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Revelation of the Beast, The

David Berg

DO 25011/89

—And the Seven Signs of His Revelation!

—Are You Prepared?

1. (Mama leads in prayer: TYJ! TYL! Thank You Lord for using Dad as Thy tool & for the wonderful things You show him as Thy Prophet. Thank You for encouraging him & encouraging us, Lord‚ through this Word that You've given. We ask You to anoint him as always, Lord‚ & give him the strength & the wisdom to share it with us clearly & in a way that we'll understand. Give him Thy strength, Lord, & help us all to be receptive & open to what You have to tell us, in Jesus' name. TYL! TYJ!)

2. I think the Lord may have given me a real revelation, at least that's the way it hit me, about a major sign of the times! After all, as it gets closer & later, the Lord is bound to give us a few more indications to prepare us & get us ready. I was just reading this new Letter, my New Year's message ("It Can Happen Now!") which you here, of course‚ have already heard.

3. I was just proofreading it & was really in the spirit about this thing, & something very significant came to me. I don't know whether I even said it the night I gave you that talk, but the various soothsayers, psychics, mediums, astrologers & all are all predicting that something very great is going to happen in November of this year!

4. And the first thing that came to me was the Revelation of the Antichrist! Now I think I've told you that already, haven't I?—At least some of you. (Fam: It went in the LNF about your 70th birthday.) (See LNFs 115.) Well, as I was reading this last page something must've brought that to my mind. I finished reading the whole GN, & it's a long one, 20 pages! Every time I see they've made one so long, my heart sort of sinks when I think how long it's going to take to read it. But that New Year GN is really a good one!

5. (Dad starts choking:) Lord rebuke the Enemy & help me to get this across, in Jesus' name! This may be very significant & could very well affect our future & our plans. If the Devil can't stop you, he tries to at least delay you or distract you—anything he can do—so it must be significant. What I'm about to tell you must be important or the Devil wouldn't be trying to hinder.

6. I think the seers & astrologers, etc., claim that it's going to happen somewhere in the first half of the month or on the first of November or something like that.—They didn't claim the Antichrist is going to be revealed, but some of them were even strong enough to say that it's going to be the end of the World! Well, it's going to be the end of the World as it is now, that's for sure! It's going to be very outstanding, & you'll know when the Antichrist is revealed & he stops all other worship, etc. You know what the Revelation of the Antichrist is, don't you?


7. It's there in Daniel, where he breaks the Covenant, that's one of the signs, right?—Dan.9:27. Because it's the exact middle of his reign, 3-1/2 years have gone before, then 3-1/2 years of Tribulation follow, right? He breaks the Covenant & stops not only Jewish worship, but all worship of any other religion.

8. What other signs are there of the beginning of the last half of his reign? (Fam: Placing of the Abomination.) Right.—The Abomination of Desolation, the Image of the Beast in the holy place. What else? (Fam: The Mark of the Beast.) The Mark of the Beast. We don't know exactly when these all happen‚ but they all begin about that time, & he orders what? (Fam: The worship of himself.)

9. He orders the worship of himself & the abolition of all other religions. And he sets up the Abomination of Desolation, the Image of the Beast in the holy place. What else? (Fam: Persecution.) Persecution‚ of course. I guess we could add that as another thing but it says specifically that what will begin then? (Fam: Tribulation.) Yes, these things are all indications of the beginning of the Great Tribulation.

10. With the setting up of the Image of the Beast what comes? (Fam: One World government!) What else has got to do with the Beast? (Fam: False Prophet?) The False Prophet. What else begins with the Beast? (Fam: The Mark of the Beast.)

11. The Mark of the Beast! And that begins the new economic system & trading system of the Beast. That's why they have to have the Mark, etc., you won't be able to buy or sell without it.—Rev.13:16,17. Now let's see if you can get all those indications & the significant things which happen at the Revelation of the Antichrist.

12. Number one, the Antichrist himself is personally revealed. Right? As the what?—King of the World, ruler of the Earth, World dictator! He is revealed, & his World government is obviously established. There's a One–World government under him‚ that could maybe be number two.

13. I like to try to get things really organised & simplified & boiled down so you'll remember them. Let's go over them again: One of the first things it says he does is he sets up what? (Fam: The Image of the Beast.) The Image of the Beast‚ Image of himself‚ & like many kings of old he apparently requires the people to worship him in that Image, so to speak, as he's symbolised by the Image, it's the worship of himself, right? So we've got the Revelation of the Antichrist, his World government & the Image of the Beast & worship of himself & his Image. And that will mean what? (Fam: Abolishing other worship.) Well, let's say that means his attempt to abolish all other religions. That's five‚ right?

14. Then there's the Mark of the Beast. And what comes with the Mark of the Beast? (Fam: The new economic system.) The new economic system. And then, of course, along with all the rest is attached his reign of terror against those who refuse, the Great Tribulation, which is going to hit mostly us & all Christians & religious believers.

15. Shall we call these the Seven Signs of the Revelation of the Antichrist?—Things that are only going to begin when the Antichrist appears, reveals himself or is revealed & takes over the World, which only occurs when? (Fam: In the midst of the week.) In the midst of the 70th week of Daniel 9. It's always been unclear exactly what occurs during that first 3-1/2 years. What happens at the beginning of that first 3-1/2 years?—At the beginning of the entire seven-year period? (Fam: The signing of the Covenant.) The signing of the Covenant, right? (See Dan.9:27a.)

16. In other words, some kind of a covenant, pact or promise is signed. And what happens to induce all these other events at the Revelation of the Antichrist? (Fam: The Covenant is broken.) The breaking of the Covenant occurs at the end of the first 3–1/2 years, in the midst of the seven years.

17. I would say that almost the number one thing that has to happen is the revealing of the man himself, wouldn't you? Because they won't even know what all this other is about if he isn't revealed & seen so they'll know who's doing it! Right? How's he going to do these other things without being seen? All right, number one, the Revelation of the Antichrist.

18. I think the breaking of the Covenant is going to be one of his first acts. In other words, he's no longer going to keep that Covenant that he made with the Jews, etc., he's going to break it & then take over. I wouldn't be surprised if he's going to be revealed in his breaking of the Covenant, he steps forward & breaks the Covenant.—And then he takes over & sets up his One World government, or he couldn't have so much power.

19. (Fam: Then he sets up the Image of the Beast.) He sets up the Image of the Beast as a symbol of his worship. And in the setting up of the Image, obviously he's requiring them to worship him. So I think maybe you could combine these two.

20. (Fam: Then comes the Mark of the Beast.) And of course, implied in the setting up of his Image & requiring worship, he abolishes all other worship & religions. Also connected with the idol is the Mark of the Beast & the new economic system.

21. So the Revelation of the Antichrist is a very, very cataclysmic, colossal, gigantic—in Hollywood terminology—event! Now let me ask you, of all people, who would the Devil & the Antichrist wish to use to make this announcement, to predict it?—Who are largely the Devil's messengers, many of whom have his evil familiar spirits by which they predict events, etc.? Who would the Devil most likely choose?—Christian preachers? (Fam: No.)

22. Well‚ we are doing it as God's messengers, but in a sense who are the Devil's false prophets? … (Fam: The World's seers.) Right!—The soothsayers, the seers, the psychics‚ the astrologers would be the most likely vessels that he would choose to announce & predict his coming. They would be predicting the coming of the Antichrist, hailing him & announcing him. Ta-ta-ta-ta! Most kings have trumpeters that precede & announce their arrival‚ & I believe the Antichrist is also having his.

23. So this is a big event! If next November is the time of the Revelation of the Antichrist, this is extremely important to us, & there are a lot of tremendous earthshaking worldwide events that will occur at that time! All right, could one more person volunteer to give us those signs of his Revelation so we won't forget them?

24. Let's see if we can boil this down to a one word answer for each of these signs. Now obviously the first one would be Revelation, it's all about the Antichrist, his Revelation. What next, what's another short answer? (Fam: Breaking the Covenant?) Breaks Covenant. Good, first he's revealed‚ then he breaks the Covenant, then what? (Fam: World government.) He establishes a One-World government. Right. Next? (Fam: Image of the Beast.) Image of the Beast‚ his image. What comes after the Image of the Beast? (Fam: Abolishes worship.) Yes, with the Image of the Beast he requires worship & abolishes all other worship. To boil it down, how about "worship of himself"? He abolishes all other religions except the worship of himself. And there's the Mark of the Beast, & the new economic system & the Tribulation.

25. I don't want to spend too much time on this but I'm trying to refresh your memory of what a tremendous event that's going to be when the middle of his reign comes & he appears & breaks the Covenant & all these other traumatic events occur. Let's list them:

  1. Revelation
  2. Breaks Covenant
  3. One-World Government
  4. Image & Worship
  5. Mark
  6. New Economy
  7. Tribulation


26. Are you duly impressed with how important that time is when the Antichrist is revealed? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) It's one of the most earth-shaking events to occur in all of World history because it will be the real beginning of the very End, amen? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Because it'll be just 3–1/2 years from then till the End.

27. Apparently there must be one central great day when all this begins. The breaking of the Covenant occurs as one single event on one single great day! How do we know that? (Fam: Because we know how many days it's going to be from then.) Because from then on you can count the actual days it'll be until the End, till the coming of the Lord, think of that!

28. Now we're not to that point quite yet‚ but from what I got tonight, we're definitely getting closer! We may now even be not only as close as the year, we may be as close as pinpointing the month! Now does that impress on you what an important event that will be when he's revealed & breaks the Covenant, takes over the World, sets up his Image, demands worship & abolishes all other worship & enforces the Mark of the Beast & his new economic system? It's pretty important.

29. So I was sitting there thinking, "Now, Lord, we've made some other predictions that we thought were going to happen, but they didn't turn out like we expected." Maybe this is going to be another one, I don't know. After all, I'm not the guy who started this‚ the astrologers were. They're the ones who are coming out with this prediction that something great is going to happen around the first part of November or in November.


30. But we had predicted a few years back, "1986 would be a great year for the Antichrist to come on the scene!" Can you remember what we said was possibly the sign that the Antichrist was going to come that year? (Fam: Halley's Comet!) Right! Halley's comet, 1986! Didn't I kind of go overboard saying that that sure seemed like the year, the right year for him to come? Well, I was sitting there mulling over this "It Can Happen Now" Letter, thinking about that, & I'll tell you just how it came to me. I don't know, maybe it's a misnomer, another thing that I felt was going to happen a certain way & isn't going to happen exactly that way.

31. But something's going to happen, & I have said that it's got to happen soon! That's the whole gist of that New Year's message, that it's got to happen soon. We called it, "It Can Happen Now," because it's got to happen soon! How many articles have I written that on in the WND, showing you that things just cannot last much longer with the pollution & the crime & the viciousness of the people & the music & everything else that's happening!

32. So I was sitting there thinking, "Lord, it certainly could be, like You showed us in this Letter, it can happen now!" I can't think of anything greater, a more outstanding event that could possibly happen in the near future, can you? I can't think of anything more tremendous in its impact than the Revelation of the Antichrist & all the things that he does from then on. But then I sat there thinking, "Well Lord, if November 1989 is going to be the Revelation of the Antichrist, where is that in his calendar?" (Fam: Halfway through his reign.) Halfway through his reign!

33. So I was thinking, "Well‚ Lord‚ then his reign must have begun 3-1/2 years before that, & certainly‚ Lord, if his reign began 3-1/2 years before that, something significant, something great, something should have happened to make us realise that maybe something was happening that year!" What year was that?—'86!—And what happened in '86? Halley's Comet came!

34. Has anybody memorised that little rhyme about comets? It's like the core of all the things a comet forewarns:

"Eight things there be a comet brings

When on high it doth horrid range:

Wind, famine, plague & death to kings,

War‚ earthquake‚ floods & direful change!"

35. So I was thinking & asking the Lord‚ "Well now, let's see, what year was that?" I thought, "Well‚ we should've certainly gotten some sign of the beginning of his reign." Then just as clear as I ever heard that little still small voice...(Tongues:) "Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Lord, help them to understand & believe & hear the Words that I have given unto thy father! That you may consider & study the things that are to come to pass soon that I have told thee by thy Prophet." TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! Amen!

36. It always just overwhelms me when the Holy Spirit is so good to us to show us things! I had been saying‚ "Well now, Lord, if that's so, if this coming November is the time, then certainly something significant should've happened 3-1/2 years before that to tip us off that something was really happening, that the Antichrist was beginning to reign." And the first thing that immediately came to me, just like a quiet little voice was, "It did." I can't quite put it into words, but the words were like this, "Just as quietly.—He came just as quietly as did the Comet!"

37. Remember what a disappointment the Comet was? It wasn't some great tremendous spectacular thing, you know. We had a hard time even trying to find it, I don't think we ever did find it, did we? We got on the roof & we looked & looked & looked with binoculars. We got out there & we couldn't even find it with binoculars!

38. It came "softly," but that's exactly the way it came, "quietly!" (Tongues:) "I'm not worthy to receive these things." But it's so wonderful that the Lord is so good to me & you that He gives us these things! There are great things going on in the World & great men & great events, & the Lord stoops down because He loves us & He tells us things that significant‚ that great! I'm tempted to say "if it happens," Lord forgive me. Well anyhow, it just came to me just like that, almost in so many words. "It did, he (the Antichrist) came quietly, like the Comet!" (Fam: Wow! TYL!)

39. I was saying to the Lord, "Lord, if this November is it, then something should've happened!" I hadn't stopped to figure out which year was 3–1/2 years before‚ I couldn't even remember if '86 was the year. We had predicted that maybe the Antichrist would arrive in '86 because so many things seemed to fit. And then we figured, if so, the Tribulation would have to begin sometime in '89, right? And if that was so, then the Lord would have to come when? Sometime in '93! '86, '89 & '93 were the pivotal dates.

40. I got that just as clear as I've ever heard anything from the Lord! I have to have faith to tell you this, because I could be making a fool out of myself‚ but some things have happened, TYL! Of course, some scoffers & newspapers are always throwing out‚ "Oh, he predicted that the World was going to end with the coming of the Comet Kohoutek, that 40 days after that the World was going to be destroyed or something."


41. Do you know when Halley's Comet came? April!—1986! All right, now count from April. You go first to May.—May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.—8 months, right? Or you could also count April since it came in early April, April 10th is the day when Halley's Comet was closest, so one of you enterprising guys can start counting the days if you want to. But I'm just roughing up the months now. So there are 8 or 9 months of '86 after the coming of the comet, right? Then there's '87 & '88, two full years.

42. November is what month of the year? (Fam: 11th.) Okay, let's take 11 months of this year‚ right? And then you can take either 8 or 9 months left of '86. So take 8 months of '86‚ 12 months of '87, plus another 12 months of '88, & 11 months of '89.) And that makes how many? (Fam: I get 43.) Well, remember we're not going into all of November. In fact, they say about the first of November.

43. (Fam: Then it would be 10 months in 1989 until November, & if you take the 8 months in '86 after April, it'd be 42 months!) 42 months, 3–1/2 years! It's still not exact, unless somebody wants to work it out from April 10th & see where you come out. Of course, that may not have been the most important date in April to the Lord. But if you count from May '86 to November '89, you've got 42 months!

44. I'll tell you, that really shook me up when I realised, "Well, that was 3-1/2 years until this coming November!" Now that came to me just as clear as anything. You can call it the still small voice, whatever. It was enough to convince me right off the bat! I had said, "But something should have happened then." And it came to me in so many words. You don't hear it, you just get it in here (points to head), or maybe in here (points to heart). All of a sudden, "It did, but quietly, like the Comet!"

45. Now isn't that a strange way for the Lord to put it? "Quietly." See? In other words, he came in quietly. (Fam: Even Daniel 11 says he shall enter peaceably.) Ahh! That's another thing! What is another outstanding sign of these past three years? What's been going on that has really never happened before?—Peace after peace after peace has been made over these past 3-1/2 years! He's working behind the scenes making peace, forcing or persuading these various powers to make peace & stop all their wars.


46. Let me read you some of these other major events that occurred in '86! You're going to be shocked when you hear all these other things. You've probably heard of all these things, but you don't really get the point until it's summed up.

47. One of the first things that happened that year in January was that Space Voyager II began relaying pictures of Uranus, one of the furthest planets. In other words, Man was finishing exploring his own solar system, one of the furthest planets in the solar system. I think that's a pretty outstanding event.

48. Then the space shuttle Challenger exploded that year! Duvalier, a dictator fell. Marcos, another dictator fell. "The fall of kings." Palme, head of Sweden, got shot, assassinated. Three kings, in a sense. What huge event took place that was just earth-shaking worldwide & had effect all over the World?—Chernobyl! And do you know what that word means in Russian? (Fam: It means Wormwood!) The actual literal meaning of the name Chernobyl is Wormwood!—Rev.8:10,11.

49. That was one of the signs in Revelation, a star fell from Heaven & his name was Wormwood! A star, of course, in this case is significant of an evil angel. They don't know really how Chernobyl happened. Could it have been an evil angel that started the trouble in Chernobyl? It was named after him!—Wormwood! Also, Reagan & Gorbachev had their first summit meeting in which they began to make peace. A couple of other things that I think were pretty Earth-shaking & bad: The Supreme Court reaffirmed abortions, & there was the Arms-to-Iran deal in 1986.

50. These were all outstanding significant events! And the Democrats began to win the majority in Congress. That year they won the majority in the Senate, they finally had control of Congress. They had already controlled the House but they gained control of the Senate‚ which means that the Democrats had full control of the legislative branch of the government‚ & they've always had a notorious record of horrors some way or another. They either started nearly every war or got the country into the war & the World into wars & whatnot. So it's not a good portent when the Democrats get control.

51. I told Maria‚ "If Bush is elected that'll be one last sign to me that God's going to have a little more mercy, maybe give us a little more time." But he can't really overrule the Congress. He can veto bills but they can go ahead & get up a two-thirds majority in either house & pass right over him. So if enough of them get together & have their way, they usually have pretty much wrecked the government, I'm sorry to say.

52. I'll tell you‚ I've lived through it before, & I can remember. We almost got a World dictator in Franklin Roosevelt, he changed things so much‚ the country was hardly recognisable. He managed to get the U.S. into World War 2, after they said they'd never have another one. But he did it, he really did it!—And that was the war that helped save the Jews. …

53. Well, there you have it! That was what came to me tonight! But if that is true—Lord forgive me for any doubts—we had better be thinking about it & preparing for it‚ as it could influence some of the decisions we're making right now about the Lord's Work.

54. '86 was a very terrific year! I doubt if there's been a year since then with as many great calamities & all kinds of significant events. What a significant sign of the coming of the Antichrist & the beginning of his reign! Just think‚ he is right now behind the scenes telling those God-damned [ACs] what to do & how to do it! And apparently he figures he's going to have it wrapped up by the end of this year, wrapped up enough to finally appear, & that the World will be so desperate to have its problems solved that they'll gladly kneel to him, bow to him to save themselves!


55. Is there any point we neglected? You say, "Oh‚ Dad, remember you always said the Jews had to rebuild the temple first so that he could sit in it & claim he was God & erect the Image outside in the holy place!" The holy place is still there, he doesn't need a temple to put up the Image. And what have I said about what is the true holy place? If he endeavours to set himself up in everyone's heart at that time & demand worship & stop all other worship, what truer temple could he have chosen than the one that God says is the real temple?

56. Of course, the Jews do want to rebuild their literal temple, & do you know how fast they say they could build it? They have the materials already stored in big warehouses in Israel. Different preachers have testified that they have been shown the materials & that the Jews are ready to build it whenever they have the chance. And they said they could build it in 8 or 9 months if I recall correctly.—They may still have time to build it before next November! Right? So who knows, maybe they'll do it yet.

57. But if they don't do it, there is still a temple, temples all over the World which are the true place of worship where all people, whatever religion, actually worship.—The temple of the human body & the human heart! So that could explain that. So they don't even have to wait for a temple to be built. Right?

58. Anything else? Any questions? Any doubts? (Fam: Ha!) Be honest. I'm tempted to wonder, "Well, Lord, did I really get this? Was that voice really Yours?" But that's the way they've come, & it was sweet. It just came as sweetly as that. "It did. It came as quietly as the Comet." Or really "he did." But see, I was asking, "Something should've happened." And so following my question, the answer was, "It did.—As quietly as the Comet." In other words, "He came as quietly as the Comet & began to take over in '86!"


59. There are probably a lot more people with him now. But look at what a small Unit it takes us to operate in with only a handful of top executives & helpers to spread the Word to others. For a long time the Family didn't even know I existed, & I tried to keep it hidden from them. Really, I just wanted them to get the Word of the Lord. The Family far & wide didn't even know there were MO Letters that the leaders were getting till I finally told them it was time to share them with the various Colonies. So it doesn't take a great big top-heavy blob at the top like some of these governments run with. All it takes is a leader & just a handful of executives to spread the Word or make it possible to spread the Word.—Something the AC & his executives could do as well.

60. Just think, the Family is thousands of people all around the World in many many countries‚ & yet we constantly get the Word to them to tell them what's going on, what to do‚ what move to make next, how to organise our forces, what our strategy should be now that we've gone through this stage‚ that stage & the other. Well, the phase right now is that we have more or less finished the job, done the best we could, & those who can stay where they are, fine. But actually thousands of you are having to return home to your home fields.

61. That, you might say‚ portends the winding up of our job. We've done all we could wherever we could & we have been forced out of many countries. Bad publicity & persecution have forced us out. We've done the best we could. As I've said before‚ it's almost over. We're finishing the job‚ so we don't have much longer to work. We're almost done. PTL? TYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Well, I don't want to keep you any longer. Peter, would you lead us in closing prayer?

62. (Peter: Thank You so much‚ Lord, for this revelation, Jesus, for speaking to Dad. Lord, You said You'd do nothing but You'd show it to Your servants the Prophets, Jesus.—Amos 3:7. And we thank You how You have, Lord, & how You're so faithful to lead us & guide us, & we really do thank You for Dad being just a yielded vessel to get this from You, Lord, & having the faith to share it with us, Jesus. And we pray that we are able to get it to the Family quickly, & that as we plan & keep these things in mind‚ that we seek You for what You have for us ahead, in Jesus' name. Lord, we just pray You have Your way, & we do thank You so much for this, Lord, in Jesus' name. TYL! PYJ! TYL!)


63. TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! While you were praying I was just thinking & praying, "Well, what next?" You say, "Well, we'll just keep on going the best we can until it happens." But what can we expect? I think we have already suffered in a number of countries something very similar to what we can expect to occur worldwide.

64. What usually happens when we're forced out? What's the first thing? Come on, you remember the four P's, don't you? The first thing is we have pioneered, right? And we became popular, in other words, the message was widespread & received by some, hated by others. We pioneered, publicised the message, we became popular amongst many, right?

65. And then what happened? (Fam: Persecution!) No, something else first. Before the persecution, what always comes to try to affect the hearts of the people, turn the hearts of the people against us? (Fam: Bad publicity.) Bad publicity always precedes the persecution, right? Our enemies try to turn the hearts of the people away from us. Bad publicity, followed by persecution. And if they make it so tough for us to witness‚ so difficult or impossible, that's usually followed by what?—[Moving on!]

66. This is something we can eventually expect worldwide. What happens in those countries even after we're gone? What is forbidden? What's the Devil trying to do all the time? They do their best to suppress & ban the Word, ban the lit, forbid it! We are legally forbidden in some countries to distribute any of our literature.

67. So you can expect a tightening up in every way. Thank God for a few countries where there's still freedom, or at least a pretense of freedom. But even in countries where there is freedom‚ look what they do to you! Look at the way they can smear you & lie about you & turn people against you where you're almost damned, even your mode of living is damned! And they even try to get your kids separated from you. So we need to be thinking about all these, not worrying‚ not fearing, but just planning.

68. So, PTL! "Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!"—Rev.22:20. We don't have much time left to work. Let's make it count‚ amen? God bless you all. Bless these, Thy precious sheep & Thy precious children, Lord, Thy workers, reapers, harvesters, the ones that also help get out the seed, to help us get out the seed, Lord, so we can still sow it in as many hearts as possible, to win & save as many souls as we can before our time is up. TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! TYL!

69. And if it be Thy Will for me to live a little longer to help these folks through these last trying days, we ask Thee to have Thy way. You know what's best. Actually, for years I prayed that I wouldn't have to go through the Tribulation‚ Lord, I just figured it might be too hard for me. But, Lord, if it can help them, as Your Saint Paul said, it would be better for me to go, easier to go, but for their sakes I'm willing to stay, if it be Thy Will.—Phil.1:23,24. So have Thy way, Lord, in Jesus' name, as we look forward to our soon-coming 70th Birthday of February 18.

70. Oh, by the way‚ another thing Mama thought of today, a confirmation: We were talking about the timeline & how we'd already estimated that perhaps the Lord would come in '93‚ she just suddenly came out & said, "Hey, remember that Gypsy lady told me I'd live to 93!" And even then I said, "Well, maybe she meant you were going to live to 1993?" (Maria: Yes, but in her very broken English, she just said‚ "Till '93.") Yes, live till '93! There you are! Amen? (Fam: Amen!) All right, PTL! Everybody happy? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) All right, don't be worried or let yourself get hurried or flurried or worried, as my Father used to say. Otherwise, you'll get yourself harried or married or buried!—Ha! PTL! Amen, TYL! TYJ! His Will be Done! GBAKY all—& MYAB!—In Jesus' name, amen! ILY!