KEYWORDS: rock, concrete, stone, lord, family, word

Rock By the Road Dream, The

David Berg

DO 2517 21/3/89

1. Some of the boys & I & some hired workmen were working on this big stone project. We were setting these huge stones on edge into the ground. They looked sort of like gravestones, only they weren't, they were just some kind of big monuments or something. And we'd already set up quite a few of them, but we were finally going to set up the last one.

2. It was a gigantic thing! It was as big around as this room! It was about a meter thick, like a big slice or something, & I'd selected a site for it. Somebody had come with these big machines to prepare it & had dug a big ditch the size of the bottom of the stone, about four or five feet deep.

3. It's amazing how I remember such details in a dream when I don't even know if it means anything. There was a big crane preparing to lift this huge stone & set it on edge in this ditch, & we were discussing whether it was the right depth & right position & all these things.

4. There was this gigantic rock just across the road from this, where this big stone was going to be. And we were all sitting up there on the rock discussing just exactly how to safely position this stone etc. So finally the machine came along & picked it up & moved it over to the ditch & lowered it down into the ditch.

5. It was such a big stone we had to be sure it would be secure & not fall over! So the ditch was about four or five feet deep & the rest of the stone towered about 25 feet above it. The stone was standing on edge, so that the base of it was dropped down into the ditch.

6. And so we got it into the ditch securely & it was standing there all by itself. Of course, we still had to pour our concrete around it. We were down on the road then discussing whether it was just right or not, & we were ready to pour the concrete. We were standing right in front of it when it occurred to me that it wasn't a very safe place to stand in case it should fall, since it wasn't really embedded in concrete yet. So I told the boys they'd better get out of that position because it had just been set there & it could fall over.

7. So we climbed back up on this huge rock that was much higher than the stone monument or whatever it was we were setting. Some of the people were our boys & some were the workmen who were hired for their machines‚ & we discussed it a little while longer. Everybody was kind of taking a little rest, & then we finally decided it was OK, it was time to pour the concrete.

8. You & I & the family were living in a great big ol' white frame house just a couple of blocks away. You & the women were all over there, you know, doing the usual things with the kids, but some of you came over to watch when we were setting up the stone, a monument like "an ancient landmark which thy fathers have set up."—Prov.22:28.—Your father was setting it up!

9. So we decided everything was just right & we started pouring the concrete. Of course, this big sort of round stone across the road that we were sitting on was even bigger, a gigantic huge thing! It was like a very monumental project, & we were involved in the final crisis of setting it in place‚ carrying it & pouring concrete around it, then you were going to come out & watch. I seemed to be engineering it, but with the help of some hired men who had these huge machines to do it with‚ like the System.

10. Well‚ the thing that comes to me right off is‚ of course, the biggest rock is the Rock Christ Jesus that we were all sitting on for security. But this other huge monumental stone standing on end was sort of like our Family work that we were putting in place & securing, a gigantic monument! It's sort of like the work we're doing for the Lord, & it's going to last forever & it's a really tremendous monument to be admired!—And we had to be sure & get it just right so it was set just right on its foundation & secure & put firmly in place with concrete around it in the ditch.

11. We were all sitting up there on the Rock admiring it because it was really a great work!—And then I woke up! (Maria: That's a significant dream!) It's sort of like what we've been doing‚ it was an illustration, symbolic that (sings:) "We're on the Rock, Hallelujah! We're on the Rock to stay!"

12. And some of the people were still down on the road between us & the rock. A lot were admiring the stone & helping to prepare the concrete to fill in the ditch to make sure it was going to stay there & not fall over.

13. Now I'm beginning to see it really does have a meaning. We're on the Rock Christ Jesus! We're on the Rock to stay, & this is the way our work is done, this big monument that we were setting up‚ & it had to be set just right, straight up & down. It had to be just right. And we were trying to fill in the ditch, pour concrete into it to make sure it stayed there, we were securing it so it wouldn't fall.

14. In a way we were in the last process, establishing the stone work, a monument, & securing it so it wouldn't fall, so it would stand. A funny thing, while we were down below setting it in place, I thought, "Well, we shouldn't be standing right in front of it, we should get up to a safer place in case it isn't firm, or it might fall on us!"—Just like we have to be careful that the great work we have built won't fall on us & be destroyed.

15. I was eager to get that concrete in right away so there wouldn't be any more chance of it falling. And so we got up on the Big Rock to make sure we were safe while these men with the machines were pouring concrete around it. (Maria: Is that like the foundation?) Well‚ in a way. (Maria: Is that like the Word or something?) Yes! That would be a good idea! (Maria: To make sure it didn't fall.)

16. Pouring concrete around it, firming it up & establishing it.—The Word, that's what we pour out all the time so that they can become firmly grounded in the Word! Obviously that big stone was our work for the Lord, & we were busy pouring the concrete of the Word to firm it, secure it so that it would be sure to stand there forever!

17. Isn't that amazing? There were several stones of various sizes, graduating each time to a larger stone that we had been setting up down the road in a row. That's really significant because I've done a lot of different works, built a lot of works, you know? But this is my final grand great monument, this final great stone of the Family!

18. I guess the Lord is picturing what we've been doing all our lives. I have set up stone after stone in works I have established. A monument is for what? It's usually to commemorate something, to remind people of something, or it's a testimony.—Right? It's a witness! It's really a witness. Take gravestones for example, they are witnesses that so-&-so is buried there, & it gives the names & dates etc. & some message, some witness, some testimony.

19. Not that those stones in my dream were dead works, they weren't gravestones, there was nothing written on them that I can recall. It seemed like the stone itself was a witness, a testimony, the Rock! These works of people who've gotten saved & people who've been established were firm.

20. They were monuments to various works I've done for the Lord. But this last one was like the Family, one final great work.—Tremendous! It was gigantic! And then, lest it accidentally fall on us or something, we fled up onto the Great Rock, the Big Rock. And we rested on the Rock while the concrete was being poured. Actually, I was involved in pouring the concrete, too. I was directing the whole thing from the Rock.

21. So then it does mean something after all! (Maria: Yes, it's beautiful!) We were pouring the concrete of the Word to establish the stone of the Family & make it firm so that it will stand & not fall. It's like we're feeding the Family to make sure they stand & will not fall but remain established forever! PTL! TYL!

22. Concrete is like liquid rock, you know? You pour it in a hole or somewhere & it hardens & stays. It's like we're pouring it out to the Family where it's going to harden & it will keep'm firm & secure so they'll stay forever. We're directing it all from the Big Rock, Jesus! Lots & lots of people were working & needed to do all these things, just like they are now.

23. Concrete is made of small rocks & cement & sand & water. It's like ground rock, like part of the Big Rock, you know? We're pouring it into the big Monument Rock, the Family. That concrete certainly could symbolise the Word‚ which helps to establish people to make sure they stand firm as a witness‚ a monument forever!—The greatest work I've ever done! Of course‚ it's all only by the Lord!

24. I got down into it a little bit once in awhile‚ to make sure they were doing it right, but most of the time I stayed up on the Big Rock directing it.—Sort of like we do.

25. So that's the dream of the Rock!—Not the rock in the road, but the rock by the road, where everyone who passed by could see it & get its message. PTL! TYL! (Maria: The Lord sure has cute ways of picturing things.) Beautiful! I couldn't understand why I should remember such a funny, strange dream so clearly! I had it just after I went back to sleep & woke up again & I was remembering it so clearly in every detail!

26. I remember it was especially like a warning to be sure we establish it firmly lest it fall on us & crush us. At that time I was standing down in the road & I wanted to get back up on the Big Rock for safety. Sometimes I get too closely involved in the mechanics, but my place is on the Rock directing the Work!

27. So it did mean something after all! Isn't that something? I always have to tell it in order for the Lord to show me what it means. (Maria: How could it fall on you & crush you?) Well, it could if it wasn't established firmly, & it wasn't until the concrete was really poured around it to support it. It might have tipped or something. (Maria: If the Word isn't poured in, it will be weak & it'll tumble.) Right!—If I get too closely involved with the mechanics. I must first make sure it's firmly established.

28. We are doing that, & in a sense it could fall on us if we don't keep it firmly grounded in the Word, the Foundation, good solid Concrete, to keep it in place. In other words‚ if your work is not established in the concrete of His Word‚ it could fall. Thank God we've established our people in the concrete of His Word! And they'll stand firmly, they'll stand forever, since it's established in the Word! (Maria: Amen! TYL!)

29. —The concrete is sort of like the liquid part of the Great Rock, the Lord, the Word, that we were standing on. We've just got to be sure they've got plenty of it to keep them firmly grounded.

30. And then I had the warning that, "Look out, don't stay down here on the road where you're too involved! You'd better get back up on the Rock, & then get that concrete poured while there is still time.—Lest it fall!" (Maria: Beautiful!)

31. You know‚ in those early days of the Family I was directed a lot by dreams. Remember how many dreams I had in those days? I guess now as things get later & more serious & we're going to need a lot of direction again, there will be a lot of revelations from the Lord as to which way to turn, which way to go.

32. So, praise the Lord!—How wonderful!—To have this inspiring dream about getting busy pouring out the Concrete to establish the Family!—PTL!

33. All those other little monuments—I've done a lot of works for the Lord & for the Family, built a church & built other works. I worked with Mother for years in evangelistic works, those were all works for the Lord.—And the Soul Clinic schools & Gospel radio & TV etc., all kinds of works for the Lord. But they were all much smaller. This was the final great masterpiece of my life‚ the Family!—Thank the Lord!

34. So let's pour on the Concrete! Amen?

35. Honey, you're always cheerful, always faithful, always encouraging, the lifter up of my head! When I get discouraged, you always encourage me.—It's like you never get down. You have to cheer me & Peter up all of the time. You're always cheerful or smiling, radiant, glowing, beautiful! (Maria: Thank the Lord! Lord help me!) You are! That's your gift, Honey! I think your major gift is faith. Thank You Jesus!—Faith in the Lord, faith in me, faith in them—the Family! TYJ! Amen! TYL! (Maria: Thank You for that beautiful dream, Lord!)

36. P.S.—PTL!—It just dawned on me as I was reading this that we were burying this Family Monument in the soft heart of the Earth & pouring lots of Word into the ditch around it—the heart of the Earth!—And inserting the Family into it forever!—Establishing the Kingdom of God here forever!—Amen!

37. Build it mighty & build it big & establish it firm with the Concrete of the Word forever!—Amen? GBAKY all as you establish His everlasting Kingdom!—In Jesus' name, amen!