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Sudden Destruction--The Great Crash?

David Berg

DO 25287/89

1. My Father used to say the Americans do not understand the Europeans. (He was European.) The Europeans are a great deal like the Orientals. Their pride needs to save face. You cannot ridicule them, make fun of them, scorn them & gloat over your own system while ridiculing theirs.—Like saying, "Aha! At last we got you! At last we've proven you are collapsing economically. Communism has not worked! And here we come, ready to receive you!"

2. I'm trying to think of a parallel situation, a related situation, in a sense‚ a similar situation & how the U.S. would take it if, for example, Hawaii & Alaska were extremely discontent under the Federal dictatorship of the United States of America & were perhaps bankrupt‚ & would say, "The U.S. system has failed‚" & suddenly Gorby (Gorbachev) pops up making speeches received by the state governments of Alaska & Hawaii saying, "We are ready to receive you! We would like to be partners with you in your step out from under the dictatorship of the United States of America!"

3. How do you think the U.S. Government would look on that? (Maria: They would probably look on it as a declaration of war!) "What is this guy doing?—Coming over here to our territories of Alaska & Hawaii & trying to incite them to rebellion against us!" No matter how careful he was, how he put it, that's virtually what Bush has been saying & what he has meant in Poland & Hungary!

4. Bush has come to these Soviet subservient Russia-bordering countries of Eastern Europe, Poland, Hungary & God knows how many others it's going to be. He came to the easiest ones first that are collapsing & cannot survive, even their Communist rulers are almost resigning, admitting that their system has not worked. They've gone bankrupt & they're desperate! They're even willing to yield a portion of power to their opposition in order to try to save their countries. They are almost having to "eat crow," as the Americans would put it, they're now having to confess that Communism doesn't work. That's a very bitter blow to their pride in the first place. They're actually having to confess that.

5. So for Bush to go there & brag, like he's been doing, I don't think he understands the situation at all! He's been bragging & saying, "Aha! You see, we told you! Communism doesn't work! Now join us in a partnership! Join us!" He's saying that to countries that are virtually a part of Russia‚ & have been under Russia & to which Russia sent 20 divisions & thousands of tanks to keep that way. He's saying‚ "Well, we told you so.—Communism failed, now we'll be your partner!"

6. How much of that can Gorbachev take? How many virtual slaps in the face like that can he stand? It's humbling enough for them to have to confess that they need help. But how much are they going to take with Bush coming there & saying, "Ha, ha, even your leadership, the Soviet Union is now confessing that your entire system is a failure, you have failed, it doesn't work. Quicko! Presto chango! Quick change! Quick fix! Here, now join us!"

7. Of course, those countries are looking a little bit aghast at Bush's proclamation of, "We'll be your partner! Come join us!"—when he's not offering them enough money to even begin to pull them out of their despair, offering hardly any genuine help. Yet at the same time the U.S. is spending 80 billion Dollars on their Stealth Bombers! Think of it! He's saying to Poland, "We can't afford to lend you the 10 billion Dollars you're asking for to pull you out of the hole, all we can loan you is 1% of that, 100 million!"—While spending 80 billion Dollars on one plane they're not even sure is going to fly! He's unwilling to give anywhere near that much to save Poland, a whole country!

8. So Poland's appeals for help are falling on almost deaf U.S. ears! These poor countries are appealing, "Well, if you want to save us from Communism, save us from Russia, save us from bankruptcy, economic ruin & anarchy‚ you're going to have to foot the bill! Come & put your money where your mouth is!" You get it?

9. Bush arrives like a typical politician, making promises that he cannot fulfil. If you're going to be a partner in a business‚ you've got to invest a lot of money in it, right?—Not just talk like: "Now let me show you how to run this business." The other guy who wants a partnership says, "Listen! I'm offering you a partnership because I'm sunk! I need money! So I'm going to sell you half my business if you've got the money to save it. Then we'll be partners."

10. But Bush is coming there & saying, "Well, this is a great business, a wonderful thing you're doing. You're modernising & coming out from under the carpet of Russia & whatnot." But the failing would–be partner says, "Well‚ what I need is money! You've got to help me! I'm only going to sell you a partnership if you'll pay for it!"

11. But Bush is saying, "Well, I'm sorry, but we've got to have this 80-billion-Dollar Stealth Bomber project, & we have to have this 300–billion-Dollar military expenditure every year & we just haven't got any spare crumbs to fall from the master's table to save Eastern Europe!" (Maria: Besides, "We don't want to offend Russia by giving you too much," ha!)

12. Besides, Russia needs the same thing!—The same kind of investment & the same kind of financial help! Russia's system is also collapsing. They're going down economically. All those countries are going bankrupt like the rest of the World.

13. The pity is that all these years the U.S. has waited for those people to get fed up with Communism. I can remember when I was young they were predicting‚ "Oh, the Russian people are not going to put up with that forever. Sooner or later they're going to rebel." So the U.S. & the West waited & waited & waited & waited & waited for the Russians & the East Europeans to get sick & tired of Communism & rebel.—"That would finish off Communism, & then we will offer them Democracy & a partnership with us Western democracies."

14. So now, finally, finally, after 70 years, because the system has virtually collapsed—not so much politically as economically where it really hurts, in their stomachs—the people are ready to forsake Communism. They are ready to forsake the Soviet Union. And so they're asking the U.S., "What have you got to give to help us do it?" And what's America's reply?—"Well, I'm so sorry. We're trying to save money right now. Besides, we've got to build a new bomber that's never even flown yet that's costing us 80 billion Dollars. And we've got to make up for our own horrible deficit, a total deficit of about three trillion Dollars."—And their yearly budget that's adding to it is almost one trillion Dollars! Think of it!

15. So the U.S. says, "We're broke ourselves. We're deep in debt to the tune of trillions. I know we encouraged you to become democratic all these years & forsake Communism, & that's fine. You're finally waking up to the fact that it doesn't work. But now, if you need help, that's a different story! We can't help you now. You want to forsake Communism, you want to get out from under it‚ but if it's going to cost us that much, 1/8th the cost of our new Stealth Bomber, that's too much! We can buy Stealth Bombers for 80 billion, but we certainly can't save your mere country for 10 billion!"

16. I believe Lech Walesa of Poland's Solidarity Union is an honest man. He sounds like a real Christian. He says, "Thank God for answering," & "God did it!" etc. And I don't think he'd be asking for 10 billion Dollars unless they really need it.

17. Now here is the other horrible thing about it: The Poles already owe American banks billions of Dollars! I think they said they were something like 30 billion Dollars in debt. And they suggested that perhaps they could re-schedule those loans, or put a moratorium on them & suspend payments for a few years to the American banks on those debts to help them survive & get up to where they can see the light. But what does Bush say to them about that? Nothing! What he actually said, as I recall, was that, "Well, that would require some negotiation & that is more or less between you & those banks that I have no control over in our free system," & that sort of thing.

18. Can you imagine how these countries must feel after all these years they've been waiting to get free?—And after all these years the U.S. has been begging them to break free.—And promising them support‚ that they'd help them! In fact, the U.S. was even willing to fight a huge cold war that's literally cost hundreds of billions of Dollars on both sides, on both the U.S. side & the Soviet side.

19. But now that the subjects of Communism are finally willing to rebel & forsake the Communist system & Soviet Russia, against whom the U.S. has been piling up hundreds of billions of Dollars of debts to buy arms to supposedly fight Russia to free these countries, now the U.S. is not willing to give them a few little crumbs from the master's table to help them to voluntarily leave the Soviet Union & leave Communism! The U.S. was more interested in spending hundreds of billions of Dollars on arms to fight Russia to supposedly free these poor little nations, now they're hardly willing to give them a few little Dollars to see them through when they leave of their own volition. So, what kind of a friend is that?

20. The Russians might just turn right around & say, "Listen, we've been helping you all these years. We've been spending billions & billions of Dollars to keep you afloat. And now you want to leave. Yeah, & now look at just how much the U.S.A. wants you to be free! Look! We've spent billions of Dollars on you & now you want to leave us. And now that you're trying to leave, the U.S., who has been persuading you all these years to leave the Communist fold, is not even willing to help you do it!"


21. The most serious thing that came to me while following this news about Bush's trip to Eastern Europe was that Bush is virtually gloating over East Europe's rebellion against Communism. He's as good as saying, "I told you so! And here we're now willing to receive you with open arms to the West & to Democracy!" It has a hollow ring & those countries are going to be very skeptical, if it doesn't come with Dollar help!

22. But to me that's not the most dangerous thing. How do you think it sounds to their master, the Soviet Union? How do you think Russia feels & the Communist leaders of the Soviet Union feel to hear Bush & to see him on television gloating over the failure of Communism? How far can they stand that? It's bad enough that they're in such horrible shape & that they're even confessing themselves that it hasn't worked. But it adds insult to injury for somebody to come & say‚ "Ha‚ ha! We told you so all the time!" And gloat over their failure!—Gloating over the fall of their enemies!

23. The Bible says, "Rejoice not in iniquity."—1Cor.13:6. "Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth," etc.—Pro.24:17. Here is Bush literally rejoicing, & not only Bush but the American reporters & media men as well. They are just leering! And they are just jubilant! "Aaah, these countries are now falling right into the palm of our hands!" They're rejoicing like they're already running them!

24. How do you think that makes even the local Communist leaders feel? That's like kicking your enemy when he's down! You know what I mean? (Maria: It's especially insulting right now when Gorbachev has instituted this big push for a united Europe!) Yes! And then Bush arrives for no other reason whatsoever than to try to divide Europe! Sticking his nose into other people's business, other people's territory where he shouldn't even be!

THE "BEAR ROBBED OF HER WHELPS!"—2Sam.17:8; Hos.13:8.

25. Bush's trip to Europe is a classic example of how stupid Americans are! They "compare themselves with themselves, & are not wise!"—2Cor.10:12. Or they compare others with themselves. And they figure, "Ha! Here's our hour of triumph! We'll go over & gloat over the dying body of Communism & we'll steal their children, their cubs, the Russian Bear's cubs. This old She-bear, we'll steal her cubs right out from underneath her!"

26. Have you heard anything about she-bears & their cubs? (Maria: They don't let them go very easily!) If you touch one of their cubs or even come near their cubs‚ Mama Bear never gets so furious as when her cubs are in danger! —Even when Mama Bear's normally not that way. She will charge you & sacrifice herself & die to save her cubs! Those Eastern European countries are the Russian She-Bear's cubs! They belong to her & have for 40 years, & I don't think she is about to let them go right now, just like that!

27. Gorbachev has said they can do whatever they want to do‚ go their own way.—But that didn't necessarily mean that they were to leave Russia & Communism & walk straight over into the neighbours' yard! Besides, it's a terrible blow! It's a horrible loss of face which hardly anybody can stand‚ to be exposed, humiliated, made fun of, reviled & ridiculed before the whole World! Bush is not giving the Russians or the Communists any chance to save face at all. Save face?—He's gone & slapped'm in the face! (Maria: It's almost like walking into somebody else's house & having a party & inviting a lot of people into the living room but not inviting your host‚ you know?) Yes.

28. Well, they say Bush was very careful not to say anything against Gorbachev. Why should he say anything against Gorbachev? Gorbachev has done more to promote peace in the last few years than the U.S. has! Every peace offer & every arms reduction he's offered, the U.S. has been skeptical about, has almost sneered at, ridiculed! "Oh, it's just propaganda. It's just public relations. He's an actor. He's just playing a part. There must be some trick behind it." The Americans are as skeptical as they can be!—When Gorbachev is offering peace & disarmament, trying everything he can to save his own country because he knows he just can't carry on with all this heavy industry of war, armaments & everything else‚ it's run Russia bankrupt!—Just like it's done to the U.S.A.


29. As far as I'm concerned‚ Bush's trip is the most dangerous thing he ever did! Just when Gorbachev is trying to make peace & promote disarmament, instead of letting a sleeping dog lie, Bush has gone & kicked the dog in the ribs, teasing it & making fun of it! That's exactly what he's doing! How much of this are they—if not Gorbachev, the hard-line Russian leaders—going to take? (Maria: Gorbachev's political situation is already unstable.) Exactly! (Maria: And he could be ousted at a moment's notice!) Right!

30. And how much of this are the old hard-line Communist leaders of these "satellite" countries going to take?—To be exposed & ridiculed & told publicly, "Hey!—Look what a failure you were! Look what a failure your system was! Look what a mess you made!" I mean it's hard enough to die without having people come along & kick you in the stomach & say, "We're going to finish you off!" (Maria: Yes, it's one thing to have your own family, your own kids get mad at you & talk to you that way. But to have outsiders come in & do it‚ that's the thing that really hurts!) Exactly, this is something that has been a tried-&-proven fact throughout Man's history. Family quarrels can only be settled by the families themselves. But when an outsider starts butting in‚ the family will unite together against the outsider! They don't like intrusion. They don't like interference! "Hey, Buddy! This is our house! This is our family! What are you doing here?"

31. This trip by Bush has been entirely premature! Of course, he got the idea from Gorbachev. Gorbachev was making a tour around "our West European countries which we the U.S. dominate."—Like Russia dominated those East European countries. "Gorbachev is making a tour around our countries & trying to woo them away from us, like West Germany, etc. So why shouldn't I go over to his countries & do the same thing?" He got the idea from Gorbachev. But it's a totally different situation.

32. The U.S.A. should no more be in Europe or trying to dictate to Europe & running there than Gorbachev should be dictating to the East European countries! Get it? The U.S.A. is there ridiculing & accusing them & literally butting into the business of all the countries that border Russia, while the U.S. should no more be in Europe than Gorbachev should be in the Eastern European nations! In fact, Russia has more right to be in Europe than the U.S.!—Russia's a part of Europe!—A member of the European Family of nations!—As time will tell! (Rev.17:12‚13.)

33. Gorbachev certainly has more of a right to dominate the East European countries than Bush! They're his next-door neighbours & he needs them for buffers against his enemies. He's got far more right to be there than the U.S. has a right to be in Europe, which is 3,000 miles away across a watery ocean! (Maria: Yes‚ & the West European countries are very independent, they're not dependent on the U.S. like the Eastern European nations are dependent on Russia.) Yes‚ but the U.S. is trying to make it that way & dictate to Western Europe like Europe was her dependent & her child & she had a right to boss it around. And the Europeans resent it, they don't like it.


34. Well, the serious thing that I got while I was thinking about that was this: The Scripture came to me just as clear as anything. Bush & the Americans are now rejoicing. They're even saying‚ "Aha! We won the Cold War! Gorby had to give up. He has resigned against fighting the Cold War. He has quit & now he wants peace. He's suing for peace."—Which is what he's doing.

35. Gorby has seen something that the U.S. hasn't seen yet.—That they cannot & that the World cannot afford this Cold War any longer. —Much less a hot one! To continue this Cold War & this waste of hundreds of billions, even trillions of Dollars on war preparation & all these armaments & these huge military forces is bankrupting the whole World! And Gorby is just saying, "We can't afford it! And you can't really afford it any more than we can!"—Although the U.S. still thinks it can, & is still going after it by the hundreds of billions, up into the trillions!

36. Gorby is saying, "Let's quit! Let's be friends!" And he's going around Western Europe literally telling them, "That's the way it is! And we Europeans should stick to ourselves & have the European Home unite together to save ourselves. Let's quit fighting! Let's stop it! Let's declare peace so that we can save the Earth! Save our economies! We need to work together on things like fighting pollution, forest devastation & the greenhouse effect! We've got to save our common home, the Earth!—Lest we destroy it & we all go down!" Well, apparently‚ thank the Lord‚ Gorbachev has awakened to that fact.

37. But I can't see yet that either Bush or the American people have really awakened to that fact.—That they've got to stop fighting & have got to stop these ridiculous armaments & the hundreds of billions of Dollars that they're spending on them when they need to get to work on solving the much greater economic & environmental problems that confront the whole World!

38. So here's the picture that came to me: Now Bush, the President of the U.S.A., is in Europe out of his territory & butting into the business of Europe, & even the business of Russia now, bragging about winning the Cold War & gloating about the victory over his enemies there, & as good as saying, "Aha! We won the war! We have given you peace! Now there is peace & we are the ones that did it!"

39. Reagan as good as said that! He said, "My policies have won the Cold War, my policy of building up this tremendously strong U.S. military power, so we finally proved to Gorbachev by this that he cannot win this war, so he is quitting. He's getting out‚ asking for peace."

40. So the bottom line is this: Right now, Bush is there & Secretary of State Baker is there & the American news people & commentators are there & everybody (the U.S.) is gloating over the dying body of Communism & saying, "Peace, peace! We have given you peace! And we will give you peace if you'll just join us." The Scripture came to me just as clear as anything, when I saw they're all saying, "Peace! Peace!"

41. The Scripture says, "When they shall cry, 'Peace‚ peace'—then cometh sudden destruction!"—1Thes.5:3. They are crying this all over the World today, never have so many peaces been made, settlements between countries & settlements of wars & everything else. And the U.S. President is there bragging about it, literally bragging about how, "We won the Cold War," & gloating over the peace that he's supposedly given them.

42. What if the hard-liners suddenly take over in Russia as they did in China, & they say, "Gorbachev is selling us out! We've got to take over to save the country from falling into the hands of our enemies!—And there is only one solution: We control the military! We have the button! The situation is desperate!—Gorbachev is surrendering us to our enemies, & the only way we can save Communism now is to go ahead & press the button!"—Just when the U.S. is crying, "Peace! Peace!" & gloating over its victory over Communism. It often requires some desperate situations for desperate men to get desperate enough to use desperate measures to save themselves! And it looks really bad to me. Those Communist leaders who have fallen are being humiliated & scorned & ridiculed & blamed for everything.

43. The people there can't blame the leaders alone, the people yielded to it. The people cooperated with it. (Maria: So the Devil is not going to take that lying down, to see his whole system destroyed, to see his whole system go to pot!) Right!

44. It's a very desperate situation‚ as all of the reporters & commentators, interviewers & those interviewed have said‚ that it could result in a real explosion! If they don't solve the economic situation in those countries, even in Russia, there could be a real revolt!—Not only of the people‚ but of the hard–line, old Communist leaders, just like in China.


45. I'll tell you what came to me: It would've been better if those youthful students in Tiananmen Square had followed the advice of this young man (Wu'er Kaixi), who is now leading the worldwide movement against China—you know, he's come to Europe & I think he's in Paris, he had a press conference. He was risking his life to have it, I'm sure.

46. One week before the troops came in & slaughtered the students in Tiananmen Square‚ he advised the protesting students, "Now, that's enough! We've pushed'm far enough!" He's the guy that went right in & talked with Premier Li Peng of China! He argued from his chair there & fainted in the chair from his fast. That's how much of a leader he was of the whole thing, that when Li wanted to talk to the leaders, he was the primary spokesman.

47. Well‚ he in his wisdom told the youth, "OK, we have pushed the government far enough. We'd now better get out of here! We have pushed them far enough. We have let them know what we want. And we have given them our complaints, even in person, listed them. We have been heard. They have sat & listened to us. Now they know what we want, & the extent to which we are willing to go to get it, but we don't want to push them too far. We don't want to push them more than they can take." This is what he told the students in Tiananmen Square.

48. He said, "It's time now to move out, get out of here before they're unable to take it any more." And guess what?—He was outvoted! The students outvoted him & said, "No, no, we're winning! We're going to get the victory!" And they refused to listen to his advice, this young leader of the youth, Wu'er Kaixi.

49. So apparently he left & he also got out of the country. He was smarter than they were! He apparently as good as said, "Well‚ I'm getting out. I don't think they're going to be able to stand it any more. We're pushing them too far." That was very wise! The Government was quite patient at first‚ but then it was more than they could take!

50. Remember I told you that, too? I said, "They're pushing them too far! No government can be exposed & humiliated & lose face like that, especially Orientals. They're not going to take much more of that." And sure enough, they didn't!


51. Now let's apply the same thing to what's going on in Russia & the East European states. Bush is being like the Chinese students. He is carrying his protest & waving his banners right in the face of Mother Bear! (Maria: Yes, setting up his Statue of Liberty in the Square, ha, ha!) Yes, & going there & trying to corral her bear cubs, saying, "Come on now, follow me & I'll lead you into the Promised Land!" It's the land of promises‚ that's for sure!—Because he is not putting his money where his mouth is!—Typical politician!

52. How long do you think that Russia or Gorbachev is going to take that? What do you think Gorbachev is thinking tonight about Bush's invasion of his countries that have been ruled by & belonged to Russia, & ruled with an iron hand & his forces & his tanks & guns & all the rest for 40 years? What do you think the Russians think of it? What do you think the Russian military thinks about it? "Who is this American upstart coming over here & trying to run off with our cubs?" (Maria: They probably look on it as almost a declaration of war!) Well, they'd at least say they don't like it.

53. Of course, Bush didn't like it when Gorbachev came in amongst his West European cubs, the Americans think the West European countries are their cubs, so the U.S. got furious when Gorby went over there & won their favour! And the Germans were shouting, "Gorby! Gorby! Gorby!"—Not just the East Germans, but the West Germans! Think of it!

54. But what Gorbachev is preaching is something that the Europeans themselves like to hear & are trying to do.—"Let's unite & be one big European power so you won't have to be under the domination of either of these other Super Powers.—Either the U.S.A. or Russia!" So Gorbachev comes along & says, "You're right! That's the thing! Let us Europeans get it together so we don't have to be under the heel of the U.S.A.! Let's unite & get it together!"—Rev.17:12-13.

55. But see, that isn't the way the Americans look at it. The Americans look at Western Europe as their colonies, their possessions‚ their countries, their Europe, just the way Gorby looks at the Eastern European countries, & maybe even all of Europe! See? But the Americans think that Western Europe is still theirs. They're about to have a rude awakening when the West Europeans rebel!—And they've been rebelling for years & have resented American domination & the "Ugly American" pushing his way around all over the place!

56. But now, just when the World is approaching some semblance of peace, a little upstart like Bush goes to Europe & pushes his way around on what amounts to Russian territory! What if Gorby, like I said, had gone over & started going around the American States or nearby States like Alaska & the Hawaiian Islands, opening his arms & asking them to join Russia in partnership?—Or Puerto Rico or, for that matter, even Latin America, & promising them, "We'll be your partners to set you free from this great ogre, the Ugly American!" I'm telling you‚ the U.S. would have been furious! It would have been like an old Papa Lion!

57. Well‚ it came to me so strong then. I was sort of asking the Lord, "Lord, what's going on there anyhow? Why is he doing this stupid thing that's bound to offend the Russians?—Humiliate them & cause them to lose face! How can he do such a stupid thing as to go there & sympathise with these Communist states & gloat over them & gloat over his victory!" It's like a victory march through Russian territory!—Proclaiming peace now! Everybody is crying, "Peace! Peace!"


58. "Then cometh sudden destruction!" Now we've always thought of that as war. Right? We always figured that means war. What if it doesn't mean war? How have all of these countries, in fact, the whole World, already destroyed themselves? What is the biggest dilemma they're in right now, it's not war but is what? (Maria: Their economic situations?)

59. The impending economic Crash! The World is already wrecked economically! The World, both sides, Capitalist & Communist, all sides everywhere are almost totally bankrupt & wrecked & the whole system is ready to collapse in sudden destruction!—The sudden destruction of the economic system of the World!

60. When they shall cry, "Peace, peace!" Bush is in Europe bragging like everything is solved now. "We're going to rescue you!" Blah blah blah! The U.S. can't even rescue itself! It's about to collapse. South America is already collapsing!—And when South America completely collapses they'll have to renege on their loans. They can't pay them.—And if they don't pay them, the American banks will collapse!—And that means the whole American system will collapse! The U.S. will have the worst Crash it has ever had!—And the worst Depression it's ever had, & it will bring about a worldwide Depression! A worldwide collapse of the entire economic system!

61. What if that "sudden destruction" is a sudden destruction of the economic system—the Crash! That could cause more destruction than a World War! If the whole system collapses, goes economically bankrupt, then what? Louis XIV said, "After me, the deluge!" Well, after what the U.S. & the whole World is now going through economically, after this, the deluge, the Great Crash, the economic crash, collapse of the entire World economic system.

62. "When they shall cry, 'Peace, peace,' then cometh sudden destruction!"—1Thes.5:3. That's the verse I got. Bush is as good as bragging that, "Aah, we have brought you peace! We have brought peace & an end to the Cold War. And we are your saviours!" Let's see how much!—The U.S. can't even save themselves! Let's see how much of a saviour they're going to be when the saviour himself collapses very soon!

63. The World is in such a state, it's a disaster basket case! It is in such a state of disaster‚ economic disaster, pollution disaster, laying waste to the ecology, the environmental disaster! Every modern prophet of doom has arisen to say that we're killing the Earth! They've not only wrecked the economy‚ they've wrecked the environment! And if somebody doesn't stop it soon & offer to save it, it's all going to Hell! —The whole thing would be gone!

64. The World is worrying about an Atomic War. That is a possibility! Right now the collapse of the economy & the environment are not only possible, they are a sure thing that is going to happen if they don't stop it! The economy, of course, is already too far gone. It's impossible to save it & the whole worldwide economic system is about to collapse.

65. Of course, when the ACs have gotten the World to the point that they're willing to worship the Devil to save themselves, then they will bring forward their Man, their "Supreme Lord," as they call him in the Protocols—the Antichrist, the Super Man who does miracles, signs, wonders‚ everything to prove that he has the power to solve their situation.

66. That's how I see it & I believe that's how the Lord showed it to me.—That all of this gloating over peace right now is only temporary! What is political peace? What is military peace? If there is not economic peace to go with it & support it, it's not going to make it. And that's exactly where the World is at right now.

67. Just when they think they have solved the problem of war‚ found the solution to military peace, just when they think, "Aha, see, we won the political war‚ the ideological war!" ... Bush is there bragging ... "Democracy triumphs over your system, which is failing & collapsing!"

68. Just when they are claiming to have won the war & won the peace, the whole floor gives way underneath them! Their whole house collapses economically because they cannot go on the way they are! Just as they're shouting‚ "Peace! Peace!" everything collapses!

69. "Sudden destruction" doesn't have to be war! It can be the complete economic collapse of the System. Because they're bragging over something they haven't got & they can't do! What is Bush going to do about the three-trillion-Dollar U.S. debt? Huh?

70. What is Bush going to do about his own horrible deficit?—That the U.S. Government owes more money to other countries than they owe to the U.S.! This is destruction! This is thorough destruction!—The destruction of a country's economy. Countries have been able to survive wars. The World has been able to survive war, even World Wars! But they almost didn't survive the last Great Depression. That was sure doom, even more than the two World Wars!

71. And it is now facing the impending doom of the great economic catastrophe‚ the greatest catastrophe that can happen to the World, now that they've supposedly got the Atom War out of the way.—Total‚ complete, financial collapse of the System, which only the Antichrist will be able to pretend to solve & save them out of.

72. They're collapsing into the pit! The house has been completely undermined. It has no foundation, the financial & economic system of the World. It's been hollowed out, burrowed out, tunneled out by debt until it is now ready to fall.

73. So that's the Scripture I got when I was looking & wondering how Bush & the U.S. could claim that, "Oh my, we have something so much better to offer you!"—Yes, the World's greatest debt! The World's greatest bankruptcy! "You need help? Well, we'll give you a paltry little 100 million here & 10 million there & blah, blah, which of course we can't afford because we're so far in debt ourselves!"

74. It's hardly even an irony. It's a ... what's the worst name I can call it? It's a charade!—Bush going around visiting Communist countries pretending to be able to save them when the U.S.A. can't even save itself! (Maria: Yes, all the wealth & advantages of the Western World that the Communists are desiring & are greedily wishing they had it all, it's like a thing of the past. It's about ready to disappear! It's just on the surface. It's ready to fall & disappear, it's not going to be any more.) Exactly!

75. So, it suddenly occurred to me that‚ "When they shall cry 'Peace! Peace!’ Then cometh sudden destruction!" It could be a war, but what if it means the destruction of the System?—The worldwide economic system based on the Dollar & the U.S.A. That could destroy countries even more thoroughly, more efficiently & almost more permanently than war! So maybe that would be a good title for this: "Sudden Destruction!—The Great Crash?" Well, anyhow, that's what I got. Thank You Lord! Amen!

76. Well, Lord, You've certainly warned us. You've shown us other things, & this could be what You were talking about. Of course, throughout Man's history, just when they were getting self-satisfied & content & supposedly self-sufficient, patting themselves on the back for having solved all their problems & crying, "Peace! Peace!"—You always came along & gave them sudden destruction to punish them for their sins & for their self-confidence & their pride in supposedly saving themselves.—And You brought sudden destruction! And we believe that's what's coming very soon!—Possibly even this year!

77. So help us‚ Lord, to know how to survive & how to proceed, to continue to be useful & to minister to & feed Thy sheep. We believe You have always helped us to lead & guide them, You've always helped us to do so. We're expecting You to lead us & show us what to do in every situation.—And Thy children everywhere. Even if we can't get in touch with them, Lord, You can‚ & they can get in touch with You & You can save them.

78. So bless & keep us all, Lord, & make us a blessing until the End.—In Jesus' name, amen! Praise the Lord!

79. "For when they shall say, Peace & safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them as travail upon a woman with child; & they shall not escape!"—1Thes.5:3.


80. I always thought of that "sudden destruction" as war before, & particularly Atomic War. But the Lord isn't going to allow the Earth He created to be destroyed so easily & all Mankind wiped off the face of the Earth. They have a few tests to go through yet.

81. Of course, as I said, this cry of "Peace! Peace!" is usually followed by sudden destruction. This has happened all the way down through World history to everybody who tried it, because there is no peace without the Prince of Peace. Anybody who cries "Peace! Peace!" without the Lord is faking it!

82. So when they cry, "Peace! Peace!" there is always sudden destruction. But I've always thought it must be the Atomic War. Of course‚ that will be true in the long run‚ too, but the first sudden destruction this World is going to receive as it now is‚ I believe with all my heart it's now going to be the economic destruction of the World System, which the Super Man is going to offer to solve. And they'll believe him & follow him! But that will bring about the final sudden destruction!

83. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Lord‚ prepare us. May we simply obey & follow You, Jesus, & do what You want us to do, & we know You'll take care of us if we take care of Thy children & feed Thy sheep, including our own little ones, Lord. Thank You Lord!

84. Help our families to all feed our sheep. Thank You Jesus! Amen! Help our families to faithfully feed our little lambs, Thy little lambs. You said they were Your sheep. Thank You Lord! "Feed My sheep." That was Your farewell commandment to Thy disciples. "Feed My sheep."—John 21:15-17.

85. So Lord, we've tried to do that, & I believe‚ Lord, You've helped us to. We have fed thousands of sheep, Lord‚ even millions of all those we have won to Thee. Thank You Lord! And only You can take care of them for us. Thank You Jesus! Amen! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!—In Jesus' name, amen!

86. Lech Walesa of Poland's Solidarity said the condition of those East European countries is so bad that they'll need a lot of help.—Poland needs at least $10 billion! But the U.S. expects those countries to pull themselves up by their own boot straps. They're all, including Russia, in such a mess now that they can't even survive without outside help!

87. But now the U.S. is saying, "Well, we have enough problems of our own. Sorry, buddy, we can't help save you with 10 billion Dollars when we've got to build this 80–billion- Dollar airplane that we aren't even sure of yet!—And we need 300 billion Dollars a year for our own ridiculous so-called defence expenditures. We can't help you survive because we've got to spend 300 billion Dollars a year to defend ourselves against you!" Ha, ha! Isn't that ridiculous! I mean this World has gone crazy!

88. Well, the AC is going to try to save it‚ pretend to save it, but he'll fail, too, & finally only the Lord can save it with His Coming & His Judgements & the Millennium. So, praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Lord bless & keep us & give us a good day & make us a blessing, in Jesus' name. Thank You for another day! Thank You for Thy strength & for all Thy many blessings, in Jesus' name.—Amen.