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China Syndrome, The

David Berg

DO 2505 6/89

—Commenting on the Slaughter of Students in Beijing!

1. Can you imagine the leaders of China saying the massacre in Tiananmen Square never took place! It shows you what liars & deceivers they are! It's like Hitler's old saying, "The bigger the lie you tell, the more people are apt to believe it!" It's getting so bad there now, pretty soon it's going to be dangerous to even be young in China! Everybody who is young is going to be under suspicion.

2. Do you know why the U.S. isn't taking a stronger stand against the slaughter of students there?—Money, money‚ money! That's the whole thing. The big businessmen are saying, "Don't damage relations with China or we'll lose money!"

3. (Maria: The U.S. is so two-faced! In so many other places that resist democracy, the U.S. cuts off relations with'm & starts wars & everything else. Then something as dramatic & traumatic & drastic & horrible as this happens in China, & they hardly do a thing!) There's too much money at stake.

4. Lots of big American businessmen have investments in China now. They don't want to lose their money, & if the U.S. government gets too tough about all this, China will just confiscate everything & they'll lose all they've invested. So they're trying to keep peace with China, hoping they'll be able to carry on business as usual. I'm sure the pressure is being put on Bush, you can bet your boots on that! The U.S. has billions of Dollars invested in China & they don't want to lose it.

5. (Maria: It's so hypocritical! It's insane!) Yes, it is, the whole World was sympathising with all those pro–democracy students. (Maria: Other countries just barely step out of line, leaning towards dictatorship the least little bit with a leader or dictator who's telling his people what to do, even if there's no violence or anything, & the U.S. cracks down on them right away.)

6. Yes, like how they cracked down on poor little Godahfi. But oh no, don't say anything against China! Probably the vast majority of the people, if not all of the people of the U.S.‚ are furious about this massacre, but the American politicians aren't reacting to the will of the people at all. It looks like all the news media is sympathising with those poor students, yet Bush comes out & says, "Go slow! We don't want to upset the apple cart of our relations with China!"

7. It's the "love of money!"—1Tim.6:10. Money, money, money! That's one thing they worship more than democracy! If you tell the Americans they're going to have to sacrifice their money now if they want democracy, then that's a different story! If democracy is going to cause them to lose their money, then, no, no, no!—Money first! Money talks! They want to keep their money, all their investments in China.

8. They've worked so many years to try to open up China. Those China promoters have just about persuaded everybody to recognise China & invest in China, you know‚ "China has become much more open & democratic now, blah, blah."—Well, they've now either got to keep up that line or admit that they were wrong. See? They've got to keep up their line of "Keep China open"‚ or they've got to admit that they were wrong, that it was a flat failure, the whole thing.

9. They're now probably going to lose more than they gained. The big businessmen who have investments & businesses in China now would much rather support the government that is slaughtering the students but helping them to sell their goods & make money there! They don't really care about all those students getting slaughtered! They want to keep their money & they want to keep selling to China!—"Even if all the students are gone & all the young people are killed, we'll still have lots of other people to sell our products to!"

10. Those businessmen are not at all concerned about so-called "human rights" & democracy in China! And I'm sure they're putting all kinds of pressure on Bush; phone calls, letters, everything.—"Don't upset the apple cart! We've got China open & we're selling & we've got money invested there! Don't you dare upset the apple cart! You can sympathise with the students all you want, just as long as you don't sever relations or jeopardise our businesses!"

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11. Deng Xiaoping was a survivor‚ he is a survivor. I think he's learned how to roll with the punches & stay on the winning side. He saw that the hardliners were not going to allow the student uprising & public demonstrations to last, they were determined to even send in their own armies. So in order to stay on top, he had to, you might say, pretend to agree with it & congratulate the Army. He wanted to survive politically, knowing, of course, that the students couldn't possibly survive.

12. Even though it's now wrecked his reputation with the rest of the World, at least he keeps his spot on top in China‚ & maybe he can continue to perpetuate his form of reform, which is certainly not political but economic. He probably thinks that if he can keep that going‚ the other will eventually follow.

13. I think the students were right, but I think their reform was premature & impossible. They pushed their luck a little too far, & went beyond the patience of the leaders. Their actions so challenged & embarrassed & shamed the leadership there, even causing them to lose face, they just couldn't let it go on & still remain the leaders of China! People were even beginning to question who was in charge.

14. Apparently Deng is a master manoeuvrer & politician, & he managed to get the rest of the leadership to unite when they were about to fall apart. And frankly, I think he united them the only way he could, & they settled the situation the only way they felt they could. Either the leaders & the Army had to surrender to the students—which they certainly couldn't & wouldn't do—or the students had to surrender to them. Actually, I was amazed at the government's patience, how long they waited before they used force.

15. Of course, once you unleash force like that‚ it's like a monster let out of its cage! You can hardly tell a raging monster, "Now don't do this & don't do that, & be choosy.—Only hurt the bad & don't hurt the good!" It's pretty difficult to tell the difference. But I was really amazed at their patience, how long they waited before they finally moved in.

16. I think the students pushed it a little too far. They were getting a little puffed up & their heads a little swelled at their seeming success & their popularity.—The foolishness of the young.

17. I think if Deng had sympathised with them & yielded to them & the ultimatums they laid down, the other hardline leaders would have thrown him out. But as it turned out, he's now managed to jockey for retaining his position, even though the students had to pay the price. Even though it didn't bring the democracy the students wanted, they proved their point to show why they wanted democracy.—Because their government was horrible, cruel, monstrous, tyrannical & absolute terrorists, even worse than they realised!—And a terrible failure.

18. It's what every martyr proves by his testimony, by his own witness; he proves the truth of his stand by the reaction of the evil forces that martyr him. Those students proved the evil of Communism.—Like Gorbachev, even if he doesn't succeed, he will have exposed the evil of Communism.

19. The two greatest Communist governments in the World have proven to be flat failures!—Both economically & politically. Gorbachev has exposed the evils of Communism to the whole World‚ especially its flat economic failure. The economy is supposed to be Communism's strong forte, but it has not bettered the lot of the people‚ nor the lot of the workers. It has made things even worse! It's only their recent changes in allowing more private enterprise & private initiative that has finally begun to change things for the better.

20. Look at Poland! The government was such a failure they finally had to ask for the help of their enemies, Solidarity, to try to save the country! Gorbachev has had to turn to democracy, which Communism has always hated & every Communist dictator has despised & violated! They've ruled tyrannically & with a reign of terror until their countries are practically destitute. They've spent so much money on their military machines that their people are practically starving!

21. So, if anything, all of these things have proven the total‚ absolute failure & utter evil of Communism! The success of democracy in Poland & Russia & the horrible suppression of democracy in China have all proven the failure of Communism & its horrible evil.—Anti-Christ Godless Communism! Praise God! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!

22. So the students who died have not died in vain because they proved their point & exposed the evil & failure of Communism, & showed that its old leaders will resort to a reign of absolute terror in order to survive!—Terror & force, which in itself proves their failure & inability to survive in any way except at the point of a gun!

23. The Antichrist will also prove that his system will not work even though he resorts to the worst reign of terror the World has ever known‚ the Great Tribulation! He still won't succeed & will have been failing anyway, & will eventually fail completely, even without the intervention of the Lord. But the Lord will intervene for the sake of His Own, to put an end to it all, thank the Lord!—To put an end to the Antichrist & to his reign of terror which will have proven to the World that the Antichrist was a failure in the long run & his system just wouldn't work, & that only the Lord can save the World! Amen! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

24. Again, God is proving to Man that he can't save himself. Only God can save him! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Sorry that we have to suffer his failures to prove the point.

25. But that's what the students did in Tiananmen Square: They had to suffer this horrible failure of their oppressors to prove the point that those leaders were wrong. Communism & Godlessness were wrong. After all of these calamities they've suffered recently, one Communist leader recently lamented in one of the newspapers in Russia‚ "My God! What have we done to offend the Almighty that He has allowed all of these things to come upon us?"—Imagine, a Communist leader making such a statement in a Russian paper & acknowledging that God is punishing them!

26. They have recently had a tremendous amount of both natural & unnatural disasters.—Enormous casualties, loss of life, tremendous problems, & they're still suffering. But imagine a Communist leader saying‚ "What have we done to offend the Almighty that He has caused us to suffer all these horrendous disasters?" So they're beginning to even be able to speak about God, thank the Lord.

27. According to Deng Xiaoping, Mao said, "Even from the bad, some good will come." And that's exactly what's happening. The horrible evil of the massacre of Tiananmen Square has proven the horrible evil of Communism! Even the bad has exposed the evil of Communism. And they have certainly "done evil that good may come" (Rom.3:8) in the 70-year history of Communism. It has certainly proven its evil & its failure in both China & Russia & Poland & everywhere, so that even now its most faithful adherents of the past are admitting that it's a failure & that it has not worked! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Amen!

28. They'll reap what they've sown.—Gal.6:7. Those that repent & try to change, like Russia & Poland are now trying to do, I believe God will be merciful to them & try to help them. Those that confess their sins like they're doing in both Russia & Poland, I believe God is going to have mercy on them. But those who stubbornly refuse to confess that they're wrong, like the leaders of China‚ I believe God is really going to judge severely, harshly.

29. As one Chinese student said, "China needs another Flood to wipe them out so they can start all over again!" A Chinese student wrote that as his thesis. His thesis' title was, "China Needs Another Flood!—It needs to be wiped out so they can start all over again."—And I wouldn't be surprised that God will do something like that after that horrendous massacre.

30. They're not only accountable for the massacre, but also for the thousands of people who are now going to be jailed, persecuted & tortured.—And all those wounded & injured & beaten & imprisoned. My God, what those leaders are going to have to answer for! You can just bet your boots that God is going to sock it to them. He is not going to let them get away with it guiltless & unpunished. God is now going to judge them & China is probably going to have either a flood or an earthquake or some other kind of devastation.—Perhaps even the devastation of their own failure of their own policies. Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!

31. A lot of the Family is going to be asking why & what, so these are some of the reasons behind it: It's all completely proving God's point, the evil & the failure of Communism. It's also a preview of what the evil & the failure of the final evil government of the Antichrist will be like, the worst reign of terror ever, the "Great Tribulation". Jesus Himself said it will be the worst time of trouble that ever shall be, which in itself proves its own failure.—Mat.24:21.

32. Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Amen! Bless & keep us, Lord, in spite of it all! You promised, Lord, in these Last Days that we shall do many mighty works, miracles, & You shall have great witnesses before the whole World, & many martyrs, but the Gospel shall be preached to the whole World & then shall the End come!—Dan.11:32,33; Rev.11; Mat.24:14. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

33. Babylon shall also be destroyed!—Rev.18! I want to see that, God willing! I would really like to see the destruction of America & that whole evil whorish System! "O Lord of hosts‚ that triest the righteous, & seest the reins & the heart, let me see Thy vengeance on them; for unto Thee have I opened my cause!"—Jer.20:12. (—Amen! GBAKY all! ILY!—In Jesus' name‚ amen.—D.)