KEYWORDS: people, fault, drugs, kids, devil, good people

Morality Collapse

David Berg

DO 253911/88

1. The horrors that are now being tolerated by the World & even by the church are things they never would have let the Devil get away with a few years ago!—All these horrors of today, everything from horror movies to horror music & all kinds of horrors! They're tolerating more blasphemy & more evil & wickedness & things they wouldn't have even thought of just a few years ago!

2. So it's snowballing! The worse it gets‚ the faster it gets even worse, & it's getting worse & worse‚ faster & faster, & is so widespread & prevalent now that the World's in danger of absolutely collapsing morally!—It's pretty well collapsed already! And of course, a lot of their problems & troubles stem from that.

3. They're attacking the whole problem from the wrong end! For example, the U.S. is saying, "It's the South American countries that produce the drugs, it's their fault! It's the guys who ship it in, it's their fault! It's the runners who bring it in‚ it's their fault! It's the guys who sell it in the street‚ it's their fault!" Some of them even pretty honestly blame the kids & people who buy it, saying it's their fault. They say, "Well, if the U.S. wasn't such a huge market for it with such a huge demand & willing & able to pay so much, there wouldn't be any drugs!"

4. So what are you going to do? The people are there who want the drugs & use the drugs & have the money to buy them, & if they don't have the money they'll go out & steal & even kill somebody for it! So what's really wrong? What's the matter? They're all attacking the whole problem from the wrong end! What did they expect when they took God & the Bible & prayer away from the kids & gave them evolution?—Survival of the fittest!—Ha! There aren't too many fit left to survive now‚ & they're getting worse & worse!

5. And there are these gangs now, huge gangs‚ Black gangs especially in the big cities! I'll never forget that Angel that came up to me in Britain & said, "Can't they see that they're throwing the country to the dogs by importing all these [people] from the Caribbean," etc. He said, "You've got to tell them! You've got to tell them!" Until he said that, I thought he was just some nut! But he said, "It's your job to tell them, you've got to try to wake them up!"—And then he vanished! I was really shocked! I was just waiting outside in a doorway for Mama who was in the bookstore. Well, they've done it now, it's too late!

6. So they wonder why.—Well, what do they expect? They've just made animals out of their kids.—The "me" generation! "I don't have to care what happens to anybody else. I just have to feel good about myself & make sure I'm happy & that I've got everything I want!"

7. Selfishness is the religion of this generation, & "Let the Devil take the hindmost!" In other words, "I don't care about anybody else. I'm just going to take care of me!" So why should the kids go & study long hours & get many years of education to try to get a good job to work their way up the scale & die a millionaire, a rich man‚ when little ten-year-old kids can go out on the street & peddle drugs & make a fortune right now!—Buy cars & women & whatnot! All they have to do is be willing to shoot each other.—Not only with drugs, but bullets!

8. Well, it's their own fault.—They took God away from them, they took the Bible away from them, they took prayer away from them, & instead they gave them evolution & the godless anti-Christ public education system!—And the ACs are the main ones responsible for it! They fought all the court cases. It's always ACs & AC lawyers & AC parents of AC kids in school & all the rest, & now they're going to pay for it!

9. Now they're screaming, "What's the matter with our law enforcement agencies?" It's not their fault! The problem is so big they can't possibly handle it! It's impossible! It's grown all out of proportion to where they can't even handle it!

10. The affluent societies of the World are on a crash course for doomsday! Law enforcement agencies today can't possibly handle it. The legal & the legislative agencies can't handle it. You can't legislate righteousness. You can't make people be good if they're not good, & the less good they are, the worse they get! And that's exactly what's happening. It's already a dog-eat-dog generation with a "Devil take the hindmost" attitude!—In fact, he's taken the foremost now too. It's getting to be dangerous to be alive today, & almost a struggle to stay alive.

11. So praise the Lord anyhow! The Family's still here & the Lord's protected us & kept us going in spite of it all! But it is getting dangerous, not only for us, but especially for us, because even the supposedly good people are against us!—Not only the bad people, but the good people too, who think we're evil! The Devil's got them persuaded that we're all wrong, therefore we're all evil & therefore they ought to stamp us out, & they're trying hard to do it! We have even more trouble from the good people than the bad people!—In fact, a lot of the bad people even like us, ha!

12. The so-called "good" people‚ the Scribes & the Pharisees & the self–righteous hypocrites, are just like they were in Jesus' day. The "good" people were against Him, the supposedly best people, & they're treating us the same way! He was a friend of publicans & sinners, drunks & harlots.—Mat.11:19. Think of that!

13. So the more we stay away from the good people & out of sight, the better off we are! That's when you run into trouble‚ when they think they're so good they can judge everybody in the neighbourhood‚ & they start keeping a critical eye on you‚ especially if you're a stranger.

14. It sounds kind of discouraging, really‚ because the more I look around, the worse things are! Times are waxing worse & worse!—2Tim.3:13. Even in the good countries where there are some of the best people, you hear & read about how bad they're getting, how much crime there is & how free the so-called "gays" are! They're not only getting associations & laws changed in their favour, but they've even gone on the dole in some places as being handicapped by being a homo! I don't even like to call them homos, I like to call them Sodomites. They wiped them out in the old days! Now they encourage them & you're supposed to sympathise with them & feel sorry for them!

15. They've gotten to where they've changed the name of the drunks to alcoholics so that it's now called a disease & the attitude is, "You shouldn't condemn them, but feel sorry for them.—It wasn't really their fault, it was society & liquor & blah blah blah." Now they're doing the same for the homos: "It's just a sort of a disease, a weakness, & it isn't their fault‚ it was their parents' fault or their childhood or something else & it's a handicap & you should pay them for being handicapped!"

"Yea, & all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. But evil men & seducers shall wax worse & worse, deceiving, & being deceived."—2Tim.3:12,13.