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State of the World/State of the Family, The

David Berg

DO 25307/89

They're "Waxing Worse & Worse," We're Doing Better & Better!

1. Mama, would you lead us in prayer for this very important meeting? (Maria: TYJ! Thank You Lord for Your Love that makes it all possible, that even makes our being here possible, & our gathering together in safety & security & in harmony & unity of Spirit. Thank You Jesus that You've given us this opportunity to hear from You & to listen to Your Prophet, to hear him give Thy Message. Thank You Lord that we can be here now, that we're healthy, happy & receptive to Thy Voice.

2. (We ask Thee to open our ears even further. Clear our minds, Lord, & help us to have hearing ears & understanding hearts. Speak through Thy Servant now, & give him what You know is best & what You want to give us, Lord. Strengthen him & anoint him & empower him by Thy Spirit to speak Thy Words. We ask you, Lord‚ to keep us from any distractions or hindrances. Keep the recorders working well & help us all to be willing & receptive students. Bless this time, in Jesus' name. TYL! TYJ!) Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Peter, would you also pray?

3. (Peter: Thank You for this precious time to join together & to sit at Thy feet & hear from Thee & be here with Dad, Lord. We pray that You really pour forth upon us, Lord, & give us the things we need to know. There's so much that we need to lead & take care of the Family. We look to You & know, Lord, that You never fail to lead & guide. We now acknowledge You together & know that You will direct our paths. Above all, we thank You for Dad that he is able to share Your Words with us. Really bless this time & strengthen him & help us to find Thy counsel, Lord. TYL!)

4. Amen‚ Lord, have Thy way! Thy Will be done, Lord, You know what's best! We ask Thee to encourage these here with what we have to say & whatever You have to say, Lord. Strengthen them for this meeting‚ their minds & their hearing, Lord, that they may be encouraged & inspired.—That they may go from this talk encouraged by Thy Spirit & what they hear, inspired to do a good job for You. TYL! Amen‚ Jesus, have Thy way, Lord. TYJ! May I not ramble too much, Lord, & not keep them too long, if possible‚ in Jesus' name‚ amen. I don't know, that might be asking the Lord too much, that I don't ramble & I don't keep you too long, because I usually do!—Ha! So, PTL!


5. As you know, something big is supposed to happen this coming November. Now I want you to remember, I didn't say that, it's all those psychics & the astrologers & seers who said something big is going to happen this November. I've been saying something big is going to happen soon for the last 20 years, & almost every year something big did happen!—Ha!

6. I'm a little like the woman when they asked her how she felt, she said, "Today I feel pretty good, but every time I feel good I feel bad because I know it won't be long before I'm going to feel bad again!" I've been predicting the Crash of the Dollar for 20 years & the rise of gold for 20 years, & a lot of other things as well! Well, you just have to warn people of what the Lord has warned you of, & that's all you know. You don't always necessarily know exactly what year or month or whatever.

7. But the Lord has warned us & I have been predicting that the Crash is coming, & I've seen every sign of it. But this year the signs are much more severe than ever before.—Whereas just a few years back, even just two or three years back, most economists were giving all these peace talks that "Everything's all right‚ there's nothing to worry about‚ things are getting better & better every day in every way!"

8. They used to have this guy, what was his name?—Cootie or Coolie or something, some philosopher or mental health expert—& I remember hearing this when I was a kid. He said if you look in the mirror every day & you say to yourself, "Every day in every way everything is getting better & better!", pretty soon you'll convince yourself of that & things will be better! So that's what the economists have been saying!

9. —Until the Stock Market Crash of October '87! Then some of them began to come out with what was a little truer picture of what's going on, & some of them even dared to be prophets of doom!—But it was only two or three of them at first, just a very few. Now, both last year & this year, most of the economists, nearly all of them, are predicting doom, the Crash! Whereas there are now only two or three who are trying to say, "Oh no no, we're not going to have any Crash, no Depression, no Recession, everything's going to be better, look at this, look at that, blah blah blah!", as they try to point out a few little encouraging signs.

10. And oh, the government can manipulate stats like crazy! If they want to say that things are getting better & better, that's the way they do it, stats manipulating! But every now & then a stat creeps in that they just can't hide, & those kinds of stats have been creeping in more & more.

11. When it begins to affect people's jobs & businesses & industries & sales & wages & all the rest, you can't keep telling'm everything's getting better & better, because then they begin to wonder, "Then what's wrong with me? Why am I in this bad shape if everything's so much better?" And then they begin to talk to a few other people & they find out they're not in very good shape either‚ & the public begins to wake up that things are not as good as the government claims they are!


12. Poor Latin America‚ I'll tell you, they have been in absolute debt slavery that the ACs' banks forced on them for so many years now! I agree with Gorbachev, he said those debts will never be paid, they can't be paid, it's impossible! Those countries have become impoverished just trying to pay even the interest on their debts! It's pitiful, really pitiful!

13. Brazil & Argentina used to be some of the most prosperous countries in all of Latin America. Mexico's always been poor except for their rich. That's characteristic of all of Latin America, as I've said time & time again, they have a very small middle class, & they have very very few very very rich & very very many very very poor living like serfs on the land! It's pitiful.

14. So nearly all of the economists except for the rare ridiculous few are now predicting that the Crash or recession or whatever it's going to be has got to come soon. They started predicting that even last year. Of course, having the Stock Market Crash ahead of time kind of woke a lot of people up. Nearly all of them are now saying that things just can't last any longer this way, it's going to have to be this year or next.

15. Well, you don't have to talk about the Crash coming in Latin America, it's already come there! It's sad. Some of those beautiful & most prosperous, richest countries in South America have now become amongst the most poverty-stricken‚ the poorest‚ even with food riots & looting of stores for something to eat! Can you imagine?—The Argentinians! They were mostly Europeans.

16. There are even colonies of defeated Japanese from WW2 in Argentina. There were even colonies of Germans in Argentina from the 1st World War. They fled to Argentina which gave them refugee status or whatever it was, & took them in with open arms, because Argentina wanted immigrants then & people with brains & minds & skills etc. So these top officers of the German Army & the Japanese Army, anybody that had the money to go & relocate someplace else, many of them were going to Argentina in those days.

17. They had brains there, skills there, tremendous industries there! They had huge ranches of thousands of acres with thousands of cattle & whatnot! When I was a boy, Argentina was considered the richest, strongest country in all Latin America! And for that reason it was much more independent than the other countries of Latin America‚ & constantly defied U.S. attempts to dominate it, & managed to succeed most of the time.

18. —Until the damn dirty ACs pulled that dirty trick on'm back there in the '50s or '60s where they were going around just forcing money on people. "Oh, come on, let us loan you a few million. Don't worry about when to pay it back‚ blah blah blah!"—Deliberately getting them into the bondage & slavery of debt! And now they've got'm by the neck!

19. Statisticians have figured it out that they've already paid back those American banks far more than they originally borrowed, of both principal & interest, the whole thing! Those banks could cancel all those debts right now, & they would have already made billions on'm! But they want to keep them in slavery! And of course they especially attack those who don't like them very much, whom they know are more favourable to the Palestinians than they are to the Israelis.

20. If the ACs have the slightest idea that you don't like them, brother, they can make you suffer for it! Well, they've made us suffer a little bit, but not too much‚ thank the Lord, & they sure don't like us! The only reason that they haven't been able to do more to us is, thank God, they haven't been able to find us! But they have caused some of our people a rough time.


21. —Like when that AC doctor from France went roaming around Japan trying to smear the Family! Well, the Lord never lets that sort of thing happen till it's His time. The Lord was just trying to tell the Family there, "Well, now it's coming‚ now you're getting the persecution, now the government's getting tough on you about your visas." But I don't cry about it, I don't lament it. I know that it's just the Lord's way of clearly showing people when it's time to move on!—At least those who have to go. Thank God, some people can stay & carry on.

22. The Lord just says, "Enough!—You've given them enough, they've heard enough, they've had their chance!"—Even in the past. The Japanese have really persecuted Christians, even slaughtered them! It's not that they haven't heard about Christianity, it's not that they haven't heard about Jesus, they certainly have! They're smart people, well–educated. But sad to say‚ like a lot of people in the World, even in churches, they haven't really heard the true Gospel, they haven't really known how to get saved or really known Jesus. That's the big difference between the professing Christians & the possessing Christians!

23. So, thank the Lord, as I've said before, it's almost over! Our job is nearly finished‚ there's every sign of it. When they drive you out of a country & won't let you back in‚ that's a pretty sure sign! PTL! At least the Family tried in Japan. The Family there probably would never have been satisfied if they hadn't tried to see if the government would officially allow them to stay‚ even though they knew who they were. Well, we obviously must have had some real vicious enemies there, & I wouldn't be surprised at all that some of them were church Christians, because there's no jealousy like the Sanhedrin's. There's no envy like the Scribes & Pharisees who don't even want one of their little sheep proselytised!—Mat.27:18. (The Government that refused visas to our School & persecuted our missionaries has now fallen!—First time in 40 years!—Over money & sex scandals, no less!)


24. I'm certainly not sorry, in fact I'm glad that I've been able to expose & tell you all the ills & sins of the churches & how they've failed! That's why the Lord raised us up! As Jesus said‚ "If I had not come, they'd have had no sin"—at least they wouldn't have been exposed, is what He means.—"But now that I have come," He said, "they have no cloak for their sin"!—Jn.15:22. They can't hide it any more! We've exposed them & we've exposed the ACs. Like my first wife once said, "Dale Carnegie wrote a book about How to Win Friends & Influence People. You could write a book on 'How to Lose Friends & Antagonise People!'" Well, she was right!

25. Rich people would come to my church for the first time, & I'd blast the rich! And the churchy people would come to my church & I'd blast the churches! She'd be almost crying & saying, "All those wonderful people‚ they could have helped us a lot if you hadn't just socked it to'm right there in their seats right in front of you!" Well‚ of course, it finally lost me my church, too!

26. I'm sort of like the old guy in the early days of the Alliance.—The Alliance was originally supposed to be just a missionary society to which various denominations & churches contributed.—Until they began to show up the churches for their small giving to missions & their very few missionaries, really exposing the faults of the churches. So some of the pastors who were cooperating with the Alliance who were from the bigger denominational churches got kicked out. This one Presbyterian preacher who got kicked out of his church for working with the Alliance said, "Well, I got kicked out, but look what I got kicked into!" So, praise God! I got kicked out, but look what I got kicked into!—Cooked into too!


27. Well, PTL! I was going to say that I am not the one who made those prophecies about this November. Just because I repeat what somebody else has said doesn't mean I'm prophesying it! I once said, "Some of our young people prophesied in Huntington Beach that eventually California was going to break off & sink into the ocean." Because I repeated that & said, "Well, somebody said so-&–so," our enemies began to pick that up & say I prophesied it! They not only said that‚ but they said, "And it didn't happen, so therefore it proves he's a false prophet!"

28. It reminds me of the story about the German & the coloured boy in the foxhole! The German was fighting with a bayonet & the coloured boy was fighting with his razor. Finally the German got him pinned down & had the bayonet held up over him & he said, "Now I've got you!" And the coloured boy said, "No you ain't! Jes' wait till you tries to shake yo' head!" A lot of them have thought they had us, but wait'll they try to shake their head one of these days, & they're going to find out who lost! He who laughs last, laughs best‚ & God is going to have the last laugh along with the rest of us‚ TTL! (See Eze.33:33 & Psa.2:4.)


29. Well‚ I'd like to give you a few highlights from these recent stats of what our Family's accomplishing Worldwide! Our stats analysis is terrific! In fact, they've gotten so good‚ I almost thought we ought to publish our yearly analysis of last year for the GP! (See GN 361.) It was terrific! I thought, "Boy, you talk about a PR tool, this is a PR tool!" If people don't believe we're accomplishing anything—look at this!

30. It's the proof! I don't think most people could even believe how much we've accomplished, such a small group of only a few thousand! What we have accomplished is almost unbelievable! I don't say I couldn't believe it, that's just an expression, but I was astonished, astounded, amazed in reading that Year-End Stats Analysis of what we have accomplished in one year!—Plus all the other years gone by! PTL!

31. And the stats of the last month that we have available were excellent! Most of them were very good, nearly everything was up! I'll just kind of skim through & abbreviate a few of them for you now. There are rises in almost everything! Homes up 20%! Population, 7%! Souls Won, 12%! All this up! Pages printed, 28%! Videos up 18%! Tapes distributed were the only ones that were down, about 2-1/2%, maybe because of the trouble in Argentina.

32. It's pitiful how those poor Latin American countries are going absolutely broke!—Whereas they used to be the most prosperous in all of South America! What went wrong?—They accepted the loans & now they've got to pay! People used to say, "They've danced to his tune, now they've got to pay the fiddler!" You know who that fiddler was in "Fiddler on the Roof"?—The Devil! It shows you how the ACs glorify the Devil. He was up there fiddling & he was supposed to be a friendly person. They're always blaming everything on God‚ "Why me?" The guy even sings a song about that. That was a very interesting, entertaining film, typical of the ACs. If you want to know something about the ACs, that shows it—humorous, funny‚ musical, and friendly to the Devil and unfriendly to God!

33. OK, back to our stats: Our population is now over 19,000! A lot of this, of course, is due to a 27% rise in the DF population.—We're really getting good results from that DF Ministry! The largest DF rise was guess where?—Latin America! They're really going at it, God bless them! They increased their DF membership 44% in just one month. We're talking about one month's stats, not a year. So we have reason to be thankful! We're not supposed to be proud, but in a way we can certainly be very thankful for our wonderful people!

34. The TRF Population worldwide increased by 56. Not counting the DFers, we now have 12,669 TRFers. We continue to grow!—Not by any great bursts, but by gradual steady growth. Of course‚ a lot of our population increase comes via the birth canal. We are now averaging‚ as we have for the past several years, about 60 babies a month, or a couple a day! God bless our boys & girls, they have really been hunchin', GBT! Well, those are our most valuable disciples because we will train them up in the nurture & admonition of the Lord‚ & they're Family all the way!


35. Of course, we may have a few dropouts. Most churches lose most of their children when they become teenagers. If you go to the average church, how many teenagers do you see? You see a lot of children that the parents bring, they have to go. Teenagers are the scarcest church population!

36. You'll also find a lot of young parents because when they start having children, then they get serious about‚ "What am I going to do about their religious training & God etc.? I don't know anything, I can't do it, I have to take them to church." And the older folks, of course, they know they're facing death, & they feel like they'd better get back to God & stay religious & be good church members so they will earn their way to Heaven.

37. But most teenagers don't give a damn! It seems normal & natural for most teenagers to rebel against any kind of control, discipline, parental guidance or anything. Do you know what the worst ages are? The worst ages begin at 12, 13 & 14. Those are the ages I taught in school for 3 years, so I know what I'm talking about! California used to pay the teachers of Junior High Schools more than any other teachers in the School System‚ because they are the most difficult discipline-wise, the most difficult to control‚ the most stubborn & rebellious, rowdy, noisy, everything!

38. They are just beginning to come into full-grown stature physically but their minds haven't caught up with their bodies yet! They're foolish‚ silly & they're big enough to make a lot of noise but not smart enough to keep their mouth shut! As somebody said, "It only takes two years for a child to learn to talk, but all the rest of his life to keep his mouth shut!" I guess that's something I never learned either, huh? But maybe it was a good thing!

39. I took over that Junior High School class after several other teachers had quit. A lot of them were kids that the parents would pay us to take into our school. Not even any public school would take them. They'd been sent to the delinquent school & all that kind of stuff that they have in California, & finally, in desperation, they came to us & begged us to take them in. Those types of Christian schools were sometimes almost like reformatories!

40. Kids who are sent to Christian schools are mostly preachers' kids & good church people's kids. Going away to Bible college or Bible school is often the first chance they ever have to get away & out of parental control, & some of them just go wild, absolutely wild! So between the preachers' kids & the leading church members' kids & these reformatory cases‚ we had some pretty tough customers!

41. The Junior High grades are 7th, 8th & 9th, or the 12- to-15-year-olds. By the time they start getting older & reach Senior High, they usually would begin to be a little more concerned about life & serious & realised they were going to have to get good grades & graduate if they were going to get a good job in the future. So most of them began to settle down & get more serious about school. Of course, there were always a few rotters even at High School age. But most of the Junior High students were wild & very bad behaviour cases. And there were always some bad rotters who were the leaders who led them to be even worse.

42. I'll never forget the previous teacher of my class, dear Mrs. Outhouse—that was her name! She had asked to resign & have a replacement. She'd been a missionary in Chile for years & was fluent in Spanish, & when she saw me coming in as the new teacher to replace her, she stood up & said out loud, "Thank God!" She didn't even know me, but just the fact that I was coming in to relieve her, she immediately began clearing her desk & gathering up her stuff. And she exclaimed, "I am going back to a country where the children are civilised!" That's a compliment for our Latins! I don't know how they are now, but that's the way they were then. Of course, that's about 35 years ago.

43. Of course, most of the World seems to be going bad in every way. People, especially the young people, are becoming absolutely wild savages! I think even the kids I had in my Junior High in those days 35 years ago were little saints compared to what I hear about kids today! There were virtually no drugs then at all. I heard of a few places where there was a little pot or something in High School, but there was no serious drug problem or anything like that. Now, it's horrible! The schools today are absolute hells, & it's a wonder to me that any teachers are even willing to teach school today! Who would want to have to teach little devils like that?

44. So-called progressive education is largely responsible for today's sad state of affairs in education. To simplify what progressive education is, it means, "Don't push education on the kids unless they want it. Don't make them study unless they feel like it!" It's all related to this famous baby expert, Dr. Spock's teachings. I think he's dead now‚ but before he died he said, "I realise now that I was completely wrong & I wrecked a whole generation!" Devilish! His attitude was, "Don't discipline kids, don't make'm do anything if they don't want to. Catch'm when they're in the mood!" Well, the result in California was that most teachers just gave up!

45. My brother told me about one teacher in his school who would just give the kids their assignment, put his feet up on his desk & sit back & read a book!—And all Hell broke loose in his classroom! He didn't even try to discipline them. Because with normal Junior High-schoolers, you never catch them when they're "in the mood."—They're never in the mood! You never catch them when they want to study —they never want to study!

46. I used to sing Techi this little song about the good old-fashioned schools:

"School days, school days,

Dear old golden rule days!

Readin' & Writin' & 'Rithmetic,

Taught to the tune of a hick'ry stick!"

There were teachers in those days who, if they didn't have a hickory stick, they had a two-foot ruler that was about an inch thick, & they walked around with it all the time, & they knew how to use it!

47. A teacher nowadays doesn't dare do a thing like that, the kids will murder'm, kill'm, & they have, quite a few! They can't enforce discipline! This is a hopeless generation! They have gotten so rotten & gone so bad!—And I don't blame it on them, it's the fault of their parents & the nation! (Maria: It's now against the law in many places to even touch the children.) Yes, they can't discipline them now.

48. Of course‚ the ruin of it all, what caused it all, is they took God away from them, they took the Bible away from them, they took prayer away from them, they took any reference to religion away from them, & what did they give them in its place?—Nothing but evolution, the horrible lies of evolution, that devilish "survival of the fittest" doctrine! They're taught, "There are no absolutes!—There's no God, therefore there are no rules, therefore there's no reason not to murder or raise Hell or do as you please or smoke dope or commit crimes & be violent! —Why shouldn't I do what I want to?"

49. There was a similar doctrine that was in circulation even way back yonder when this guy wrote a book on Obey That Impulse! With all the devils & demons there are around, if everybody starts obeying their impulses you're going to have just the kind of a World we've got today‚ & nothing to stop'm!—Because they've been taught there's no God, therefore there are no rules‚ no absolutes, it's just do as you please‚ whatever you want to do!

50. "There's no right or wrong, that's all in your head! That's just what your parents or the society taught you. And if there's no God‚ no Ruler, then there are no rules, nobody's got a right to make rules, & therefore there is no right & wrong! What's right is what's good for me! What's in it for me?! Do what you please! You're your own boss & nobody can tell you what to do, not even your parents or police!"

51. In fact, Nietzsche & Freud taught'm that their parents are to blame for every little problem or sin that they've got! Well, System parents probably are to blame for a lot of them, & they're certainly to blame for taking all the rules away & robbing their children of God & faith, & substituting a demonic religion of unbelief in its place!—Evolution is a religion, a religion of unbelief!—"There's no Creation, so there's no Creator‚ no God!—Therefore there should be no laws, no rules!—Forget the Bible‚ it's a book of hooey, & do as you please! What's right is whatever you feel is right!"

52. They have a new saying now: "Don't get mad, get even!" In other words, "Vengeance is yours, you repay!" So they've adopted the mentality of savages, beasts out of control. ... "Brute beasts," God's Word says, "created to be destroyed!"—2Pet.2:12. Some people are brute beasts created to be destroyed! You ask, "Why does the Lord allow it to carry on then?" Well, because His Plan isn't finished yet, He hasn't won enough souls yet‚ He hasn't shown the World how bad it is without God or how bad it can get or how much worse it can get! But He's going to show them pretty soon!


53. As I was saying, I did not get those prophecies about November! I told you that it's the psychics & the astrologers who are agreeing that something very spectacular is going to happen in November, & most of them say the first half of November. I didn't say that!—But I have a feeling they could be right! I'm even getting letters now talking about, "What you said about November‚ Dad, your prediction about November." I did not predict that!—But like the one about California sinking, I'm inclined to agree with it judging by the way things are going!

54. And I do believe in astrology to a certain degree. You certainly can't deny the fact that regarding people's personality characteristics it is right on the nail! And you cannot deny that astrologers have from ancient times predicted climactic events that were going to happen, like Nostradamus did. Of course, I believe he was also a prophet. He was a Christian & I believe he was a genuine prophet, because nearly everything he predicted has come to pass.—Even specific predictions where his interpreters have calculated that he said the Great Famine was going to begin, was it '87 or '88?—And that's when the great droughts started occurring in North America & worldwide.—And they're still going!

55. Some people say, "Well, he said there was going to be a great drought, famine worldwide, to where people would even become cannibals! But it didn't happen!"—That doesn't mean it's not going to happen, & that doesn't mean it's not already happening‚ growing wider & wider & worse each year! A lot of these things you can pick up from the WND—I hope you read it! It's got a lot of very important things in there. If you just hit the underlines you'll hit the most important parts!

56. Did you know that the hottest summers on record, the hottest World temperatures‚ were all in the 1980s! So things are heating up! You've heard about the "Greenhouse Effect."—The whole World is having very high temperatures & increased drought! The Sahara Desert is growing. The great Southwestern American Desert is growing.

57. When the Prophets & when the Lord prophesies things, some people get the idea, "Oh, it's going to happen, boom‚ like that!" Well‚ God's wheels of justice usually grind exceeding slow—I think He's trying to give people time to repent—but they grind exceeding fine! It may not have happened last year or the year before, or maybe it hasn't happened yet this year, but it's growing!


58. As far as today's youth are concerned, their parents sowed the wind & they have reaped the whirlwind!—Hos.8:7. The younger generation in the affluent countries, the rich countries, is just absolutely a lost generation! They have gone completely to pot!—Significantly & literally, only worse! The World just can't go on like this, it's impossible! They'll soon be back in the jungle & savages!

59. Where do you think those people came from, those jungle savages with all that deviltry? How do you think they got that way? Man was not that way in the beginning. Man was quite civilised in the days of Adam & Eve, even the following generations that are outlined in the genealogies of the Bible. Man was still quite civilised. He hadn't descended to the depths of being a total savage! So where did those people come from? How did they get there? They degenerated! They didn't evolute, they devoluted! They devolved! Man is not evolving, he is devolving!

60. I don't believe a word of evolution, but I sure am convinced by history & what I see today that Man is devolving! I believe in devilution! And as far as I'm concerned, you can spell it D-E–V-I-L! I like the way the British pronounce evolution: Evilution! And I'll tell you, it's Devilution!—Both ways!—Both bedevilled & devolving! And it has been for generations, in countries which were once great civilisations, marvellously highly-educated people with greater wisdom than perhaps Man even has today. For example, the Egyptians knew things that Man doesn't even know any more‚ & look how far they've fallen. Today Egypt is in a Hell of a mess!

61. Men were not savages in the jungles, Devil-worshipping, idol-worshipping etc. to begin with! As each civilisation rotted & fell & devolved there was soon another crop of savages out in the jungles. Think of it! Imagine what would happen if God would let this World go on much longer, now that the civilised countries on Earth are also turning to savagery!

62. All you have to do is look at the modern movies & look at the new so-called "musicians"! They're not musicians, they're demon-possessed devils! They act & scream like they're demon–possessed! Their music is definitely not music, it's just rhythm, the same kind of rhythm that the missionaries used to bring home in their movies of the savages in the jungle. That's exactly the state they're getting to right now.

63. If you want to know how the savages got to be such a mess, just look‚ watch! If God would let this World go on one more generation, that's what they would degenerate to and become, absolute total savages!—Because that's what the next generation is, the youth of today, they have become total savages!—And there wouldn't be a bit of decency or goodness or civilisation left!

64. Christianity is what brought civilisation to the World‚ believe it or not. Jesus is the One Who brought civilisation & law. God is the One! Otherwise the World would have been a lot worse a long time ago. Women's rights?—Ha! In the old days women had no rights! In many countries today, particularly Muslim countries, women still have no rights or freedom‚ they're kept in abject slavery! It's in the Christian countries & cultures that women were given rights & can vote etc.

65. Even in Japan you can still see the remnants of when women had no rights, & the older generation is still a lot that way. I can remember a dear missionary couple who'd been in Japan when I was a teenager. The man had gotten in such a habit of following the custom of the Japanese men of walking ten feet in front of his wife‚ that he often forgot while he was back in the States & he would go surging ahead‚ leaving her trailing behind, because that's the way the Japanese men did in those days when I was a teenager, only 50 years ago!

66. So Japan has not been very civilised for very long. You just read the history of Japan & you'll know how uncivilised they were & how horrible they were & what tyrants they had that slaughtered & enslaved the poor, & even slaughtered & massacred Christians! It wasn't long ago.

67. (Maria: Women's rights in Japan have recently come about because of the influence of Christianity.) Yes, largely because of MacArthur. He insisted on a Constitution that gave women rights. It's only been fairly recently that brothels, whorehouses, were outlawed in Japan. Prostitution was perfectly legal before. Of course, it's simply gone undercover now, the politicians still have their mistresses or their geisha girls, etc. They can say all they want to about the geisha girls & how it's all educational & they are such pristine pure saints & have nothing to do with sex, but everybody knows that they were just the high-class whores & the high-class call girls!

68. Well, I didn't mean to take a crack at Japan, but they're going to get theirs one of these days too! I digressed a little on some of these things. When I see what's happening in the World today, God couldn't let it go on for another generation! It would be totally out of control & totally debauched & reverted to savagery‚ it would be horrible, so He's gotta stop it soon or His children would suffer too much! It can't go on much longer.—And it won't!

69. (Maria: The Lord is now using the abortion controversy as almost a final sifting.) Oh yes, particularly of the church! You know‚ this is the first thing I've ever heard the churches get stirred up about & go into action about in the USA, to be willing to demonstrate about & actually go to jail for! It's the first time they've ever really gotten on the ball & done something about some of the evil!

70. They didn't even get very stirred up about the government taking God out of the schools! —At the ACs' instigation, of course. Every one of those court battles to get God out of the schools & the Bible out of the schools & prayer out of the schools was led by an AC! Every one of them! The same is true of the big smear campaign against the TV evangelists & Gospel preachers—led by the ACs! They are out to finish Christianity, to absolutely kill off Christianity & kill the Christians if they can! And of course, they're going to bring forth their Man one of these days who is anointed by the Devil to do just that if he can. Thank God he won't be able to! He's going to kill a lot of'm, but he can't kill us all, PTL! God's still going to have His witnesses, TTL!


71. So it can't last much longer!—And I am inclined to agree with the predictions of the astrologers about November, because it's gotta come some time soon. They say some climactic event is going to happen. Some were even saying it's going to be the end of the World! Well, it may be the end of the World as we now know it, economically. As I have said, it could mean the Revelation of the Antichrist!

72. But I didn't make the prophecy, I'm just suggesting they might be right.—And they usually are right, because God Himself said He's given the stars & the planets etc. in the Heavens to be for signs & for seasons.—Gen.1:14. So they are signs of something, "signs in the stars" (Lk.21:25), & the astrologers have read them for ages. The only time when the astrologers were condemned in the Bible was when heathen pagan kings didn't recognise God & all they leaned upon were their astrologers. And‚ of course, they weren't always right.

73. But anyway, I did not make that prophecy. I've just said that that's what came to me when I heard about it. And if there's going to be something big, something tremendous, what could be more tremendous than either the big economic Crash that brings down the whole System & gives rise to the Antichrist, or the actual Revelation of the Antichrist! Who knows?—Maybe the Crash is going to come between now & November & he'll have to be brought out then to save the World, at least the present System.

74. Anyway‚ for the good news—back to our Stats! All that other was the bad news. I seem to be a Prophet of Doom. Well, somebody's gotta be it, & if I hadn't of been'r, who'dabeen'r? PTL! Thank God He has revealed to us things that are coming to pass!—Amos 3:7.


75. Our average Home size has taken a significant jump! Our Homes are growing larger. We're getting back to what we first taught in our early medium-sized Colonies. Of course, for awhile there it was runaway inflation & we had Colonies of two or three hundred people that didn't have time for anything else but just taking care of themselves. So I had to break up the Blobs! We then went to the opposite extreme & I said cut it down to a maximum of 12. I even said six in one small Home could accomplish more witnessing than a horrible blob. They were spending most of their time in those Blobs either cooking or doing dishes or cleaning up or having classes instead of getting out witnessing!

76. But now the new Home average is a nice medium-size of 18 or more! That's good, because with more people you have more variety of skills. You have enough people to stay home with the kids & have school, & enough to go out witnessing, & enough to bring in the bacon! And in a cross–section like that you've got more secretaries, more maintenance men & more people to get the job done.—Many hands make light work! So TTL, that's a good sign. We've found out on the mission field that the larger Colonies were usually the stronger Colonies because they had more leadership. They had a little bit more of everything, & so they could do more.

77. India's Homes have taken a large jump in population. I presume they've had to sort of get together now because of the persecution‚ & because as people leave & close up Homes, those who remain are getting together.

78. I'll tell you‚ the Home Fields are really going to have a jump in population stats‚ & they're going to have to be ready to receive them because there are going to be a lot more people going home! Thank the Lord, from all of the testimonies that we've read so far, the Lord is really taking care of them, supplying them with vehicles and funds and everything. It's wonderful how the Lord is really providing for them! Europe has been doing a lot of comboing with the people coming home etc., God bless'm!

79. Two-thirds of the Family is now back in the West. For awhile, two-thirds were in the South & the East, but two-thirds are now back in the West—31% North & 35% South. Only one–third is now left in the East.


80. Our distribution is up 3–1/2%, over 8 million pages per month! That's pretty good! All the main areas have shown increases, except Latin America, India & the Pacific. North America, Europe, the Mideast & Southeast Asia have all increased! We have had some significant increases in the number of pages per adult. That has been steadily rising over most of the World. So it shows that most of our people are working harder, TTL!

81. In Southeast Asia the Poster distribution has doubled! And Videos are now up to over 1,000 per month worldwide. Some areas, of course, are only just getting off the ground now because of difficulty in duplication.

82. Of course, it's much more difficult to reproduce & dupe the videos locally in many areas, & much more expensive. But I'm hoping to help them to finance those videos like we first helped them to finance the audios, to help them get started. The audios are really rolling now! There's no problem, they can get them duped easily and cheaply almost anywhere. And I presume as they eventually begin to teethe on the videos they'll find ways to do that too. Amen?

83. Neither the audio tapes nor any of our GP tools have really gotten a start in North America. They have in Latin America, but North America is doing very poorly. Of course, until recently our population there had been largely the stragglers, people who stayed home & weren't going to be missionaries, so naturally they didn't do too much witnessing or litnessing. It's amazing that they have done as well as they have. There have been quite a few real faithful ones‚ hard-working ones‚ & they have done more than their share, GB'm!

84. But now as a lot of this good missionary personnel gets back to North America & Europe, I'm expecting things to vastly improve with the arrival of these people who have really fought it out on the mission field for years & survived & become real missionaries, real witnesses, real leaders! All this good personnel going home now to saturate the Home Fields will probably be those fields' last chance, no doubt!—The final harvest!

85. They virtually drove us out of North America before with all their bad publicity & persecution, etc. It's going to be very interesting to see just how receptive they are now. With a lot of good pushers going back there, it will be very interesting to see how well we do at home compared to how we used to do there.

86. Well, I certainly expect us to do better than we used to! We didn't have as many people, we didn't have as much material, so I'm expecting to see a real boom, a temporary, explosive, short-lived boom until they find out who we are or that we're back, and then shall the End come! So maybe we'll get a real harvest! I don't know about some of this younger generation, but there may be some of them that are still hungry just like you were, who will see that we have the answer & will receive it, thank the Lord!

87. Our Kiddie Viddies are going over great with children's schools, especially the nursery schools, the younger children. They love both our videos & our music tapes, particularly in the Catholic countries. After all, they don't have much that is any good.

88. Posters are going up! They went up nearly 3% that month. Would you like to make a guess how many million Posters we've distributed? In the early days I presume some had a little question, "Well, that's Dad's usual exaggeration‚ evangelistically speaking‚ when he says millions for the billions." Well, we've now published & distributed 23-1/2 million Posters! PTL!

89. And the thing about the Posters is that more than just one person sees them. I wouldn't be a bit surprised that certainly at least ten or a dozen or maybe even a hundred people have seen each of those Posters on the walls of the homes of the people who we give them to! They certainly wouldn't stick them away & hide them, they'd stick them up on their walls or somewhere, & probably a lot of them framed them because they thought they were so pretty. So every Poster is seen by many more people than a normal piece of lit. So it's not hard to realise how these millions are reaching billions! TYL! Nearly half-a-million were gotten out this last month of stats—that month alone!

90. For the four years now that we've had the Posters they've been averaging about five million a year. That's pretty good, huh? It worked! TTL!

91. We've got a new Poster Picturebook in the works now‚ & I'm eager to see it! That is going to be a priceless treasure!—Our two previous colour Poster Books combined into one‚ with all of our later Posters as well! I even think it's going to be popular, I think it would sell! It would have to cost quite a bit more than a Poster, because it's a whole book that's full of Posters, & they're still big enough to put on the wall if people want to. We'll see! Amen?

92. Well, we aren't planning on printing enough of those to distribute en masse, at least not at first, we want them mainly for the Family, to make sure they have them all. But they could sure use it as a terrific witnessing tool or a teaching tool when they get a convert. They can sit right down on the park bench & turn the pages & show people the future!

93. I think if you'd sit on a bench in a park with somebody you've won to the Lord & show them one of those picturebooks, I bet they'd want to buy it & take it home with them! Don't you think that would really attract people? Since it's pretty expensive to produce‚ the Family could at least use them as witnessing & teaching tools, just sit their converts down & turn the pages.

94. So thank God for our wonderful materials!—I don't like to call them "products," which sounds a little commercial, but they are our products & they are contributing greatly to the Family's support, TTL! I'm sure glad we don't have to go around selling flowers or something that says nothing except shows the beauty of God's Creation. Every one of our products speaks & preaches the Gospel! PTL!


95. Thank the Lord that our stats are all good news! Nearly everything is up & going strong & we're doing better than ever! The more I promise that next year is not going to be so good, every year gets better. Of course, if something climactic happens, things could change.—And something climactic is already happening in poor South America where the Crash is already there! Our distribution & everything is already going down there, & their support is obviously declining because of the whole Continent's pitiful financial situation.

96. There's only one solution to the Latin American debt crisis, & I don't know why those countries' leaders don't wake up to it: They need to get together & renege on the whole thing & say‚ "You have made slaves of us long enough, we have more than repaid your loans!"—In fact, I think somebody figured they'd repaid about 3 times as much as they'd actually been loaned! No wonder they're going broke & are in financial bankruptcy!

97. The AC banks of the U.S. have drained them dry, ruined them!—And the only solution is to get out of that damned borrower's frame of mind! They just keep on borrowing more money. The only reason they're repaying anything is so they can borrow more. So they're getting deeper & deeper in debt all the time!

98. If those leaders in Latin America would just declare, "We've paid enough! That's it, no more!"—They'd help to bring about the Crash a lot quicker, because North America would crash & Europe would crash! Because they're counting all those bad loans to these Third World countries as collateral! They're putting them on their books as assets! But they're not assets‚ they'll never be repaid!

99. When are those Latin leaders going to wake up & stop borrowing money just so they can get more? They're afraid to stop paying for fear they won't be able to borrow any more. The best thing they could do is stop paying, & then they couldn't borrow any more & God would bless them for it & prosper them! I believe it!—Especially in Latin America where the people are so good & they are at least Christians nominally, if nothing else, & are certainly a lot better than the North Americans.

100. They don't have nearly as much horror going on in Latin America as they do in North America. At least they've stayed much truer to God & the Bible & even the church & their childhood training. Remember what Mrs. Outhouse said: "I'm going back to where the kids are civilised & are quiet & will listen to teachers & benefit from education!" I always loved the Latin countries.

101. Oh, the crimes that the U.S. has committed in Latin America! If the Latins would just quit making payments on those loans and stop borrowing‚ they could make the U.S. reap what she sows, and all the evil things she's done to them. The U.S. economy and the European economy would collapse! When they have to declare those bad Latin loans as defunct, their banks could no longer claim to be solvent, and the banks would all collapse and go into bankruptcy, and this would bring down the economy of the North, the rich countries around the World.

102. Our people need to preach this in Latin America & tell'm that they are to blame! Don't blame it all on the American & European banks, the Latins are to blame for their own destruction because they borrowed the money! And now they insist on trying to pay it back, just because they want more. They'd be better off financially if they'd even go back to their old way of living, back to the ranches, & back to not trying to be big industrial or military powers etc., which is what a lot of the borrowed money has gone towards.


103. Do you know why the U.S. & Europe don't want to stop producing all those arms?—And why they don't want disarmament? —And why they don't want to really make peace with Russia? Without Russia they have no excuse for preparing for war! Without the Russian scare, "The Russians are coming!" the U.S. wouldn't have any excuse to have such a big military & to be spending three hundred billion Dollars a year on armaments! Do you know why they do it? (Peter: To keep the economy going.)—Exactly! They're afraid if they stop spending those billions on arms that the Crash will come for sure‚ because it's keeping so many people at work. (See "War–Boom-Bust," No.H.)


104. Well, I just thought I'd encourage you with all the good news that despite how World conditions are deteriorating, things are getting better for us! So‚ PTL! That's the good news! But, of course, there's always some bad news & we always have to be prepared for the future & what's bound to happen. It's gotta come, sooner or later, in order to End it all, TTL! That's the nice thing about things getting worse, that means the End is near & things are soon going to get better, better than ever, almost the best ever! Of course, the very best ever will be after the Millennium‚ but even the Millennium is going to be heavenly compared to what's going on now.

105. It's going to be wonderful!—No more passports, no more visas, we will be the bosses and the rulers! We won't have to worry about visas, transportation or baggage ever again! And thank God we'll have supernatural powers and bodies and wisdom to do the job. We won't have to use the AC's big worldwide computer network or all that baloney, we'll just tune into Headquarters and get any information we want! TTL! We won't have to do it by machinery.

106. Think what a relief it will be, all the things we will be relieved of! PTL!—And we'll have our immortal bodies that our enemies can't touch or hurt or damage or anything!—We'll never again be sick, tired or even hungry, we'll only eat for pleasure! Jesus ate after He rose from the dead, don't forget.—Lk.24:41-43; Jn.21:12,13. I'm sure He just did it for fellowship because they were eating.

107. So praise the Lord, He's been gathering citizens together for His Kingdom, & He's made that our job. We're the ones who are recruiting citizens for the Kingdom of God, & you've certainly been doing a good job of it! I don't know of any small group of people or denomination or church that has ever had such a portion of phenomenal success!

108. I used to know the churches' stats‚ I used to have stats, but I haven't been near them for so long that my stats are 20 years old! But I'm sure things are even worse today than they were then! It's been widely publicised how the Catholic Church is much worse off. They've lost nearly half their priests & they're not able to recruit nearly enough new priests. They're closing churches right & left because there aren't enough priests, & their congregations are dwindling too.

109. And a lot of their priests are going homo, sad to say. It's pitiful! They won't let them have wives so they annoy little boys. I guess the only reason they don't annoy little girls is there aren't any girls around, but they do keep boys and boys choirs and boys schools and altar boys and orphanages and things like that. Apparently that Sodomy thing has just run riot with them!


110. As the End draws near, things are going to get tougher & the clamp is going to get tighter, so you need to be ever so careful & prayerful, more than you have ever been before. Most people have been so used to freedom that they just can't imagine things any other way. But the Antichrist's System is being built right now‚ both the computer system & the identification systems with the Mark of the Beast & his Image & all the rest. It's virtually already in operation or soon to be in operation. People are going to have to receive their Marks & be able to be read.

111. You've heard about those little bar code readers that the supermarket cashiers have in a lot of places. They just run it over the product & it puts into the cashier's calculator the exact price, even what the item is, what department it's from & everything, all in one little stroke, bing! And I don't doubt that that's exactly what the Mark of the Beast is going to be like. All they'll have to do is scan your hand or forehead & they'll be able to read all about you. Everybody will be identified. Eventually we're going to think that passports & visas were easy, because it's all going to be a lot tighter once they issue the Mark!

112. Everything's getting tighter & tighter!—Even vehicles. You've probably read about these new inventions whereby they can put implants in your vehicle & can read its identity as you pass the toll booth, & bill you later. Hong Kong either already has something like that or has been thinking of installing it, where they'll be able to read the info on every vehicle that passes by! (See WND 284, pg.7.)

113. So it's coming! And they're getting ready for it now. They've already got that huge four-story monster of a computer in Brussels, which is the capital of Europe now, the EEC, & they even call it "The Beast"!

114. It's not just coming, it's already here! I think I put that story in the GN about the two little old ladies in Texas or somewhere who got their pension checks, & on them was written, "You must come by our office to have these validated"—it didn't say bring your social security card—"and have the number in your forehead or right hand read!" In other words, they're already prepared for the Mark of the Beast. (See GN 373, pg.12.)

115. These ladies reported it to their pastor, "What in the World is this?"—This information slip that came along with their checks telling them what to do‚ that they had to come down & have their numbers read. So he got curious & went first of all to the local social security office to ask, & they didn't know. So he went higher & higher & higher, & pretty soon he got up so high that they just said, "Oh‚ we're very sorry, that was a mistake. That doesn't go into effect for 2 or 3 years yet. If they'll just come down to their local social security office they will exchange those for normal checks." They're getting prepared.

116. They've got to be prepared! This is another reason why I think the introduction or the Revelation of the Antichrist is going to be so sudden! He's going to have to take control immediately, & he is going to have to restrict & give edicts & dictates & whatnot immediately to try to change the System & save the World's economy. So they have to have it all prepared & organised in advance, & I believe they have been ready for years! They're just waiting for the right moment, the ideal moment for him to take over.

117. It's my theory—maybe it's my guess, maybe it's from the Lord—that the ideal moment would be right after the Crash. The System is definitely going to crash, nearly everybody knows that now, they just don't realise how bad it will be. Some say‚ "Well, it will be a mild recession," blah blah. I think it's going to be the worst depression, the worst crash this World has ever known!—And they'll be suffering worldwide just what is happening now in some of the poor bankrupt Third World countries. It's going to spread & it's going to get so bad that the ACs know that the people of the World will be willing to sell their souls & their bodies to the Antichrist to save them!

118. Did you know that Joseph in the Bible was a good type of the Antichrist? He wasn't bad, of course, we know that‚ but because of his advice & advance warning, Egypt was prepared & had stored all this grain to survive the seven years of famine. First of all‚ the people came down to get grain & had to buy it. Then pretty soon they ran out of money & they sold him their livestock. Next they exchanged their lands for food.

119. Then finally they sold themselves‚ their very bodies to Egypt as slaves, just to get food!—Gen.47:13-21. That's pretty much what Latin America & some of the poor Third World countries have now done. They thought they were really in the gravy, but now they're in the soup! They've virtually sold their bodies, & the ACs want it to where they're going to have to sell their souls under the Antichrist in order to survive!

120. So expect things to get tighter! Be prepared for the worst & you probably won't be disappointed. Like the guy whom they told, "Cheer up, things could be worse!" He said, "So I cheered up, & sure enough, things got worse!" Or like the guy said, "If you vote for Goldwater, this will happen‚ that will happen, big taxes and all kinds of terrible calamities are going to befall the country if you vote for Goldwater!" He said‚ "So I voted for Goldwater, & sure enough, it all happened!"—Ha! The funny thing is, Goldwater didn't get elected, the other guy did it!

121. So expect it. We're to be prepared & beware & really seriously, soberly pray for God's guidance as things get worse. And I'm sure things will happen that will make you pray! I won't have to remind you to pray. Things will get so bad that we'll all be praying, & finally really praying continuously without fail, TTL!

122. But don't fear, don't worry! I've found that God always has some solution. Most of the time, Mama knows me, I'm a very happy guy, cheerful, & not worrying or afraid of anything. The Devil hits me the most in the middle of the night, in the dark. He'll sometimes give me terrifying scary dreams—nothing so bad that I can't survive—but things where I'm fleeing or things like that. Maybe some of those are good for me, to shake me up, wake me up & help me to realise that we've got to be prepared for that sort of thing!

123. I was running in this one dream & there was this endless alley & no way to get out. Finally we found a break where we could get under the street & the only way out was through a manhole. I thought, "My God‚ if we come through that manhole they're bound to see us & shoot us or something!" We were being chased‚ apparently. Well, I don't doubt some of those sorts of things will probably happen in the days to come.


[Phone Tips and Persecution]


126. Years ago when I was on the road I had a similar arrangement with Eve. We had no telephone out there on the Ranch, the nearest one was three miles down the road at the service station on Highway 80. But I still managed to keep in touch with her all those years. Maybe it was a little tricky, but it was perfectly legal. [HomeARC note: Laws may have changed, so please take that into consideration when reading the following.]

127. I told her‚ "Any time you need me or you want to ask me a question or you want to know where I am, we can use a code on the phone. You be there at that phone at a certain time. I'll call that phone number collect, & if you don't accept the charges I'll know everything's all right. If you're there & you want to know where I am, on a collect call they will say‚ 'So–&-so is calling' & they'll also usually give you the name of the town I'm calling from." In other words‚ I told her if she didn't need me, just refuse the call. If she did need me, accept the call & pay for it. Or a lot of times I'd just say at the last moment, "Well, that's okay, I'll pay for it, charge it to my hotel bill."

128. But later I got even smarter & I would call person-to-person. It worked out that they would not only give her my name & the city I was calling from, but the hotel I was in & the room number, so she could call back! They would say "So-&–so is trying to reach Mrs. So-&-so." They're allowed to do that on a person-to–person call—"He's trying to reach her, could you please ask her to call him when she comes in?—Call this name & number at such-&-such a city, hotel room number so-&-so." So there are ways! I wasn't cheating anybody, it was perfectly legal & the telephone company had to do it. But that way, even if we didn't talk, she found out exactly where I was, even my room number. …

129. So there are ways to let your office or your Home know where you are, even exactly where you are. … But you've got to at least let them know where you're at in some way, & make it possible for them to keep in touch with you. Because if you're [under persecution], they're naturally going to be very concerned about you, so please don't fail to communicate. The Bible says, "Neglect not to communicate" (Heb.13:16), & if you have to temporarily desert your Home, they'll probably need to hear from you.

130. We've found in past raids that, as a rule, they're not so much after the wife & kids. Although, come to think of it, it has happened in three different countries that I know of, where they were cruel enough to take in the wives & kids. In one place it was because a Committee of 40 or so had been formed by the ACs to get us, just like they tried to get Paul. You know that's in the Bible‚ this group of 40 Jews declared that they were going to fast until they got Paul (Acts 23:12,13). Well, of course they didn't! But this group in that country's capital city were going to do the same thing until they got the Family, & that's when the police closed in & closed Homes & arrested them.

131. I don't think they got many of the leaders, they were smart, they got away, but they took in the wives & children. I think by doing that they figured they had the hostages & by that they could get ahold of the husbands & the leaders by holding the families. Several governments have been cruel enough to do that already, & governments are going to get crueler & crueler!


132. Amen‚ Lord, it's all in Your hands, & we're certainly in Your hands, & You've never failed us. We know You'll always make a way‚ even where there is no way. You promised in Your Word, Lord, that even up until the very End, "They that understand among the people shall instruct many."—Dan.11:33. We'll still have a ministry to the very End. So we're still bound to be here, Lord‚ & You're bound to be taking care of us somehow. Some will suffer, some will be lost, but most of us, Lord, are going to still be in operation.

133. And then, Lord‚ if it gets so tough that we can't even operate‚ can't communicate, can't travel at all, then we'd be almost of no use to You whatsoever, so You'll come & take us away! If it gets that tough, Lord, where we can no longer do our job, then it's time for You to come & rescue us, & we know You will! So we'll never be here unless we are operable & can still minister. And we know that when we have finished our job & done as much as we can & it's impossible for us to be effective or minister any longer, Lord, that You're going to come & take us away. TYL! And then it will be victory after victory, Lord, & all will be well & we will be safe. TYJ!

134. Even for those who will die, Lord, it's release, it's graduation, it's a victory! They will have lived their life, they will have even witnessed by their death, & therefore, Lord, they are promoted to Thy Realm where there is sudden glory!—Sudden death, sudden glory! TYL!

135. So let us not fear death either‚ Lord. Let us not fear starvation or any of these things, not even pain. Help us to know You will always help us. "For they that cry unto the Name of the Lord shall be saved!"—Rom.10:13. TYL! You promised‚ Lord, You will save us & You will keep us & You will provide for us & You will make a way for us to witness & minister to whoever we're going to minister to, perhaps even to the church people, who in the Last Days won't know what's going on! Maybe they'll listen & believe then because it will really be happening.

136. So Lord do bless & keep us all & use us as long as You feel it's necessary, & then we know You'll come & You will release us & rescue us from this dying Planet. TYJ!—In Jesus' name. Help none of these here to fear the future, Lord, none of us to fear what's coming & what's going to happen, because we know that You will keep us & You will make a way where there is no way! If You'll even part a sea for Moses & Thy people in the past, certainly You will do miraculous things, many signs & wonders for us in the days to come, Lord! When we need miracles You'll give them & You will save us, & as long as You can use us here, Lord, You're going to take care of us.

137. We know, Lord, that we are going to have some way to minister until the End, because otherwise there wouldn't be any point in leaving us here. Just give us the wisdom to know how to cooperate with You as much as we can & to be as safe as we can & as secure as we can, Lord, to really be prayerful, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy Glory. PTL! TYL! (Sings: )

And when the battle's over,

We shall wear a crown,

We shall wear a crown,

We shall wear a crown!

And when the battle's over,

We shall wear a crown‚

In the New Jerusalem!

Wear a crown, wear a crown!

In the New Jerusalem!

And when the battle's over,

We shall wear a crown

In the New Jerusalem!


138. Hallelujah! PYJ! TYL! (Tongues & Prophecy:) "Hear these the Words of thy father & tell these Words of David to them who have the need, in Jesus' name!" Hallelujah! TYL! I think the idea was "only to them that need to hear the things that I have given you today!" PTL! So be faithful to share His Words with those who need to know! PTL! God bless you all!