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Devil's Challenge, The

David Berg

DO 2521 4/88

—A Dream & Lesson on "Fear Not!"

1. I've been having some horrific dreams at night! In my dream the Devil was standing right in front of me in a big long robe looking very handsome, & he dared me to touch him! He was trying to make me afraid to touch him, just daring me to touch him like something bad would happen if I touched him. But I just reached out & rebuked him in Jesus' name & he disappeared! He was trying to make me afraid of him. He tries to make you accept his fears. So I said, "I rebuke you, in Jesus' name!", & I never even felt him, he just quickly disappeared.

2. He was looking so grand & handsome in that long beautiful robe. And he said, "I dare you to touch me", as if it was a challenge to make me afraid, like, "Oh, you mustn't touch me‚ that would be terrible, something awful might happen", to make me fear him. But I just said, "I rebuke you, in Jesus' name!" I never did touch him, he just disappeared. He must have been afraid of me! PTL! TYL!—And he never came back!

3. Fear is one of the Devil's greatest powers! If he can get you to be afraid of him, that's a form of worship, to make you fear him, when the Lord has told us to only fear God. "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. To fear God & keep His commandments is the whole duty of man."—Pro.9:10; Ecc.12:13. We're to fear God, but the Devil really wants us to fear him. If he can just get you to fear him, it's a form of worship.

4. Imagine the Devil saying‚ "I dare you to touch me!" It was a challenge to be afraid, it was a challenge to fear him. But I just fired back, "I rebuke you, in Jesus' name!" And I put my finger out & I never even felt him‚ he just disappeared! He was afraid of me! PTL! TYJ!

5. People should use their power more often against the Enemy! "All power is given unto us in Heaven & in Earth!"—Mat.28:18; Luk.10:19. We need to use it! Just rebuke the Enemy & his lies & his challenges to fear! It's almost his whole ministry, to try to make you afraid of him, to fear him. He wants to make you fear him like you're supposed to fear the Lord. If he can persuade you to be afraid of him then that's a part of worship, & that's what he wants, for everybody to be afraid of him. That's why he has all of these horror movies & stories, to scare people to death, to destroy them with fear!

6. The Lord says, "I came to deliver those who all their life dwelt in the fear of death." —Heb.2:14,15. "For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power & of love & of a sound mind!—In nothing be terrified by your adversaries, but resist the Devil & he will flee from you!"—2Tim.1:7; Phil.1:28; Jam.4:7.

7. PTL! Thank You Jesus for delivering us so that we need not fear the Enemy‚ but he needs to fear us!—The power of the Spirit! TYJ! PTL! XXX! I love you!