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Revolutionary Women

David Berg

—MO June 20‚ 1973 NO.250—GP

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or GPO Box 3141, San Juan‚ Puerto Rico 00936

1. THOSE NET STOCKINGS ACCENTUATE EVERY LITTLE CURVE of your leg and increase the viewer's sense of perspective so that the curves are more pronounced and more discernible. It makes your visual perspective more acute. It reveals more of the third dimension and accentuates the positive. It's more glamorous. Any type of black lace net or mesh makes a woman's body more provocative. It makes you feel like you're seeing a little more than you ought to be seeing, which is exciting and provocative.—And then there's draping, of course:—the Greeks found that draping with a thin material always accentuates the beauty of a woman's body and gives her grace and more flowing lines, following every little curve. The idea of clothing is to accentuate the positive! Clothing is like a picture frame: It should be as a simple and plain and natural as possible, so as not to detract from the beauty of the picture itself. But, it needs to be there to enhance the picture and accentuate it and protect it, but it shouldn't be so ornate, heavy, frilly or grotesque that the frame draws attention to itself rather than to the picture. The frame should also not hide the picture but should rather reveal the picture an actually beautify it, merely lightly drape it, surround it and bring out its beauty and set it off and apart from the rest of its surroundings, as clothing should do for a woman.

2. FOR EXAMPLE, LARGE WOMEN HAVE A MISTAKEN TENDENCY TO WEAR SMALL‚ TIGHTLY FITTING CLOTHING, having the misguided idea that this sort of attire makes them look smaller, when actually it makes them look larger still! Whereas a large woman should actually wear large, loose fitting and well draped clothing with long lines to de–accentuate her size and minimize it. On the other hand, the small girls always want to look bigger, so they pile on the duds and the big loose fitting clothing which makes them look even smaller still until they look like a tent draped over a clothes pole! Whereas the small girl should wear small tight-fitting dresses and as little clothing as possible to reveal as much of her tiny figure as she can in order to accentuate its size and make it actually look bigger because her clothes are so small and there are so little of them!

3. ON THE WHOLE, A WOMAN SHOULD WEAR AS LITTLE CLOTHING AS POSSIBLE‚ so as to both partially reveal and yet at the same time partially and provocatively conceal her natural beauty an charm. The revealment arouses his interest and admiration and enjoyment, but at the same time the partial concealment of certain parts also arouses his curiosity and desire to know the unknown, which helps to hold his interest with the hopes that he may catch some otherwise forbidden glimpse of something he hasn't seen before—or at least he hasn't seen that particular one before! Whereas, if all is always completely and totally unconcealed and it's nothing but the bare facts ma'am, his curiosity thus satisfied completely and totally, his interest may actually begin to wane‚ and he may start looking around for something he hasn't seen before or already!

4. SO DON'T SHOW HIM EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE, girls, or all the time, or go running around stark naked all the time, as familiarity may breed contempt, and he may tire of this same monotonous sight of an unlimited expanse of bare flesh and nitty gritty! Partial and frequently varied revelations are apt to hold his interest and curiosity longer than all that naked and unvarnished truth staring him constantly in the face! This is the whole principle of time-honoured profession of strip-teasing, embodied in an amusing little booklet which you might be able to obtain on the newsstands called "How to Undress in Front of Your Husband!"—In other words‚ how to prolong the agony and the ecstasy by the excitingly slow and tantalisingly teasing graceful and gradual disrobing of the female form! In fact‚ it may exasperate him so, he may want to rip off what's left before you're through!

5. BUT OF COURSE, ONCE HE HAS HIS VISUAL CURIOSITY SATISFIED, HE MAY NOT BE QUITE AS ANXIOUS ANY MORE—AT LEAST NOT VISUALLY! He may change his tactics and have an even greater desire to explore even further by means of tactile touch to test your titillating tit–bits and their varied reactions and responses‚ and to measure your lovely curves with the sweep of his hands, and the pleasant softness of your flesh with the tips of his finger, and sense your fragrance with his nose, or taste your lips and mouth and other areas with his tongue, or even plumb you innermost recesses with the probing of his insistent explorations, until he is thoroughly satisfied that you are all that he'd hoped you'd be! However, once having fulfilled his desire for the scientific examination and satisfied his curiosity completely, he may lose interest for a little while (at least in this type of adventurous exploration) until he has fully recovered form his latest expedition!

6. BUT SINCE THIS TYPE OF ACTIVITY USUALLY ONLY HOLDS HIS FULL ATTENTION FOR A VERY SMALL FRACTION OF YOUR TOTAL TIME TOGETHER‚ it would be very wise for you to remember that to continue to interest him and attract his attention and his humanly constantly wavering and waning occupation with your physical charms, you must count on keeping his love drawn toward you the vast majority of the time with more magnetism of the mind and inspiration of the spirit and that irresistibly charming holy-of-holies of your heart‚ that intangible magical something called real genuine love that can be manifest every moment of every day, continually being revealed in all its splendour!

7. BUT TO RETURN TO YOUR CLOTHING (which you must do sooner or later, even after all this!): I suggest that you don't forget to dress according to the climate in which you live, as warmly as possible in cold winter weather and as lightly as possible in the heat of summer, in order to be comfortable and remain healthy and well. You don't have to wear black lace stockings and micro minies to be beautiful. A long, warm woolen dress deftly draped can still be quite revealing and very provocative without exposing too much territory with a pneumonia neckline! You don't have to let it all hang out to be beautiful.—Just wrap it in an artful fashion so he'll know it's there.

8. INCIDENTALLY, UNLESS YOU HAVE AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL AFFLICTION or an abnormal or temporary condition which requires same, a woman is at her most beautiful best a la natural, sans bras, girdles and other so-called supporting paraphernalia. Very soft natural curvaceous bulges are far more desirable feminine an attractive than a suit of armor, the hard stiff formidable an virtually impregnable bastions of a fortress of wire and heavy elastic and corset stays! As the fellow said, I'd rather have 200 pounds of curves than 100 pounds of nerves! So don't starve yourself to death‚ either, for the sake of a rail-like fashion-model figure—But don't try to tie it all up in canvas to try to fool us men, either For if the sight doesn't give it away, just one touch will! When a man wants to touch a woman, he wants to touch you and your suit of armor, unless you really want that kind of protection and don't wish to be touched! We believe in being natural and normal and how to be happy though overly endowed.

9. OF COURSE, IF YOU'RE ONE OF THOSE POOR LITTLE STICK GIRLS LIKE TWIGGY‚ you certainly don't need such equipment simply to try to pad your existing assets with a false front! Most of us men would rather see the real thing no matter how small you are. Being the real you is being revolutionary, and anything more or less fails the revolutionary test which we used to give our girls to make sure they were revolutionary.—And part of being revolutionary is just to be you and nothing more or less!—Underarm and leg hair, tummies, bosoms, bottoms and all!

10. BUT THIS DOESN'T MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE TO WASH YOUR FACE AND HAIR AND CUT OR CLEAN YOUR FINGERNAILS AND TOENAILS once in a while, but it does mean you don't have to paint them or your eyelids or your face, or wear false eyelashes or curl your hair, etc. The Scripture says a woman's crowning glory is her hair, and I'd rather see you wear it long or in the form of a crown than to see it all frizzed up in one of those temporary permanents! Long, straight hair hanging naturally down a woman's back or falling gracefully over her shoulders is not only extremely beautiful but terribly exciting, even sexy and provocative! There's just something about letting your hair down that really does it and turns us on! It's just like the rest of the way God made you: It's absolutely glorious!

11. HOWEVER, IN THE HEAT OF SOME COUNTRIES YOU MAY WANT TO TIE IT UP TO KEEP COOL, except when you go bathing, when you should not only let your hair down, but swim in the altogether as well and really be natural! That is, where legally possible and expedient. It not only saves money on bathing suits‚ but is refreshingly free‚ natural, sanitary, healthful and invigorating! But if you must wear a suit in some places because of laws or customs or weaker brethren, remember that sometimes your old one–piecer can be even scantier and sexier than the tells-all bikini! In many areas of the world at least the topless is now permissible and acceptable, so you might want to try that.

12. AND REMEMBER: NEVER USE TOO MUCH SOAP, SHAMPOO OR HOT WATER ON YOUR HAIR, OR IT WILL DRY IT OUT AND MAKE IT LUSTERLESS, DRY AND BRITTLE.—And never take a wet head out in the cold after a washing, unless you want your death of cold! In cold weather always dry your head thoroughly inside a warm house or in front of a heater or fire, and try to remain inside for at least an hour or so before braving the wind and the weather, and even then make sure you wear some kind of hat or scarf in wintry temperatures. Although your hair may be dry‚ your scalp has absorbed a lot of moisture, the cold evaporation of which can cause you to catch cold.

13. IN WARM WEATHER YOUR CLOTHING CAN BE AS SCANT AS IS ACCEPTABLE in your particular part of the world or culture. According to local custom, so as not to offend or antagonise but rather to charm and attract, clothing, though not really necessary on account of the warm temperature, must be worn for the sake of the local, legal and moral proprieties, and sometimes in self defense or merely to protect your body, according to whatever state of dress or undress or merely to protect your body, according to whatever state of dress or undress is ordinarily allowed where you are. Of course, if you live in a nudist Colony, you've got it made and you don't have to worry about your wardrobe

14. BUT ORDINARILY YOU SHOULD WEAR SOMETHING LIGHT‚ COOL AND COMFORTABLE, and as aforesaid, if you want to be attractive to us men‚ show as much as possible without showing too much. You should just show enough to keep the man or the men in your life around you satisfied and happy with your appearance, and just hide enough to hold their continued interest. Don't show so much that there's nothing left for them to wonder about, or they may wander away towards something more wonderful. Just remember in all these things, when it comes to the body and the things of the flesh, whether it be diet, dress, hair, style‚ sex, charm or personality, the natural and normal ways are always the best and most beautiful, the happiest and most healthful—just the way, God made you!—And that's really revolutionary!

15. BUT I DON'T THINK TOTAL NUDITY IN IT SELF IS ALL THAT EXCITING TOTAL NUDITY CAN BE TOTAL CRUDITY like these crotch shots! They're just plain disgusting! There has to be something more, something spiritual about it. The most exciting thing about any nude woman is the expression on her face, and her attitude can be more exciting than just her body, if she's enticing or acts provocative or mischievous or impish or come-hither, etc. Nudity is not enough. Just a plain pornographic view of pubic hair and bosoms doesn't necessarily excite you, unless it's very, very novel to you and you're not used to it. Probably when I was a kid it would have excited me more 'cause I'd never seen much of it. But a girl just has to have more than mere nudity nowadays, because you can get your bellyful of full frontals everywhere today!

16. FOR A NUDE GIRL TO BE EXCITING AND INTERESTING TODAY SHE HAS TO LOOK INTERESTED in something besides herself. The best whores on earth‚ the professional prostitutes, are the ones who can not only get undressed and jump in bed with you, but, like the Japanese geisha girls, are trained to be really companionable mentally and spiritually, and talk, dance‚ play and entertain and show real genuine interest and concern, and really converse and communicate with you–to really show an interest in you!

17. SOME GIRLS, HOWEVER, REMIND ME OF WHEN I WAS DANCING ONCE AT ONE TO THESE DIME-A-DANCE or rent-a–dancer places: I was dancing with this girl and had paid for the dance and could do whatever I wanted to do-hold her tight and really feel it and she expected it. So I felt mine getting hard against hers and said‚ "Can you feel that? But she said, "No!—As long as I've been in this business you just get numb!" Her responses were virtually nil and practically paralysed from boredom and abuse!

18. THE MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL COMPANIONSHIP OF A WOMAN IS SO MUCH MORE EXCITING THAN THE MERE FLESH! Some girls excite you just to look at their face!—They have an exciting personality, far more exciting than just plain flesh. But some girls have no depth: They're just as shallow as their skin and their beauty is only skin-deep! But others have soul and feeling and emotion and can have real compassion, the kind that would love you just because you need it, because she wants to make you happy!

19. THERE'S SOMETHING EXCITING ABOUT PEEKING—JUST SEEING PART OF HER BODY. Whereas that total nudity in its final stage, it seems to me, should be reserved mostly for the actual love-making‚ where you can get at it all. Then that total unreserved and wild final abandonment that shows she's excited is very exciting to the man as she casts aside all clothing and throws inhibitions to the winds of love! Nudity, nakedness and sex can be absolutely beautiful or absolutely sickening! I don't see anything beautiful about these crotch shots with the woman sticking her fanny right up in your nose. It's nice to know it's there when you need it, but I don't think that's the most beautiful part of a woman's body, and I don't like to be slapped in the face with it! The great artists never have emphasised that part. It never has been considered all that beautiful! It's like sticking something ugly‚ dirty and smelly right up your nose!

20. SOME NUDES ARE BEAUTIFUL, ARTISTIC AND ATTRACTIVELY POSED, which are not even as nude or naked or obvious compared to some of those absolutely awful full-frontal repugnant poses! There's difference between beauty and ugliness‚ real art and plain pornography! There's a difference between that which is attractive and that which is repulsive, a difference between nudity and just plain stark staring nakedness: the awful truth! The Greeks had the right idea of beauty. To them the female form was more attractive just thinly clad or draped, partially clothed. Once your curiosity has been satisfied by seeing what one girl's bottom looks like, after that they're all about the same!—So what's the difference?—Then you'd rather see some beautifully draped cloth covering that "uncomely part" and making her form even more attractive, that just plain corny-porny, ugly-wugly‚ nitty-gritty, smarty-smelly, hari-kari crotches! There must also be an expression to her body, an expression of excitement, eagerness and anticipation! And the most exciting bodily expression of a woman for a man is when she strips and crosses her legs and sort of sinuously writhes and rubs one leg on the other, with perhaps one hand covering that lower part and one arm above her head, like she wishes you were there and she's trying to do it herself she wants you so bad!—What her pose says, that's what makes her exciting!—Especially if she closes her eyes like she's feeling ecstatic in the agony of ecstasy! Then you know she's really concentrating on that certain feeling and wants you so!

21. THE WOMAN PREPARING THE MAN IS VERY EXCITING‚ TOO, OF COURSE. But really it seems to me that she's the most exciting when she finally seems to forget everything else and really goes after you like she wants you real bad-really throwing it into high gear and full commotion and really socks it to ya! In other wards, when she's really enjoying it and having a good time, that's when I enjoy it the most! So it all comes back to the same thing: that the greatest happiness and enjoyment is seeing someone else enjoy themselves and making them happy! But I don't say that it's all that unselfish that I want to make you happy that way‚ because I get so much out of it myself just by seeing you happy!

22. ACTUALLY, NORMALLY FOR MOST OCCASIONS, a little bit of clothing–as far as being seen and looking more provocative and beautiful are concerned-a little bit of clothing enhances a woman's beauty and helps cover any parts of her body that aren't particularly beautiful otherwise. Every little tiny detail of the human anatomy is not necessarily always beautiful. The Bible speaks of our "uncomely parts"—the not-so-pretty parts!—And some parts are even more beautiful if they pretend to be hidden and you can only occasionally catch a supposedly forbidden glimpse‚ or a view that it seems wasn't really intentional, like a button "accidentally" left unbuttoned, or a lovely thigh "unconsciously" left exposed, or a bosom "inadvertently" partially bared.—And watch out for those languorous feline stretches, girls!—A woman is in her most tempting position with her arms stretched full length above her head!

23. BUT TOTAL AND CONTINUAL NUDITY CAN ACTUALLY LESSEN SEXUAL DESIRE! That's why they say the nudists become almost unconscious of nudity so that it doesn't even excite them anymore! Men have actually been known to become impotent in nudist camps because the totally nude form no longer excites them! Man's insatiable curiosity really has an awful lot to do with the exciting of his interest. So when a man makes the old cliché excuse for looking at a woman's nude body or examining a woman's nude body or examining a woman's physique by jokingly saying "It is mere scientific curiosity!"—He's really about half right! Because it is that desire to satisfy his curiosity that is a part of the interest–holding fascination—the way a woman is dressed or undressed!

24. FOR EXAMPLE, THAT PRETTY LITTLE NUDE PHOTO ON THE WALL NO LONGER EXCITES ME anymore because I've become so accustomed to it that it no longer arouses my curiosity, because I'm now thoroughly familiar with her every little detail! It's man's nature to want to explore and conquer new and virgin territory and therein to plant the distaff of his pride to satisfy his inborn quest of fresh adventure!—As the Bible says, they seek "strange" flesh, and the literal translation there is "new' flesh. About 50% of man's desire is just plain childish curiosity about the unfamiliar, wondering what hers looks like, what hers acts like and what her response would be!

25. THAT'S WHY, TO HAVE REAL LASTING, ENDURING, GENUINE LOVE IT MUST BE BASED UPON A MORE ENDURING FOUNDATION THAN MERE FLESHLY GRATIFICATION. It must bear unselfish innate desire to protect and help and to make someone else happy.—And there definitely must be measure of admiration for finer qualities than mere physical beauty! A man can be in love with a woman's mind, or he can be in love with her sentiments. He can be in love with her spiritual reactions‚ he can be in love with her emotional companionship, all of which have little or nothing to do with her physical body and their sex life! These definitely have at least 90% more to do with love than pure physical sex or sexual gratification.

26. REAL LOVE IS A SPIRITUAL THING. IT'S NOT MERELY PHYSICAL but it is also manifested in the physical but not in a mere jump–on-jump-off relationship! It's mostly manifested in the spiritual and mental companionship and compatibility of likes and dislikes and things and habits a that you have in common. Even the few things you don't have in common can sometimes be interesting and amusing. For example, your interest in clothing sort of tickles me, and to watch you put on your little style shows really interests me, because I know you enjoy it and you do it to please me, although clothes never have interested me much, or how I looked. As long as I look clean and neat, clothes are not really of any particular importance to me, simply for the reason that I have always had a contempt for people who put great stress on outward appearance. But I'm usually soul-searching instead, and I often meet people whose eyes and faces I search deeply and with intense scrutiny, but I couldn't have told you five minutes later what they were wearing!—But I might have been able to tell you what they were thinking and what their character was like‚ 'cause I may have really looked closely and deeply into their heart!

27. I CONFESS I ALSO FREQUENTLY EXAMINE THE BODIES OF WOMEN, because of course I'm a man, and a woman's physical and sexual attributes are naturally appealing to me. God's created beauty is a thing He's made very attractive to the human eye, which is why He made them that way, so that women would appeal to us more, and we would want to have them. It's like the wife said when asked by her husband why women were so "beautiful but dumb":—"Beautiful enough for you men to want to marry us, and dumb enough to marry you!" Otherwise the normal functions of sex for the sake of procreation and preservation of the human race would seem quite a chore and just plain hard work, perhaps even unpleasant work! But all of the things which God has made to be necessary to our existence, such as eating‚ sleeping, exercise and sexual intercourse, things which He has made necessary to human existence and the survival of the human race, these things which people must do in order to survive, He's made very pleasant and enjoyable and sometimes very exciting!

28. Of COURSE, SINCE TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS BAD, and you can have even too much of a good thing, He's made these fleshly necessities to cloy when you have had a sufficiency. He makes it very pleasant and satisfying to eat when you're hungry‚ but when you've had enough He makes the sight of food virtually sickening to you. Too much sex also can, if you overdo it, get to be a bore and a chore, and it never really totally satisfies all human desire, but satisfies only the physical temporarily so that you don't even want any more for awhile till you have the need again.—And so it is with other forms of exercise:—If you've had enough or perhaps even more than necessary, you will soon tire and weary of it. Although some people really like to sleep, you can get enough of that too‚ until you get bored and weary just of lying in bed, which is one reason the Bible says: "Strength cometh not from the bed!"—Because if you stay in bed too much you'll actually get weak from the lack of the use of you body.—Your strength and muscles and organs will deteriorate.

29. SEX IS ALSO LIKE BEING VERY THIRSTY: One minute you're dying for a drink‚ but it doesn't take many drinks to satisfy, after which, unless you've got some kind of perverted taste or inordinate appetite, you don't care for any more. It's also the same way with sweets: Unless you have an inordinate appetite for sweets that has probably been developed through years of misuse and a perverted desire, since the body doesn't need much in the way of sweets, a normal healthy person will not desire much and will very quickly sicken of too much sweets. If I feel a hunger for something a little sweet, it usually only takes a couple bites to satisfy me. One or two bites of candy are usually about all I can take, and one small piece of dessert is usually about all I can stomach. Because if your appetite is normal and you're healthy, that's about all the sweet you normally need.

30. WHICH BRINGS US BACK TO THE SUBJECT OF PURELY PHYSICAL, SEXUAL GRATIFICATION: Sex is one of the precious and delicate sweets of life, but nevertheless it doesn't take too much to satisfy, because you don't actually need a lot of it. Some people only make love once a night. Most people don't even need it more than two or three times a week. It depends on the capacity of the individual and the individual's potency and virility. Apparently God has made it so that the stronger and healthier and more fit people are‚ the more they will desire sex, so that it will be the strong, healthy and fit people who will have the most children: strong, healthy‚ fit children, and not the weakly, sick and subnormal. Besides, the strong can also stand more sex‚ which is why when you're sick or tired or under some kind of emotional strain or weary or distraught, you're not very desirous of any sexual enterprises. But if you're strong and healthy and have a good responsive mate, you can enjoy a lot of it nearly every night!

31. SOME COUPLES HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO ENJOY SEX NEARLY EVERY NIGHT CLEAR UP INTO THEIR 70'S AND 80'S! My grandfather had a son when he was 65! When one of his students asked him at the age of 85, only a year before he died, what was the normal age for a man to lose his virility and become impotent or unable to enjoy sex he said, "I don't know.—I never have." Men can retain their virility and sexual savagery far into so-called old age and women can even bear children up until the menopause or "change of life", when they cease menstruating periods or making eggs, which occurs as late as the 40's or 50's with most women, and they can still enjoy sex for a good many years afterward. Sometimes women enjoy it even more after the menopause‚ because they no longer have the false phobia about unwanted childbearing.

32. BUT WITH SOME WOMEN THE DESIRE TAPERS OFF IN MIDDLE AGE. This is probably why so many men "go astray" in late middle age, because their healthy normal sexual activity has not much lessened, whereas in some women either it's been temporarily lessened by the menopause, or many women's sexual fulfillment is satisfied in their children or grandchildren or in house-keeping or women's club activities or whatnot, and they simply lose interest in sex and are not responsive to their husband's needs and don't realise that their husband is still quite interested, and, if they don't satisfy his interest, he's apt to look elsewhere for satisfaction!—And he'll probably find it, because there seem to be plenty of women who desire it, since the Bible calls it the desire of women! But I think the reason many husbands leave home is because their wife's interest in sex and husband has waned because of being satisfied and fulfilled in their children.

33. BUT WOE BE UNTO THE WIFE WHO BECOMES MORE INTERESTED IN HER CHILDREN THAN HER HUSBAND!—She may also find her husband is becoming more interested in somebody else than in her! Because, unlike many women, a man's sexual desire is not completely fulfilled in having children, and children are not his primary sexual interest in life as it seems to be with many women. So it is not at all strange to discover that, once a wife's found fulfillment in her children and their activities and care and homemaking, her husband, who is not being satisfied by more responsive sexual activity, is going to be found seeking it elsewhere! Because it seems normal for a man's sexual interests to go on unabated for a good many more years.

34. THIS MAY BE A QUITE A LOGICAL EXPLANATION OF WHY IN THE ANCIENT AND OLD TESTAMENT TIMES THE MEN KEPT ADDING WIVES to their heavenly harems!—As each wife grew old and satisfied with her children, he sought a new and younger wife who was still interested in sex and in satisfying him, and who still desired to be satisfied by sexual activity. So it was not at all abnormal in those days for a man to have several wives. In fact, it seemed to be the customary thing-and still is in many countries!—And the wives seemed to accept it as the normal course of events as well, without undue objection, they themselves having become too busy with their children and household chores to be able to keep up with their husband's insatiable sexual desires, which may have even become a burden to them and a drain on them on top of all their other physical and emotional responsibilities with their household and children and servants. So that the older wives were happy, apparently‚ to give to their husbands some of their handmaidens as younger women for new wives. I daresay the husbands were probably happy for these added new blessings as well, as it seems to be part of man's nature to be constantly seeking new adventures on new territories.

35. AS PAUL SAID OF THE ATHENIANS, "THE PEOPLE SEEK A NEW THING". This rather philandering proclivity of man to discover new means of procreation may actually in some cases have been in the best interests of the race, particular in populating the world by obeying the first commandment to be fruitful and multiply. Polygamy, or multiple wives, was one of the most rapid ways of doing it, because one man is well able to keep quite a few wives supplied with children.—In fact‚ all the children they can handle! For why should he put the strain and drain on the old models to produce repeated models of the same line when he could create an entire new line with a new model. fresh and young and with greater variety?—That's the truth: It just seems to be man's creative nature to want to explore and delve into new territory and satisfy that childish curiosity with new fields to conquer, to examine, and try, and survey, and seek a variety of response and activity as far as the flesh is concerned. However, most men have found one is all they can handle or afford! So Western countries have made this the rule.

36. BUT THE WOMAN WHO DESIRES TO HOLD HER MAN HAD BETTER SEEK SOME BETTER WAY OF HOLDING HIM THAN MERE SEXUAL DESIRE and sexual craving and physical excitement. As a young man seeking a wife, my mother once told me not to put the physical features first in my quest, since these are fairly standard equipment with most women and well furnished on most models. But rather, in a woman look for something more than mere flesh and fair face, voluptuous bosoms, sexy hips and pretty legs, because most women were made by the Lord to have all these pleasing assets, with a good deal of variety. But seek something more in a woman than that, she said!

37.MOST OF ALL SEEK THAT INDEFINABLE THING CALLED PERSONALITY, that sparkle‚ that thing we used to call "it" back in the '20s.—Seek not only the vivaciousness of the flesh, but the liveliness of the spirit, the fascination of the mind, the irresistibility of her heart and its genuine unselfish love, and the greatness‚ and magnanimity of her soul, that spiritual part of her—her whole composite personality make up—which, in turn, can only be satisfied by the spiritual in you, and the absorbing interest of your mind, and the warmness of your heart, and the thrill of your soul! The things of this earth can satisfy your body, but God has made you so that your soul or heart or spirit can only be satisfied by the things which are spiritual and the things of the spirit.

38. THEREFORE WE'RE TOLD TO LOVE (OR WORSHIP) NOT THE WORLD, neither the things that are in the world, such as the love of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. For the fashions of this world and the lust thereof shall pass away, He says, but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever! So‚ He said‚ set not your affections on things below, but on things above; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are unseen are eternal! He did not say you would not like or enjoy or need or desire, with even His God–given desire, the things of this world and this life, including the lust of the flesh, which is very necessary for certain purposes, particularly for the survival and very existence of the flesh. But you're not to love them, worship or lust after them excessively and intemperately, inordinately, more than is necessary‚ more than is meet, to the point that you put these things before the greater and higher values and even more essential necessities of the spirit, which are very necessary to the survival and eternal existence of the spiritual man.

39. FOR IF YOU LOVE THE MATERIAL WORLD MORE THAN THE SPIRITUAL, THEN IT BECOMES A FORM OF WORSHIP of the Creation more than the Creator, and God and His spiritual world refuse to take second place in your affections and your interests or even in the activities of your life. So, He says, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy mind, all thy strength and all thy soul‚ and thy neighbour as thyself. He says these are the first and greatest of all the commandments in importance, and that you shall have no other Gods before Him, for He is a jealous God, and He desires your love and for you to love Him first of all‚ above all, and seek first His Kingdom! But then if you do‚ He's happy to add all these other things unto you, including every desire of your desirous little heart—as long as you delight yourself in Him!

40. HE'S ALWAYS GIVEN ME EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE WANTED THAT WAS GOOD FOR ME OR NOT HARMFUL, including good health‚ enough to eat, usually sufficient rest, lots of enjoyable exercise, and plenty of sexual fun, travel, people, pleasant sights and sounds, music, beauty, wine, women and song, and all the affection and love I could possibly stand—and I can stand a lot!—Because I have a lot! So He puts those around me who also need a lot and can take it and enjoy it too! He usually supplies all my need according to His riches in glory, including even a fairly convenient, safe and comfortable place to live, whether it be a tent or a cottage, it's usually sufficient for my needs and secure enough to serve Him, because my greatest desire and lifelong delight has been to please Him and try to make others happy!

41. SO THEREFORE HE'S GIVEN ME THE GREATEST BLESSINGS ANY MAN CAN ASK FOR: More wonderful loving good and happy helpful companions and children than any other man on the face of the earth!—And if I hadn't already known this, He's even told me so, so I'd be sure and not forget it, and I'd be sure to give Him the glory! He's said that I'm most blessed of all men on the face of the earth, and I believe it and I know it, because I have you‚ my precious children in the Lord, as well as my own flesh and blood children, who bring joy and satisfaction to my heart and soul and a feeling of tremendous accomplishment and sublime fulfillment in life! I sometimes feel I could depart at any moment in peace and contentment and complete satisfaction for mine eyes have not only seen the glory of the Lord, but the fulfillment of virtually every desire of my heart, as well as even of my flesh!

42. BUT IF YOU PUT THESE DESIRES OF THE FLESH FIRST ABOVE GOD AND OTHERS and the needs of your spirit, then you'll find that nothing ever satisfies, not even the most total indulgence in the flesh! You will become as the world-famed poet, Lord Byron, when he despaired at the height of his fame with these words: "I've drunk of every fount of pleasure and quaffed every cup of fame, yet, alas. I die of thirst!" For the things of this earth can only satisfy your body, but only God and His true love can ever fill that aching spiritual void of your heart which He created for Himself alone! For true happiness comes not in your personal pursuit for selfish pleasure and satisfaction, but in finding God and giving His life to others and bringing them happiness! Then happiness pursues and overtakes and overwhelms you, personally‚ without even seeking it for yourself!

43. SO THE MAN OR WOMAN WHO SEEKS ONLY FLESHLY GRATIFICATION, OR TO MERELY GRATIFY THE FLESH OF THE MATE ALONE, WILL NEVER FIND COMPLETE SATISFACTION AND HAPPINESS or be able to make themselves completely happy. You must give, and it shall be given unto you. Love begets love. I knew a woman once who was always seeking a new lover, a new love, but never finding one that satisfied or lasted, because she was always seeking to get love, to receive love‚ to be loved. So when I suggested to her that perhaps she needed to learn how to give love, and to love unselfishly for the benefit and happiness of another, after years of searching, this struck her as an entirely new thought that had never occurred to her before! She went out soon and found what she was looking for all the time by trying to find someone who she could make happy by giving her love to them.

44. SO MAYBE THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU:—YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY.—Maybe you need to look for someone to make them happy, and then happiness will find you! For whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. It's just one of God's rules and laws of the spirit—just as definite and certain as some of the scientific laws of physics, such as gravity. The laws of the spirit, however, never fail! They always work—either for you or against you, according to how you obey them, and whether or not you obey them.—And the first law is the law of love—unselfish love—love for Him and others. If you will obey that one and give that love which is His and their due, so shall ye also receive, for with what measure ye mete unto other men's bosoms‚ so shall they also mete unto your bosom.

45. THIS IS WHY SO MANY LOVE ME, BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT I LOVE THEM—really love them, and really would prefer their happiness to my own, their enjoyment to my own, their fulfilment to my own, their comfort to my own, their satisfaction to my own, their safety to my own, their pleasure to my own. Because I really enjoy seeing others happy, and I enjoy most of all making them happy, for that is my happiness—and it could be yours! Life, liberty and the giving of happiness to others: these are things that only God can give, and the only things that will ever satisfy your spirit! So if you want to be happy and make a mate happy, seek the satisfaction of the spirit in both of you in God! For the fashion of this world passeth away and the lust thereof, but he [and the love] that doeth the Will of God abideth forever!"—(1Cor.7:31 and 1Jn.2:17.)



Love is God!—God is Love!

I Love You!—Love,—Your MO.