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Coming Great Crash, The

David Berg

12/88DO 2498

—The Time to Prepare for It Is Now!

—A Business Conference on the World Economic Crisis!

1. They're doing everything they can to soft peddle the shaky World economic situation & to try to prevent the Crash. In a way, I think everybody feels it coming. Of course, some optimists have been spoutin' off about what a boom they're having & how it seems to be continuing & therefore maybe it'll go right on & never stop, blah blah blah.

2. But the realists, the guys who really know, the genuine, honest forecasters‚ are saying that it can't wait much longer! It's gotta come this coming year & certainly no later than '90. Even those who weren't saying it before are now saying it's probably going to happen in '89. They're saying it just can't go on.

3. The United States cannot go on borrowing so much & spending so much! You can't spend 300 billion Dollars a year just on the military & cut the deficit at the same time! The greatest part of the U.S. budget is welfare. The faster those [poor] families grow, the faster the welfare grows, & they grow like mad.

4. Imagine!—About 60% of the population of almost every major U.S. city is Black! They are virtually the major part of the population in America's big cities! …


5. Well‚ we've warned'm for years & years. I remember lots of people warning them about the ACs & [their allies]—Gerald L.K. Smith, Gerald Winrod, all kinds of forecasters, including the KKKs, etc.! …

6. So the largest part of the U.S. annual budget is spent on welfare. They call it Social Security & blah blah, all kinds of nice fancy names, but it's the dole! It's welfare‚ teaching people not to work!—That they can live off of the government.

7. The next biggest part of the budget—& therefore the deficit—is, of course, the military.—Three hundred billion Dollars a year! And do you know what the next biggest part of the budget is? A lot of people don't realise it because it's glossed over in pretty terms that don't really tell you what the score is.

8. The next largest part of the U.S. Federal Budget is the interest that the U.S. pays on the three trillion Dollar debt they already owe!—Which is growing every year, along with the interest they have to pay on it! It used to be interest to their own citizens, but now they pay the interest to foreigners, the big lenders they have borrowed from who are outside of the country. America has become the largest debtor nation in the World‚ & is paying the largest amount of interest to foreign creditors.

9. It was bad enough when the U.S. owed it to itself, to its own people! But now it's gotten completely out of hand! The United States is borrowing more & more money every year from foreign countries who could jerk the rug out from under them at any time if they thought there was any chance that things were getting too shaky & they might not get their interest.

10. You saw that movie "Roll Over"—all they have to do is jerk out the rug! There is nothing to prevent them from pulling their money out. It's their privilege. It's their money! At a moment's notice, boom!—Then it's gone!

11. Then where is the U.S.A. going to get the money to constantly live beyond its income? The reason people there have such lavish homes & fancy cars & expensive TVs & everything else is they're living on borrowed money! The wages there are way too high.—While other people are starving in many countries. God is not going to put up with it much longer!

12. Although a lot of those poor countries are burdened with billions of Dollars in debt, all those countries put together still do not owe as much money as the United States does! The only reason the U.S. is managing to get by at all is because of their high salaries.—Ridiculous salaries where they're paying $15–an-hour to auto workers & that sort of thing. That can't last. It's just not going to last because they can't sell enough cars to keep paying such exorbitant wages!

13. They have been grossly overpaying their workers. The workers think they're underpaid, but they've been overpaid for years now, several times the salary for the same job in other auto-making countries such as poor Korea, where they get about $3-an-hour. Even in Japan they only get about $5-7-an-hour.—At least those are the last stats that I recall. Whereas they're getting three-to-five times as much in the United States for the same job, & sloppy work at that! Even the average American is convinced that he can get a better deal & a better car from the Japanese, & now even from the Koreans, than they can from their own auto workers.

14. Let's face it, most Americans have become lazy, drunken‚ careless, drug addicts! What the Hell kind of cars are they going to make? Their cars are just fancy names that used to be famous for their excellent workmanship & good materials.—But no more! The materials are getting worse all the time!


15. It makes me angry, so it must make God angry! He cannot let the U.S. get away with it forever.—Starving parts of the World, having other parts of the World living on the very fringes of deep poverty, even impoverishing some of their own people!

16. God cannot let the sinners go on forever unpunished & undisciplined. He just can't do it! The day of reckoning is bound to come. His wheels of justice sometimes grind exceeding slow but they grind exceeding fine.—And they do eventually catch up with those He judges. God waits to see if they're going to repent & gives them as long as He can, but when they don't, then boom! And often His judgments may have waited a long time, but they hit suddenly.—Like some of these so-called natural disasters.

17. I don't have to preach much about the fall of the U.S. any more, all the economic prophets are now preaching it! It just cannot go on‚ period! That's all. Everybody that has loaned money to the U.S. is going to lose faith.—Including those who've invested in the Gold-edged Treasury Bonds which are supposed to be the most secure investments you could possibly have. They're actually the most insecure investments you could possibly have because you'll never get paid! If you get a little interest each year or something like that you're doing well, but what kind of interest are you going to get when the U.S. government completely crashes economically & can't even foot its own bills?


18. It doesn't take long to destroy faith. They used to call them "panics" or runs on the banks. It only takes some kind of a little scare, like the last crash‚ the Stock Market crash of October '87. That didn't quite do it because it didn't hit the poor, it didn't really hit the lower middle class. It just hit the guys that were living too high & on too much gravy & thought it would never end. It just wiped out some of the yuppies & the brokers & the youngsters that you see yelling & screamin' & wavin' on the floor of the Stock Market.

19. It didn't wipe out enough people to bring on the really big one. It just wiped out those gamblers who were making too much money. They got theirs. But next time it will hit middle America & lower middle America, all of the people who are living too high & robbing the rest of the World with their high tariffs on the products of the poor so that even their own poor have to pay too much.

20. It will only take one more scare—a scare which the people are almost waiting for. They sense it's coming. Do you know how I know? Do you know how these other guys know too? They watch the markets closely. I'm not talking about the Stock Market, I'm talking about the selling market. For about the last two or three years sales have been off.

21. It started with the steel industry. The steel industry in the United States is already in total depression! Most of the big steel mills have closed down & a lot of those big steel producing places are now ghost towns! They used to be big huge thriving communities built around the steel plants in the Pittsburgh area. Now they're gone!—Just empty skeletons. And the people are gone or are just out of work & trying to live on the dole.

22. I have been through this once before, & I have studied it & this is always the way it goes.—Steel first! One factor that has wrecked the U.S. steel producers & jerked the rug out from under them is the cheap steel that's being produced & shipped out by the little tigers of the East!

23. Europe is trying to keep it out, but they can't because the enormous giant manufacturers need it. And they're not going to let their governments force them to pay higher prices for it just to keep their own country's steel workers working. They've had huge strikes & riots & everything in Europe over the closing down of some of their steel plants.

24. I'm surprised the U.S. hasn't had as much trouble about it, more strikes & riots, etc. I guess it's because most of their steel plants have already closed down, & it happened so slowly & subtly that the Americans didn't protest, they just went on the dole.

25. Of course, this is a new factor that they didn't have in the last Depression. They didn't have that much competition from steel from the East. But now they can buy steel so cheaply from the East it doesn't even make it worthwhile for them to manufacture it in the United States any more.

26. Also‚ there isn't even the demand for steel that they used to have. That's another reason. Sales in general have been going down each year for the past three years. Take Christmas sales, for example, they're down to something like only 70% of last year's, & last year was some per cent less from the former year.

27. I don't want to go into too much detail, but I'm just trying to prove a point. I've been keeping my eye on these stats because I knew that when steel went—& it's gone—cars would go next. And that's what's happening. They were surprised, really‚ that they had such good car sales in '87. And of course, everybody splurges at Christmas time. They thought they were buying their last new car last year. But car sales are way down this year. Christmas sales were down somewhat last year, & they're way down this year. This is exactly the way it went in the last Depression.

28. When the October '87 Crash came, do you know what it caused a lot of them to do? —Get out & buy everything they could while their credit was still good.—Buy that new car, buy that new house, buy those gifts, buy‚ buy, buy! And they had a spending spree after the Crash that caught the investors & everyone by surprise. They didn't expect them to buy so many cars & houses.

29. They figured that was their last splurge & it probably was. But on the other hand, some people got to Christmas this year ('88) & decided, "Well, things aren't as bad as we thought they were going to be. Maybe I can still buy that last car or that last house that should last me the rest of my life, maybe I can still afford to spend a little more!" So they went out & they spent again this past Christmas.

30. The American psychology, their state of mind is, "Get out & spend it while you can!—While you've still got anything to spend! Run up bills! Run up debts! Spend it! Get it now! Grab it now! It may be the last time you'll ever have a chance! There's going to be a Great Depression! Everybody says so!

31. "All the honest economic prophets say there's going to be a Great Depression & it's going to hit worldwide, so I've got to get out & get mine while I still have a chance, while I've still got it!—Why worry about saving money? The government doesn't save money. They say it's good for the country, that all this excessive spending is good for the country!"

32. So they went out & spent again this Christmas, although not as much as last year. They figure, "Well‚ it's still here & I've still got it. I might as well spend it quick because it might not be here next year!"—And I doubt if it will be. The guy who wrote the book The Crash of '79 says now it's going to be '89. He says, "I don't understand how it held on so long."

33. The major reason it's held together is this huge government borrowing to keep things going. There's only one thing that keeps them going & enabling them to keep on borrowing & the foreign countries willing to lend.—That's faith that maybe it'll last a little while longer, & the greedy still want to get that high interest. So they're still willing to put out their billions.

34. Imagine‚ three hundred billion Dollars a year interest payment on its debt, & the U.S. is not making any money off of it! Somebody else is making the money off of it. The U.S. used to stay rich by borrowing money from its own people, & then its own people got the interest. Now it's pouring out of the country at a tremendous rate, a terrific rate. And they already owe three trillion Dollars that they are never going to repay!

35. Panics happen suddenly.—Just like the '87 Stock Market Crash happened virtually overnight. I want to warn you, they happen suddenly—boom! So don't count on it stringing out too long. It can happen overnight.—Especially if the foreign lenders suddenly lose confidence in the economy of the country & start pulling their billions out.

36. Then the U.S. government simply won't have it to spend any more. They won't be able to pay salaries. They won't be able to pay those high wages any more. There will be no more Social Security. It will all be gone because they're borrowing those funds from foreign lenders who are going to pull out as soon as they panic & get scared!—It can happen very suddenly.


37. I'd like to let our people who receive WS gifts down easily, if I could, that's what I'd like to do. But it can happen suddenly. And it's likely to happen this coming year, 1989.

38. So we've got to get our people used to getting by with less. Hopefully WS will be able to hang on to enough income so that at least Mama & I & the feeders of the sheep can keep going & telling God's children what the Lord is doing & what He is going to do, etc.

39. We are the shepherds guiding the sheep, & when the sheep are in their greatest trials, tribulations & hardships of this soon-coming great World Depression‚ they're going to need us all the more. So we are going to have to teach some of them, perhaps most of them, to now shift for themselves. We simply are unable to help support them any more. We'll be doing well if we manage to keep going ourselves, publishing just our barest periodicals like the GN & the WND & a few things like that which they really need in order to know what's going on. We have to keep feeding the sheep, right? "Feed My sheep" were the Lord's last instructions. And He said it three times to impress it on us!—Jn.21:15-17.

40. What were the two jobs the Lord gave His disciples when He was saying farewell? (Peter: "Go into all the World to preach the Gospel" & "Feed My sheep.") Exactly! Go, get sheep.—And then, don't fail to feed them! Well‚ we have gone into all the World, we have gotten the sheep. Thank the Lord, we have some very unusual sheep.—They know more about what's going on than anybody else in the World, certainly more than most of the church people!


41. I've noticed that even the churches are now talking more about the Antichrist & the Tribulation than they ever did before! They used to hardly ever mention it because they didn't expect to be here. I want to tell you something: Our message on the Tribulation, that the Church is going to go through the Tribulation & they're going to see the Antichrist, that message was virtually unheard of even 20 years ago when we first started the Family! Hardly anybody believed it except for the Catholics & the Seventh–day Adventists. They're about the only other ones who believed the Church is going to go through the Tribulation & see the Antichrist.

42. I've been preaching it for 40 years!—Ever since I really got down to business & asked the Lord to show me what's going to happen & I read through the Book of Revelation without any preconceived ideas. I just told the Lord, "Now, I'm just going to read it straight through, You show me what this means & what order it comes in," etc. And that's when the Lord showed me.

43. So I've been convinced that the Church is going through the Tribulation ever since I was a young Bible student, particularly by the time I got my own church, & even before that. I remember the District Superintendent came around once & told me that I had begun "infecting" the other pastors with that doctrine. I knew it wasn't a popular doctrine, so I had to kind of lie low because virtually the whole Church—particularly the fundamentalists & evangelicals—followed Scofield to the "t". So they believed that, of course, the Church was not going to go through the Tribulation. They would never see the Antichrist!

44. So this Superintendent came around & he got me & some of the boys I was beginning to "pervert" together. He tried to make it not too blunt or straight at me. He said, "Now, boys, I hear that some of this doctrine of the Church going through the Tribulation & seeing the Revelation of the Antichrist has been sort of perking around in your area. Now, personally you can believe whatever you want to believe, that's up to you. But our denomination does not hold that doctrine! We believe, along with the rest of the evangelicals & fundamentalists like Scofield‚ that God is going to take the Church out before the Tribulation! Now if you want to hold to that other doctrine, that's your personal business, but don't spread it around!—Don't preach it!"—Imagine!

45. This was one of the supposed heresies of the Seventh-day Adventists. The fundamentalists used to get out a little pamphlet that folded out about as long as a legal sheet of paper, & it had a column for each of the so-called "false cults." It had a column for the Mormons & a column for the Seventh–day Adventists & Jehovah's Witnesses & each one of the various so-called false cults.

46. They had each of their false doctrines summarised right down the column under each one, & this was listed as one of the primary false doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventists, that the Church was going to go through Tribulation! Well‚ God bless the Seventh-day Adventists, they were right!

47. The tract didn't hardly bother with the Catholics, everybody already thought they were nuts! And I doubt if many of them knew that the Catholic Bible makes it very clear & specific that the Church is going through the Tribulation & will see the Antichrist. Thank God for that, at least the Catholics believe it!—Even though they don't preach it or tell others about it.

48. Well, I kept preaching it anyhow! The chips against my denomination kept stacking up‚ so when I had to leave—in fact was told to leave—I wasn't really surprised. But I certainly thought it was very unfair of them. They waited for me to build their church building, & then they gave all of these excuses for asking me to resign.

49. But anyhow, my teaching didn't jive with the denomination's. The church at that time was totally unprepared for the Tribulation, but now a lot of them are preaching & teaching that the Church will go through it.

50. It reminds me of something my Mother once said to Fred Jordan: She said, "Fred‚ you may not think you've had much impact, but don't measure your ministry by the small work you have."—And he'd actually had a pretty big work, big school‚ big television show & hundreds of missionaries.—He got up to 300 missionaries, think of that! That was quite a lot of missionaries for one guy.

51. But she said, "Don't measure your ministry just by your own people & schools & missionaries, which are your primary impact. This primary impact is almost nothing compared to the secondary impact you've had on the Church in general!—Causing churches to think about & get convicted about witnessing & soul-winning! You have been the conscience of the Church. You have awakened them to their neglect & the way they have failed to teach their people to get out & win souls. They have not done it, & now they're waking up to the fact of their neglect because of you!"

52. Of course, they began waking up not because they were really sorry & repentant.—They were only sorry when they found out they could build churches from almost nothing to huge congregations by going out witnessing & winning souls. Their losses were what convinced them.—The fact that their congregations were dwindling & money was dwindling, etc.

53. Anyway‚ we meet more people all the time, we hear about more & more preachers preaching about the Tribulation & the coming Antichrist & that they're probably going to see him & go through the Tribulation! Nobody was preaching it before.—Nobody except the Seventh-day Adventists & us! But now it seems like almost everybody is preaching it!

54. So thank God we were faithful to the message! It didn't necessarily gain us all that many followers; in fact, it offended a lot of people, especially the churches. They couldn't take it at all. But apparently some honest men in some of those churches caught on & began preaching it & warning their people. I remember telling many a preacher, "I know you don't believe this. I know you think I'm wrong. But what if I am right & you have not prepared your people for it?"—That set some of them to thinking!

55. I always said, "I would rather preach this & be wrong, & hopefully float up to Heaven on a flowery bed of ease before the Tribulation comes, than to fail my conscience & the Lord & not warn everybody I can get ahold of & preach it to!—And then have us all land right in the middle of the Tribulation unprepared!" (Maria: A lot of the church people are probably going to think the coming Great Depression is the Tribulation. For them it will be so different, so drastic.)

56. Well‚ it will be part of it, I don't doubt it's probably going to initiate it. Because they're saying all the time, they've got to have somebody who can solve these problems. And when they're all in the depths of the doldrums of the Depression then they're going to insist on somebody. And the [ACs] will trot out their man & say, "Here is the brilliant mind. Here is the guy who has the solution! Listen! Hear ye him!"


57. We recently heard about that actress, Shirley MacLaine, & quite a few other prominent people getting sucked in by something called "The New Age." It's very popular & seems to be sweeping the U.S. Apparently, there are all kinds of people involved in it. It's like the Devil's solution for the World situation & it's being preached as the "New Age." Isn't that clever of the Devil?—To use an expression that really can be applied to the Millennium! Think of that!

58. And it's to deceive people & to encourage them that, "There is a new age coming & it will have a saviour!" Well, it's coming, & I don't doubt that the Depression will be the beginning of it to make people willing to follow the man.


59. The main thing I want to warn you is not to count on it taking a long time like it's been doing.—Because when it really hits, it's going to hit hard, it's going to hit deep & it's going to hit suddenly. I believe it with all my heart!

60. It's going to hit harder & faster than we may even think. They used to call them "panics." It's happened before & the country it hit has been plunged into the doldrums where business was bad & there was tremendous unemployment, etc. These panics & economy crises have grown each time. They're getting bigger & bigger, & the last one enveloped the entire Earth!—All of the industrial countries were hit.

61. But this next one is going to be such as there never was! It's going to be like the Famine in Egypt in the time of Joseph, where men will be willing to sell their bodies for food. That's what they did. They sold themselves into the slavery of Egypt, imagine!—Gen.47:13-26.

62. They were willing to sell themselves as slaves for something to eat.—And they'll do it again. They've already sold themselves as slaves to the System & to the Devil‚ & they will do anything to save themselves from economic disaster, especially when they start getting hungry & don't even have food. They'll sell themselves into slavery.


63. So the End has got to come! The way the World & the U.S. & its movies & its music & its youth & all the rest are now going, it has become so vile & corrupt & decadent & violent that I think their cup of iniquity is about full‚ & the Lord is going to soon stop them, even by an economic collapse.

64. I recently read about an economist saying, "The best thing in the World that could happen to the U.S. now is another Great Depression! Then the people won't have the money to buy drugs. They won't tolerate these criminals. And they will be poor." He said that's one of the best things that ever happened to the World, the Great Depression.

65. He said, "We were poor. We were dead serious about life. We couldn't afford much, but we managed to get through. We just couldn't afford all these luxuries, this decadence‚ this opulence, etc. We couldn't afford it. We didn't have money.—Hardly enough money for food, much less for buying liquor & drugs & everything that the kids buy today."

66. So it's gonna be good for us, believe it or not. It's certainly going to be good for the people who are bringing it on by all of their foolishness. And in the long run it's going to be good for the World because they're going to have to change their ways. Only one man is going to be strong enough, powerful enough to really crack down on them & discipline them with a whole new economic system, & you know who that's going to be.—The Antichrist!


67. All that to say this, it can happen overnight, & the quicker we're ready for it & can stand such a financial shock & drop in income, the better off we'll be when it happens. So we are at the beginning again of another Wind-down, & I think this is going to be the last one.—I really believe it with all of my heart.

68. I think the Lord let us go through that former Wind-down when I thought that certainly the Antichrist was bound to arise in '86. Well, those were my deductions & my theories & suppositions, partly based on conditions‚ etc. I think it's the mercy of God that it didn't happen. But at least He put us through the paces of a trial Wind-down & showed us how to do it, made us figure out how to do it. So we're now going basically on the same principles we established then of how to get ready for it.

69. This time I don't think it's just a test or a trial, or what they call in the military, a dry run‚ without real ammo. This time I think it's the real thing & we have got to do it, & we've got to do it as quick as we can!

70. I'm sorry to have to start trimming some of these people down, but we are going to have to cut down everything that is not absolutely essential. We're going to have to even cut down things that we've thought were essential!

71. We'd better get prepared for what's coming. You know it's always hard for me to trim people's gifts down, & I'd always rather keep'm going somehow. But we are just going to have to cut out the ministries that are not‚ as the System says, "cost efficient", those which cost more than they're worth under these present emergency conditions.

72. Everybody that can possibly be self-supporting—every field, every Unit, every Home, whatever it is—should be self-supporting & not be dependent on World Services. They are now going to have to be self-supporting.

73. This was one of the first principles that I was taught clear back in the Soul Clinic—Indigenuity! Fred Jordan had said about all of his works, missionaries, churches in the home, etc., that "They need to follow the basic principle of being indigenous!" And that meant three things: Self-supporting, self–governing & self-propagating. That's indigenous!


74. So we now need to get back to that principle. That's the only way he survived, & the only way we've managed to grow & survive as well. When we first started out we weren't supporting a whole bunch of missionaries, we weren't contributing one red cent to the Colonies we had all over the United States, they were supporting us! In fact, we had no set income at all, of any kind. We never knew where it was going to come from next, just through gifts that came in‚ from various people & Colonies. We just lived on whatever they gave us & whatever the Lord provided during those early days.

75. It was just a gift from somebody here, a gift from somebody there. I remember a drug dealer in California, a young boy who gave us a thousand Dollars once, & that's what got us started in our caravans. A thousand Dollars was a lot of money in those days!

76. It had to take this conscience-stricken drug dealer to give us a thousand Dollars for our work! He was probably trying to buy the Lord off, ha! Actually before that, when we were first finished with Fred & started Teens for Christ, dear Aaron sold his cattle & gave us a thousand Dollars to go on. Those were the first big gifts I remember us ever getting.

77. That drug dealer gave us a thousand just when we needed it, to leave Huntington Beach & start on the road again. Before that, Aaron had given us a thousand to get started on the road with Teens for Christ. Then Josh once gave us a thousand which he had gotten in tax returns or something, to get us started to Europe. That's what helped get us to Europe.

78. But we just lived by faith from those gifts! We never got any particular set amount or percentage until we were in London with Jeth. I said, "Jeth, we can't go on not ever knowing if our international office or pubs are going to have enough money to pay the rent! So I suggest that from now on we ask each of the distributors & people that go witnessing there in London to give 10% of their income to our International Office."

79. One reason I said 10% was to keep him from over–charging them. Then I said, "Now that you've got a good income, you're going to have to give us a certain amount every month." And we started off with about $300 a month that we figured would take care of our rent & our food‚ etc.

80. Of course, as babies came & helpers came & our family grew we had to have more, & so finally we got to WS & to a whole change in administration‚ we cut off the Chain & re-organised WS. We then asked that every single Home should give 10% of its income to WS for both our support & the publications & all the WS ministries.

81. Then as our income grew, we were able to volunteer support for this ministry & that Unit & all kinds of other things, & the Lord just kept us going. The more our ministry has grown, the more He has brought in the income both to our Family & to us. And it's always been enough, thank the Lord!

82. But now it's almost inevitable that we cannot expect a continued sufficient income to keep all of these presently WS–supported ministries going. Of course, the Lord may prove me wrong again‚ because every year has been better—in our Family growth & our results, as well as our income & our pubs & everything. But we may find that this year, '89, may be the end of that!


83. In fact, I just have a feeling, I don't see how the World can get by another year without a major collapse. And if worldwide income collapses‚ though our Family income will not collapse, it will certainly go down. That means it's not going to cost any less for the Family to live but it is going to be harder & harder for them to pay tithes & give gifts, & our WS income is bound to go down along with theirs. Right?

84. So we are going to have to prepare for it. We have got to trim off the fat & trim down a lot of people that we have volunteered to help & keep going, which we will no longer be able to. We just won't be able to afford it, that's all, we won't have it. We can't give them what we haven't got!

85. So we might as well get ready for it now. We've already cut many Units' income, & some we're progressively cutting every month. We need to get ready for it now. It may happen sooner than we think, & we want to still be in a position where we can continue living in order to continue producing at least the monthly pubs, or as many as we can. Amen?

86. If we don't continue to exist‚ the pubs aren't going to exist. And if we don't cut down on some of these projects, eventually there may not be enough for us to continue our pubs. (Maria: We could give that same advice to some of the local fields because a lot of countries are being, in my opinion, a little extravagant with various projects like huge local mailings & things that aren't really necessary.) Yes, you're all going to have to learn to get by on less, spend less. Don't be guilty of what the U.S. has been guilty of for years now.—Living far beyond their income & living on borrowed money & borrowed time!

87. You'd all better start learning to cut down now. Cut off the fat. Cut down any unnecessary expenses. Cut down even on some of your necessary expenses. Be more economical about your housing, be more economical about your utilities. Cut down on your lights, use less water & start learning to cut down on everything!—Maybe not have such luxurious food & a lot of other things you may have gotten used to.

88. You'd better start cutting down now. I say this to the local Homes as well as you & us‚ or you may find yourself out on a limb & cut off if you don't start learning to live within your income now!

89. You've had a pretty good income or you wouldn't be spending so much on some of these luxurious things that Mama is talking about. But get ready to not have so much & to cut down lest you get cut off!—It's better to get cut down than to get cut off! That's what we're trying to do. Cut down on all of your expenses & try to save some so you'll have some for the rainy days ahead. Amen? PTL!

90. Now is the time to do it, now! Don't wait until it happens. Start saving now. Start beefing up your reserves, your emergency funds, etc., so that when it does happen—& it may happen suddenly—you will be able to survive. And have something in mind to keep you going somehow‚ some avenue of escape or support or whatever.

91. We've been advising you along this line for a long time. You've branched into other ministries & diversified more, & I've been pleased to hear it. You're not just a one or two-product Family. You're branching out into other ministries that are more apt to survive & be able to keep going than just tapes & Posters.

92. When the day comes & you're forced off the streets, God helping you, we hope you'll have built up your other more private ministries & outreaches, DFs, friends, kings, converts & whatever. Amen? All right, PTL! Mama, will you close in prayer?

93. (Maria: Thank You, Lord, for this wonderful counsel.—For these warnings & instruction & advice that we all need, Lord. You give us exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask, TYJ! Help us now to have the wisdom to know what to do‚ Lord, to act upon it & be prepared for the future!) Amen, Lord, so we can stay alive & keep moving. (Maria: Help us, Lord, to cut down as much as possible & save what we need, Lord, to be prepared. Bless & keep us now. Strengthen Dad, Lord, & give us all a good evening & a good day tomorrow, in Thy care. In Jesus' name‚ amen.) Amen! GBAKY ready! WLY!