KEYWORDS: lord, jesus, thy, name, help, hallelujah

Prayer for Our Homegoing Families

David Berg

1/89DO 2494

1. Lord‚ we ask Thee to bless the folks who have gone back to their home fields. They've worked hard, they've been persecuted, they've suffered privation, now they have to go home. We know You can take care of them just as well in their home field. In some ways it will be easier, in other ways it'll be harder. But we know that You'll take care of them just as much, TYJ! Help them to even get a little rest, Lord, so it won't be quite so hard.

2. They've done their job, Lord, they've done what You have asked them to do.—Gone into all the World & preached the Gospel to every creature that they could. Now, Lord, You be good to them & help them to have a little furlough & be able to teach their kids & give a little more attention to their children. Amen‚ Jesus.

3. Bless their children, Lord, help them to be as good as ours. Continue to bring them up in the nurture & admonition of Thee, Lord‚ in Jesus' name! Please help them‚ Lord. Help them to take good care of their kids‚ Lord‚ the future generation, the leaders of the Millennium! We know You're more concerned than we are, so we know You'll do it.

4. Help their kids to stand strong against the Worldly influences of the rich nations. And even if tempted, Lord, they can resist temptation & realise that they have something much better than the Worldly kids! They have You, Jesus! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name! Bless & keep them close to You, Jesus!—Along with their parents. Give them wisdom of what to do & how to do it, Lord. In Jesus' name.

5. Bless & keep them, Jesus. Provide for them, Lord. We know You will, You've promised to! And protect them, Jesus, from our evil enemies who are taking over the World. Bless & keep them in spite of it all, in Jesus' name. TYL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name! TYJ!

6. They're Thy children, Lord, & we know You'll take care of them if they'll stay close to You, Jesus‚ & obey & do Thy Will. Help them to continue to do the job, Lord, to witness & win souls for Thy Kingdom!—And to publish Glad Tidings, TYL! Praise You Jesus! Hallelujah! TYJ!

7. We commit them to Thy care, Lord. They're Thy children, Lord, Thy sheep, & we know that You'll lead them, guide them & keep them & make them fruitful to help others, Lord, in the trying days to come, in Jesus' name. Amen! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

8. Amen, Sweetheart, I love you! You're so faithful to feed the sheep! Lord help me to be faithful to give them Thy Word & Thy guidance, to be a faithful shepherd, Lord, & lead Thy sheep to green pastures beside the still waters to help restore their souls. Even if they have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death, help them to fear no evil. Thy rod & Thy staff will comfort them, TYL! Provide for them, Lord. Prepare a table for them, even in the presence of their enemies. Anoint their heads with the oil of Thy Spirit. They surely need Thy wisdom. Hallelujah! TYL! In Jesus' name! PYL!

9. We know You'll keep them in Thy house forever in the joy of the Lord! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name! Amen, amen! They're Your sheep, Lord, You have to take care of them. I can't, Lord, all I can do is give them Thy Word. I'm just Thy messenger boy. But help me to faithfully give them Thy messages‚ in Jesus' name. Praise You Lord! Help me not to fail them, Lord. Amen! Amen! Hallelujah!

10. In some ways, Lord, You could even make it a little bit easier for them now back in their home countries‚ home fields. At least they don't have to have all of those travel problems & visa problems. You can certainly supply their needs‚ perhaps even more easily.

11. But protect them, Lord, from the evil influences of those rich nations! And protect their children from the temptations of this wicked World. Keep them all mindful of You‚ Jesus‚ & close to You, Jesus, to come out from among them & be separate & touch not the unclean things!—2Cor.6:17. To stay separate, Lord‚ from the corruption & worldliness of those nations & to keep themselves pure, Lord‚ in Thy Love. In Jesus' name.—Only going into the Pit to rescue others, in Jesus' name. Hallelujah!—Just as they did before, Lord.

12. Help them to remember that their task has not changed. They're still to be witnesses & to love & rescue souls out of the Pit! TYJ! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name. Amen! TYL! Bless them & keep them & make them a blessing, in Jesus' name, amen! TYL! PYL! TYJ!

13. Amen, Lord, we commit them all to Thy care, Thy precious sheep, Lord. Do you think I'm doing enough for them? (Maria: I don't see how you could do any more.) Lord help me to do all I can. I can't do very much now‚ Lord, I'm so old & tired. But You can help me, strengthen me. Thank You for continually healing me & helping me to keep going, Lord. You can even give me a little more time past my birthday, as long as they need me, Jesus. In Jesus' name! Thy Will be done. Not my will but Thine be done, in Jesus' name! Whatever You know is best, Lord.

14. I'm willing to continue, Lord, for their sakes. Even though it would be easy for me to go, Lord, You could keep me here as long as they need me, like You did Hezekiah, Lord. (See 2Kings 20:1-7) I'm not even asking for 15 years, Lord.—Just maybe a year or two or three to help them & guide them & lead them & feed them as long as they need me, Lord. In Jesus' name. TYL! Amen! (Maria: And Lord, You know we really do need him, so You keep him as long as possible, in Jesus' name!)

15. Thank You for even giving me 70 years, Lord. I didn't know for sure if I was going to live that long until You gave me that promise. TYL! I'm just about to make it, Lord! But if they need me, Lord, You can keep me a little longer. TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name! Amen?

16. They're doing such a good job, Lord. It doesn't hardly seem like they need me any more. They're doing such a tremendous, terrific job, Lord. They're doing so well! (Maria: Oh, Lord, You know the reason we're doing so well is because he's given us Your Words, Lord, to follow & obey.) Lord, I'm sure they could carry on. But maybe I could be of help, Lord, to guide them a little bit further, into the troublesome days ahead. Thy Will be done! Have Thy way! You know what's best, Lord. Thank You Lord, in Jesus' name. Have Thy way, Lord.

17. I'm willing to go, willing to stay, ready to do Thy Will! In Jesus' name, amen! TYL! I think maybe we'd better go to sleep now, Honey‚ it's all in the Lord's hands. PTL! I know He's taking care of them! TYJ! But I might be able to be a little help. (Maria: Amen!—A very big help!)—To advise & counsel & guide them. Lord, You can help us to go to sleep so we can sleep a little longer. We've prayed for Thy sheep, now help Thy shepherd to sleep.

18. They need my prayers, Honey, & the Lord expects it of me, to love them & be concerned about them & pray for them. That's all I can do now. I try to help them & we try to help them all we can. Amen, give us wisdom, Lord‚ how to help them best‚ in Jesus' name.

19. Thank You for how You've helped them‚ Lord, protected them & provided for them, blessed them & made them a blessing, in Jesus' name, amen! Amen? PTL! GBY&CTMYABTM! ILY!—In Jesus' name‚ Amen!