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Latin American Debts

David Berg

DO 2538 6/89

1. The U.S. has made all kinds of bank concessions to Mexico, & the other South American countries are in a furor about it!—Because they're the very same concessions that these other South American countries were asking for but were refused! (Maria: The U.S. knows it's in their own selfish interest to keep Mexico stable & friendly & happy.) Yes, Mexico is too close for comfort!

2. How many U.S. Americans care about South America? How many of them are concerned about South America? Most of them don't even know anything about it! (Maria: And they don't want to go there on their vacations, they just want to go to Mexico, so they've got to keep things nice in Mexico.)—Right!

3. South America is too far‚ too unknown. Who knows South America?—Only the wise. What Americans are concerned about South America?—Only the wise‚ which are probably only the missionaries! (Maria: And the meddlers like the CIA & all their investigative snoops that are trying to cause trouble!)

4. Those poor South American countries are so heavily in debt & owe so much to the U.S. banks! There's only one reason why they have so far failed to get together & default on all of their loans & say, "Forget it! We've already paid you back more than you loaned us!"—And do you know what that reason is? (Maria: Because if they default they won't get any more loans?) —Exactly!

5. The American banks know that too, of course, so they keep leading them along with this bait: "If you default you're not going to get any more money! But if you'll just try to pay us back a little more interest each year, then we'll dribble you out some more cash & string you along!"

6. Therefore the South American countries themselves are suffering these huge loans & interest payments etc. because they're compromising! They are not willing to give up all U.S. help & all loans to completely free themselves of these enormous debts, which of course both they & the U.S. banks know that they can never repay!

7. The U.S. AC banks' idea is, "Well, we know they can never repay it, but if we dribble them out a little bit, then we'll at least get back something. They'll keep paying the interest, at least, while we're feeding them these crumbs!" That's what the situation is or the Latins would have completely defaulted & denounced & renounced & flatly said, "No more money from us! We've already repaid you more than you've loaned us!"

8. So the U.S. banks are still making millions upon millions off of those Latin American countries! They're just milking & bilking them out of more & more money, even though it was not as much as they had hoped to get or had originally planned to get.

9. Most of those countries are already literally in partial default because they can't possibly pay it. But as long as they keep paying a little dribble back to those banks, those banks don't have to declare those loans in default; therefore they can keep them on their books as assets, according to U.S. law‚ & that saves the banks from crashing & failing!

10. If the country defaults, then they have to declare the whole loan in default & not an asset but a liability. But by keeping the little string going back & forth between the banks & the Latin American debtors, they don't have to declare the loans in default & a liability, & they can still declare them assets. "Oh, this is money they owe us & are paying us, so it's still an asset."—Get it?

11. When the time comes, when the big Crash comes, the Latin American countries are going to declare themselves in default & refuse to pay any more!—And that's going to cause the U.S. banks to tumble & the U.S. financial system to really crash, because they've put so much money into Latin America.

12. They were going around begging them to borrow, until now the Latin American countries have virtually become their servants, & the Latins don't like it! The big American AC banks sort of enjoy that they've "still got these little critters down there on the string." They're still the slave masters & the Latin Americans are still their slaves & they have to abide by U.S. dictates, the IMF & all the rest fiddling around in their internal affairs & telling them how to structure their economy so they can be more perfect slaves & be more profitable to them.

13. They like to just keep these countries on the very verge‚ the very edge of total economic collapse & total political upheaval so they can continue to be their slave masters as long as the slaves will listen & feel they have to obey. But I believe, & so do these other prophets of doom, that the time is going to come, & come soon, when the slaves can no longer obey, it's impossible!

14. They're going to rise up in rebellion & revolt & declare themselves free & completely refuse to pay & refuse to obey any longer, & Latin America will declare itself free of North America! When that time comes‚ North America will no longer be able to control the Latin American slaves & no longer profiteer from them & rob them & enslave them!

15. And what is a slave master without his slaves? He can't run his plantation any more. He can't run his huge labour-hungry factories or the tremendous agricultural developments of the Southern U.S.A. which thrive on the slave labour from Mexico!

16. As far as I'm concerned, Latin America will be a lot better off out from under the heel of the U.S.A.! The U.S. slave master without his slaves is going to crash, & it'll all be part of the Crash, I'm sure.

17. You wonder how some of those businesses can even keep going! Do you know why the Crash hasn't already happened?—Both the banks & their customers to whom they're loaning money know that they can't keep going unless they keep on loaning them money; & the businesses know that they can't keep going unless they keep borrowing money.

18. The whole World is living on borrowed money & borrowed time—but time is running out!—Even the borrowed money is running out! But God is about to call, "Time's up!" The World just couldn't keep going today without borrowed money.—Neither the loaners or the borrowers. They're all dependent on each other & all dependent on borrowed money.—Just the thing that God said not to get into!

19. Thank God we as a Family have refused to go the borrowed money route! I've forbidden the Family to borrow money! It's been a Family rule all our Family life, except in a few rare cases where we have permitted fairly reliable Homes to borrow a few little Dollars to help them over the hump. We've had those Home Loan Funds for any Homes that got in serious trouble.

20. Did you know that usury, or for banks to loan money to people & charge them interest‚ was forbidden in the Bible? They were forbidden to charge any kind of interest on a loan because the Lord knew what a mess it would create!—Exo.22:25; Lev.25:36,37; Psa.15:5. It's also very strictly forbidden in the Koran for Muslims to loan money for usury—in other words, to get back interest. But of course, those rich Arabs with all that money have figured out ways of getting around it & getting paid in other ways.—Very clever, too.

21. But by & large they've stayed out of the dangerous usurious loaning & borrowing practices of the rest of the World, & that's why they have fared better financially. You don't hear of many Arab or Muslim countries going broke.—And you don't hear of many of them with huge monstrous, colossal, monumental debts!—At least they have stayed much more financially sound. Whereas, the West with its AC usury practices & loan shark tactics has actually gone hog-wild & completely chaotic financially because of the AC loaners & the bankrupt debtors!