KEYWORDS: thy, thou, god, o god, lord

Prayer in the Spirit, A

David Berg

—MO‚ August 2, 1973 NO.252—DO

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(When the Childcare Colony was being threatened with eviction, David prayed in tongues in the night with strong crying and weeping‚ beating his breast with his fists:)

1. O GOD, MY GOD! IF YOU CARE NOT FOR THESE LITTLE ONES, IF YOU CARE NOT FOR THESE EWE LAMBS, BLOT ME OUT OF THY BOOK, erase my name, put me out with them! If Thou hast no love, no mercy, if Thou carest not for Thy sheep, if Thou are not concerned for Thy ewes, Thy lambs, cast me out‚ O God, blot me out, erase my name from Thy Book, if Thou carest not for them! (Tongues and weeping, beats breast:)

2. O MY GOD, WHERE ART THOU, O LORD? WHERE IS THY MERCY TOWARD THY CHILDREN? Where is Thy mercy? Rebuke the Enemy, the Devourer, the Lion, Lord‚ who goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour! If thou lovest Thy children‚ rebuke him, in Jesus' name! O my God, my God! If Thou art their Father and Thou hast made me their father, deliver Thy children! But blot me out, if Thou art not our God and our Saviour! O my God, if Thou hast no mercy and no love in Thy bosom to care for Thy own sheep and Thy little lambs‚ deliver‚ O God, or blot us out and cast us out!

3. (TONGUES:) MY GOD, MY GOD, WHERE ART THOU? WHERE IS THY SALVATION THOU HAST PROMISED TO THY CHILDREN? O God, if Thou art the Succourer of the weak‚ where art Thou? Why dost Thou not save Thy children? O Jesus, Thou art more kind to them that are of this world! Thou dost not love these children of the bosom of David! O God‚ save these who suck at the bosom of their father—these little ones who care for Thee!

4. MY GOD, IF THOU LOVEST NOT THESE LITTLE ONES THAT SUCK OF THEE—IT THOU LOVEST NOT THESE WHO SUCK ON THE BOSOM OF THEIR FATHER, DESTROY ME with them and cast me out also, and let my name be anathema, my names as them that curse Thee! If Thou lovest them not‚ if Thou carest not for the sheep of Thy own fold, if Thou carest not for the lambs of Thy own pasture, blot me also out, their shepherd, and destroy me with them, if Thou carest not for Thy children!

5. IF THIS IS NOT THY TRUTH, O GOD‚ DESTROY IT! IF WE ARE NOT THY WILL, O GOD, DESTROY US, and deliver Thy children and Thy shepherd in death! We have no other Saviour, no other Refuge but Thee! My God, if Thou wilt not save us, if Thou carest not for us, then destroy us and cast us out as an accursed thing, and that which is abominable in Thy sight! We seek not to live, O God! We long for death, O God, if Thou dost not love us, if Thou dost not care‚ if Thou carest not for Thy children!

6. BUT IF THESE ARE THY CHILDREN, O GOD‚ AND WE ARE THY SERVANT, AS THOU HAST PROMISED, THEN SHOW THYSELF, OH GOD! Show Thyself mighty to usward and show Thyself great, the Defender, O God, of Thy faithful, lest the Enemy rise up against us, lest Thy enemies put us to shame, and lest we be destroyed by them that hate Thee. O God‚ my God, destroy us Thyself, ere the Enemy destroy us, rather than that we be put to shame by them that hate Thee!

7. IF THOU LOVEST US NOT, DESTROY US AND CAST US OUT AND PUT AN END TO OUR NAME FOREVER‚ and erase us from Thy Book and blot us out if Thou art not our Saviour, if Thou art not our God, if Thou lovest us not, and Thou seekest not after us and carest not for us as the sheep of Thy pasture and the Shepherd for His ewes and His lambs!

8. O GOD, MY GOD, WE ARE THINE! SAVE US! WE ARE THINE! SAVE US, O GOD! If we are not Thine, cast us out forever! Destroy us, or deliver us if Thou lovest us. I don't want to live, O God‚ if Thou canst not deliver us‚ if Thy arm is not strong to save Thine anointed and if Thou carest not for them to live, then destroy me also!

9. DELIVER ME BY DEATH AT THE HAND OF THE ENEMY‚ IF THOU CAREST NOT FOR THY CHILDREN! O God, if Thou art our God, if Thou lovest Thy children, O Lord, and if this is the right hand of Thy salvation and the power of Thy might, if we are Thy messengers, deliver us, O Lord!

10. GIVE US STRENGTH AND BE OUR REREWARD AND OUR REARGUARD, DEFEND US, PROTECT US from them that would slay us. Show now Thy mighty arm, O God, show Thy strength, O Lord, Thy love, Thy concern, Thy care for Thy little ones, or blot me out of Thy Book! Oh God, if Thou carest not for these little ones, I care not for Thee and I care not to be in Thy Book, and I care not to live in the land of the living and I prefer death!

11. OR IF THOU ART NOT HE THAT CARETH FOR THE DYING AND FOR THE WEAK AND THE SUFFERING AND THY OWN CHILDREN, DESTROY ME, O GOD, for Thou carest not for Thy own, slay me, O God‚ if Thou succourest not Thy own sheep, and blot me out of Thy Book, O God, if Thou savest not Thy own children!

12. EITHER THAT, O GOD, OR RAISE UP THY ARM AND MANIFEST THY STRONG RIGHT HAND TO DELIVER and vindicate Thy servants, to save Thy children, to deliver Thy sheep from the hand of the Enemy and from the wolves that would destroy them and the wild dogs that beset them. O Jesus, my God, deliver them Lord! Either deliver them or destroy me, O Lord, if I am not Thy servant, if I am not Thy voice, if this is not Thy Will, if I am not Thy messenger, O God.

13. IF I LEAD THESE THY CHILDREN, THE SHEEP OF THY PASTURE ASTRAY‚ MY GOD‚ DESTROY ME and deliver Thy children. But Lord, if you love them, Lord, if I've told them the truth Lord Jesus, if I've given them Thy words, if I've loved them, Lord, and if I've given them that which Thou hast given unto me, then O Lord, prove Thyself faithful and prove Thyself diligent to care to these Thy sheep and this thy undershepherd.

14. SHOW THYSELF LORD AND MANIFEST THYSELF! DELIVER US THY CHILDREN AND ME THEIR SHEPHERD from the hand of the Enemy that we may glory Thee. O God, destroy me and them also if we are not of Thee! Do it now, O Lord, lest we pervert many, if Thou lovest us not and carest not for Thy own! My God, my God! (David motions silently for Maria to wipe the tears from his eyes:)

15. EVEN SO SHALT THOU DRY THE TEARS FROM THE EYES OF THY SERVANT DAVID‚ AND RESCUE THEM THAT ARE IN NEED, and succour Thy little ones or I shall perish. Thou shalt save them‚ or Thou shalt destroy me also! Thou shalt dry my tears and deliver and comfort Thy children, or Thou shalt cause to weep in anguish and destroy! O God! (To Maria:) You hunger‚ Sweetheart. You hunger, but I thirst. (David drinks from the bottle:)

16. MAY GOD FEED THEE AND GIVE ME TO DRINK AND PROVE HIMSELF OUR PROTECTOR‚ or that He may destroy us out of His Book and the land of the living! Destroy Thy children, O God, if Thou carest not for Thy sheep!

17. DELIVER THEM AND SUCCOUR THEM AND PROTECT THEM AND FEED THEM IF THEY ARE THINE. If they are not Thine, they are not mime, and I care not for them if Thou carest not for Thine own! Otherwise, vindicate Thy children, O God‚ and deliver Thy lambs, O Lord, and show Thyself righteous with Thy servant, and deliver us from those that would rise up against us, O Lord! In Jesus' Name! Hallelujah! Thy Will be done. O Lord, let us be cast off, O Lord, as piss, and cast forth as dung, if Thou lovest us not and carest not for Thy own.

18. IF WE ARE NOT THY VOICE, QUENCH THE FIRE, FIRE NOT THE FLAME, EXTINGUISH ME, O GOD, cast me into outer darkness forever! If I am not Thy light to give light to Thy children‚ then make me darkness, that I might not lead them astray, O Lord! O my Lord, my God, my Jesus, help us, Lord! Give us strength, in Jesus' Name! Deliver Thy children, protect them Lord!

19. OR IF THOU CANST NOT CARE FOR THINE OWN, THEN, O LORD, BLOT ME OUT OF THY BOOK! I care not to live if Thou lovest not Thine own and canst not save them! Amen. Thank You Lord Jesus! Thy will be done, Lord. If this is not Thy truth, quench the springs of praise!

20. (TO MARIA:) I LOVE YOU‚ SWEETHEART. YOU'RE VERY DEAR TO THE BOSOM OF YOUR FATHER. Sleep now and take thy rest, for mine hour is not yet come. Sleep‚ sleep, sweet little one! Rest, rest thy pen, Honey. It is enough. He either heareth us‚ or He careth not. But I believe He careth, and you will remember. For He knows that if He heareth not‚ I care not to live. Amen. Thank You Lord.