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China in Crisis

David Berg

DO 2515 6/89

—Current Events Jewels!


1. In the old days, do you know what the U.S. would have done if a country attacked & mowed down its citizens or students like that?—They would have invaded China! Declared war on China, invaded her & set her free from those tyrants!


2. If I were the U.S. government, I'd crack down immediately & cut off relations with China! May that God-damned government in China get it, Lord, in Jesus' name! May they get it! It's a revelation to the Chinese people of how horrible Communism is! China reveals its ugly face! Communism reveals its horrible monstrous face!


3. Imagine the nerve of those fiends saying‚ "Nobody was killed here!" They are insane! Of course, they're lying & claiming that for the sake of their own masses, to try to deceive the people who know much less about what's going on in their own country than the rest of the World does. Well‚ it'll all come out some day.

4. That's what the World gets for doing business with the Devil! The World has sacrificed its principles, morals, everything just to make money in China!

5. It sounds like the Tribulation has already begun in China! If somebody there in government had been smart, they would have tried to ride that wave & tried to flow with it & not tried to crush it. If they would have ridden it they probably could have ridden to popularity & to power & they would have been commended by the whole World. But to try to so cruelly crush it with such senseless violence & bloodshed, it's just horrible! They're fools, absolute fools! Whoever did it was an absolute fool, demon-possessed! That guy Li Peng looked hard enough to do something like that.

6. (Maria: It looks like the Lord allowed it to let Communism over-step itself & really reveal its ugly face.) It has exposed the face of Communism, the ugly horrible face of Communism, that's for sure!—Absolutely!—And it's shaken the rest of the World up to that fact & reminded them what Communism is really like!

7. Persecution always makes the people stand up & fight. It makes them stronger.

8. Those brutal soldiers certainly were the forces of the Devil, the forces of the Serpent in the so-called Year of the Serpent!—It is!


9. Lord bless the Christians who are in China who have long been persecuted by that fiendish‚ Satanic government there! Thank You for making the monster expose himself, the Devilish, fiendish Communist government of China which has always been evil! And it's having its ugly fiendish true character exposed to the World so the World can no longer pretend to not recognise it as evil.

10. Lord‚ give Bush some guts to condemn the evil of that vicious regime! Now they can't cover up for Deng Xiaoping any more, because Bush's first reaction was that he wasn't sure that Deng knew about the slaughter of the students‚ but then Deng came on television & paraded the generals that perpetrated it & praised them while condemning the unarmed & non-violent youth who were only asking for democracy!

11. The whole World, particularly the big businessmen engaged in business there, have been glossing it all over & overlooking the evils of China & its government. Now they have no more cloak for their sins! If the youth had not come, they had not had sin, but now they have no more cloak for their sin! That's what Jesus said of Himself, "If I had not come they had not had sin." In other words, they wouldn't have been exposed. "But now that I have come, they have no cover-up for their sins."—John 15:22.

12. So now the die is cast & God is going to judge the nations of the World according to how they react. Will they come out boldly & courageously & condemn the Chinese government & its fiendish, devilish‚ Satanic, anti-God, anti-Christ Communist government?—Or will they pussyfoot around as many, like the U.S., are already doing, & pretend not to notice it? The U.S. attitude is, "Try to keep the peace, don't upset the apple cart, let's take it easy on China, there must be some explanation."

13. Of course, the U.S. is now being forced to stick up for the pro-democracy side by harbouring & shielding some of its leaders. I doubt if they'd have done it if that dissident hadn't sought asylum in their Embassy. They probably would have preferred he hadn't come! Ha! It's really putting the U.S. on the spot, which is exactly what they need because they've been taking such a very weak stand toward the Chinese government. They've continued to try to curry the Chinese government's favour. So this dissident in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing puts them in a very embarrassing position with this big country that has a population of one billion people who are a potential market for American goods!

14. Well‚ it seemed like the whole World was improving & everything was getting more peaceful & everybody was getting more civilised, even the Communists, until something like this forces them to bare their evil teeth! It forces the civilised democracies to admit that the Communists are not as nice as they thought they were. I don't see how the U.S. can possibly continue to have normal & peaceful relations with such a country after all of this!

15. I think the Lord loves to make people take a stand‚ you know? It forces them to make a decision, take a stand for right or wrong. They'd rather not make such a decision, they usually try to avoid it or escape it.

16. Humph! They're just acting like a bunch of cowards! The U.S. used to go to war over that sort of thing! We shall soon see how much guts the U.S. has left.


17. Lord help those poor children in China! Jesus‚ help them!—Especially the Christians, Lord. We know the Devil is trying to stamp them out just as they're beginning to have a little more freedom & recognition. They probably participated & helped in the students' demonstrations for liberty.

18. Jesus, please have mercy! Protect Thine Own, Lord. Help them to be delivered & help the U.S. to show a little guts with a little more condemnation of China & its monstrous tyrannical reign-of-terror government that is anti-Christ‚ anti-God, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-democracy!

19. Lord, help the U.S. to at least have the guts to call its Ambassador home as a sign of its displeasure. And help them to stop their investments there, to pull'm out, Lord! Help the U.S. to have the guts to pull out their money! Thank You Lord that at least the tourists have had enough sense not to go there any more!

20. China is losing millions over this thing, for depriving their young people of their right to be heard. My God, judge the men who are responsible, Lord! Judge the hard-line leaders who are conducting this massacre & this witch hunt trying to destroy a whole generation to selfishly preserve themselves & their old decrepit dying generation!

21. My God! Rebuke them, in the Name of Jesus! Resist them, in Jesus' name! Rebuke that fiendish, devilish, Satanic generation of old men & old hard-line Communists‚ that anti–Christ, anti-God government! In Jesus' name! Deliver that country, Lord! Liberate their young & their liberals.

22. Lord, You can massacre those leaders who are massacring the young! In Jesus' name! Lord, do it! In Jesus' name, judge those fools, those old fools, who think they can preserve themselves & their country by slaughtering their young! My God, judge them, in Jesus' name!

23. Bring down something, some natural disaster or some slaughter from You to wipe out those monsters, Lord, who are slaughtering their own children! My God‚ have mercy on those poor kids, students & Christians & help, Lord! In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord! Praise You Lord! You can do it, Lord! Do it! Show Thy mighty arm, Lord! Show Thy mighty sword & slaughter the oppressors! Slaughter the persecutors, Lord! Slaughter those who are persecuting & oppressing Thy poor! In Jesus' name, do something to show Thy hand! Show Thy sympathy! Help them, Lord!

24. Help the U.S. to do something, Lord! In Jesus' name, Lord! Rebuke the enemy of the poor!—The enemies of Thy children, Lord! Slaughter & deliver, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord! Give Bush the guts to do something tough against those monstrous rulers of China! Thank You Lord!

25. You're already robbing China of the money & the wealth they thought they were going to get from the U.S. Kill their finances, Lord! And help the U.S. to pull out & leave that government starving for support, in Jesus' name. You can do it‚ Lord! You can slaughter those murderers!—In Jesus' name, amen!