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Russia--Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

David Berg

6/89 DO 2516

1. Catherine the Great ruled Russia for about 40 years. That was the number of years God usually gave good kings & queens in the Bible, so she must have been a good queen. She largely stayed out of the wars of Europe & concentrated on Russia's own wars with the Turks, & by so doing, she strengthened & enlarged Russia. But sad to say, her son Paul was another idiot like her husband.

2. But her grandson, Alexander I‚ seemed to be a fairly wise king. He, too, tried to stay out of Europe's wars. He's also the one who defeated Napoleon in Napoleon's invasion of Russia. It was his Russian ambassador who said to Napoleon when Napoleon was announcing his invasion of Russia‚ "Man proposes, but God disposes!"

3. By that time Napoleon's successes had gone to his head & I don't doubt that it was this reply that brought about his defeat: He said, "I am he that doth both propose & dispose!"—In other words, not God. And that began the bitter defeat which eventually brought his complete downfall & exile.

4. He marched clear into Russia & burned Moscow. The Russian Army kept fading back into the woods & the countryside & not really fighting, just sort of annoying him & waiting for the Winter. They knew that the harsh Russian Winter would come, so they were just sort of baiting him & leading him on. Well, when he finally made it to Moscow there was nobody there! Everybody had vacated the city! So he was so furious he burned it!

5. Then because of the lack of supplies & shortage of supply lines, he couldn't carry on, he couldn't go any further. He was running out of bullets & running out of food for his army, so they began to retreat. Then the Russians, like wolves, began to attack his flanks in the night, continually worrying & troubling him & slowing down his withdrawal from Russia. Then suddenly tiny little flakes of snow began to fall on his shoulders‚ & it was those flakes that finally defeated him!

6. His gun carriages sank into the mud, horses were buried in the snow, his soldiers were starving & freezing & the Russians kept harassing & attacking them as they retreated. There's a monument in Russia now that says‚ "Napoleon passed this way going North to Moscow with so many hundreds of thousands of soldiers." And on the other side, "Napoleon passed this way fleeing from Russia with only a few thousand."—I've forgotten the exact numbers.

7. As long as Russia stayed out of Europe's wars‚ she got along pretty well. She won that war against Napoleon's invasion for which she was not guilty or responsible. Napoleon's invasion of Russia was his own idea. So anyhow, Russia won.

8. Later on, it was the mistake of Czar Nicholas, against Rasputin's advice, in joining the Allies in WW1 to fight Germany & getting himself embroiled in another European war for which he had neither the supplies nor the soldiers nor the bullets, & one which he wound up losing. I think he lost something like 5 million soldiers, most of whom either starved to death or had no bullets to shoot, so that most of the Russian Army eventually turned against the Czar & joined the Bolsheviks, the Reds, the Communists.

9. The Czar's Army then became the Red Army & defeated the Allies who invaded them, & the Reds won the Russian Revolution.—And that was the end of Russia's cooperation with the West. From then on she stayed out of Europe's wars & just tried to make herself strong‚ & succeeded in so doing.

10. Trotsky, after the success of the Russian Revolution, wanted to export it to the whole World & get all of the workers of the World to unite & overthrow the entire Capitalistic system. But Stalin was a lot smarter & he knew they weren't yet strong enough or able yet to do it. His motto was to make Russia strong first, then attack the rest of the World.—And he did! Unmercifully!—With a reign of terror & tyranny, almost unequalled at that time! He slaughtered millions of Russia's own people, especially Christians. He was a vicious devil & he had it in for the church & the Christians & he sent millions to their deaths & to the horrors of Siberian prisons & labour camps!

11. But thank God, Gorbachev has arisen to save Russia from almost total collapse economically. Germany is smart now in offering to help him restore Russia economically. Germany is exactly what Russia needs.—And the rest of Europe is absolutely scared to death that they are going to get it together!—And they could, according to Rev.17!

12. NATO is just practically screaming that Germany should make Russia do so-&-so first! God bless Kohl for going ahead despite NATO & making a whole lot of pacts & agreements with Russia, including the declaration that both NATO & Russia should get rid of all of their short-range missiles.—Especially all those stationed in Germany, of course, which belong to NATO.—In fact, they actually belong to the Americans. Ha‚ ha!

13. It just tickles me pink how Kohl seemed to submit to Bush at the recent NATO conference. Bush was lauded by the countries of NATO as having won the victory over Kohl & over Germany, insisting that they not deal with the missiles until Russia agreed to reduce her conventional forces according to Bush's formula.

14. So God bless Kohl! He turned right around & signed all of these agreements with Russia anyway, including a major declaration that NATO should get its missiles out of Germany‚ in which case Russia would get her missiles out of East Germany! Ha, ha, ha! God bless him! The Germans are seeing their tremendous opportunity now to help finance Russia's economic recovery & to join together with Russia‚ the very thing that the Allies, the NATO governments, have been scared to death of, that Russia & Germany would get it together & make a tremendously strong, almost unbeatable combination!

15. That's what they're doing & that's exactly what the Bible said they would do! (Rev.17) Praise God! It's coming! It's getting ever nearer all the time, thank the Lord!—Which means it won't be long before the Lord comes & takes us out of the whole mess, thank the Lord!—Which means it probably won't be long before we'll see Europe destroy the Whore‚ the U.S.A.! (Rev.18)—But I hope that will be after the Lord comes, Lord willing.

16. The Antichrist will be so furious then as he sees his impending defeat in the escape of all Christians at the Lord's Coming! Then comes the Wrath of God ending with His Armageddon Invasion & slaughter of the Antichrist kingdom as we take over & rule & reign forever! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! (See Rev.19 & 20!)

17. That's the way it's going to happen because the Bible says so! Thank You Jesus! It's really a thrill to see Prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes! Hallelujah!—And how the Lord is showing us which way it's going to go! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

18. I love you, Honey. We'd better stop talking so you can go to sleep & you won't have to hold the tape recorder any more. GBY! ILY!—Tx!