KEYWORDS: thy, thou, father, words, lord, bosom

Golden Seeds

David Berg

—Mo July 20‚ 1973 No.254—Do

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1. (I was thinking when I went to sleep last night: It's been a week since we had anything new from the Lord, and I was wondering. "Maybe we've had enough, Lord, and You aren't going to speak to me anymore." I often wonder if the Lord will ever speak to me again, because I make so many mistakes and I'm so bad.)

2. (PRAYER FOR MARIA:) BLESS THIS CHILD LORD, BLESS MY DAUGHTER, LORD bless my little one Lord, Thy bride Lord, bless Thy little handmaiden, Lord. I love you, Honey—the most precious thing I ever had, except Jesus! (The Lord says:) "Kiss the love that comes from the bosom of thy Father!" Jesus thinks it's precious! I think you're precious—more precious than gold or silver, yea, than much fine gold!

3 LIKE APPLES OF GOLD IN PICTURES OF SILVER ARE HIS WORDS FITLY SPOKEN WHICH YOU TREASURE! For the trying of your faith is more precious than gold, yea, than much fine gold! When thou hast passed through the fire‚ thou shalt come forth as gold. So have I cherished thee to my bosom. For every man's work shall be tried, and it shall be known what substance it is, whether it be of wood‚ hay or stubble, or whether it be of precious things, as gold and silver and that which is of no avail shall be burned up, but that which is of precious things shall endure. (There are certain crown jewels that have passed through the Royal Families of Europe for centuries which are still valued as priceless. These precious gems are symbolic of the spiritual.)

4. FAITHFUL ART THOU WHO WRITES THESE WORDS! FAITHFUL ART THOU WHO CHERISHETH THE FRUIT OF HIS LIPS! (The Lord supplies the substance‚ and then Maria cooks it on her little griddle to fix it into a form we can eat so we can taste it.) For through thy sins be as scarlet they shall be as wool‚ and though they be red like crimson‚ they shall be white as snow! (The picture is of bloodstains in the snow—and on the wool of a little lamb there was a bloodstain. The Lord heals the wounds and makes white again. He sends fresh snow to cover the blood stains on the ground and new wool to cover the scars. It is not that the wound was never there, but He helps it and covers it. Thank You, Lord, for forgiving us for all our sins and being such a loving Father!)

5. FAITHFUL ART THOU TO CHERISH THE WORDS OF THY FATHER! THEY SHALL BE THY KISSES! Thank the Lord for the love of Jesus and thy Father. For thou shalt cherish those things which I have made dear, and thou shalt make of great value those things which I Myself have said shall be of worth, even the words which fall like globulets of gold from the lips of My Servant!

6. (JUST LIKE GOLDEN DROPS OF HONEY DRIPPING FROM HIS MOUTH DOWN TO US! As long as God's lips still ooze those little drops, we know that He loves us. It's wonderful to know the Lord still loves us enough to talk to us‚ that He's still on speaking terms with us! The Lord says they come from my mouth to you.—They have to come out of my mouth—this old foul flesh! Can anything good come out of this? The Lord can do it! I like to taste the Lord's new wine!)

7. JESUS‚ THOU HAST ALL THE GLORY FOR THE THINGS WHICH THOU GIVEST UNTO THEIR FATHER! O Jesus, they need the love that Thou dost give from Thy bosom! Thank You, Jesus for all the love Thou dost give unto them from Thy bosom, from Thee, Jesus!.

8. THEY ARE BETTER THAN GOLD AND BETTER THAN SILVER‚ THE WORDS OF LOVE THAT I SPEAK TO THEE THROUGH THY FATHER! More precious than fine jewels are these things I speak from his bosom!—Many precious things thou dost write in thy book, more precious than the things that come from the earth and from below and from the deep places, are the things which come from above and from the heart and the bosom of thy Father. Thou shalt treasure the seeds in thy secret parts that they may bring forth fruit in thee from Me. Amen. Amen. Amen.

9. (TO THINK THAT GOD TRUSTS US WITH HIS WORDS AND GIVES US SUCH PRECIOUS FOOD TO OUR SOUL! From the deep dark places of the earth come the most precious things of the world! We get most of these things in the deep dark night, and some of the most precious lessons you learn from the Lord come out of deep dark experiences. We get our gold and our jewels from Heaven. Our mines are in Heaven!—So be heavenly minded. If you're heavenly minded, you'll get precious things out of those heavenly mines! The Lord puts them there, but we have to dig them out. He leaves some of the work up to you. You must dig them from your heart and your bosom, the deep places where He has buried them.

10. EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A BABY THAT SEED ACTUALLY BECOMES PART OF YOU in the absorption of your body, and you become one! Did you ever notice how a couple who have lived together a long time really sometimes begin to look alike? As you treasure the seeds of the body, so you treasure the Words of the Lord in your heart so you become one with Him. As we absorb His words we become one with Him. With all this lovemaking with the Lord, you get a little bit weak sometimes! It's a little work, and it does take a lot of strength. After all, if it didn't cost something it wouldn't be worth much!

11. EVERYTHING THAT'S WORTH ANYTHING COSTS SOMETHING. It may not cost you anything, but it costs somebody something. David said, "I will not give unto the Lord of that which hath cost me nothing!" He didn't give just what he could spare but he gave till it hurt.—Isn't that what you do in lovemaking? You give and give till it feels so good it hurts, and then you're exhausted! We're just like kids, and the Lord has to keep painting pictures so we'll understand.

12. FOR THOU ART WISE THAT THOU ART SIMPLE, THAT THOU ART OBEDIENT TO HEED THE WORDS THAT I HAVE GIVEN unto thy Father, that thou mightest be saved in the time of affliction (I guess a lot of these words are going to help you kids in the time of trouble. It's wise to be simple. Knowledge is not it. All these worldly people get all this knowledge. They'd be wiser if they were just simple. The Lord has to get by all that stuff to get to their heart. Thank You, Jesus, for all the words from our Father!

13. EVERY WORD COUNTS: THE WAY GOD EXPRESSES IT, HOW HE PUTS IT. If you don't get it just like the Lord puts it, you might miss a little shade of meaning. We're having a lovemaking session with the Lord—we're getting His seeds! Jesus‚ help us to receive the words of Thy bosom! O Jesus, help us to understand the words that come from Thy heart and bosom! O Jesus, help us to comprehend the words Thou dost give to their Father!)

14. (TONGUES:)THEY ARE BUT BABES AT THE BOSOM AND THEY ARE BUT LITTLE CHILDREN IN THE ARMS OF THEIR FATHER! Jesus, help them to understand and receive the milk of the words that Thou dost give! Thou hast enough from thy Father: Satisfiest thou‚ these words from his bosom?—Art thou satisfied? Jesus loves thee with an everlasting love to give thee the words of His heart!

15. THESE ARE OF GREATER VALUE THAN THAT WHICH THOU ESTEEMEST: THEY ARE OF FAR GREATER WEIGHT THAN THE OUNCES OF GOLD AND THE MEASURES OF SILVER! (MO laughs:) These are like nothing compared to the weight of the words of My Servant David! (The words do show that you love. Even when you're lovemaking you have to say it, too. The words are also an expression of your love. I feel like kissing the Lord! Did you ever kiss the Lord in the Spirit?)

16. THOU ART WEARY WITH THE WORDS OF THY FATHER, AND HE IS WEARY WITH GIVING SUCK UNTO THEE! Sleep now‚ his mouth is dry. Amen? I love you. Drink! Drink of the waters of life which are given unto thee that thou mayest be refreshed! (David sips from cup of water: ) Amen. Rest now thy Father. You let your Father sleep? Rest now in his bosom, and thou shalt find peace for thy soul. Amen. Thank You, Jesus‚ Hallelujah!

17. O BEHOLD HER WHO LOVES THESE WORDS FROM THY BOSOM! SHE WILL NOT REST TILL SHE HAS SUCKED THE LAST DROP! (David laughs: ) O little child, why suckest thou at thy Father's bosom? (David caresses Maria's head and kisses her and laughs:) How much shalt thou suck from thy Father's bosom for others—more than thou thyself can contain! (Raises arm and praises in the Spirit: ) O Jesus, thou dost give more than the bosom of their Father is able to hold!—So are the wellsprings of water which Thou dost bring forth that overflow unto many! Amen.

18. REST THY BOSOM, REST THY PEN.—FOR THERE IS NO BOTTOM AND THERE IS NO END! You understand, huh? You love the Words of David, huh? You speak the words of David? if you want more, you can have more of the words of David thyself: Thou dost need but open thy heart to receive unto Me, and let David rest. You understand? But you want more of the Words of David!

19. (MARIA SPEAKS IN THE SPIRIT, DAVID INTERPRETS:) MY HEART IS HUNGRY AND MY SOUL THIRSTETH AFTER THEE! (David laugh:) what shall satisfy the desire of thy bosom? What more can I give thee than I have given? Thy Father is weary and thou givest him no rest? I love you, Honey. Behold these loving hands which caress and support the weight of thy Father: Are you safe in my bosom?

20. THE THIRST FROM THE HEART OF THY FATHER! THERE IS MUCH THIRST FROM THE HEART OF THY FATHER! Like him that is athirst, I thirst for thee and for the kisses of thy words that I give unto him, for their love that they long for from My bosom! (God creates both the water and our thirst for it! He creates both the Bride and her hunger for love!) Amen Jesus. Amen Lord. Art thou not satisfied? Is there not enough now for thy bosom? Sweet baby! Precious child! Sweetheart, rest thou in the arms of thy Father, It is enough. How much more wilt thou suck from my bosom? You understand?

21. ART THOU SATISFIED? (MARIA NODS‚ BUT DAVID LAUGHS:) THOU ART NEVER SATISFIED with all the words of thy Father for which thou hungerest! Thou speakest not the truth, for thou desirest forever more! And thy mouth hungereth and they soul desireth and thou suckest the seeds from the pistil of thy Father and thy Father's tongue, and thou suckest 'til thou art weary of sucking, and criest not, "It is enough!" For thou art insatiable, and thou art as a nymph which knows no end, and a sprite which is mad for love!—And thou seekest more and more, and sayest not, "It is enough!"

22. AH, INSATIABLE WOMAN! WHEN SHALT THOU BE SATISFIED WITH THE LOVE OF THY FATHER? Thy mouth hungereth for more and thy mouth crieth, "More, more, more!"—And thou suckest and pulleth for more seeds from the tongue of thy Father, 'til thou art glutted with seeds which must bring forth and bear fruit! You understand? Thou art weary now, sweet Pen, and thou must have rest to thy body, for it is weary of loving.

23. GIVE KISSES TO THY FATHER, FOR HE NEEDS STRENGTH FROM THY BOSOM, FOR HE FEEDS OF THEE! It is needful, so feed his flesh, strengthen his bosom. For behold how he needeth thy flesh to feed his body, for he hungereth after thee, even as My soul hungereth after thee! (Think of it!—God needs us!) So give suck to thy Father, thy nursing Father, who needs to nurse thee. Even so satisfy thy Father. Give him the kisses of thy bosom, and satisfy his mouth with thy teats. For even so shall I satisfy his children who suck at his teats.

24. WHERE IS THAT FOR WHICH I HUNGER? WHEN SAYEST THE SOUL AND THE SPIRIT‚ "IT IS ENOUGH"? How much, how much, how much wilt thou suck from the bosom of thy Father and give him no rest? Stop sucking! Put up thy mouth! Put away thy lips and these lines‚ all these lines and the cords of thy love, that he may rest. (Maria says: "Okay"‚ but David laughs:)

25. I KNOW THE THOUGHTS OF THY HEART: WITH THE LIPS THOU SAYEST AMEN, BUT THY SOUL IS NEVER SATISFIED! Knowest thou not thou canst not deceive thy Father? With the perception of his bosom, even though thy mouth sayest it is enough, thy heart criest, "Give me more, give me more!"—For I am a woman that is never satisfied‚ and I would love thee forever! Thou wouldst cry for more: "Give me more! Give me more!" She says with her mouth, "Sleep now‚ it is enough". But her heart crieth for more, and her soul is never satisfied! For she is the insatiable woman!

26. FOR THOU HUNGEREST ALWAYS AND WANETH NOT. But I am weary! I cannot always make love! Behold, she putteth up thy penis and she is content‚ but only for the moment! For when thou rousest thyself again, she shall desire more. She hungereth forever after thy love and is never satisfied! What can I do to satisfy thy hunger?

27. ONLY AS THOU DOST BEAR CHILDREN UNTO ME SHALT THOU BE SATISFIED AND SAY, "IT IS ENOUGH!" You understand your Father? I have many words to give, and love to thy bosom. This is my penis (points to Maria's pen) and this is your pussy (points to her note book). You bear many little babies in the pen (points to typewriter) over there. I spend all my time taking care of your babies! You're bearing them right and left all over the place! Can't you put away your pussy and let my penis rest? I have already so many, many children! I have a big nursery with lots and lots of little baskets of babies! (Points to his baskets of his Letters:)

28. YOU HAVE MORE CHILDREN THAN ANY WOMAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! You're an insatiable woman! You are drunk with the wine of my mouth! You always want more and more and more wine! You are drunken—on the wine of my mouth, and you're intoxicated with the words of my spirit, and thou shalt conceive and bring forth many children unto me from these seeds that I sow!

29. THESE SEEDS EXCITE YOU‚ AND THESE SEEDS INVITE YOU, and these seeds exorcise you, and these seeds right you, and they plight you, and sometimes they bite you or indite you or flight you, or enlight you (make you glow) and enheight you and enmight you (make you strong), and others benight you or requite you‚ or write you or sight you or tight you (make you up tight), or invite you and delight you and excite you! (Exhausted by all his sowing, he falls asleep. I'm sure if you'll pray, the Lord will help you understand what all this means!)