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More on Going Mobile

David Berg

DO 2508 Comp. 3/89

—Confirmation Quotes Compiled from Past Letters!

1. Although we have eternal security spiritually, in this ol' World we have eternal insecurity physically, & you'd better remember it! This is why we have to remain pilgrims & strangers here, always free to keep moving for the Lord, because the Devil is always on our trail & trying to pester us & annoy us & hinder us & cause us trouble!

2. It's always better to be mobile, keep moving, & stay out of his way as much as we can! Therefore, we must constantly beware of getting too settled down & letting our roots grow down too deep where we can't tear them out in a hurry if we have to, or cut them off & leave them behind!

3. Our mobility has always been one of the major secrets of our success. Jesus has called us to "Come follow Me!" & "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!"—Mat.4:19; Mk.16:15. That doesn't sound like He expected us to settle down for very long, does it? To obey His commands takes some travelling, movement & action!—Which is why God's people have always been pilgrims & strangers, because you can't go into all the World & preach the Gospel & settle down & be permanent at the same time.—You've got to keep going!

4. And as times wax worse & worse‚ & we face the final days of the very end, when "that Man of Sin shall be revealed" (2Thes.2:3), the need to stay mobile or mobile-conscious is greater than ever! We must remember that nothing is permanent in this life, & learn to prefer the life of a pilgrim & a stranger & a fugitive to the life of comfort & ease & home & loved ones!

5. I've never been anyplace yet that we didn't have to leave.—Just remember, it's always coming! But if you lose the pilgrim spirit, & choose to settle down to the ease & comfort of more stationary & conventional housing, rather than investing in campers, tents & camping equipment, then you are handicapped security-wise & safety–wise. But if you're mobile, if something happens or comes along that upsets your nice status quo, you're ready to move, to flee!—At the flip of a starter you can rev up your engine & pull out‚ & away you go!

6. Just look at the Bedouins, Gypsies, Jews & the poor of many nations who have survived the rise & fall of empires & the superpowers of this World because they're able to move on when trouble comes!—You can survive too if you will remain as mobile as possible, with as little investment & entanglement as is necessary in the System, so you're not too tied up or tied down, & are able to move at a moment's notice! But if you let your roots grow down too deep, it will tear your heart out when you have to pull up stakes!

7. The empires & the kingdoms & the kings who haven't survived are the ones who couldn't move, & they were sitting ducks for their enemies! Being mobile enables you to be like the proverbial Irishman's flea, who moves so fast, his enemies are seldom able to catch up with him! So keep moving & hopping for God, & they'll seldom know where to put a finger on you! Hallelujah!

8. You'll find that camping out is not only one of the safest ways for you to live‚ it's also just about the most economical way to live as well!—That is‚ once you've gotten your equipment. So instead of building bigger & better barns, because you're rich & increased in goods, why not invest it in trailers, vehicles & campers, so you can share the wealth of the Gospel with all those you meet as you sojourn for the Lord! If you spend the time & money on camping equipment that you would otherwise spend on stationary housing, one day soon you'll be very glad you did, as it may save your life & usefulness for the Lord!

9. Remember, we did it before under much worse conditions than we could do it in today! There were 100 of us then, travelling all across the United States with no place to call home but public parks & campgrounds. We didn't even have an address where we could get our mail, or a telephone through which we could keep in touch with each other.

10. But today we can form small groups together, hit the road & camp out together‚ & still keep in touch with each other & on the Letter lifeline through any number of our present bases, post boxes & telephones! (This could be a real solution to those of you who want to Combo, but are unable to find adequate housing at a reasonable price!) You could even rent a farm or some kind of rural housing to park your caravans outside of, & it doesn't even have to be furnished. As long as it has a phone & a toilet & lights & water‚ that's all you need.

11. (That way you can use the kitchen, dining room & living room facilities at the house for your Combo meals & united fellowships, but your folks are ready to take off at a moment's notice in their trailers & campers should any emergency arise! Your mobile teams would also be able to easily take off to minister at any unique witnessing opportunities that come up.)

12. Another advantage of camping out is that you're not as apt to be affected by the troubles & tribulations that will soon befall the cities & big towns! In any kind of a Crash, crisis‚ disaster or war, you're far safer living in a camper or trailer camped out in the country than the people who are living in houses & apartments in the cities! It's a much safer, happier & healthier life than that of modern Man who is cooped up in today's cliff houses, holes & burrows, a slave to his machines & meaningless drudgery!

13. How much better to live out in the great wide open spaces in God's beautiful creation, out under the trees on the grass, or in the woods by a lake or stream, under the beautiful bright blue sky & sunshine! It makes you feel so close to Him!—You just know He lives & cares, for you see His gorgeous handiwork & provision for all your needs & enjoyment all around you!—Camping away from filthy, destructive, violent Man & his horrible cities!

14. Are you a stranger & pilgrim on this Earth, of whom God is proud & not ashamed to be called your God because you desire a better country? Do you heed God's warnings & prepare to save your family? Are you willing to camp out in tents because you're looking for a better Heavenly city?—Then the Lord has a whole new World for you!—Why don't you start today? GBY!

15. "Give kisses to the things which I have provided for thee to escape from the wrath to come, that thou mayest be delivered in the time of trouble! Thus I have prepared a way of escape...if thou art faithful with these frail vessels (caravans) that shall bear thee afar.

16. "That's why I gave you these tabernacles, to move from place to place‚ & you must soon find other places to pitch your tents. Like Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, who lived in tents all their days, so I give them life to spare them when they move.

17. "(Tongues:) I have gone to prepare a place for thee, that where I am, there ye may be also, that your father & you shall dwell with Me safely forever!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! TYJ! Isn't that wonderful?

18. The Lord loves us so! He knows we're not at home here, He knows we have no certain dwelling place, no resting land, no place where we can really be sure that we're going to be able to stay even for a little while, much less Eternity.—So He has gone to prepare a place for us! PTL!—And in the meantime, we'd better be ready, always prepared to keep moving for Him, to preserve both our lives & ministry for His glory! Amen? PTL!

Are you going mobile?