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Our Teens--The Devil's Target

David Berg

—A Tough Talk to Teen DavidDO 25251988

(Intro: In ML #2526 [see page 7], Mama refers to an encounter that David & Techi had with System children, whereas in this Letter, Dad focuses his attention on an encounter David had with a Family boy, in a Teen Combo he briefly attended, who was a very bad influence on David by his foolishness, shallowness & love for the World, & actually eventually backslid. The point is that the Enemy can use any kids, System or Family, to adversely influence our own, which we as parents & Shepherds must be vigilant about!—1Pet.5:8: "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil‚ as a roaring lion‚ walketh about seeking whom he may devour!")

1. I warn you, David, if that Teen Combo doesn't do you good, we're not just going to bring you back home temporarily, but permanently! Just remember that, if you're not there for the right reasons & doing the right things & associating with the right people, your time there is finished. So you'd better watch your step.

2. I'm a little disappointed in you, Son. We've had reports for some time now that you've been associating with the wrong kind of people! If you gravitate toward that kind of people, it's not good news, it's bad news. I don't see what you find interesting in people like that, I never cared for such people when I was in school, in fact I avoided them like the plague! They didn't have anything at all for me, they didn't want what I had to offer. You need to learn how to lift people up to your level & not let them drag you down to theirs.—Either that or just disassociate yourself.

3. I told Mama they shouldn't leave those bad apples in our Schools & Teen Combos so long. My policy at TSC & any other school I ever had was, "Bam!", just like that‚ I got rid of them! When I heard they were going the wrong way or causing trouble or causing other people to be dragged down, out they went, bam, like that!

4. Let me tell you‚ if you want to know how hard & tough your Grandfather can get, you'd better keep that in mind! That rotten apple fellow's out of that Combo now, we're fed up with him! And if you don't follow the right direction this time, you're going to be out too! Is that clear? If you don't associate with the right people, I'll yank you out just as quick as any of them! You're no special privileged character. You either go the right direction at that Teen Combo, or you'll go someplace else, is that clear? (Maria: It's even worse for you to misbehave, Honey, because people look to you as an example.)

5. You've been warned for some time that you were associating with the wrong fellow, but you didn't stop it. We should have gotten that thing straightened out right when we first got those first reports, & gotten rid of him then. That's the best way, not being merciful & patient with the wicked, but to sock'm hard, that's the only way they learn. The only thing they understand is violence & force.

6. What the Hell attracts you in evil guys like that, anyhow, huh? What attracted you to him? Don't you understand, the Devil's people like that are looking for people like you to try to drag you down to their level! That's why he was so nice & befriended you & everything else. He wanted to infect you with his evil, & apparently he did!

7. I'm just surprised at you‚ Son, that you would have followed the worst character in the group! Why? What attracted you about a guy of evil character like that? You should have been an example‚ you should have had nothing to do with that guy! How come? Well, think it over! Just think it over!

8. You've been a bad testimony to the whole Teen Combo by running after the worst culprit around‚ when you're supposed to be one of the best in the World because you're our son!

9. When your Teen Shepherd warned you to stay away from that rotten apple, a bad guy like that, you didn't think it was serious. Well‚ if I hadn't gotten busy with too many other things & thought the thing had gotten straightened out, I would have sent word to have that rotten apple kicked out immediately! He'd have been long gone out of there!

10. I want to tell you, Son, I warn you, if you don't follow the right people & go the right direction, & this Teen Combo doesn't do you any good, but does you harm & evil, then you're going to go too!—To somebody who will get tough with you! Is that what you want? Okay, I'll get tough with you!

11. Now you find somebody who's a good example to hobnob with & somebody you can respect & look up to & you know is going the right way, or you're in the wrong Teen Combo! Is that clear? I don't want my son to be a bad example to the whole World when they hear about the way he misbehaves in this Teen Combo because he's following evil influence, letting a rotter like that guy drag him down instead of either lifting him up or leaving him alone!

12. What attracts you about such evil? Why do you have this fascination for evil?—A rotter, a rotten apple, a bad boy! My God, that kind of boy never ever fascinated or appealed to me at all, I avoided them like the plague‚ evil, wicked boys who loved sin & loved the World & loved wickedness & all that worldliness!—2Cor.6:17. God knows, I'm sorry we didn't get rid of that rotter sooner before he had all of his evil effect on you! (Maria: And not just you, but many others he's talked to & influenced.) We suffered him too long!

13. Now I want to throw the fear of God into you, Son, & I want to tell you something! You have never seen your father really angry at you, but I am going to get angry with you & I am going to get the Hell of you out of there if you don't stay away from people like that!—And I'd better find out that that Teen Combo is having a good influence on you & you're having a good influence on that Teen Combo, or I won't spare you any more than I will any other offender! I'll send you out along with them & you can go out & rot someplace else with the rotters! Do you hear me? (David: Yes, Sir.) Now that's the fact! And I am not going to be patient with it next time, is that clear? (David: Yes, Sir.) You're going to get Hell from me! I'll give you what I would have given this rotten apple if I were there, for all the damage he's done!

14. You had better start obeying those teachers & listen to them & follow their advice & counsel & go the right way & follow the right kind of friends or it's going to be finito with you at that Teen Combo! Is that clear? If you're going to hobnob with people who are a bad influence on you, that's the end of Teen Combo life for you! If you like that kind of people, how'd you like it if we sent you to public school where you can get your fill of all the kind of rot that this guy's been filling you up with! Is that the kind of stuff you want? Do you want that kind of rot? Do you want to go to the kind of schools he went to? Do you want to be the kind of a rotter he is‚ trying to poison that whole Teen Combo & you, of all people?

15. Of course he wanted to attack you, because he knew you're close to us! He's full of the Devil, he's Satanic, he's diabolical!—To grab on to you & try to influence you, of all people! I am disappointed in you, & so is the whole Teen Combo, for your hobnobbing with a boy they all know is a bad boy! What kind of an example do you think that is? Huh? (David: Not very good.)

16. You have not had a good influence on that Teen Combo. At first you did, until you started running around with him. Now, since you've become a companion of the worst guy on campus, you're a bad influence. They figure, "What kind of a boy did Dad & Mama have anyhow, who seeks out & goes around with the worst guy around!" How come? How come? Why? Why did you do it? (David: I don't really know.) Guys like that just seek after whom they can destroy! They go around like a roaring lion seeking whom they may destroy (1Pet.5:8), that's exactly what he did!

17. The Devil was really on your track, wasn't he? (David: Yes.) And he really got ahold of you, didn't he? (David: Yes.) Well‚ I'm really disappointed‚ you've been a bad example—a bad sample of us & a bad example to the whole Teen Combo since you picked out the worst boy available to run around with. And you were warned about it several times, weren't you? (David: Yes.) Then why did you keep going back to him? Huh? (David: I don't know.)

18. Now this is the first time you & I have really locked horns for a long time, but it's going to be worse than this next time if I hear any more of this kind of bad news! Just remember that! If you don't start associating with the right people, & if you keep seeking out the worst ones, then that's the end of school for you! Do you want us to pull you out & send you to some reformatory colony where all the bad apples are? Do you want to be put in detention with some of the bad apples, some sort of a detention reformatory colony, & have to be locked up in your room at night because you're such a bad example? If you keep on that trail, boy, I'd rather disown you! Do you hear me? (David: Yes.) And I mean it!

19. I am very disappointed in you & I am ashamed of you, that you associated with the worst guy around in spite of warning after warning! I've been waiting for you to make the decision & to change your mind & to listen to good advice, but you haven't done it! Well, I want to tell you, you'd better listen to this advice or you're going to do it, & it will be the end of you in that Teen Combo! Is that clear? (David: Yes, Sir.) All right.

20. Next time I'm not going to just use my voice‚ you're going to get it worse. You've never had me really chasten you with the rod‚ boy, but I can do it! If you won't listen to warnings, just like God does‚ He loves us & He warns us, but if we won't listen He has to do something to wake us up! Is that what you want? …

21. Well, you'd better straighten out & start seeking good company & doing the right thing‚ because if you love evil & you love guys like that & the ways that they go & the things they have done & all the evil he has been doing all this time, you'll be as evil as he is. The worst evil of all is what he's now done on you! You've hobnobbed with the worst guy there, become his best friend & listened to all his rot, his tales of the World. Well, that's the last time! If I get any more reports like that, you're going to leave that Teen Combo, is that clear?

22. It really disappoints me that you would have sunk to his level & pal'd around with him! What is that a sign of, Son? Is that a sign that you like that kind of rot, that kind of boy & his kind of ways & the stuff he likes, the World? That's where he's going to go! At the rate he's going, this is his last stop! One more & he's out of the Family completely! I mean, he's put on this big cry-baby thing & has repented & confessed & blah blah so many times, we're sick of it!—Because kids like that don't mean it, they just do it because they're afraid they're going to get thrown out. Well, he was sure right, because that's exactly what happened to him!—We've already sent word to have him sent away!

23. We're sick & fed up with him poisoning our own son‚ think of it! He gets ahold of the most important student there‚ you, & poisons you!—And everybody knows it! You've just got one salvation, & that is to go back there & straighten it out & make it right & tell'm you're sorry, & seek the right people after this, not the worst people on the campus, not the so-called "cool crowd"!

24. Let me tell you, those "cool" guys are going to be the first to be scorched by the Devil's fire!—And you're going to burn right with'm if you don't straighten out! Is that what you'd like to do? Do you want to go with him where he's going? Let me tell you‚ brother‚ if you ever got into that cesspool of the System & had to go to System school & see what the Devil's children are really like, it's like Hell on Earth, & you'd come running back to Mama & Daddy with your tail between your legs, saying, "God help me! I don't ever want to be with people like that again, it's like living in Hell!" All these stories he's telling you about how wonderful it is, what excitement & blah blah all that is out there, we've heard about it! Right? (David: Yes.)

25. Why did it appeal to you? Huh? Is that what you want? You want the System? You want to go to System school? (David: No.) I know right where to send you if that's where you want to go. Well, you'd better straighten out & appreciate that Teen Combo & the best folks in the Teen Combo & follow their counsel & advice & seek the best company there, or that's where you're going to go! Is that clear? All right‚ I don't ever want to hear any more talk or reports about your getting in with bad company, & I don't ever want to hear any more about there being any bad company! (Maria: Yes, Sir.)

26. I got so mad the last time those teen terrors caused the Family trouble, I blew the whole bunch of them out! Do you remember? (David: I think so.) Well‚ you'd better read it again! You'd better read "Teen Terrors—Crime & Punishment" (ML #1512) again & see what I did! I fired'm all, the whole bunch! And some of those teen ringleaders are now in one Hell of a mess back in the U.S.A.!—In trouble with the law, some even in prison. That's where you're headed too if you don't straighten out‚ if you continue following guys like that‚ having guys like that appeal to you!

27. (Maria: The whole purpose of what that boy was trying to do to you, Honey, is lie to you that the System is better than the Family & get you to go there with him. That's the whole thing the Devil's trying to do, don't you understand?) Poisoning you! He's going to Hell the way he's going, & he's going to be landing in prison back in the U.S.A., too, if he keeps it up! My God! How could you have gotten mixed up with a guy like that? David! I'm talking to you! How could you have gotten mixed up with a guy like that? (David: Well, I guess I just wanted to see what the other side was like.) Why? Brother, let me tell you, I was raised around the other side & I knew what it was like, & it was Hell on Earth!

28. Well, I want to tell you, I don't want to ever hear of you hobnobbing with the wrong kind of people again, & I don't ever want to hear we've got any rotten apples in our Teen Combos‚ or I'm going to throw'm all out! Is that clear? (Maria: Yes, Sir.) I'm not going to be absolutely sacrificing & giving & even suffering for a bunch of rotters who are poisoning each other & poisoning our own children!

29. Why didn't you do something about it‚ Maria? You should have dealt with this a long time ago instead of having that boy continue to poison David's mind & spirit & heart all this time! God only knows what damage that poison has already done to him! I just want to warn you, Son: We do not tolerate that kind of poison in our Teen Combos, & furthermore, we're not going to tolerate it in our Family! Is that clear?—And you had better show signs of being a Christian & a child of God & a good boy, or you're not going to last here!

30. I want you to get the point, Son, that you're doing something very dangerous by meddling with the Devil & his kind! I've been mighty good to you, Son, all these years‚ right?—Nothing but good to you. And you were going the right direction until you got into buddying & chumming around with a guy like that‚ the worst guy in the whole place!

31. Well, I blame Mama & the Combo Shepherds for having a guy like that there & letting him keep on there when you knew he was poisoning David! I blame you! (Maria: That's right, I let it go on even after receiving reports that David was hanging around with the wrong crowd.) And I'm sorry I have to blame myself too, because I heard about it, but Mama kept defending you & saying, "Well, we're giving him a little more time to get the point & make the right choice, & we're hoping he'll see how off the track he is, blah blah!"

32. Well you didn't, you were getting worse‚ & that palsy-walsy friendship was getting worse! And all he did was poison you all the more! But that's the last time he's going to poison you, Boy! It's worse than if he'd given you poison in a glass! Don't you understand that, Son? (David: Yes.)

33. And if I see this fascination for evil cropping up in you any more, Son, you are never going to dream how tough your Grandfather can get with you! … Is that clear? (David: Yes, Sir.) Do you believe it? (David: Yes, Sir.) Well‚ you'd better believe it, & you'd better straighten out, too‚ & seek better company & be a good influence & show the other kids that you're repentant & sorry that you hobnobbed around with that rotter, & let's see a little good influence from you.

34. I want to hear some good reports when you return, I'm sick & tired of these evil reports! Yes, you work hard, that's fine‚ but that's not good enough. Is that clear? (David: Yes, Sir.) All right. Now this is your last chance, Son, I mean it! If you don't straighten out & show a better deportment there & a fascination for good people instead of evil people, then that's it, I'm not going to support you at that Teen Combo any more, & I'm not sure I'm going to support any Family School or Teen Combo any more either if that's the kind of stuff they're going to turn out & this is the kind of results we're going to have!—Or I'm going to close that Teen Combo down!—Or close down the Teenage Department clear down to the Junior Highs & get rid of'm! They're usually the bad ones, unless they really get the Lord!

35. I thought you were supposed to be filled with the Spirit, Son! Well, you'd better be, because if you're not, you're going to get full of the Devil! And if you're going to be full of the Devil‚ I don't want you in this Family & I don't want you in a Family Home! Is that clear?

36. Did this boy tell you how to make it in the System? (David: No.) (Maria: He told you a lot about it‚ though, didn't he?) Well, I want to tell you, if you don't straighten out & get back on the right road with the right people, you are going to be sorry, & you've no idea how sorry! We know where to send you that they'll straighten you out, brother, & without mercy! Is that what you want? You'd better be thankful you're in this Family & you're treated like royalty compared to the way they'll treat you there.

37. I have thrown out whole Colonies, whole Homes, oodles of people! I'm an expert at it! Because I won't tolerate that kind of behaviour in this army! That's how I've run it from the beginning & that's why we're where we're at! And I'm not going to tolerate you any more than I tolerated Deborah, & she was my own daughter too! …

38. I was hoping the Truth would stop her! I was hoping she'd be so ashamed of herself she'd be mortified‚ ashamed to face the Family or anybody. Instead of that she's so full of the God-damned Devil that she went all out for the Devil! Is that where you want to wind up, a backslider serving the Devil, trying to pull the Family down, trying to destroy me? It would have been better if the Lord had destroyed her!

39. Well, that's it, Son! That's the limit, I have had enough.—And if I hear any more of this kind of tale, that's it, you are finished at the Teen Combo! I don't want you to be there & be a bad example of your Mother & me‚ a little spoiled brat who after all his good training & teaching has taken a fancy to the wrong kind of people in the wrong direction! I'm not going to tolerate you any more than I did Deborah! Is that clear? (David: Yes, Sir.) I'll kick you out just as fast, if not faster, because you'd do us less damage outside than you can now do us inside!—And I mean it!

40. I did it with Mene & I've done it with a lot of other people!—And you know what? It's done'm good! It did most of them good, they began to realise the seriousness of it all. Did you know that now Mene is thankful? Now she's sorry for what she did‚ now she realises she had Heaven on Earth. But God usually gives you one chance like this‚ Son, & if you don't make it‚ if you muff it, He seldom ever repeats the opportunity, He doesn't trust you. So that's it. Now that's the warning.

41. I've never had to really get tough like this with you before, Son, but I am going to get tough with you, the time has come! Do you understand what I'm talking about, Son? (David: Yes, Sir.) Unless you can show a shining example & be the right kind of product of your Mother & your Father & show others what we've taught you & how we taught you to be & what we taught you to be, we can't let you attend that Teen Combo. Is that clear? (David: Yes‚ Sir.) If you can't be a good example, I don't want you there! It's better for you not to be there than to be there & be a bad example, & I mean it!

42. You were a good example for awhile, Son, until you got mixed up with that rotter! When I first heard about it I was shocked!—And (to Maria:) you guys said, "Well, we're working on it, we're going to try to help him to see the difference & see the light, hoping he'll change & he'll realise it's the wrong kind of guy to be friends with." Well, you didn't!

43. You were going his way, David, & becoming like him. And before I will let you do that, Son, I will get rid of you! Before I will let you be a bad influence on our Family & a bad testimony & a bad example, I'll get rid of you just like I did Deborah, & you can go to Hell like Deborah! Is that what you want to do? (David: No.) All right, then you'd better straighten out. I want to hear some good reports about you from now on & that's it, or I'll send you someplace from which we don't get any reports!

44. Now you return to the Combo & show a good example & show what kind of a person we trained you to be, & all the teaching I've given you & all the training I've given you. … I'm telling you right now, if you don't behave, I'm going to sock it to you till you would never have dreamed your Father could get so tough. … [i]f you don't get rid of that evil spirit & that bad inclination, that fascination for evil & the World…! Is that clear? (David: Yes, Sir.)

45. (Maria: You need to start sticking up for your convictions a little bit, Honey. They expect you to.) After all these years of teaching, haven't you got any guts? Huh? I was a fighter, Son! I wouldn't let other kids talk that way! I fought! I fought guys who were bigger than I was till I got beat up! But let me tell you‚ I'd rather fight & die for the Truth & stick up for my convictions instead of being willy–nilly, weak as water, string for a backbone, ice water for blood, & not stick up for what I know is right!

46. Maybe that's the trouble with you, you never had to really fight for it! I was thrown out in a pool of sharks & I had to fight for my existence, both in public school & in the army! But brother, I stuck up for what was right & what was the Lord & they all admired me for it, they all respected me for it.—And the very guys who used to throw their shoes at me in the dormitory & all the rest & threatened to beat me up, later came crawling to me on their knees begging for prayer because they knew I was a fighter for the Lord & I meant it & I was not going to compromise one iota!

47. You compromised! You compromised! You let down your standards & you let that guy lead you around by the nose, & the whole Teen Combo is ashamed of you for it! They're disappointed in you & disappointed in us that you would have been so easily misled. Well, you are going to be a good example for us from now on, Son, & be a good sample to those you're with & show a good excellent Christian character with guts & fight & uncompromising spirit & stick up for the right things!

48. I should have had Mama send word right away to have that rotter teen, who was leading everyone astray, sent home the first time I heard of it! Now he's infected you, poisoned you, with all of his rot! He's a bad boy, Son! He's evil! Do you realise that? He's the worst boy you could have gotten together with there! He is diabolical, he is Satanic, & he charmed you with his Satanic charm & poisoned you with his diabolical evil! That's what he's done to you! He has shamed you! He has shamed us, he's shamed your family by your yielding to his charm & following the worst character in the Teen Combo!

49. He's made us ashamed of you, he's made the Teen Combo ashamed of us, & that's just what the Devil put him there for! The sad thing is that I didn't get tough when I first heard about it, because you got worse & worse & liked it more & more, & liked him more & more, & went his way more & more!

50. Well, if you don't know that that kind of a guy is evil, I am going to let you know at the end of this stick! That's how bad he is! And if I'd been there with this stick, I'd have given it to him! Because I never let anybody get away with that kind of stuff in any of our schools or Colonies, never, not any that I was ever in! I am an Army general, Son, & I am the head of this Army of the Lord, & I am not going to let anybody get away with being a traitor to the Cause, a spy & an enemy like that boy‚ infesting & infecting people with his God-damned Satanic poison!

51. I've tried to be good to you all these years‚ Son, & I've tried to teach you what's right. Right? Have I or have I not? (David: You have.) Then how come you let an evil guy like that drag you into his mire, his shit? Huh? You're a pretty weak character if you haven't got the guts to stand up for what's right! You should have rebuked him when he told you all that shit! I can't do the subject justice, you'd better pray, Mama.

52. (Maria: Amen, in Jesus' name. Lord Jesus, forgive us for letting this go on so long, Lord. Forgive us for not seeing that it needed to be cut off immediately. We just ask You right now, Lord, to help us to undo this damage & help us to root out the evil‚ Lord, & cut it all out‚ Lord‚ cut out the sore & the infection & really help us to make things clean again. Cleanse & purify David's heart, Lord‚ & the others who have been infected by this, & help us to get rid of the problem. And Lord, give all our teens everywhere some guts to stand up for their convictions, Lord, to really fight for the Truth & the Right & not be taken in by such lies of the Enemy!

53. (Lord help us to realise that we're an army & we've got to run this thing like an Army. We've got to apply the discipline needed to make Thy Family pure & keep it pure & doing the job that You want it to do & not wasting our time & wasting others' time with fiddling around & foolishness & Worldliness & infection creeping in to weaken us & weaken our kids, Lord, the teens & the children. So help us, Lord, to do what needs to be done.—In Jesus' name, amen.)

54. Doesn't anybody ever get angry at the teens in our Homes when they misbehave? If I hear of this sort of situation being allowed in our Teen Homes anywhere, I'm going to close down their teen operations & Junior High Schools completely & kick out all the teenagers, send them back where they came from! Is that clear? (Maria: Yes‚ Sir!) We haven't had that kind of trouble with the other age groups‚ that's the group that always causes the trouble! I ought to know, I taught'm for 3 years in Junior High School, & I'll tell you, I never let them get away with a thing! … And they knew I meant business, brother!—And I can do the same with you or any of those kids!—And teachers that let them get away with it, I feel like doing it to them!

55. I got my classes under control when nobody else had been able to control them! 50 kids in one room, two grades! But let me tell you, I really socked the Hell out of some of those guys, guys who were twice as big as I was! They knew I meant business, they knew I had guts., they knew I even had courage…!—Because they could have turned around & knocked me for a loop! But I wouldn't put up with anything & they knew it!

56. So Mama, you had better see that they get straightened out, or I'm going to close it down if our teenagers are going to be nothing but a disciplinary problem. We've got too many other important things to do than to be wasting our time & money on people who don't appreciate it. I want you to be impressed tonight with the seriousness of what you have done. And if you think this is tough, just wait till you make the next mismove, Son, & I'm going to give you something to cry about!

57. You either have to make it there at that good Home full of Christians & Christian teachers trying to help you‚ or if you can't make it there, my God‚ how are you ever going to make it anywhere? I'll throw you to the sharks in the public system & see what you think! Oh, that problem teen probably told you how it's not so bad, because he had to go to it. But that's what made the hellion out of him that he is! I'm sure he must have told you about his public school experiences.

58. Well, I warn you, I'm through talking! Next time it's going to be action! Is that clear? (David: Yes, Sir.) I want to hear things that are going to make me proud of you from now on & not ashamed of you. Are you going to try? (David: Yes, Sir.) All right, you think about it. Good night, Son.


59. What is ever going to make these kids really get on the ball & really get serious & really sober up & realise how important it is to get serious for the Lord? When are they ever going to? It just reminded me of the night I was coming home with 9 kids in the car as a teen, & I was thinking, "Lord, what is ever going to sober these kids up & make them take life seriously & You seriously & make them really get desperate? I wish there was something I could do to sober them up."—Then all of a sudden a car hit us & rolled us over! Boy, I'll tell you‚ there was no foolishness after that! They got serious then & they stayed pretty serious from then on. It's just a miracle of God we didn't all get killed!

60. That's what came to me, that's the only thing that's ever going to get them really sober. They've got it too easy right now, & in some ways we've made it too easy for them to be good. That's why they don't really appreciate it. But things are coming that are going to make them quit all this foolishness & get deadly sober, deathly serious about the Lord, because He's going to be their only hope. Then they'll seek the Lord! David said, "Before I was afflicted I went astray‚ but in my affliction I cried unto the Lord!"—Psa.119:67; 34:6.

61. That's when they're going to cry to the Lord with weeping & moaning & wailing & gnashing of teeth‚ when the affliction comes‚ when the hard times come! They're going to look back on these days right now that they think are so hard, they're going to look back on them like they were days of Heaven on Earth! Then they'll seek the Lord & realise that the Lord is their only hope! It's not merely a matter of attitude & trying to be spiritual, they'll be desperate for help! They'll get sober then.

62. There's a Scripture that keeps trying to come to me, I can't quite get it, but it's something about great affliction, sort of like, "In the days of affliction, then shall they cry unto Me with a whole heart!" (Tongues) "Your Father grieves for thee, a whole nation that thou hast borne, when they shall see the things that I have shown unto David!"


63. So that's what I got out of it, that there's coming a time when they'll really turn to the Lord & get serious & sober & desperate, when He's their only hope. The Scripture says that there's a day coming when men shall seek death & shall not find it.—Rev.9:6. The days will be so bad that they'll want to die! (Tongues: ) "Lord have mercy on the children of Your Father! My God‚ save the children of David, in Jesus' name!" Amen.

64. "I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy."—Rom.9:15. Amen. So there will be some mercy on His Own. TYJ! (Tongues) "I will temper the wind to the shorn lambs, & I will have mercy on thy little ones for their Father's sake." TYJ!—Amen.

65. —What's it gonna take, Teens?—Parents?—GHU!—In Jesus' name, amen.