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New Bottles

David Berg

—MOJune 28, 1973NO.251—DO

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1. WE'VE ALL HAD TO FORSAKE SOMETHING TO SERVE THE LORD. To forsake education would seem a handicap. Some of his formal education is one of the things Hosea‚ for example, had to sacrifice. But the Lord clearly spoke to my heart about it and said: Yes, but what if he had not done so? What if we had agreed that we shouldn't take our children out of school so soon. Aaron and Faith barely made it through high school, Ho barely through Junior High!—Imagine!—The world would think we were absolutely crazy trying to run a worldwide revolution with Junior High graduates! It's rather like that poem about Old Testament Israel:

"It's odd that God should choose the Jews!"

—Which also has the answer:

"He chose, which shows God knew His Jew!"

Apparently God knew Hosea didn't need a formal education, and that there would be plenty of people to do the jobs that required it for him.

2. LIKE HENRY J. KAISER‚ THE STEEL BILLIONAIRE, said when they asked him if he didn't need more education: Didn't he find his lack of education was a handicap in his career? And he said, "No, not a bit!—While the guys who are now working for me who needed the education to do what they're doing were getting that education, I was getting the kind of education I needed: I was out dreaming and building things and making things and dreaming up the things they were going to figure out how to build! The details would be their job while working for me years later. I let them get the education while I had the ideas and the dreams and thought up the things which they had the education to then perfect. I never got my degree in engineering, but those who did are now working for me!"

3. BUT THE MAIN THING THE LORD POINTED OUT TO ME WHILE I WAS PRAYING FOR HO WAS: WHAT IF HE HAD REFUSED TO START WHEN HE DID? Because it was our children who started the Revolution‚ with Mother's help and my teaching. Of course it was our upbringing and training and faith and vision, etc., that helped inspire them to do what they did. It was sort of like we trained the little fighting cocks, and then stood back and sicced them on the world and they went to it. Hosea had to be available and willing to give up his education in order to strike out on the road and go witnessing and invade those territories and finally invade Huntington Beach and the Club.

4. IT HAD TO BE DONE BY YOUTH. I COULD GO IN LATER AND TEACH THEM, but if you kids hadn't gotten them together first with the message and the method‚ it never would have happened when it did or the way it did. If you hadn't, probably God would have chosen some way or someone else. But I didn't know who else had the message and the vision and the faith and guts to do what we did and be the first fools to try it like we were! But if they hadn't been willing to give up their "normal" pursuits of so-called "normal" youth, when would the Revolution have started, and in fact‚ who would have started it? You kids had to begin at the age you did to reach that age who were still in High School.

5. I'M NOTHING BUT THE OLD-BATTLE VETERAN THAT'S BEEN THERE AND CAN NOW COUNSEL YOU HOW TO FIGHT THE WAR. In fact, if I were to go out on the streets in front line action to reach youth the reaction would probably be the one that happened the first time I went down to the club in Huntington Beach in my old jacket and black beret. I deliberately staggered into the club and flopped down in a dark corner to see what was going on. As I lay down sprawled in the corner I said, "What the hell's going on in here? What's this all about?" Most of the kids didn't even pay any attention to me!—They were used to a lot of old drunks coming in now and then. But there was a kid sitting about six or eight feet from me, and after I'd make a few blurting remarks the kid looked around rather sympathetically at me and said, "Oh‚ hi there!—What's your trip Dad?"

6. SO I THOUGHT, "WELL I SEE RIGHT NOW THERE'S NO USE TRYING TO FOOL THESE KIDS!—I'M DAD TO THEM! No use trying to fool them into thinking I'm a hippie. That lets me out!"—And I kind of got a pin poked in my balloon! The Lord had told me I was to be "King of the Beggars," and I was trying to play it their way and become one of them, and that way didn't work, except that I could sympathize with them and appreciate their problems and give them fatherly guidance and counsel. So that almost brought an end to my career of trying to be a hippie! Reminds me of the time I went down to our amphitheatre music show on Huntington Beach and was trying to counsel and advise them on the side how to set things up for the meeting they were having. As I strolled up behind them and whispered to someone to change the mike, etc., one of the kids said, "Who's that old Jew down there trying to give you all that trouble‚ trying to tell you what to do? Who does he think he is, anyway!"

7. SO IT WOULD HAVE BEEN RIDICULOUS FOR ME TO TRY TO REACH YOUTH AT MY AGE at that particular time. I can reach them now that they know me and they understand‚ through the letters. But really, if I tried to hit the streets now in person I wonder if they'd listen: "How could you know anything about our problems?—You are 3 or 4 times as old as we are!" So it took you kids to do it and get it started. Youth had to reach youth, and how could you have done it if you weren't still young enough to do it, and how could you be young enough to do it if you hadn't dropped out of school?

8. YOU HAD TO SET THE EXAMPLE IN ORDER TO PERSUADE OTHERS TO DROP OUT.—Otherwise they would have always been accusing you of getting more education than they did. …

9. SO WE STARTED THE JESUS REVOLUTION WHICH HAS SWEPT THE WORLD and is now in about 50 countries reaching the youth of the world, and our message has circled the globe and the news media has published it around the world! They've heard of the message and the messengers—and it was all started by the Lord through two High School graduates and one Junior High graduate—and just two old folks behind the scenes urging them on and making it possible for them to do it!

10. IF WE HADN'T BEEN WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE AS PARENTS FIRST OF ALL TO TRAIN AND TO ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO IT‚ and to risk our lives and reputations … to encourage you to drop out of the System at Junior and Senior High School level, the Revolution might have been delayed or never gotten started at all! We old folks‚ Mom and I, first forsook our denomination and reputation and relatives and even our own former ways of thinking. You can be so thankful you didn't have all that System‚ background to have to overcome! We'd had so much indoctrination to be brainwashed of, such as church doctrines, etc.—So much of it junk that wasn't even so, and things they'd told us that weren't even necessary, and things they failed to tell us to do that really needed to be done!


11. SO THAT WAS OUR BIG BATTLE: TO GET RID OF WHAT YOU, THANK GOD, DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THAT EDUCATION AND MENTAL CONDITIONING AND CHURCH INDOCTRINATION! Forsaking all that was a real psychological and spiritual wrench, especially hard on your mother‚ but she didn't realise she was going to attain to one of the greatest sainthoods the world has ever known through being a little hippie, a real revolutionary, an outcast! And it wasn't too easy for me to drop out of my job, my work, my church and all I had been trained for. But now I can see the Lord was training me, not the church or the school or the army or the government or big business. I had a lot of experiences in the System, but what I learned from them didn't do me much good except to teach me to hate it.

12. BUT I CAN SEE NOW A LOT OF THINGS THE LORD TRAINED ME IN, WHICH I GOT OUTSIDE OF BUSINESS AND THE ARMY AND CHURCH AND SCHOOL, which now are far more valuable than what I learned in church or in school or in the army or in business, although everything we learn God eventually usually uses in some way to teach you to do something. But when I look back personally (I'm comparing now myself to your own preparation) and realise nearly all the training I got was to be a church preacher, and my greatest ambition was to be a great singer for the Lord and try to move the hearts of these dead church people, it all seems a big waste of time! I'm singing a new song for which church singing never prepared me whatsoever, and preaching a new message that church preaching and Bible College never taught me at all! So‚ because we got too much education and had too much church and too much of the wrong kind of preparation, we had too much to overcome.


13. SO MOM AND I HAD TO MAKE THE FIRST BREAK AND BECOME THE FIRST DROPOUTS, but by the time we had made it, it was too late for us to carry it out and reach others. Like Karl Marx: By the time he got his book on Communism all written down he died, and others had to carry out his plans. Nearly everything I'm teaching and writing now I really taught my own kids, with a few exceptions, and they already have it. So God had to use them—young people who had received this revolutionary training, who were not contaminated by the System or education or churchianity. We‚ Mother and I, had to be the first dropouts!

14. BUT THEN TO REACH THE YOUNGER GENERATION WE HAD TO REAR OUR CHILDREN FROM SCRATCH THE REVOLUTIONARY WAY, because we were too old to get the job done ourselves personally. So we had to rear some little revolutionaries to lead and witness and be a sample and reach their generation with what we had taught them. That was the education they received—the kind of education I wish I had received!

15. THIS REVOLUTION LITERALLY TOOK FOUR GENERATIONS—the preparation of four generations to develop the fourth generation at a young enough age to get it started! My grandfather was a radical rebel revolutionary for his day, but he wasn't really revolutionary enough. He was considered a radical and fighter and crusader, but what was he fighting?—Some old has-beens of the System! He just took a few steps in the right direction‚ so that when my mother came along he trained her to go a little further, and then she got so far out it got him scared! He thought she'd become a real religious fanatic!—And by the time I came along with the good training they'd given me, they were too old and they hadn't gone far enough and it took another generation—me. So that by the time my mother was ready to pass on, she thought I'd gone too far!—I'd gone beyond her.

16. MY GRANDFATHER'S PARENTS LITERALLY THOUGHT HE'D GONE TOO FAR. He never even received a college education, but later he became president of a college because he dropped out at an early age and became part of an acting troupe and later read and studied and educated himself, and became so famous they conferred on him all kinds of degrees without his even working for them in formal schooling! If you get famous and well-known enough they'll give you any degree you want just to get you to lecture for them! But he was a dropout!—Here he was a great orator in much demand as a college graduation speaker, but what could he tell them?—He who had never even been to college!—But he did tell them to drop out for the Lord, and thousands were saved and at least 400 young men and women went into the ministry as a result of his work with them, and one of those men was instrumental in starting a whole new denomination. My grandfather was really a dropout, but only down to the university level!

17. IT TOOK THREE GENERATIONS OF OLDER PEOPLE TO PRODUCE THIS REVOLUTIONARY GENERATION‚ each generation coming a little further out. My grandfather with his radical ideas and different ways of doing things shocked his own denomination. Then my mother and father dropped out of that one to join a new and more fanatical denomination. Then Mom and I came along and dropped out of denominations entirely, in fact, finally out of churches altogether!

18. BUT IT TOOK THAT LONG TO REAR CHILDREN THAT WERE NOT EVEN BROUGHT UP IN CHURCH except when they were very young.—And Ho never had a job except selling newspapers. I don't think he ever worked for money in his life except when he was nine years old!

19. IN OUR CASE, IT TOOK FOUR GENERATIONS TO PURIFY THE RACE and to get them as far as we have gotten to start a real Revolution! But the Revolution didn't even start with me and mother or even my grandfather!—It's been going on for hundreds of years: God has been purifying each generation. There have been a few rebels, and St. Francis was trying. But as far as I know there never was anyone who really totally and completely broke out of the church mold.

20. YOU SEE, UNTIL WE CAME, IT DIDN'T REALLY MATTER WHO THEY WERE: EACH MOVEMENT JUST STARTED ANOTHER DENOMINATION and had a meeting house, and it ended up with on a certain day of the week coming to the building and hearing sermons. There were none who ever called themselves a Revolution or a New Nation! They all called themselves zany new names for churches. Everyone was trying to get back to the right church with the right name.—And all those thousands of years nobody ever called themselves officially the CHILDREN OF GOD! Really, the closest thing to us was Moses and the Children of Israel when they first broke out of Egypt! But they still hadn't gone as far as we did, because they still had the Temple and the Priesthood and the services, and they hadn't all left their jobs, and they weren't all living in communes with everybody preaching and witnessing.

21. THINK HOW MANY GENERATIONS IT'S TAKEN TO GET THIS FAR! Each of us just carries things a step further. If it hadn't been for the preparation of each generation before, we wouldn't have gotten this far. We had to prepare you for the job. We had to drop out of church and education in order to rear you‚ our children, almost without it! You just had a little church and a little business and a little school. It was not your main thing. God is continually purifying and expunging a little more … At the ages of 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 our kids had already been trained in … how to attack a churchyard parking lot with literature during services, sometimes rolling flat on their tummies under the cars to [avoid detection]. …

22. SO DON'T EVER BE SORRY WHEN ONCE IN A WHILE YOU FEEL A LITTLE HANDICAPPED because you don't know much about this or that. My Lord, if you'd gone on in school you would have missed this generation! You'd just now be finishing college and going on to your post-graduate work and you'd be an old has–been, too old for the Revolution! So don't ever be sorry. Be thankful you don't have to go through what the former generations went through for you. You got the kind of training you needed for your job‚ and you can't have everything. You can't know everything. You got the kind of knowledge of tactics and methods you needed to know to do the job the Lord has given you.—And that's all you need to know. But even you had a little bit of church and school and business.


23. NOW, DO YOU REALISE WE ARE NOW PRODUCING ANOTHER GENERATION, A NEW MORE REVOLUTIONARY GENERATION? Your children haven't the faintest idea of what church is really like! Some of them don't even know what a school is like! They've never been! And they'll probably never hold a job of any kind and never earn a dime! They're going to be, I hope, the purest generation of all‚ totally revolutionary from the very beginning. They will never be sorry they had to leave the System, because they've never been in it! They won't have to drop out because they've never been in! They've never known anything else but commune life, hippies, radicals and revolutionaries and long hairs and Bible and witnessing and passing tracts!—100% revolutionaries from the time they were born!

24. MY MOTHER CAME OUT OF THE FROTH, OR CREAM, OF SOCIETY as she called it. She told how she stood on the corner preaching in San Francisco with Briget whose mother was a harlot born in a brothel. Briget used to get a crowd by saying, "Step right up men, I'll give you a dollar if you can put your finger on one spot on my skin that doesn't show the sign of the dope needle!" And she turned to my mother one day and said‚ "You know, Nina, how old were you when you first heard there were bad women like me?" My mother said, a little embarrassed, "I was in my teens." But Briget said, "You know, I was in my teens before I heard there were any good women in the world who were not harlots! I was born and reared in the brothel and started being a harlot at the age of 12!"

25. That may be a kind of strange illustration, but the fact is that our kids, your children, THE LITTLE ONES BEING BORN NOW WILL NEVER HAVE KNOWN ANYTHING BUT OUR KIND OF LIFE! I'm hoping that these little children are going to be really pure revolutionaries from birth, and so far it looks like they are! The oldest children we have in the revolution are only around 9 or 10 or 12 so far. If we ever let them go to school or church at all, it will be to give them a taste of it so they'll hate it! That's not to say they won't ever be tempted, just as my own children were. But apparently they didn't like it‚ because they're still with us! Your children will be totally revolutionary, never knowing what churchianity and system jobs and education are like, and will have virtually never known anything but revolutionaries: Born with them, eat with them‚ sleep with them, play with them, and witness with them! And when they see a Systemite they know one! In fact they embarrass their parents by blurting out to their face, "You're a Systemite!"

26. OUR LITTLE KIDS WILL HAVE NEVER KNOWN ANYTHING ELSE! We hope they'll never be contaminated by the System! They will have heard of it, like the kids in Russia will have heard of Capitalism and Capitalists‚ but most have never even seen one! Our little kids have never known anything but the Revolution for Jesus! So I think we've just about done our best. Each of these generations of my family did their best. Each generation of Christians, at least some of them, have made some progress—bringing a little greater purification. Each denomination brought a new and needed thing—something the church needed. We're about the only group who really hasn't brought anything new to the church, because we're not even in the church—or churchianity so-called! We haven't brought anything to the church system; We've at last come completely out of it!


27. WE ARE THE FIRST REALLY TOTALLY NEW KIND OF CHURCH! THAT'S WHY GOD HAS CALLED US THE NEW CHURCH: We are totally different from any other kind of church ever born! The closest thing like us is either Moses and the Children of Israel or the Early Church, but even some of the Early Church was still hanging on to their synagogues and old concision doctrines. But at least the children born in those early Christian groups were reared that way. They were probably one of the purest that ever was. The Latter Rain is closer to being like the Early Rain, the Early Church, than any churches in–between or before or since, and there aren't going to be any since because the Lord's going to come before then! Even the scientists say living space, food and oil are coming to an end or pollution will destroy us. Somewhere in the '80s or '90s, they all say it's gotta come to an end—which is what the Lord's already told us!

28. YOU SHOULD BE VERY THANKFUL YOU MISSED WHATEVER YOU DID MISS‚ BECAUSE IT'S ALL A PART OF THE OLD SYSTEM that you don't need and we're trying to sweep away! Now, what about your children?—Won't they be better than youmore revolutionary, an improvement on the stock? I can already see some signs of it in our old bottles, that even in our own ranks we've got people who are becoming old bottles and who are living in the past, which means they are part of an old system which existed two or three or five or more years ago, and therefore they are our old Systemites of our new system! And I'm wondering: Are you going to try to do what we did in this respect?


29. DO YOU KNOW WHY THERE IS THE JESUS REVOLUTION TODAY? IT'S BECAUSE WE TAUGHT YOU NOT TO DO IT THE WAY WE HAD DONE IT, because your mother and I were has-beens and had spent nearly all our own lives in the churches! But we taught you to do it the way we wish we had done it‚ and the way in which it was too late for us to do it! We taught our kids to do what we wish we had done, and what was really too late for us to do! We taught you not to do it just like we always did it.—Some things, yes, but most things‚ no.

30. WE REALLY JUST DID THE BEST WE COULD FOR YOU, AND THEN TURNED YOU LOOSE to find out how it needed to be done now for your own generation by going out and finding your own generation and what they needed and what they will accept and what would reach them and doing it in ways we never used! We never had a coffeehouse. We had a Soul Clinic. The Soul Clinic is now an old has-been. No wonder it caved in and collapsed, working with a bunch of old bottles who never left churchianity or really revolutionized!

31. WE TRIED NOT TO BE OLD BOTTLES TO HOLD YOU BACK and make you do it the way the Soul Clinic did it, much less the way we did it in church, but to turn you loose and by the Spirit of God learn how to do it now! Every new day we need to know and learn and find out how to do it today!—And for God's sake and your children's sake and the future of the world's sake and the last generation's sake, your children, for the sake of the End‚ I hope you will not try to limit your children even to the way you've been doing it, much less the way I've been doing it, but that you will let them do it their way, the way God shows them to do it in their way and their day for their generation!

32. OTHERWISE IF YOU TRY TO MAKE THEM CONFORM TO YESTERDAY, THEY WILL HAVE BECOME ALSO OLD BOTTLES AND AN OLD SYSTEM and a thing of the past! Let's face it: You are already old bottles in a sense! Because your children are going to have to do it differently from the way you're doing it, with new methods under different conditions, and they'll have to adapt themselves to the need of the day. So for God's sake, I can't tell you how to do everything, because I don't know, except as God by divine revelation shows me! Look at all the far–out revolutionary things the Lord shows me! But God has to show me what the future holds, and you're going to have to pray and ask God to show you what to do each day!—And when it comes time for your children to do it, they're going to have to get it from God themselves too!

33. SO DON'T MAKE OLD BOTTLES OF THEM TRYING TO MAKE THEM DO IT YOUR WAY, because they're going to have to find a new way, and that includes your new disciples, new people coming into the Revolution! Don't hand me that old stuff‚ "This is the way we used to do it!"—Damn the way we used to do it!—How do we need to do it now? All I can do is try to teach you everything I know that'll be helpful to you, along with what God reveals to me day by day, but the rest you'll have to learn for yourself from the Lord and your generation and your situation, because I'm not there. I'm not one of them, and the only thing we can have in common is the fact that we've got the same Source‚ the Lord, for our information and revelations. But you're going to have to find out how to do it in your place with your generation and your situation from the Lord.

34. SO DON'T HINDER YOUR CHILDREN FROM FINDING OUT HOW TO DO IT IN THEIR GENERATION‚ as long as you teach them what will help them. They're further ahead already than any one of us! The older generation, our critics and enemies‚ are waiting to see how our children turn out that are born in the Revolution, expecting them to be all kinds of kooks and maniacs and neurotic from not having been reared the system way under the "proper" conditions. I grant you we'll have some problems because it's so un-System, because we're having to start from scratch, and it worries me sometimes because I can't give you all I'd like to, or be as much help to you as I should be or would like to be.

35. BUT THANK GOD I HAD THE FAITH TO JUST TURN YOU LOOSE AND TELL YOU TO JUST FOLLOW GOD! Because if I'd tried to tell you everything, I'd never have thought up one fraction of what you're thinking of, new methods and approaches and tactics. I haven't got enough lifetimes to live to think of all those things! That's where faith in God comes in.

36. IT'S LIKE I WOUND YOU KIDS UP LIKE TOYS AND SET YOU DOWN IN THE RIGHT PLACE HEADED THE RIGHT DIRECTION AND YOU TOOK OFF FROM THERE! But when you run out of the steam I gave you, you have to get some of your own. I gave you all I can, but it's still not going to be enough. A lot of it is already out-dated, obsolete. Even some of the things we told you to do last year are too late and we've changed tactics. As we make progress‚ we have to do new things and new ways as each year goes by, as each month goes by.

37. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF OR YOUR FAITH OR ACTIONS just to what I have told you to do or what we wrote last year! Those books Letters for Leaders make good history books and they're interesting reading and you can learn a lot of good things from them that are still appropriate. But if you're going entirely by last year's letters‚ you're out of date, except for certain things which never change and what God has given direct revelations and prophecies on.—Those that haven't been fulfilled will yet be fulfilled. But we don't throw away our Bibles just because most of it's history or has been fulfilled. We still learn from the past mistakes and successes. So your Leaders' books, like the Bible, will not be totally obsolete.

38. FOR GOD'S SAKE AND OUR SAKE AND YOUR SAKE AND THE WORLD'S SAKE LET'S CONTINUE TO BE REVOLUTIONARY! Don't limit yourself just to what I tell you, or the things I've already written, or even some of the things God said last year, but were for last year and not this year. When you tie yourself too much to me, you may be tying yourself down to your old leadership so you can't get any further, when you should be raising up new leaders with fresh ideas for a new day! The minute you start living in the past, watch out! We can look on its record to see what we can learn, but for God's sake don't limit your children!

39. THE GREATEST THING WE CAN TEACH OUR NEW DISCIPLES AND CHILDREN—AND EACH NEW GENERATION HAS TO LEARN IT FOR ITSELF—AND THAT IS TO FOLLOW GOD AND HEAR FROM HIM FRESH EVERYDAY. Moment by moment learn something new every day, because only God is way out there in front and knows what's going to happen and is able to lead you and guide you and show you what to do.

40. WHO WOULD HAVE DREAMED EVEN ONE YEAR AGO THAT TODAY WE WOULD BE COOPERATING AND WORKING WITH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH?—But don't think that's going to last forever! We will have enemies there who will fight us to the last ditch! But God is letting us work with them and letting them love us and help us enough now to get us started in some of those areas where at this moment we need their help. Jesus and the disciples began preaching in the temple and the synagogues where the people were who already believed in God, so that by the time they got thrown out they had quite a following and could do without the temple and its hierarchy. But we're still not going back on what we said about churches and churchianity: It's still true! The Catholics are less prejudiced against us‚ so they are willing to work with us and help us. Because of their emptiness and hunger and willingness, God is blessing them with us.

41. BUT DON'T THINK WE'LL BE WORKING WITH THEM FOREVER and that we'll be a new order of the Catholic Church! We are a New Order, church or no church, and we plan to be around after the church is gone,—after the System or Antichrist has destroyed it! But we're just using it now, and some of them think they're using us. So we need to remind our disciples—some of them who seem to be going quite far in—we need to remind some of them that we are not really becoming Roman Catholics.

42. WE ALSO CAME TO A STAGE OF BECOMING NEARLY AS COMMUNISTIC as we could get without actually being Communists. But we are not Communists‚ we are not Catholics, nor are we Capitalists! We are nobody else or nobody else's thing! We are the one and only Children of God, and that's what we are today, and only God knows what we will be tomorrow! We may not even be that tomorrow! So don't get so stuck with either a name, a method or a message that you can't change from day to day with whatever God has for you that's new, new wine, new message, new method, new way! Because if you do, you're sunk or you're broken because you've become an old bottle!

43. SO LET'S NOT TRY TO FORCE THE NEW BOTTLES TO BE LIKE US! We tried to teach you children to be like we haven't been but we should have been. Now, if we can keep this Revolutionary wheel turning‚ moving, revolving revoluting, it will continue to be a Revolution with every turn as long as it keeps up its RPM—revolutions per minute! But unless it keeps revolving and turning and revoluting every minute, it won't have any RPMs, and it's not going to get anywhere! The minute it stops turning and changing directions and stops moving it'll be dead!

44. REAL REVOLUTION IS NOT SIMPLY THE OVERTHROWING OF ONE SYSTEM AND THE ESTABLISHING OF ANOTHER SYSTEM! All things change, but they don't change once and for all! They have to keep changing every minute in order to have RPM! The Revolution has got to keep turning and changing and moving every minute with something new, or it's going to come to a stop and get nowhere and be dead still!


45. I HAVE MORE CONFIDENCE IN SOME OF THESE NEW BOTTLES THAN THE OLD ONES, because they're new and fresh and right out of the younger generation! Where are the Junior High and the High School students? Does anyone in our outfit know where they are at‚ and what they are doing and thinking and needing, and how to go out to reach them?—Or are you all just a bunch of old bottles? Where are the new bottles? What are they like? What are they doing? What are they made of? What kind of new wine do they need? Well, believe it or not, maybe some of these crazy new poems are the kind of new wine some of these kids are going to need! They're certainly revolutionary! "I am for the mini-blouse or the see–through at my house!" We are soon going to find out from the new sex book who are old bottles and who are new bottles, who's become part of the old Children of God system and who's really a new bottle, who's still revolutionary!

46. WE HAD BETTER BE GETTING SOME NEW BOTTLES and reaching some and talking to some and getting in touch with some or we're all going to be old bottles! But it's dangerous business, because that's the age the Devil protects the most and over which the System gets the most furious if you get close to them or give them any new wine! "They're our children! Don't touch them! Stay away from them! Don't you dare suggest they drop out or leave home!" So watch your step! Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves!

47. HIS WORD NEVER CHANGES, THE LORD NEVER CHANGES‚ THE GOSPEL NEVER CHANGES, SALVATION NEVER CHANGES, CHRIST DOESN'T CHANGE, BUT GOD KEEPS MOVING every day! You may be the same person basically, but you've got to keep moving to stay alive and get anywhere! It may be the same message, but it is varied every day to suit the need and adapt to the situation. The tactics and the methods definitely will change day by day and moment by moment to have RPM—movement! A movement is no longer a movement if it stops moving!

48. I LOOK AROUND AND SEE PLENTY OF OLD BOTTLES and read the reports and hear them rattle like dead men's bones! But where are the new bottles‚ where are the reports of how we're reaching the High School kids and Junior Highs? Those are the kids we began the Revolution with in Huntington Beach, along with a few already dropped-out hippies. But some of our old hippies are such old bottles now they've dropped out of us and gone back and backslidden, even some of the Junior High and High School students we had then!

49. ABOUT THE ONLY NEW BOTTLES ARE THE NEW DISCIPLES AND THE NEW–BORN CHILDREN WHO ARE OUR HOPE OF THE FUTURE! I don't think we're having enough babies, unlike some others! We need as many as we can get, because we need new bottles and very young ones that are pure and fresh and totally revolutionary, born and bred in the Revolution, and who won't even be old bottles like you, much less me! So where are your children? Where are your new disciples? Where are your High School students? ... Where are your new bottles?

50. IT MAY BE HARD TO CONTACT THEM IN PERSON, THEY'RE SO WELL PROTECTED, BUT WE CAN REACH THEM THROUGH THE LITERATURE! These L.T. books, too strong for our LTs a while ago, are going to be good meat for our babes! So where are your new bottles? We've talked about old bottles and lamented over them: For God's sake let's forget them if they insist on being old bottles like the churches! Let the dead bury the dead and let them stink themselves to death and be old broken bottles that can't hold the wine‚ but God help us to find new bottles!

51. MAYBE SOME OF OUR FOLK AREN'T REACHING THE KIDS, BUT SOME OF THESE NEW LETTERS THE LORD'S GIVING ARE!—Many are certainly intended for children. The System certainly won't think they're fit for children! They're probably going to raise a howl if one of their kids gets one! But that's what they've always done: The Devil always raises a howl if you get on his territory! My relatives complained about how I was raising my own children.—You'd certainly expect them to complain when we start telling them how to raise their children!

52. BUT IF WE DON'T REACH THE NEW BOTTLES—WE'RE DEAD! If we don't start reaching some of the younger generation, we're a has-been!—We're a bunch of old bottles!—A bunch of old married folks with children! We need new bottles, and we'd better go out and find them or we are dead!—We'll be just like all the rest of the churches who died that way, by failing to reach the next generation, while they hardly tried to even reach this generation!—They committed genocide by their sterility!

53. FOR FAITH WITHOUT NEW BOTTLES TO PUT IT IN, IS DEAD! Faith without new bottles is dead, and will die with the older generation of old bottles!—That means you! You are old bottles, and I'm a very old bottle! We've got to get out and start reaching children or we're dead!

54. NOW WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER DO: GET KILLED BY TRYING TO REACH THEM, OR DIE BY NOT REACHING THEM! It's dangerous to reach children, but I think I'd rather die trying than of old age! When the church left the arena and started sitting in the grandstands in order to avoid death by braving the lions, the church died of old age in the stands! I think I'd rather die as a witness in the jaws of the lions than of old age in the grandstand! Some of our old bottles are dying of old age—old rockin' chair's got' em! They're sitting there rocking back and forth and dreaming of yesterday! If you rock back and forth dreaming about yesterday, you know what happens?—You go to sleep like all old bottles!

55. BUT YOU GO THERE INVADING SCHOOL GROUNDS AND PLAYGROUNDS AND PASSING OUT LITERATURE TO CHILDREN, like we did starting the Revolution, you may get beaten up or arrested or thrown in jail or killed‚ but there's one sure thing: You sure as hell won't go to sleep or die of old age! The Revolution was not born by staying safely within the confines of our homes and confining our activities to our own backyard or even the club. The Revolution was born by half of us landing in jail for invading school grounds, and getting arrested by the cops time and time again for picketing, and getting beaten up for invading churches—doing dangerous things! Now, we're guests in some of these countries: We've got to be a little careful about what we do.

56. BUT I DON'T SEE ANY REASON WHY THE NATIVE NATIONALS CAN'T APPROACH THEIR OWN SCHOOLS AND THEIR OWN SCHOOL CHILDREN. It's their country, so they can't throw them out! The Gospel I'm giving you is free, but it's going to cost you something to pipe it to them. It's not costing me as much in that way now, because I've lived through my front-line battle days and my battle-front years, and I already have the scars and have risked my life time and time again. Now I have got to stay out of the battle in order to instruct you. God told me so: 2Samuel 21:17. Read it!

57. BUT SOMEBODY'S GOT TO BE UP FRONT!—WE CAN'T ALL STAY BACK IN CAMP hearing about the glorious victories of the past and being shown how we used to do it. Somebody's got to be out there! Thank God they are!—Some are doing it today the way we know to do it now, like the lit on the street, and learning how we're going to have to do it tomorrow, so we'll be ready to do it then.

58. BUT HOW ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN UNLESS YOU FIND A FEW NEW BOTTLES WHO CAN TEACH YOU how to reach them? We didn't go down to the club and teach those hippies how to reach hippies:—They taught us!—Everything we did we learned from others! We went out and found the new bottles and poured out the new wine, but they're the ones who fermented and foamed and worked and produced the spirit that they poured out in their own ways and methods to make their own generation go wild for the Lord!—We just took what we could to them the best we could and asked them how should we do it.

59. HERE, WE HAVE BROUGHT IT TO YOU: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT? Man, they dreamed up more ideas!—Marches, pickets‚ sit-downs, invasions, made their own signs, everything you can think of except for a few things the Lord showed us like the red-robed prophets! We went out and learned from the new bottles!

60. I THINK THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH A WHOLE LOT OF OUR COLONIES RIGHT NOW: THEY'RE VERY BUSY TRYING TO MAKE OLD BOTTLES OUT OF NEW BOTTLES, when they should sit down and let the new bottles make new bottles out of old bottles, like we did! We became new bottles, different from the way we were and used to be. The only way you reach new bottles is by becoming one, not by trying to make them an old bottle like you!

61. GO OUT THERE AND FIND THEM, TALK TO THEM AND LET THEM TEACH YOU what to do and how to do it!—That's what we did. When we went to Huntington Beach we didn't have the faintest idea of how to reach the kids except by playing and singing like we always had. Not one of my kids had ever been in vice, drugs, or crime—they'd never even been hippies! They had to learn how to be hippies! From whom? From me? I wasn't even a beatnik, much less a hippie! They had to learn from the hippies! So they could at least try to be hippies to reach more hippies—become one!

62. HOW DO YOU REACH NEW BOTTLES?—BECOME ONE! If you old bottles are ever going to reach the new bottles you better get out there and find some new bottles and let them teach you how to be a new bottle! You can share with them what you've got, which is what we did. But I daresay we learned a lot more from them than they learned from us! I think that's one reason why some of our kids have gone back, because they couldn't teach the old bottles anything about how to reach new bottles, because the old bottles didn't want to learn from the new bottles. After all, they were indeed the people.—"We were there at the beginning!"—And that's just what's wrong with them! They were there at the beginning.—but they're not here in the ending.—And they're still there in the beginning!

63. SO FOR GOD'S SAKE AND THE KIDS' SAKE AND THE SAKE OF THE FUTURE, LET'S GET OUT AND FIND SOME NEW BOTTLES!—Let us old bottles get out and find new bottles, to learn how to be new bottles to reach new bottles! (Prays: ) We thank You Lord for the burden, the way You show us what is wrong with us and what is the matter. We don't want to make the same mistake the church has made, clinging to the old, and inflexible‚ unadaptable, unwilling to become new bottles. As the old bottles crack and go to pieces, they're dying out until they'll soon be no more!

64. LORD, WE THANK THEE FOR THE NEW WINE YOU'RE GIVING DAY BY DAY by Thy Spirit, for the new message and childish illustrations and even the shocking poetry—such new wine some of our own old bottles are offended by it‚ not to even speak of the church people! Our own bottles are going to be shocked. Yet there's nothing wrong with the new wine You give us, Lord: Just help us to find new bottles to put it in who can take it!

65. HELP THESE OLD BOTTLES TO GET OUT WITH THIS NEW WINE AND FIND NEW BOTTLES to put it in before it causes them to crack and break! Some of these old bottles aren't going to be able to take what's coming. We're going to need new bottles, new bottles to hold it. It's going to be so hot and so strong the old bottles are going to be exploding, popping, breaking! We've got to find new bottles to put it in that can hold it and take it.

66. HELP US‚ LORD, TO GET OUT AND FIND SOME NEW BOTTLES TO PUT THE NEW WINE IN BEFORE IT BREAKS OUR OLD BOTTLES!—In Jesus' Name! If it breaks anybody's bottle, it's just going to prove they were an old bottle, and that they resist change and anything new and different and more shocking and more revolutionary than what they've already got. Lord‚ You know that whenever we feel we have become revolutionary enough, we have ceased being revolutionary, because we have stopped revoluting, changing. Whenever we get to the point where we say the old wine was strong enough and the new wine is too strong, you know, Lord, we've become an old bottle!

67. SO LORD, PLEASE HELP US TO FIND SOME NEW ONES SO YOU CAN GIVE US NEW WINE‚ ever new and stronger for newer and stronger bottles, lest You stay the wine for our lack of flasks in which to place it! Lord, forgive us!—I just had a picture of that Scripture where the widow was out of oil and the Lord started pouring heavenly miraculous oil in the vessels. But when she couldn't find any more and they were all full, then God's Word says the oil was stayed: It stopped flowing because there were no more new bottles to put it in!

68. IF YOU GUYS DON'T GET OUT AND FIND SOME NEW BOTTLES, THIS NEW WINE IS GOING TO BUST THE ONES YOU'VE GOT, and you won't have people who can take it, and then where will we be? That's what happened to Jesus one day: He had a whole bunch of old bottles tagging around after the old wine, miracles‚ loaves and fishes. Then one day He gave them a big dose of strong new wine, and most of them couldn't take it and took off!—All but the Twelve—and He was right back where He started!

69. I WARN YOU, THAT'S WHAT GOD WILL DO AGAIN: IF YOU DON'T GET OUT AND FIND SOME NEW BOTTLES, GOD'S GOING TO GIVE SOME STUFF THAT'S SO STRONG IT WILL BREAK ALL THE OLD BOTTLES and boil things down to where I may be saying, Will ye also go away?—Thank God at least the twelve remained‚ and He started all over again with them!—A New Revolution with new wine for new bottles! Hallelujah!

70. WE ARE A NEW NATION, BUT LIKE OTHERS WE ALREADY HAVE OUR CONSERVATIVES AND OUR LIBERALS, OUR OLD GUARD AND OUR YOUNG RADICALS, our old preservers of the old status quo and the old system versus our wild young new rebel revolutionaries who want and need change, our old bottles versus new bottles! We need the cool heads‚ but we also need the hot heads. The cool heads give stability, but the hot heads give drive. Old bottles or new bottles: maybe we need some of both.—BUT WHERE ARE THE NEW BOTTLES?—GO OUT AND GET 'EM! AMEN?