KEYWORDS: jesus, lord, name, love, thy, help

Prayer for the Japanese

David Berg

DO 2518 3/89

—A King's Prayers!


1. Thank You Lord for preserving me & making me useful & giving me reason to live so I can feed Thy sheep! Help the Family now & help them to get to wherever You want them to be. Bless & keep them all & provide for them & make them fruitful, Lord.


2. Thank You Lord that I'm so much better! I didn't have any runs all day long! TYL! That was a real miracle & a real answer to their prayers. Thank You Lord that You did all that! TYJ!—You healed me & You're giving me more strength to get through the day, even though I felt for awhile that I wasn't going to make it. Thank You Lord for strength to spend two hours here with Techi & an hour-&-a-half with David, & all the fun we've had. Help us to be thankful for what we have, in Jesus' name.

3. Thank You for keeping us all safely & for the different ones who have had to run around, going in & out & doing different things. Thank You Lord I'm nice & good & tired now that I'm ready to go to bed & sleep as soon as possible. Thank You Lord for all Thy goodness & mercy to us & for this beautiful place to live & for our pets, Lord, & for keeping us all safely & blessing us & making us a blessing.

4. Thank You for all the work I got done today to feed Thy sheep. PYL! TYJ! Thank You Lord for all Thy blessings. As we pray the prayer You taught us to pray. (Prays the Lord's Prayer.)


5. God bless the poor Japanese people! Help the Japanese, Lord. Help them to know Thy Love, Jesus. Help them, Lord, to respond to Thy Love. Help them to see Thy Love, know Thy Love, believe Thy Love. It's so important for them to know, Thy little ones there, the poor people, Lord.

6. (Tongues: ) "You must love them with great Love, the Love of thy Father David." (Dad weeps & cries in tongues.) They need much Love‚ much Love. They're so sad!—Little children, they're so sad! They need so much Love. You must please, please love them! They're so ignorant, they need so much Love. Love them! I love them! Oh, Jesus‚ Jesus, Jesus! Please love them, in Jesus' name. Please love them, Lord. (Tongues: )

7. Maria? Do you love them? (Maria: Oh‚ yes, very much.) Jesus‚ Jesus‚ please have mercy on them, Lord! Have mercy on those poor Japanese. Jesus, Jesus! Have mercy on them, Lord. Please help them, in Jesus' name. Oh, Lord, they're so ignorant! Have mercy, Lord, have mercy. Please have mercy, Lord, in Jesus' name. They try to do good, Lord. They really really try. They really really want to do good, Jesus. Please, Lord. Please‚ Jesus! Have mercy on them, in Jesus' name, Lord! (Tongues & weeping:)

8. Oh, Jesus, Jesus, help them, Lord! I love them, Lord! I love them, Jesus! You love them, Lord. Please have mercy, in Jesus' name. Praise You Jesus! In Jesus' name. They try so hard. They try so hard, Jesus. They really want to be good. They really try to be good, Lord.

9. Please, please, please, Jesus! Please have mercy on them! Oh, Jesus, Jesus! Please help them! Please love them, Lord. Please have mercy on them! I love them, Jesus! I love them! Please, Jesus, help the poor Japanese. They try so hard to be good, Lord. They really want to be good. (More tongues.)

10. Why don't you pray for them? Please, Jesus, have mercy on the Japanese! Help them, in Jesus' name. They want to be good. They try to be good, Lord. They tried to be good to our Family, but they (the authorities) won't let them. Oh, Jesus! Help them, Lord. Oh God! Oh Jesus! They're such sweet people‚ Lord. They need You, Jesus. Please, help them!

11. I cry for them. Help us! Help us‚ oh God‚ to cry for them. Help us, oh God, to pray for them. They really need You‚ Jesus! Please help them, Lord. Oh, Jesus, I love them! You love them, Lord. In Jesus' name. Oh, God‚ please, Lord, in the Name of Jesus!

12. I love You, Jesus! And I love them, Lord. You love them, & I ask You‚ in Jesus' name, to help them, Lord. Save them! They know not what they do. Have mercy, Lord! Have mercy! Oh‚ Jesus! Jesus! Please save them! I cry unto You, Jesus! I love You, Jesus! I cry unto You to save them, Lord. Have mercy on them, Jesus! Please save them, Jesus! In the Name of Jesus save those poor Japanese, Lord. In Jesus' name. In Jesus' name!

13. Oh, God, my God, my God! I lift my hands to Thee to save them‚ oh God! In Jesus' name! They need You, Jesus! They really need You, Jesus! Please have mercy, Lord. Save them, Jesus! They know not what they do, Lord. (Tongues.) Oh, Jesus, for my sake, for Thy father's sake. Oh, Jesus, have mercy on them! Save them, Jesus! Save them, Jesus!—Just because I love You, Jesus, & I love them & I ask You, Lord Jesus, to save them. They try so hard to be good, Lord. (Tongues & weeping.)

14. Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Please, Jesus! I love You, Jesus! Oh, Jesus, I love them, Jesus. Please have mercy! Please have mercy on the Japanese, Lord! Please have mercy & save them, Lord, in Jesus' name. They need You, Jesus! They want You, Jesus! They don't know, Jesus! Please have mercy‚ Jesus! Oh, Jesus, please have mercy! Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! (Tongues & kisses & continued weeping.)

15. I love them, Jesus! Please save them, Jesus! Have mercy‚ Jesus! I love them, Jesus! I love them, Jesus! You love them‚ Lord, please have mercy on them. You love them, Jesus!

16. Don't you love them? Don't you care for them? Don't you weep for them? Please, please, weep for them, Maria! Please, please pray & weep for them. Jesus loves them! Jesus loves them! Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Please love them!

17. "Your Father pours out his heart of Love for the poor Japanese that he loves with all of his heart." Oh, Jesus, I want them, Lord! I want them, Jesus! I want them! I want them, Lord, You know! They need You, Jesus! They want You, Jesus! And I want them, Lord Jesus! They're such good people, Lord! They want You, Jesus, they need You, Jesus. Oh‚ Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Oh my God, my God!

18. Please‚ Lord! For Thy little father's sake, Lord! Please save those precious people. They're so ignorant, Lord, so dumb & so ignorant! But they love You‚ Jesus! They want to love You, Jesus! Please, Jesus! In Jesus' name! Have mercy! Have mercy & save them! Amen, amen, amen! Amen! (Tongues)

19. "Because of the prayers of thy Father David & because of his Love for these people, I will save them & I will help them! And I will live them to Eternal Salvation." Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Maria: Lead them?) "Live them, & give them Eternal Salvation in the Land that is to come." Hallelujah! TYJ! You answered my prayer‚ Lord, for the dear Japanese! And You will save them, Lord, because I have prayed for them & I have loved them with great Love because You have loved them with such great Love through Your little Father David. Yes! Yes, Lord!

20. "I have loved these people with Everlasting Love!" You have loved them, Jesus, with Everlasting Love! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name. Amen! Do you understand? (Maria: Yes. Amen!) TYJ! Jesus has loved them with everlasting Love, & He will save them because of the prayers of many. Lord, bless our people, Your people who love them, who pray for them. So many, so many of Thy children who love them & pray for them, in Jesus' name.

21. Love & pray for these‚ Thy Japanese children, in the Name of Jesus. (Maria: And there are also all those who in the Spirit still love them.—Like MacArthur & all those who worked so hard to love them.) So many! They're such good people, Lord, who really want to know You, Jesus, want to love You.—Who want to know what's right, who try to do what's right, in Jesus' name. TYL! In Jesus' name.

22. I pray for them. I pour out my soul for them. I love them! I try to help them with my people. Rebuke the Enemy, Lord! Rebuke the Devil, Jesus! Rebuke Satan, in Jesus' name, who tries to hinder, who tries to stop us, but he cannot, Lord! He cannot resist Your Love, Jesus! He cannot resist our prayers. He cannot defeat us & our Love for these, Thy people. In the Name of Jesus!—We have the victory! In Jesus' name! Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name.

23. Jesus, bless them, Lord. Bless them!—And their little rice paddies. They're trying so hard to do good, Jesus. (Weeps.) They're such good people, Jesus! They try so hard to do good. Jesus, Jesus, help them, Lord. You love them & You want to help them, & You're going to save them‚ Jesus! Amen! Amen!

24. I love them & I pray for them. And Jesus pours through me with prayers that cannot be uttered. Jesus prays through me with such prayers‚ with such Love that cannot be uttered.

25. I was good & I prayed for God's people & I prayed for the lost & I prayed for the poor Japanese that I love, I love so much. I poured out my soul. I poured out my heart. I prayed & I wept & I poured tears.

26. "Give to thy father that which he needs that he may have rest unto his soul. Your father prays many tears for the Japanese. Therefore will I save them in the Time of Trouble. I will have mercy upon them because of the Love of your father for Me through Me. These are the tears of your father." These are the tears that I pray for Thy people, the precious precious Japanese. In the Name of Jesus!

27. "So shall I have great mercy upon them because of the Love of thy father, in the Name of Jesus." Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! "These are the tears of thy father & these are the tears of My Love for his people‚ the Japanese." In Jesus' name. Amen!

28. I have prayed. I have poured out my soul of Love for Thy children‚ Thy precious Japanese children. Therefore‚ I now need to sleep. I pray for them, Jesus‚ & I've saved them, Jesus. Now, Lord, in Jesus' name, please save me & help me to go to sleep in the Name of Jesus! Amen.

29. How I love the Lord! So sweet! So precious! I know You must really love them because You love them through me. I love them‚ Jesus, & I pray for them. Have mercy on them, Lord. All of them, Lord. In the Name of Jesus.—All of them who try to love You, Jesus. I love them, Lord. I really really try to love them, Jesus, with Your Love, in Jesus' name. Oh Jesus!

30. "Come unto Me all ye that are weary & heavy laden & I will give you rest. Seek unto Me & yearn for Me & learn of Me. For I am meek & lowly of heart. And ye shall have rest unto your souls."

31. Jesus, You are what they need, Lord, in Jesus' name. Lord‚ bless them, in Jesus' name. Help them, in Jesus' name. Have mercy on them, Lord. They're trying to be good, Lord. They're trying to do what's right, Lord. They really are trying hard, in Jesus' name! Bless & keep & help Thy precious, precious Japanese, Lord. I pour out my heart for them, Lord.

32. Rebuke the Enemy, Lord, that fights us! Get in Your Word, Lord! Get in Your Message in spite of the Devil, Lord! Help them to know that we love them. Help them to know that I love them. That Pyramid there is a testimony that You love them‚ Lord.

33. Now, rebuke those that try to fight Thy Light, in Jesus' name! Please help, Lord, in the Name of Jesus. Help Thy children there‚ Thy Japanese children‚ Lord, to shine with Thy Light & Thy Love, that they may save many, many, Lord, of Thy children.

34. It is so wonderful what the Lord is doing in Japan! Such a miracle of His Love! It's marvellous! And the Devil can't stop it. Jesus' Love is so powerful & our prayers are so powerful & God will answer. Thank You Jesus! You will save them, Lord, because we have prayed in Love for Thy children, Thy Japanese children. In Jesus' name. Amen!

35. Isn't that amazing‚ the Love Jesus has for the Japanese! I give my heart to them. I give my life to them. I pour out my life to try to save them. Amen? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) And they know that I love them. And I will see them & I will know them in the End. It's a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful World the Lord has given us! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! In Jesus' name. Amen!

36. God bless them! I really love them! But one thing is needful, & you have chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from you. Do you understand how I love the Japanese? The precious Japanese! Do you understand that I poured out my life & my heart for the Japanese? Because I love God's children, & there are many of God's children there.—Do you understand?—Whom He will win with His Love. God bless our people who are there to love them & to win them, in Jesus' name.—Amen.

37. Do you love & pray for them?—God bless you who are there to help them!—ILY! Jesus loves you!—And the Japanese will love you forever! TYJ!—In Jesus' name, amen!

+ +


38. Such a wonderful people! Such a beautiful country, so wonderful! God is going to bless the Japanese & help them because of their kindness. Even though they're trying to kick us all out‚ oh, it's not the people, it's just the Devil who is in control of the authorities. But all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. Somehow it's for good‚ Honey.

39. We've given them their chance, Honey. We really have delivered our souls. Now the Enemy seeks to close in & destroy, but he can never ever ever destroy the work the Lord has done & the Love that He has given! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! There are those who will always have His Love.—When we shall meet Over There. Thank You Lord!

40. Oh, Jesus! Bless Thy precious Japanese whom we love! In Jesus' name!—Those who receive Thee & love Thee, & want Thee & need Thee. Thank You Jesus for that beautiful prayer You gave me for Thy Japanese, Lord! Hallelujah! Bless them‚ Lord! They're so precious, Lord! So sweet, so good & trying so hard.

41. Help Thy people, Lord, to help them find You‚ Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You, Lord, in the Name of Jesus, help the precious Japanese. Help them to find rest & peace in You, Jesus! They're so busy. They work so hard. They're under so much stress. Oh, Jesus! Precious Jesus! Help them to find rest & peace in You, Jesus, in the Name of Jesus! Thank You, Lord. Help Your people to help them, Lord. In Jesus' name.

42. Help them, Lord. Help our people to help them to find You. Help them to find You, Jesus! To know You, to love You. "Whom to know is Life Eternal!"—Jn.17:3. In the Name of Jesus. Lord, help our people not to be ashamed of Your Name, Lord. It's in the Name of Jesus that they will have the victory! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (Sings "In the Name of Jesus!")