persuade the "good people," the Northern church people & all, to join the war: "It's to free the slaves, the poor slaves!" It was not to free the slaves at all, ha!—Except the North needed cheap labour & the slaves were the cheapest there was!

45. It was the most absolutely unfair vicious war! More men were killed in the U.S. during the Civil War than any other war they ever fought in proportion to the size of the population! It was just slaughter!—Horrible slaughter! (Maria: They killed their own people!) Well‚ after the Confederacy (the South) pulled out of the U.S., the North didn't consider them their own people any more‚ they were their enemies!

46. And of course it didn't help the situation any either that the South was so associated with the British whom they had just fought a Revolutionary War against about 80 years before. The Civil War was the most vicious, violent, foolish, horrible war the U.S. ever fought! Of course, there were not as many killed in the Civil War as in the World Wars & even other wars, but there were more killed in proportion to the population.

47. Of course, the North was mostly composed of people who were not English by that time—they were Germans, Italians & everything else who already hated the British. So the North simply eyed the Southerners as British‚ because they were helped by the British. They were British–educated, British-supplied & the whole works, so they just considered them an ally of the British, whom they already hated. (Maria: Did some of the European countries back up the Northern States or the North?) Yes, as I recall‚ both Germany & Russia, the natural enemies of Britain, helped the North.

48. It was a horrible war! As I recall, I was dreaming I was in it. (Maria: I wish I had gotten his name. I didn't ask him his name.) Whose name? (Maria: The man who was telling the dream.) Isn't that amazing? It's like I was he & I was there!

49. So you see, they don't bring these things out in most histories they're now teaching their children. They glorify Lincoln & the winning side, of course. The victors always get the spoils of war, one of which is the tale of who was to blame & what it was for & all that baloney!

50. And to claim that they fought it to free the slaves was such a lie! They fought it to free the wealth, the goods & all the South for themselves! Nearly all of the historians agree that some of the generals they had on the Northern side were some of the most cruel & hardened cut–throats you could possibly imagine! Sherman's March through Georgia just burned & cut & sliced & slaughtered everybody & everything, even the cattle! They just cut a 50-mile swath right through Georgia to the sea in order to cut off the rest of the South, like Florida & the Deep South, from their compatriots, & that about finished the war!


51. The North has abused the South ever since & ruled it fiercely & cruelly! After the war was over, the South was flooded with opportunists, what were called "Carpetbaggers," because suitcases in those days were made of rug material instead of leather, & of course there was no such thing as plastic.

52. These guys were reckless, cruel, largely AC opportunists, so-called, who came down‚ & some of them even got up Black armies to fight each other to grab all of the wealth & to grab the banks & they just stole right & left! They stole businesses & everything because the weapons had been taken away from the Southerners, but the Northerners could still have weapons. So they just came down & robbed the South blind, horrible!

53. Very few people know the stories of the atrocities of the Northerners on the South because it's not written in the Northern-controlled histories. The war was bad enough, but the peace was even worse! They grabbed their lands, their mansions, their companies & their factories! Anything that was worth anything, the Northerners came down & personally grabbed it. Think of it!


54. (Maria: Could that war have been a judgement on the South?) Possibly, because they had gotten so wealthy & rich, they had become rather corrupt & decadent. That's where the wealth was, so there were quite a few of them who had become quite rich & wicked.

55. But don't forget‚ the North suffered a lot, too! They lost hundreds of thousands of their men! During the first years of the war, the South was winning, until the North managed to make more steel for more weapons—more bullets & more cannons. All the Blacks that fled to the North were put to work right away doing the hardest & worst work, working in the foundries & the factories & the steel mills making weapons.

56. … (Maria: Well, it was about a hundred years until the Civil Rights Movement finished the conquest of the South.) Oh‚ yes, & then the Blacks really took over!—Of course, always led by Northerners. All those rioters, stirrer-uppers, activists & protestors were led by Northern Whites & Northern Blacks. Again, the only way the North could really take over the South was to take over the Negroes & get them sympathetic so they could defy their Southern superiors. …

57. When I was young the South was still pretty much Southern. … Of course, many of the wealthy had lost everything, but they had gotten back their governments from the carpetbaggers & everything.

58. Even the good people of the North were horrified by some of the things the Northerners were doing in the South & to the South!—And finally they had some Presidents that sympathised & got laws passed to stop all of this stuff where they were actually coming down just like robbers & robbing them!


59. It's a sad history. Thank God I was reared in the South. The South still strongly hated the North, of course‚ but they were then running their own governments & schools, etc. & nearly all of my teachers were Southerners who sympathised with the South & we got the true story! (Maria: Wow! So somebody still knew it?) Oh goodness yes, there were oodles of people still left who knew the truth, even veterans of the Civil War!

60. See, the Civil War ended in 1865, so that was only about 53 years before I was born! My Grandfather could still remember the War! And there were even men older than he who were veterans & whatnot from the Civil War who were still alive! So I'll tell you, their children sure heard about it & knew about it!

61. My Mother was a true-blooded Southerner! And her Mother, also being of French extraction, was born in the South, in Southern Indiana which was still largely Southern. So she indoctrinated my Mother & told her all those truths & horror stories about how the North treated the South.

62. That became practically a family war issue when my Mother was a child‚ between her Mother & her Father‚ because Father Brandt was from the North! He was a German! As I recall, if they hadn't been Dunkards & pacifists, their family would have fought on the side of the North! They sympathised with the North, whereas my Mother's Mother sympathised with the South!

63. Then, of course, when I was born & I was young there were still plenty of people who could remember the horrors of War & the North's atrocities. Of course‚ out in California they hardly knew anything about the War because they were so busy in their wars with the Mexicans! So they weren't really interested.

64. We went South when I was five years old & started living in Miami. In those days, old Miami was all old Southerners & they controlled the government, the schools & everything, so I got a good Southern education!—Therefore I know about all of the horrible things the North did. I doubt if the Northern kids ever got any education along that line. Their education was all the "victorious victories of the valiant Northerners against those wicked Southerners who tried to destroy the Union!"—Ha!


65. Well, I know the truth!—Just like I know the truth about both World Wars & whose fault they were & who got the U.S. into them! As always, they were fought for money!

66. When I was a little boy, we lived near Washington, D.C., out in Virginia Highlands‚ & most of my little toys were made of wood, the cheapest toys you could get then. I can remember setting one down on top of the oil heater one day & it caught fire. My folks were poor & everything that was the cheapest after WW1 came from Germany, which had been capturing all of the World markets, because their goods were always the best. After the War they were not only the best but the cheapest again. So Americans were buying all of these good cheap goods & it again became a big issue between the Wars.

67. This is what the Americans went to war for in both wars, to destroy Germany & all of their cheap goods, because the Germans had captured World trade! (Maria: You mean that was the first World War?) The first World War. (Maria: But then after WW1 they became strong again economically.) Yes, they became strong again under Hitler, & very strong in military might & armaments because of his doctrines & teachings, his ideologies.

68. They've always got to have an ideology to fight for, ideals & slogans & things like that. His idea was to make Germany great & never lose another war, & to bring World Peace by conquering all of these warring countries of Europe so they wouldn't fight with each other any more! Ha!

69. The U.S. & England were proclaiming the same kind of slogans: "The War to End All Wars!", "War for Eternal Peace!" & all that kind of baloney!—Whereas all the time they were fighting for World economic markets. That's what they were fighting for! Germany had grown & was beginning to steal the markets again. Think of that! They sell the people a load of garbage about what they're fighting for & why they've got to get into the war! In the U.S. at that time there weren't very many people who were sympathetic with the Jews or fond of the Jews, so if they had said "The War to Save the Jews," the U.S. wouldn't have been too interested!

70. There were a lot of Germans in the U.S. then & a lot of German Bunds‚ which were German clubs, armed clubs, Germans with arms! Fred Shultz showed us his big chest of all kinds of rifles & guns he had hidden in his basement. They were planning to absolutely come out in armed resistance against going into the War! They had a big party called "The America First Party" that was against going into the War, & it was very popular. There were a lot of them!

71. But dear Franklin Delano Roosevelt … —cooked up all these reasons for going into the War. The main thing was, "You don't want to be ruled by Germany, do you?" This is the kind of propaganda the British were putting out too. …

72. So that was the whole thing: "You don't want to have to live under this monster, Hitler, do you?"—Who was killing all of the Jews & everything. … But dear Roosevelt was very persuasive! He pulled the U.S. through the Depression & brought back prosperity, & of course all that "funny money."—The U.S. Government is the biggest counterfeiter in the World! It just prints more of that worthless paper stuff whenever it wants more money, until the smart banks abroad figure out what they're doing & won't trust them & then their credit goes down; in fact‚ it's practically zero now!

73. So anyway, the Great Orators, Roosevelt & Churchill, persuaded their countries to go to war! Actually, before the war‚ Britain had given in to Hitler's demands that he take over various parts of Europe. He marched into Sudetenland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, country after country after country‚ just conquering by peace, just marching in to their "Heil Hitlers" & their cheers! Most of them were absolutely destitute from the Depression & they were looking for any kind of a saviour. He was sort of like the Antichrist will be.

74. Well, Britain didn't like the way they saw Hitler taking over Europe, & he was taking it over! He had practically taken it over already!—Not only his part of Europe, but also Italy. See‚ Mussolini made an alliance with him so they were controlling most of Europe! Well‚ so far he had marched into all of those countries & taken them over without firing a shot. They hailed him & were thankful he had come in & solved their problems.

75. But the … Jews of Poland were determined not to yield to him‚ so they got up a war machine, an army, etc., & defied him!—And he threatened to march in if they didn't surrender. … [S]o England was determined to draw a line, a deadline where Hitler could not go any further, & that was Poland! They agreed that they would not resist his takeover of those other countries, but he must not take Poland!

76. England had an alliance with France, Poland & the Low Countries that if Hitler invaded any of those countries, England would come & help them‚ they would declare war! So when Hitler invaded Poland in the Fall of 1939, right away the whole World was waiting to see if Britain was going to honour its treaty with Poland. Everybody was on tenterhooks wondering what Britain would do, would it declare war on Germany? And sure enough, I think it was only a day or two later that Britain declared war on Germany & began sending air raids, etc.

77. Britain had been preparing for war with Germany for a long time, so it was nothing new, but the people were scared & realised it was going to change life in Britain. It destroyed the British Empire! Hitler lost the war, but Britain lost her Empire & all of her colonies, everything! (Maria: Why?) Because of the settlement. Russia refused to make an agreement unless the Western Allies would settle it on Stalin's terms.

78. There were two major conferences: One was a conference between Stalin, Churchill & Roosevelt which was held in Yalta, the city on the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea, & there Stalin was just stubbornly insistent that they divide up Europe his way! See, they were the greedy conquerors, & being a powerful ally, Stalin stuck to his guns. Then Roosevelt died & they had to have another conference to ensure this agreement.—And again Stalin stuck to his guns that Europe should be divided up the way he said. That was the Potsdam Conference, held at Potsdam‚ Germany, between Stalin of Russia, Churchill & Attlee of Britain, & the Mad Hatter*, Truman, of the U.S. (*Before he got involved in politics‚ Truman ran a men's clothing store!—Anyone would have to be mad to drop two bombs which killed around 300,000 people!)

79. Stalin still insisted that he get all of Eastern Europe & even Eastern Germany & Poland & the Baltic States—Latvia, Estonia & Lithuania—which were perfectly free countries at that time. They had been completely freed as a result of WW1 & were free countries, but he insisted that he get'm!

80. Well, Truman stubbornly resisted that! He knew it was very very cruel & unfair to let those free countries go back under Communist dictatorship, so he refused. But they settled regardless, & as soon as the thing was all done, Russia just marched into those countries anyhow! So right now they're celebrating that & telling the truth about it, even many Russians, & insisting the Baltic States be freed again.

81. So again, WW2 was a commercial war‚ & the whole thing was that Hitler wanted to keep Germany strong & great, & as a result he wanted all of Europe & to keep it strong & great. Of course, the U.S. couldn't stand that, because a united Europe would be stronger at that time than a united North America!

82. So Roosevelt … was determined to get the U.S. into the war! And even though he had been warned about the attack on Pearl Harbor, he did nothing at all to prepare for it! Of course, I doubt if he realised how bad it was going to be, to sink nearly the whole U.S. Pacific Fleet! He immediately declared war then & the U.S. & Britain were both into it—& you know the rest!


83. (Maria: You didn't quite finish the question of how Britain lost her Empire.) Well‚ that was part of the pact, part of the Yalta-Potsdam Agreements. Since Russia had helped them win the war, Russia insisted that they must give up their Capitalist colonies! All of their colonies were to be set free & become independent.

84. This, of course, was Russia's aim, that, "If we make the U.S., Britain, France & Germany & all of these Capitalist countries give up all of their colonies, it will so weaken them that we‚ Russia‚ will finally be able to conquer them!" When Britain had to give up her colonies, her Empire was destroyed, & she's been a second-rate power ever since. The U.S. & Russia have been the two primary superpowers, & Britain is just another little country. So it effectively destroyed the British Empire.

85. WW2, at Russia's insistence, destroyed the British Empire & any other Imperial nations, such as all of those who owned Africa, including the Germans, the French, the Portuguese‚ etc. (Maria: You mean they made them all give up their colonies?) Yes, that was the agreement, that all of these Western powers who had fought together with Russia were now to give up all of their colonies. The only way they could conquer Hitler was to have persuaded Russia to come into the war. When Stalin saw the Allies were winning, Russia just walked in!

86. So in these military agreements they were settling the war & divvying up the spoils & the whole World, & Russia insisted that she have the whole of Eastern Europe & that the other powers give up all of their colonies! (Maria: How did she have the power to do that?) Because she was big & powerful & they were afraid of her, that's how! They didn't want to have to immediately go to war again & fight Russia, because Russia was highly–armed & very powerful. Russia had helped them to defeat the German Empire, so now they didn't want to have to go on fighting. They were tired of this war, it had cost them too much already. The Russians had so many troops in Europe. They'd conquered all of Eastern Europe, therefore they insisted on holding it.

87. The U.S.' General Patton fought right to Berlin, a Godly man who read the Bible every day! He was at that time insisting & agitating for more & said, "I want to march on to Moscow & take Russia, too! If we don't do it now we'll have to do it later!"—But he was outnumbered by the other generals & countries & their counsel. Particularly Roosevelt didn't like that, because he was virtually a Communist & his wife was a Communist!

88. (Maria: So the Russians insisted that all of the Allies give up all of their colonies?) Absolutely! It was a part of the settlement of WW2, Russia's insistence on all Eastern Europe & that the Western powers free all of their colonies! As Russia put it‚ "Free all of your slaves!" In return, Russia would stay put & go no further.—In other words, just take Eastern Europe. Russia figured she could have gone right on & taken the rest of Europe, but she wasn't doing it. So she agreed to settle at that line, providing they would give up all of their colonies, set them free!

89. Of course, Russia figured that eventually she could corrupt their colonies, because they were all practically slaves of the Western powers‚ & Russia could take over their Western colonies & their people, & that's what she did! Most of Africa & parts of the Far East became her slaves then. Although they were set free & supposedly they were independent, Russia began gobbling them up.—Not by military power, but by ideology, Communist propaganda! Of course‚ most of them were already angry with their Mother Empires & trying to get free, therefore Russia patronised a lot of those colonies & helped them to get free, so they turned to Russia & Communism.

90. So after six hard years of war from '39 to '45‚ the West had won the war!—But they lost the Peace! They had to practically starve Europe in order to do it. And nothing will ever be the same again, because the U.S. literally took over Western Europe at that time. The U.S. felt they had a right. Since England couldn't have won the war by themselves, the U.S. felt they had the right to run Europe, which they tried to do.

91. But the Europeans are quite European‚ as you know, & they didn't like that! They soon learned what the "Ugly American" was like, with a quarter-of-a-million troops stationed in Germany & elsewhere‚ bases all over Europe!

92. Most of the countries eventually kicked'm out‚ but Germany, having been rebuilt by the American Jews, didn't want to kick out the Americans for quite awhile.—But now they do!—Especially now that they don't need the U.S. to protect them from a Communist Russia. They're much more sympathetic toward Russia now. They just cheered & cheered & cheered Gorbachev when he was there.—Not only East Germany, but West Germany! He didn't get as rousing a reception in East Germany as he did in West Germany! Think of that!


93. So Europe is going just the way the Lord prophesied! It's becoming united.—Rev.17:12,13. It's becoming more & more anti-West, particularly anti-American, & 1992 is their target date to become completely united—with their own united money system‚ economic system & a far greater, stronger Europe than the U.S., & with a much greater trading power. Modern Europe today has a greater trade than the U.S. altogether, & Europe is planning to work together & be totally united by 1992, two years from now.—No border checks or customs & a single passport & money!

94. Of course, that will probably come under the Antichrist! It's all a part of his program to get things united the way he wants them & to force the U.S. to finally surrender. According to Daniel & Revelation & all of that‚ first he unites Europe & then he turns Europe against the U.S. And according to the end of the scenario, because the U.S. refuses to submit, the U.S. is destroyed!—Right in the 17th Chapter of Revelation, the Great Whore is destroyed!—Rev.17:16. So, that will be the last of America's wars, when she is destroyed by the Antichrist & Europe.


95. So the finale is, of course, that we are going to step in! After we've been Raptured to Heaven, we are going to step in & fight one of the World's last wars, Armageddon, against the Antichrist!—And win it! Thank God!—Rev.19:11-21; 16:14,16.—And make a Thousand-Year Peace & work for a Thousand Years to try to enforce that Peace by a voluntary surrender & submission to the Forces of Heaven.—Rev.20:4b.

96. But of course‚ you know how that ends: At the end of the Millennium the Devil is released & all of his demons, & they go out & persuade the still unsaved World to again go to war against the Forces of Heaven in the Battle of Gog & Magog! When they surround the Camp of Saints, the Lord brings down fire from Heaven & destroys all the evil forces that have joined the Devil.—And that's the End! That's the Last War of the World!—Rev.20:7-9.

97. And then He burns the whole face of the Earth! Obviously He raptures the Saints from their city, the final city where they've fled, the Camp of the Saints, & then He burns all the rest of those people up on the whole face of the Earth‚ & makes a new face of the Earth, the New Heaven & the New Earth!—2Pet.3:7,13; Rev.21:1. Praise God! Thank You Lord! Amen!

98. So we've got two more big wars to go! Of course, there may be some other minor wars. Who knows?—There may even be a World War 3 for the Antichrist to take over, but I don't think he's even going to have to fight such a war! The World is going to be in such a bad economic state that they're going to beg him to save them!

99. So there are only two more World Wars to look forward to‚ as far as I can see: One is Armageddon, which we will win, & finally Gog & Magog, which we will also win! And then there will never be any more wars, thank the Lord!—Isa.2:4

100. Nothing teaches like the Bible! The Bible is the Truth & it's going to win all the wars! Thank the Lord! God is going to win & we're going to win with Him! Praise the Lord! Amen? So that's the Truth about the wars!—The Truth about the Wars of the World!