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Comments on the Movie "Lady Jane"

David Berg

DO 2512 7/88

(While watching the movie:)

1. This is an amazing film! When you consider that England right now is officially Protestant‚ & the Church of England is its official religion, to have a film like this which so viciously attacks what amounts to the Church of England, & is virtually almost sympathetic to the Catholics‚ it's amazing! What they're saying in this film is that the new church, the Reform church, took the properties away from the Catholic churchmen, the bishops & the monks etc., which the Catholics claimed were being worked by the poor free of charge.

2. The fact of the matter is that the poor were serfs & slaves of the Catholic churchmen on those properties! That's what was really the case. But they're justifying the Catholic church in having these properties & letting these poor work them by saying that they worked them for their own food etc. They're really twisting history.

3. The whole thing is making vicious monsters out of the Protestants, the Church of England, & justifying the Catholics, who are the real monsters. Anyway, that's the whole idea of the story. They're going to make Gilford's father out to be a real conniver now, somebody really vicious. They're going to make him a vicious schemer & monster who's trying to get ahold of the throne through the succession of Lady Jane. Henry the 8th had mentioned her way down the line in succession. They crossed off Mary Queen of Scots because she was a monstrous Catholic who murdered Protestants. They crossed off Anne Bolyn, whom they beheaded‚ & they went on down the line & picked Lady Jane.

4. So this guy was going to make sure Lady Jane was made queen to protect the Protestants, & he also wanted his son to be in on the deal, so he made his son marry her, all a big plot & scheme. In other words, they're saying the background of this whole story about Lady Jane was a plot by the Protestants or the Church of England.

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5. (Prophecy while watching Lady Jane & her husband Gilford who refused to renounce the true religion & their faith in Jesus alone to save them:) "They have this day the kiss of your Father David in Heaven." Hallelujah! TYJ!

(After watching the movie's end:)

6. This is a really inspiring picture! I can't understand why the Family said they didn't think we'd like it, they said it's just history. I wonder if they even saw it. They certainly must not have seen it to the end. It's inspiring! The young boy & the young girl stuck firmly to their faith. (To Techi:) Honey‚ please don't distract me at a serious time like this when we're still under the influence & inspiration of that picture. How can you even think about anything else for a few minutes?

7. The fact that they even made it so clear that they stuck to their faith & expected to be in Paradise, that was remarkable! You almost forgive them for all the nasty things they said about the Protestants. But they're certainly buttering up the Catholics. Of course, the fact that the Catholics executed them is not exactly to their credit. (Maria: Maybe they wanted to try to make it good for everybody so they had to try to balance it out.)

8. I think in some ways, what they were doing was really criticising both faiths & churchianity in general, & showing how here was pure faith in these two young people, real genuine faith in God & the Scriptures. (Maria: Yes, in Jesus. She read the Scripture about "open the eyes of the blind, open the prisons & heal the sick", showing the pure, undefiled religion.) Yes, it really extolled genuine pure faith. It was a little skeptical about the other formal faiths‚ both Catholic & Protestant. Of course, it obviously was a little more charitable to the Catholics. (Maria: But they even won the Catholic priest over in the end.) Well...I don't know if you could say they won him over. (Maria: He said to Jane while she was sitting there, "You're right & Queen Mary's wrong.") Yes, he did say that. How about that.

9. (Maria: I wonder how closely they stuck to actual history.) It was pretty close to history. They had to do a little dramatising now & then, but I think it was very inspiring.

10. (Techi: The movie about Anne Bolyn was historical, but it was really kind of sad. It didn't exactly uplift you.) Yes‚ she didn't really die for her faith or anything like that. (Techi: She just died because her supposed boyfriend, the king, murdered her. But at the end, it shows Elisabeth walking along & the words that Anne Bolyn said to the king, "But my Elisabeth will carry on & not your child by some other women." So it shows Elisabeth walking away after her mother had just been executed.) Yes‚ she was the greatest Queen of England aside from Queen Victoria. She ruled the longest. I think she also ruled nearly 50 years, & Queen Victoria ruled over 60 years. They were the two greatest queens of England, Elisabeth & Victoria.