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Precious Prayers & Promises for Dad--And for Mama's Eyes

David Berg

DO 2509 18/2/89

—For Dad's 70th Birthday!

1. (Tongues:) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! "That's the prayer of David for your father who needs you very much, who is desperate to pray & ask for God to help him, & to pray & ask for God to reassure him.—The prayer of David for repentance & for love & for assurance & for blessing, the prayer of David thy father, the King." Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

2. I prayed & I got great assurance, great promises! I got so desperate, I finally prayed in tongues! Lord forgive me that I didn't do it sooner! I guess I should have, because it encourages me & edifies me, it gives me great faith to talk to the Lord, & even to let the Lord speak to me in tongues. It's so encouraging! The Lord was so soothing, so comforting, so beautiful! So wonderful! And He gave all those promises! To David, your father‚ the King!

3. I'm still His King, Honey, I'm still living! He still loves me. Oh, Jesus! That was so wonderful! So encouraging! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name! That's wonderful! I was so desperate & so horribly under those attacks of the Devil's fears! I prayed & I got desperate & I asked the Lord what to do & He just told me to pray in tongues & let Him speak. (Maria: Hallelujah!)

4. (Tongues:) He's telling your Father David not to worry, but to put all my trust in Him & He will save me, even if it be by death! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! It's not so hard to die. Thank You Jesus! It's really easier than some other things. I always asked the Lord to please not let me go through the Tribulation if it be possible. But I asked Him for more time after my birthday, & He's given it to me, so He may give me more time after the Tribulation begins, if it's not too hard on me... Hallelujah! (Tongues: )

5. Everything begins with Jesus! "Assurances to your King‚ your father the King, that He shall win the victory through Jesus!" Thank You Jesus! My God! The Devil has attacked me with so much fear & doubt in the last few days! It was horrible! I finally got so desperate & I just didn't know how to fight, & the Lord said‚ "Pray in tongues!" So I prayed in tongues & I received so many reassurances & promises. The Lord kept reassuring me that‚

6. "David‚ your father the King, will live!"—That, "Don't worry, your father David the King will live! I will preserve you‚ & keep you because I have loved you with seven kisses!" He keeps kissing me. It's so beautiful! I'm so encouraged! Oh my God! Why didn't I do that sooner? You have no idea how I've been attacked by the Devil, by doubts & fears, absolute terror!—Terrorism! Terrorists!—These demons of Hell that keep attacking me! These doubts & fears & terror! My God!

7. Hallelujah! (Tongues:) "Think thou upon the Words that I have given thee, & all of the reassurance that I give thee now, & be thou not afraid, but do thou that which I have commissioned thee to do, that thou mayest obey Me & do the works that I have given thee & fulfil the Words of thy father, the King, My David." Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

8. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! (Tongues: ) (7 kisses!) XXXXXXX! (Tongues:) "For I do grieve over thee & I do have compassion for thee. I am concerned for thee, & I am concerned that thou art greatly concerned about this time of the Future." Oh, Jesus! (Tongues) "And for thy children, thy little ones!"

9. Oh, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Help me to not worry! Help me, O God, to trust Thee. Help me, O Lord, to not doubt that Thou hast committed Thyself to care for us & our little ones. Thou art concerned & Thou shalt care for us to carry us through, even if it be by death. Death is not such a fearful thing! It is our release, our graduation. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! In Jesus' name! In Jesus' name, Lord!

10. He keeps giving me those seven kisses! Isn't that beautiful? Wonderful!—To know that I'm still loved & He cares! And He says He's going to see me through even if it be by death. So why should I worry?—Even if they kill me!—And even if maybe it makes me a witness, a martyr, so that I might inspire others to die for Him!

11. It's a release! It's beautiful to die for Jesus! It's wonderful! It's release! It's deliverance! So don't be afraid, don't worry. It's a wonderful thing to die for Jesus! It's for the testimony, for the witness, for the martyr. It's a deliverance. It's a wonderful deliverance! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Don't worry! Even if we starve, it's not bad.—Not bad! It's wonderful to die for the Lord, in Jesus' name! Hallelujah! PYJ! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name. (Long message in tongues:)

12. "That was a funeral chant for thy Father David, the King.—For all respect of kings when they die." Thank You Jesus! It will be beautiful, Honey‚ don't worry! It will be beautiful, the death of your Father! It will be a great day, a wonderful day, a day to rejoice & to chant, to glorify God for His faithfulness to deliver your King! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah!

13. Oh‚ I'm so so relieved! Oh my God! I have been under such pressure! All the Lord gave me was just encouragement, complete encouragement, not to worry, because He loves me. He loves me greatly with seven kisses! Hallelujah! (Tongues:)

14. He loves me sweetly with seven kisses & He will never ever leave me or let me go! He shall carry me through the valley of death in a great victory, hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! In the Name of Jesus! (Sings: "In the Name of Jesus!")

15. It was so wonderful how when I was really fighting the Devil this morning at 4 o'clock, the Lord said "Pray! Pray & praise Me in tongues!"—And I just started to pray & praise the Lord, & it was so beautiful! So wonderful! Such reassurances & such wonderful, wonderful promises unto your father, to the King, to David. In the Name of Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

16. Did you get that? Oh, I wish you could have heard it! Sorry, but you were sleeping & I was afraid I was going to wake you up, but I got louder & louder & louder & it was so wonderful what Jesus said! He will never ever forsake or leave your father! He will always love your King David with many kisses. He loves me! You love me‚ Jesus! Thank You Lord!

17. I was beginning to wonder‚ Lord‚ if You still cared or still loved me. I was so desperate‚ Lord, & so afraid! My God! I was so afraid! The Devil torments me with horrible fears & doubts. But You reassured me with such wonderful promises, encouragements, with seven kisses that You are still with me & You're going to see me through. Even in death I will have the victory. Thank You Jesus!

18. Thank You for reminding me to pray in tongues & praise in tongues. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! In Jesus' name! Oh, that was really wonderful! Thank You Jesus!

19. I wondered why the Lord woke me up & why He wouldn't let me sleep, but I needed that. I needed those promises & those reassurances that He still loved me & still cared, that I was still His King David, His Beloved. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! In the Name of Jesus! In the Name of the Father & the Son & the Holy Ghost do Thou now protect me, keep me, rebuke all of the lies & doubts & fears of the Devil. In the Name of Jesus!

20. Bless & keep me now, in Jesus' name. Please bless & keep me, Lord. I'm subject to so many attacks of the Enemy in the midst of the darkness of night! Thank You Lord for telling me to pray in tongues.—And You delivered me, Lord‚ You released me, & You reassured me! You encouraged me when I thought I'd have to wake up Maria to pray for me. But I didn't, Lord, You prayed for me. You prayed for me. Thank You Jesus!

21. You prayed those beautiful prayers before she even woke up! But thank You Lord for finally waking her up to know that I'm encouraged & You still love me.—That she is right, that You haven't deserted me. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name, amen!

22. Thank You for encouraging her, Lord, by encouraging me to know that You haven't forsaken me, Lord! You're still with me. It just seems like we haven't talked for so long, Lord. Forgive me! I could have done this before if I'd just let go & let loose & trusted You, talked to You & let You talk to me.

23. My God! Nothing can overcome us! Nothing can conquer us! Jesus is the Conqueror! Jesus, You are the Winner, Lord!—You're the One! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! (Tongues: )

24. "They cannot defeat us! They cannot win over us, for I have promised the victory to your father, the King David! In the Name of Jesus, My authority can never be disputed! I cannot lose! He cannot but win! For I have promised it & I have given it unto him that he shall be the one to conquer thy enemies, in the Name of Jesus!" Hallelujah!

25. Oh, that's so wonderful, Honey! So encouraging! I was beginning to wonder if the Lord was ever going to speak to me again. All I had to do was let Him speak! Lord forgive me! Jesus, forgive me for my doubts & fears & terrors. Forgive me, Lord, for not just talking to You & letting You speak through me. Hallelujah! (Tongues.)

26. "Jesus still loves & encourages & inspires faith in your Father. XXXXXXX! I have given unto him the seven kisses of David such as I have given unto none other that I have ever loved!" Hallelujah! "Even in his misery, his doubts, his fears, his terrors, I have given these assurances that he might not fear.—That he might believe & find refuge in Me, comfort, faith & reassurance." Thank You Jesus! Amen!

27. "Now, go. Be at peace & rest in the Lord. In Jesus' name, amen." TYL! Thank You Jesus! Amen! Hallelujah! Amen! Let's go, Honey! What's the matter? (Maria: Nothing.) Don't you believe it? (Maria: Yes, I do believe it's for you. I know the Lord's going to do it for you.—And it's marvellous!) And you too, Honey! He has to do it for you‚ too!

28. (Maria: I don't know, I can't read anymore. I think I'm finished because I can't do anything.) That's ridiculous‚ Honey! Maybe the Lord wants you to pray more! Seek Him more! Speak to Him & let Him speak to you.—OK? Instead of wasting all this time reading the words of Man! (Maria: Well, I don't read anything any more. I just pray, that's all I can do!)

29. All right! Pray! "Men ought always to pray & not to faint!—Lk.18:1. Women ought always to pray & not to faint! You ought always to pray & not to faint. Pray in tongues, Honey! Praise the Lord in tongues! Do it! Trust the Lord! Give Him credit! Give Him praise!

30. Hallelujah‚ Lord! We rebuke the Devil! Rebuke the Enemy! You're trying to drive her closer to You‚ Jesus & make her not be..."Martha‚ Martha‚ thou art encumbered with much serving. You need to be more like Mary who chose that good part that shall never be taken away from her!" (See Lk.10:38-42.)—In Jesus' name! Did you hear that? (Tongues & weeping:)

31. The Lord wants you to seek Him more, Honey, & fulfil the part of Maria! "Sit at His feet & listen to His Words & help your Father David & draw him closer to Me, in Jesus' name." Mary! My God! "Martha‚ Martha, thou art encumbered about with much serving, but Mary‚ choose that good part! Sit at My feet!—And I'll help thee, Mary, never to have this taken away from thee." In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord!

32. "For I have called thee Maria not without reason!—That thou shouldest sit at My feet & hear of Me & listen to My Words that thou mayest feed thy people & not be encumbered with much serving. This is good, but choose that better part, that thou shalt sit at My feet even blinded that thou mayest listen unto Me & serve thy people & feed thy sheep." In Jesus' name, TYL!

33. "Martha, Martha! Thou art cumbered with so much serving! But be like Mary who hath chosen that good part that sitteth at My feet, & it shall never be taken away from you. Even if thou be blind & unable to read, I've tried to drive you to My feet to listen to My Words & speak to thy sheep, & feed thy sheep." Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

34. "For Mary hath chosen that good part, the best part. It shall never be taken away from you. You chose it in the beginning. You chose it when you chose My David. You chose the part that is to comfort, to teach & to feed thy sheep. —Not to be encumbered with so much serving, but feed thy sheep.

35. "Lovest thou Me?—Feed My sheep! Martha, lovest thou Me? Feed My sheep! Oh, that thou wouldest be Maria! Oh Maria! Lovest thou Me? Feed My sheep, for it is in this that I have given thee thy task that thou mayest love Me & feed My sheep. Be not encumbered with much serving, but love Me. Close thine eyes! See Me! See Me? Seest thou Me? Close thine eyes! Thine is not to read all these words of Man. But thou needest to close thine eyes & hear the voice of thy Lord that thou mayest feed thy sheep with the Words of thy God!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name!

36. "Therefore have I permitted this affliction to abide upon thee, that thou mayest close thine eyes & listen to thy God & to the Spirit of thy Lord, & even unto the voice of thy father, King David." In Jesus' name, TYL! Amen! Hallelujah!

37. Comfort her heart, Lord! Help her to see why Thou hast laid this affliction upon her & "it hath remained, that she may close her eyes & see Thee & listen to Thy voice & feed Thy sheep & encourage her Father David." In Jesus' name. XXXXXXX!

38. Amen! Wow! That's something! I think I told you that before, that the Lord was trying to get you to sit at His feet & listen to His voice & not be encumbered with too much serving. If you just shut your eyes & listen to Jesus‚ Honey, you can give forth His wisdom‚ feed your sheep, even your bellwethers, your leaders. "So thou mayest speak with the voice of God & the authority of My Spirit!" In the name of Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

39. "For there is a little period & a little time, yet a little while, a little more folding of the hands.—Proverbs 6:10 & 24:33. We rest now‚ but the time is coming when we shall all be poor & travel—flee—& be persecuted by armed men! A little more. For yet a little while & he shall be gone from thee & thou must speak in his name & My authority. Be strong & feed My sheep!" Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

40. "In the Name of Jesus, in My name! In Jesus' name. Thou shalt speak & thou shalt lead thy sheep & thou shalt speak unto them & feed them‚ as hast thy Father David. So be strong! Be steadfast in Me, that thou mayest do My bidding & lead My sheep & speak unto them & comfort them in their hour of trial." Thank You Jesus!

41. "For they look unto thee. They honour thee. They love thee. They know thee. And they know that you love them & will not lead them astray‚ but lead them in the paths of righteousness for My Name's sake." Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name! Praise God! "Get your eyes upon Me. With the eyes of thy spirit upon Me, even if the eyes of thy flesh shall fail, thou shalt have eyes within that shall see Me & follow Me to lead thy sheep & feed them with the voice of My Words!" In Jesus' name, TYL! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! TYL!

42. "For it is better to hearken unto the voice of thy Lord than to dwell in the fields of bitterness! It is better to follow thy God & lead thy sheep than to follow the words of Man." In Jesus' name‚ TYL! Amen! Praise You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! In Jesus' name, amen! Oh‚ thank You Lord for great encouragement tonight. Hallelujah! TYL!

43. "For even as Helen Keller, it is better to have eyes within in the realm of My Spirit than to have eyes without for the works of the flesh." Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! "For I have laid this affliction upon you that you may look unto Me & be encouraged & know that I am thy God & I will help thee." Amen, Lord! "Yea, I will encourage thee & lift thee with the right hand of My righteousness‚ for thou hast loved Me. Keep thy inner eyes upon Me, even should the outer eyes fail thee, & speak My Words & feed My sheep." In Jesus' name, TYL!

44. Did you hear that, Honey? Isn't that beautiful! The Lord wants you to look more to Him, not so much to all this mail & letters & words of Man & problems & troubles. The Lord wants you to shut your eyes, rest them & look to Him, & He can solve all these problems with just one little tiny look, Honey! Do you understand?

45. He wants you to shut your physical eyes & look unto Him with the eyes of the Spirit, & He can show you great & mighty things that you know not of, solve all the problems & give all the answers & comfort all the sheep. It's so easy! Amen? I could never have lasted this long if I hadn't just trusted the Lord & looked to Jesus & known that He was going to solve it somehow & do it somehow. And each year we've had a greater year than the year before!—Amen?

46. (Maria: I thought I needed to hear from the leaders what the problems are, so then I could hear the answers from the Lord.) You need to hear from the Lord! He has all the answers! (Maria: I know the Lord has the answers, but it seemed like the Lord always used their questions, their problems to inspire me to get the answers from the Lord.)

47. OK, so why don't you have somebody else read it & summarise it & tell you. You don't even have to open your eyes to read it. You have people who can do it. Lord Jesus, show her that she has people who are able to do these things for her, to read these things for her. You're trying to close her eyes, Lord, to these things, that you might open her eyes, Lord, to what You have for her. In Jesus' name. TYL!

48. That's the answer!—Now I want to go to sleep. How much more can the Lord give us than that as the answer to all of those problems? Now you've got to heed the Lord's counsel. You have to obey His Words, Honey! What did He say?—He is closing your eyes that you might look unto Him & get His answers, His leadings, His guidance to lead your sheep. Don't you see that?

49. So let them read it. Let them tell you. Let them summarise it. Act like you're blind, you can't read it. They have to give it to you. They have to tell you about it. All you can see is the Lord. All you can do is listen to Jesus & get the answers. Amen? (Maria weeping: Yes.) Why not?

50. Helen Keller was deaf, dumb & blind, but yet I can remember in my younger days she inspired & led the whole World with God's wisdom & God's faith, tolerance & Love, inspiration! If a woman like that could get the victory & be inspired & be useful, anyone could! Who could be more handicapped than that?—Deaf, dumb & blind!

51. You're not deaf! You're not dumb! You're not even blind! So what's wrong?—If the Lord just simply asks you to close your eyes & listen to Him‚ see Him. He's told you that several times now—let others do it. You close your eyes. Lift up thine eyes unto the hills!—From whence cometh your strength? Your strength cometh from the Lord Who made the Heaven & the Earth!—Psa.121:1-2. Not from being able to read the hills. Not from being able to read the problems. But you're to close your eyes & look to the Lord, & He'll give you all the answers to feed & to lead thy sheep. Hallelujah!

52. Now let's rest in the Lord & go to sleep. Thank You Lord! You need to believe that! You need to believe it in order to do it. You must believe it‚ obey it & do it.

53. "Let others do these mundane things. Let others do all of this Martha work. But I have wanted you for My Own‚ My love‚ to sit at My feet & rest in My arms that ye may learn of Me‚ & follow Me to lead thy sheep. You need no eyes for that. You need only My Love & My leading by the hand wherever I shall lead thee." Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Amen!

54. "This have I done to separate thee from these many many concerns of much serving. This I have called thee in the beginning: Maria! For I want thee to choose that good part, to sit at My feet & learn of Me. It shall never be taken away from thee. Satan hath tried & tested thee‚ but I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail thee not & thou shalt come through as pure gold." (Maria: TYL! Thank You Jesus!)

55. Close your eyes, Honey! "Just close your eyes & look to the Lord. And be not Martha, but be thou Maria‚ & sit at My feet. Choose that good part that shall never be taken away from thee. Be not encumbered with much serving, but choose the part that I have given thee & wherefore I have made thee Maria!—To sit at My feet & learn of Me that thou mayest pass on My Word to feed & lead thy sheep as My good Shepherdess, in My Name of Jesus!" Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

56. "But fret not, be not afraid!—For I am with thee & I am thy God. I shall help thee. I shall comfort thee. I shall strengthen thee & sustain thee with the right hand of My righteousness."—Isa.41:10. Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name!

57. "Just close your eyes & think of Me. Call unto Me & I shall show thee great & mighty things that thou knowest not. For I can do far more than thee." Hallelujah! TYL! Are you going to do it? (Maria: Yes, Sir!) Or are you going to continue to lean upon the eyes of flesh rather than the eyes of the Spirit? (Maria: I can't lean upon the eyes of the flesh anymore.) "Then close them that thou mayest see Me better & learn of Me! Learn of Me with the eyes of the Spirit." Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! (Maria: TYL! Amen, Jesus. I'm going to do it!)

58. "Just close these eyes of flesh & open thine eyes of the spirit. Look unto Me, throughout all the ends of the Earth, & be saved! I can give you every answer to every problem, if you'll but close your eyes of the flesh that I have afflicted, that you might look unto Me & follow Me & feed & lead thy sheep." In Jesus' name! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah!

59. How beautiful, Honey! It's so beautiful! Such a beautiful picture! I see you there with your eyes closed looking unto Jesus, the Author & the Finisher of thy faith. "Just look unto Jesus. Forget all these words of Man & problems of the flesh. Look unto Me, all ye ends of the Earth, & be saved!" Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

60. "For thou shalt be more mighty in the Spirit than thou art in the flesh! For I do close the eyes of the flesh. I will be thine eyes. I will be thy spirit. I will be thy vision & I will be thy power & I will be thy Shepherd! And I shall lead thee & thy sheep, that thou mayest speak unto them with My voice & see Me only in thy spirit." Hallelujah!

61. "Therefore lean not thou upon the eyes of the flesh, but look unto Me & see Me & listen to Me & follow Me, that thou mayest feed & lead thy sheep in the way that I have chosen for thee." In Jesus' name! (Tongues:)

62. The Spirit is willing indeed‚ but the flesh is weak, & we needs must have some sleep. Now, there you have it! What could be more plain than that, Honey? The Lord told you to close your eyes & don't worry about your affliction which He has given you so you can shut your eyes, your fleshly physical eyes, & look unto Him & see the realms of the Spirit!

63. —Amen? (God bless & help you all to do this in these Last Days!—In Jesus' Name!)

+ +

Prayer in the morning:

64. I really needed to make love to the Lord & He made love to me. It was so encouraging to know He still loves me & that I'm still His King! I was desperate. I just had to pray. It's so good to know He still loves me! He kept saying He still loved me. "I still love your Father David the King." And He kept giving me seven kisses.

65. The Devil is working for the Lord, to teach you a lesson, to make you shut your eyes & see Jesus only. So don't get discouraged. When you close your eyes, you see Jesus. OK? See Jesus! (Sings:) "Let others see Jesus through you! Let others see Jesus through you! Keep telling the story, be faithful, be true! Let others see Jesus through you!"

66. See, that's what they do through me.—They just see Jesus through me. (Maria: Amen, that's right!) I'm like a telescope. I just let'm see Jesus through me & bring Him closer. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

+ +

Prayer for Mama 2 weeks later:

67. Help her to learn this lesson, Lord, & to do it.—To do good & to get over it so she will continue to keep her eyes on You, Jesus. You have to do it! Honey, you have to focus your eyes on Jesus & demand it. Demand it! You deserve it! You've been faithful, diligent, a help to me, a help to His people. Rebuke the Enemy that is trying to destroy you! Rebuke the Enemy that gives you pain & this soreness!

68. Promise the Lord you'll keep your eyes on Him, in Jesus' name. Amen? (Maria: Amen!) Please, Sweetheart! Please! I never ever yet had an affliction the Lord hasn't healed. You must have faith for the Lord to deliver you, in Jesus' name. Rebuke it, Lord! In Jesus' name!

69. Amen, Lord. Please have mercy! Do it for Maria, Lord. In the Name of Jesus‚ please do it! Drive away this inflammation & soreness of her eyes, in the Name of Jesus, Lord! Drive it all away! Deliver her, Lord. In the Name of Jesus! Thank You Lord!

70. In Jesus' name! I rebuke you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus! Get your hands off of this Handmaiden of the Lord. Now, Lord, have mercy. Come down now, Lord, & have mercy. Please help this Thy Handmaiden who has been so faithful to You & so diligent & had such faith.

71. Why don't You deliver her, Lord? Jesus, please! Why don't You deliver her? I don't understand why You've waited so long, Lord. (Tongues: ) "It is a test. Her faith is being tested that she may be tested to be true‚ to be loyal‚ to be faithful, to be diligent, that she may come through these furnaces, the fire, as pure gold." Hallelujah! TYJ! Praise You Lord! Amen, thank You, Lord!

72. Sorry, Honey! It's a test! (Maria: That's good. It's so encouraging to know that.) You have to keep withstanding the Enemy. Keep fighting the good fight of faith, that you may come through this test. "Because even so thou shalt rule the World! As thou art Queen today, thou shalt be Queen of all tomorrow!" Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

73. My God! My Lord! What a tremendous test! The Lord is not trying you just for now, but He is trying you for the Future, that you may rule the World, in Jesus' name! He's trying your patience. He's trying your endurance, diligence & faithfulness to see how much you're willing to stand, & how much you can stand for His sake, for my sake, that you may rule the Earth in the days to come! Hallelujah!

74. Do you still love Jesus? (Maria: Yes!) In spite of your suffering? (Maria: Yes, Sir! I do!) In spite of your pain? That's what it is, He's testing you to see if you will serve Him no matter what, through it all, that you may be Queen of the Earth & ruler over all, because you have endured the pain & all the suffering & all the fire, the fire in your eyes‚ to come forth as pure gold! In Jesus' name. Hallelujah!

75. You're going to be one of the most important Queens on Earth, Honey! Therefore, the Lord has to really try & test you‚ that you may become as pure gold! Thank You Jesus! (Maria: It's not much suffering.) Yes, yes, it is. Your suffering is great, but the Lord will deliver you, in the Name of Jesus!

76. I love you, Honey! It's wonderful‚ wonderful! It's terrific, a terrific prophecy for the Future! You're going to be one of the Queens to rule the World in the Kingdom of God, one of the most faithful of all! So you're learning your lessons now, Honey, to teach others faith & endurance & patience. Thank You Lord!

77. Do you still love Jesus? (Maria: Yes!) In spite of your trials? (Maria: Well, it's not much! It's not much pain compared to what a lot of people have to suffer.) That's what you have to suffer, Honey. Sorry, Sweetheart!

78. I love you‚ Honey! Your reward shall be much greater than mine because thou hast served so faithfully & without doubt & with great pain! In Jesus' name. Whereas I have not suffered very much. (Maria: Honey, you've suffered far more than I could ever think of.) Don't rebuke the Lord! (Maria: I'm not rebuking the Lord!) Don't rebuke the Lord. Don't contradict the Lord.

79. I have not suffered very much & I have not suffered great pain & I shall conquer & win with much less suffering. Thank You Lord! But thou hast suffered much & endured great pain for the victories thou hast won, in Jesus' name. XXX!

80. (Maria: I love you, Sweet Honey! Thank you so much for getting that for me. It's so beautiful!) That was the Lord, Honey! I am but a little one, so small, but I serve Him faithfully. (Maria: You really do, Honey. I don't know of anybody more faithful than you.) Even though very very small. (Maria: He who is least shall be greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven! So that's for you, Honey! If you think you're very very small, you're going to be very great in the Kingdom of Heaven.)

81. The smallest of all!—And the least of all. Even the worst of all! But still the Lord uses me. (Maria: Thank You Jesus!) What? Is the Lord giving you something? (Maria: He did, you're the greatest to me.) What? (Maria: You're the greatest to me.) No, no, no. (Maria: Yes!) That's not what He said. (Maria: I said, for me you're the greatest!) You be honest! Why don't you believe & take what the Lord says. (Maria: I do, but for me you're the greatest! I just mean for me you're the greatest. The Lord said you're like God to me.)

82. Lord, You've given her such strength of faith & cheerfulness of heart & confidence. Praise the Lord!—To keep me encouraged. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!