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Green Paper Pig, The

David Berg

—A Dream of the Future of the Dollar!—MOJune 23, 1973NO.243—GP

P.O. Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England or BP 752, 75123 Paris, CEDEX 03 France

1. (Early this morning MO awoke in the Spirit and related to me the following dream:) IT WAS SUMMER IN THE MIDEAST, and we were fleeing through this canyon or wadi where a stream flowed (I know now it was the Jordan River), towards some kind of sea or lake like the Dead Sea (which I know now it was) where we were to get on some boats to escape across to the other side. But then as a last resort, someone unleashed on us this big imaginary monster—a gigantic Green Pig—and he was huge, like a mechanical elephant or one of these mammoth monster-like parade balloons‚ and if you believed he existed he could destroy you! He was charging down the Jordan Valley‚ trampling on some people and devouring others, when I shouted at them: "He doesn't really exist! It's just in your mind! You must rebuke him and he'll go away!" So some of us turned as we were boarding the boats to leave, and just as he caught up with us I yelled again, "He doesn't exist! It's a matter of whether you believe it or not! It's only your faith in him that he exists that makes him real! Rebuke him in Jesus' name and he'll flee!"—And the minute we turned and faced him and challenged him and rebuked him in Jesus' name, he vanished just like that! (MO snaps his fingers.) He was like the ultimate weapon, their last resort, to release this monstrous Green Pig!

2. AFTERWARD I WAS LYING HERE THINKING: "What is this funny dream! What does this strange dream mean‚ Lord?" I asked the Lord: "What is a green pig? That's ridiculous!" Then I thought to myself, "What is like a pig? Is it a nation? But what nation is like a pig? America? But why is he green? Does that mean he's young and new?" And then the answer came just as clear as anything: He's the American dollar!—The ultimate weapon in the Mideast is the American dollar, and if you believe in it‚ it will destroy you! But if you know it doesn't really exist, it vanishes! So I had told them, "It doesn't even exist! It's in your mind! It's your fear‚ your imagination! Resist it! Challenge it in Jesus' name!"—And, poof! It just evaporated! And that's the last I remember!

3. SO THE ULTIMATE WEAPON IS THE "GREENBACK" Pig!—The American dollar, or American "greenback," as they call it! Somehow they're using it against the rest of the world. It came charging down the Jordan Valley just like they'd turned him loose _________ (censored)‚ and he came charging furiously at us‚ and was really trampling and devouring the stragglers, the people who were a little late in making up their minds. But when it got to where we were embarking in these boats, we just turned around and I screamed: "He doesn't even exist! Rebuke it in Jesus' name!"—And we all just turned around and resisted it in Jesus' name, and it vanished just like that!—The ultimate weapon! How about that?

4. WE MUST TELL THE WORLD THAT THEY MUST NOT FEAR THE AMERICAN DOLLAR! The Green pig is only a monster of the imagination! It only exists if you believe in it. If you resist it in the name of God, it evaporates and is no more! So he's very wise to put his money in gold, because the dollar is going to evaporate when the people lose faith in it, and it will be gone! The green pig gobbles everybody up that believes in it‚ and tramples everybody in the mud that thinks it exists! But for those who know it's just a monster of imagination, it vanishes!—It's nothing! The Green Pig is the American dollar!

5. I WAS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHERE ALL THIS WAS, and it came to me that the place where I saw the decision made to release the Green Pig was _____ (censored), and the small canyon with the river in the bottom was the Jordan! It had small low bluffs on both sides—it was the Jordan Valley, the Jordan canyon, and we were fleeing down from _____ (censored) to the Dead Sea where we were embarking on boats.—And it came to me we must have been going to Petra, fleeing to Petra, the world-famed Rock City in Jordan! But the decision to unleash the Green Pig, the ultimate weapon, was made at _____ (censored)!

6. SOMEONE IS MANIPULATING THE DOLLAR and using it as a weapon—the Green Pig—to try to destroy their enemies. Someone is behind the monetary crisis and they are using it to their own advantage to somehow try to destroy their enemies.—And if you believe in it, it will destroy you, but if you refuse to believe that it even exists, it completely evaporates and vanishes! It has no power over you at all. It is a monster of imagination! It only terrifies those who believe that it exists. It is the moneymakers' monster, and the Green Pig is just a tool in their hands.

7. AMERICA ITSELF IS LIKE A GREEN PIG, and the Green Pig is like America—huge and powerful and young and green and greedy, gluttonous‚ wasteful, selfish! But it only exists if you believe it exists, like its dollar‚ the "greenback," or the American dollar. It's like this Green Pig is the god of America, it is America's idol that they worship. It is not even as good as the golden calf‚ because it doesn't even exist! It is all in the imagination. But they worship it and they created it, and the moneymakers helped them to create it. But it is they that tell it which way to go. It is they who unleash it against their enemies, and it is they who control it, and they either harness it and support it‚ or they unleash it and send it charging against their enemies to devour them!

8. BUT IF YOU HAVE NO FAITH IN IT, and you take no stock in it, you don't believe in it, you don't worship it, and you rebuke it in the name of God, it just vanishes and evaporates! It has no power at all over you unless you're one of its worshippers. The moneymakers are its high priests and its priesthood‚ and it was created in their temples and they control it and they manipulate it as they will to their own advantage against their enemies.

9. SO YOU AND ALL THE WORLD MUST BEWARE OF THE DOLLAR! It is a moneymaker's creation—a Green Pig! It'll devour you and trample you to death in the mud and the mire if you believe in it and put your faith in it, if you trust in it! Because‚ whichever way it moves‚ it moves at their behest, at their direction, because they created it and they control it. But it only exists for those that believe in it. If you take no stock in it and have no faith in it and don't believe in it and you reject it, and if you refuse to accept it and you resist it because you know it doesn't exist, except according to men's faith in it and their imagination, if you challenge it in the name of God, it just goes pooof!—Like puff, the Magic Dragon! It totally evaporates! It has no power over you whatsoever if you don't believe in it. But those who believe in it will be destroyed by it!—It was their creation, their monster, and it is the figment of their imagination, but they use it to their own advantage. But if you'll reject it and refuse to believe in it, and you rebuke it in God's name, it vanishes and cannot even touch you!

10. THEY MUST NOT PUT THEIR FAITH IN THE DOLLAR. THEY MUST REBUKE THE GREEN PIG and he will vanish for he doesn't really exist except in the minds of men who accept him. You get all the words of David? You receive all the words of your Father? You must tell them to the people! "Beware of the Green Pig which the moneymakers have unleashed upon the world!" The money crisis, the dollar crisis is their creation and the decision to use it as the ultimate weapon was made at _____ (censored)! (He looks at grey sweater): It looks green, and I thought it was green! Then all of a sudden I realised it wasn't green!—It was all in my imagination! Like those that clothe themselves in dollars they think are green, they think they are alive and young and growing like the green things of the earth, but they shall find that this greenness only exists in their imagination‚ and when exposed to the light of day, the truth of God, it turns to grey ashes, burnt out fires, dead grey ashes!

11. THE AMERICAN DOLLARS ARE NO LONGER GREEN AND GROWING, BUT THEY HAVE TURNED TO GREY DEAD ASHES and they only look green if you're deceived thereby, only if you think that grey is green when green has really turned to grey! The Green Pig will turn to ashes, dead grey cold ashes, when the fire of faith is gone, and it will be burnt out and destroyed when the fire of the faith of men in it is gone! When the flame of faith in it has burnt out, all the dollars will be turned to ashes and burnt up, turned to worthless ashes! Oh my God, why don't they see that! Why does God's prophet have to tell them a simple little childish story? I have to warn the world, honey, of the words God gives, His wondrous words He gives to save them from this monstrous Green Pig—the American dollar they have unleashed on the world as their ultimate weapon to try to destroy their enemies!

12. AMERICA'S GREEN PAPER PIG DOESN'T EVEN EXIST—IT'S ONLY IN YOUR MIND—and only if you believe in it! It's a figment of your imagination! If it's your image, if it's the image of your nation—your image-nation, your imagination, the image of your nation, and you worship it and you believe in it and you hold on to it, it will destroy you! But if you rebuke it and defy it in the name of God, it has no power over you! It totally vanishes—just evaporates! As they unleashed it at ________ (censored) and it came charging down the Jordan Valley toward us while we were escaping in these boats at the Dead Sea, it was destroying everything in its path till we turned and rebuked it and resisted it and I shouted to them, "It doesn't exist! Rebuke it! Resist it and it will flee from you!"—And we did, and Puff, the Magic Dragon vanished!—Puff, the Magic Dragon crashed!

13. THE WEST IS THE STRONGHOLD OF THE MAGIC DRAGON—THE DREAM PIG! I'm not afraid of the Magic Dragon! I'm not afraid of the Green Pig! But we were leaving and embarking on boats across the Sea. If their faith in the Pig is very strong, then the Pig is very strong. It really exists for those who believe it exists. For those who worship it, it not only exists but it is their god‚ and it rules over them and controls them and devours them and destroys them, because they worship other gods and they worship the Green Pig—the ultimate abomination, the abomination of desolation which brings desolation and abomination to all who believe in it! The Green Pig is an abomination of desolation sacrificed on the sacred altar by its moneymakers!

14. BUT IT IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD—the Green Pig, the American dollar! It is a pollution!—It is pollution! It pollutes the whole world worse than any other pollution, because it pollutes the hearts and minds of men and captures their bodies and destroys their souls and devours them and gobbles them up—the Green Pig! It is a marvel and powerful and wondrous and mighty to those who believe in it!—But it is nothing‚ it is not even weak to those who know it doesn't even exist!—It's nothing!—It evaporates into thin air! If you resist it and rebuke it, it will flee from you and vanish!

15. THE GREEN PIG—THE AMERICAN DOLLAR THAT DEVOURS AND DESTROYS SO MANY! It is controlled by the moneymakers! They released it against their enemies and the world, but we will help the world to resist it, to rebuke it and defy it and know that it doesn't exist except in the minds and imaginations of money men! If you know it doesn't exist, that the Green Pig, the American dollar, is a lie, a figment of the imagination and a creation of the money men, if you rebuke it, resist it and defy it and tell it it is a liar, it'll vanish and evaporate and have absolutely no power over you whatsoever! It just goes Puff‚ the Magic Dragon! Puff, the Magic Dragon is a pipe dream dreamed up by the money men!

16. WHAT DOES THE WORD "DOLLAR" MEAN? There was no such thing as the American dollar until it was dreamed up by Washington! What does it mean? There's something strange about that word dollar! The dollar has the whole world in the doldrums! The world‚ who's been beating the drums to the dollar, is now in the doldrums because of its false worship of its fallen idol, which is what they deserve! For they created to themselves idols of gold and idols of silver, and now their final idol is an idol of paper—a paper tiger!—Sickening‚ greedy‚ gluttonous, Green Pig, the dollar! You see?—Now you see it, and now you don't!—Depends on whether you believe it or not. The Green Pig—the moneymakers' joke!—The American dollar! What a joke on the world by the money jerks! They are going to jerk their joke out from under them—the German joke that comes from Joachim's dale, or thalle, a gorge with a river like the Jordan Valley! The obsolete German coin or thaller is going to become the obsolete American dollar!—Joachim's dollars‚ joke'em!

17. THE GREEN PIG—THE CREATION OF THE MONEY MEN! The worshippers of the dollar have been deceived by their own priests! They are now deceived and destroyed by their own creation! The deceivers are themselves deceived by their own deception in which they believed—the Green Pig—the American dollar! It shall return upon their own heads, and it shall turn upon them and rend them and trample them underfoot because they have cast their pearls unto the swine—and the truth unto dogs!—How they travestied to create their Green Pig, not even a golden calf! The laws of God have they cast down and broken! They have not even created a golden calf this time, but only a Green Paper Pig!

18. THE AMERICAN DOLLAR—A GREEN PAPER PIG WHICH WILL DEVOUR AND DESTROY YOU IF YOU LET IT and believe in it and accept it, but which will vanish and evaporate into the nothing that it is if you refuse it and rebuke it and don't believe in it, don't take it, don't accept the Green Pig, refuse the Green Pig, challenge it, defy it, rebuke it! He'll not only flee from you but he'll completely vanish, because he is not! He's a figment of men's imaginations: The Green Paper Pig! Hurry, honey‚ we have to get these words to the waiting world! We have to hurry! Honey, you won't forget about warning the world about the Green Pig, OK?

19. IN THOSE DREAMS NOTHING IS WITHOUT SIGNIFICANCE. I was praying about why the Green Pig was running down the Jordan Valley and caught up with us at the Dead Sea. It lost its power when it arrived at the Dead Sea and we confronted it. It was like the Dead Sea, lowest spot on Earth, symbolises the end.—The Green Pig could go no farther or lower, and there it vanished from the earth at our rebuke! The Jordan River is a living river and it gives life and flows and waters and feeds until it gets to the Dead Sea, and there those waters, like Lot's wife, turn to salt and become dead and can no longer go anywhere or do anything. They've stagnated. They've reached the end and they no longer seem good for anything—like the dollar, the Green Paper Pig! And the pig was following the course of the Jordan, which also symbolises crisis and death till he reached his end at the Dead Sea, and that's where we destroyed it by defying it and denouncing it and it couldn't stand exposure! The minute all the people looked at it and heard that it was only in their imagination, it just vanished! The minute they heard it was just an imaginary pig, it vanished!

20. WHEN A CURRENCY COMES TO ITS END AND BECOMES WORTHLESS, AS IN GERMANY AFTER WORLD WAR I, only things of real value, material things of actual usefulness and necessities, become negotiable, and a system of bartering or trading of goods instead of money arises. When the currency dies, men return to the age-old system of trading physical and material necessities. So that people trade things they have and produce for things that they need, such as the farmers would trade the foodstuff they produced for the tools and manufactured items they needed, and the industrial communities or tradesmen who make things would trade them for the farmers' food and the goods that they need.

21. SO THAT IN GERMANY, JUST BEFORE HITLER, THE MARK HAD BECOME SO WORTHLESS that the government was printing billion-Mark notes, which were still not worth much‚ and each city and town and area began printing its own currency, or spurious currency, in which each government tried to inspire the faith of the people as a medium of exchange, because it was a little difficult without it. If you wanted to go to the theatre you had to take so many eggs or a hen for admission! It was not only difficult for the customers, but imagine the problems of the management in trying to find a place to store all these things! One story is told of the two women who went shopping with a whole laundry basket full of German Marks, to show you how worthless the Marks were!—And as if that wasn't bad enough, when they weren't looking, somebody dumped all the Marks out of the basket‚ left the Marks on the sidewalk, and ran off with the basket!

22. SO WHEN THE DOLLAR, WHICH HAS IN EFFECT BEEN THE WORLD'S INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY, COMES TO ITS END, WHAT IS GOING TO BE THE MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE? Gold has kept its value very well, and in fact, in relation to the dollar‚ it is now worth about four times as much as it was back in the thirties! In other words, the dollar is worth only about one–fourth of what it was 40 years ago! It's been dropping nearly 20 percent in value every ten years or about 2 percent a year!

23. BUT WHAT IS GOLD GOOD FOR NOW in actual material necessities and how valuable is it today? For many ages gold has been much sought after as a useful, but particularly as a very decorative, metal‚ so it became an extremely precious metal sought by the rich for their tableware and their various metallic decorative materials‚ etc. But today it is not sought after so much for those old-fashioned luxuries‚ and is not even as much in demand for things like gold watches and jewelry. But it has become increasingly in demand as a vital part of the electronic systems of many of these new scientific gadgets!

24. THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY THE PRICE OF GOLD HAS GONE UP, because it is still very much in demand and extremely necessary for the circuitry of electronic devices. One reason that TV sets cost so much for example, or even your little transistorized radios, is because gold is used extensively in these, as it is one of the world's best conductors of electricity! Amazing isn't it, that God made gold so useful and necessary, from ancient times to the present, as well as beautiful and attractive! God has always put considerable value on gold in the Scriptures, some on silver, but mostly on gold. But He does say that there will even come a day when gold and silver will be less valuable and as common as the rocks in the streets, which may be the Millennium or thereafter because of the loss of the need of all these gadgets and scientific contraptions, as well as the loss of the need of a monetary standard, or metals for mere decoration. Nevertheless, gold has kept its value over all these centuries and really better than anything else outside of actual real estate.

25. ONE REASON FOR THE REAL ESTATE BOOM IS THAT WHEN PEOPLE BEGIN TO LOSE FAITH IN THEIR MONEY‚ currency and banking accounts, they begin exchanging their money for things of actual useful value. They can't help but see from history that the value of money is constantly going down, because these are no longer the secrets of the rich and high finance, but they are common knowledge of the general public and the man on the street. He knows that the value of his money is deteriorating every day through what is called inflation. As the prices go up, his wages never rise as fast as the prices since the owners, manipulators and managers of money are the ones who control both wages and prices. Therefore the rich always see to it that their prices rise faster than the wages of their wage slaves!

26. SO THE BIG AND POWERFUL LABOUR UNIONS NOW INSIST THAT TO EVERY NEW CONTRACT there be attached the proviso that their wages will automatically be raised according to the cost of living, which is known by the cost of living index.—Periodically the wages of the labourers of certain industries who have made these very wise contracts, will be raised by exactly the same percentage as the rise in the cost of living: Or in other words, according to the deflation of their money caused by the inflation in prices. So some labour has gotten pretty smart on this issue!

27. NEVERTHELESS, LABOUR NEVER SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO KEEP UP WITH THE COST OF LIVING no matter how hard they try. Because, if you're a manufacturing owner or manager or a money manipulator, it is much easier for you to manipulate your prices and money, most of which is simply done on paper, than it is for the poor lowly labourer to try to get a raise in his wages from the industrial managers and money manipulators who are in control of wealth and the sources of wealth and power and the sources of power and government and are usually much richer, more powerful, better educated and smarter than the poor average working man.

28. BUT LATELY, EVEN THE MONEY MANIPULATORS HAVE BEEN LETTING THINGS GET A LITTLE OUT OF HAND and out of their control, and they haven't seemed to quite understand why their money matters are getting in such a bad way because of the sudden fall of their god the dollar upon which they base their values and currencies and their rates of exchange even from one currency to another in foreign countries throughout the world. When you go to a bank to exchange one foreign currency for another, you will usually find that on the little exchange slip or receipt they give you as a record of the transaction‚ first is listed the amount and the kind of currency which you gave them‚ then its value in dollars, believe it or not, and then finally its value in the local currency for which you are exchanging it!

29. SO THE GOD DOLLAR—THE GREEN PIG—HAS BEEN THE WORLD–WIDE STANDARD OF VALUE and of monetary exchange since most of the world went off the gold standard, and‚ subsequently, the silver standard! In other words, the U.S. got so strong and so smart and rich and powerful that even after it was no longer willing to give you either gold or silver in exchange for your paper dollars, the value and power of that paper dollar held its value and power of exchange in the minds of the people by their faith in the American government and its people and its power! So that the dollar held its own for a long time after its actual value in gold or silver was gone!

30. IT HAS TAKEN THE WORLD 40 YEARS AND A LOSS OF CONFIDENCE IN AMERICA and its government to finally wake the world to the fact that the dollar is actually worth very little, if anything‚ and it is only worth to them as much as their faith says it is worth! And since they've lost faith in the American government‚ they are no longer willing to believe what it is worth‚ what America says it is worth. The dollar has been coasting along on its own momentum for several decades due to the power and wealth of America and the world's faith in the American government and its word that the dollar was worth something. But now that the world is beginning to awaken to the fact that it was only by faith that the dollar was worth anything, they've lost that faith in America and its word, and the dollar has lost its value.

31. TO GIVE YOU A LITERAL ILLUSTRATION OF HOW THIS HAPPENS: A recent plunge in the value of the dollar was caused by the world's loss of faith in the Nixon Administration and its veracity and credibility because of its many lies, deceits, political intrigue and cover-ups. So, as the world lost faith in America's Nixon Administration, it also lost faith in America's money! Because, since faith in money is based on faith in the government that produces that money, and in that government's word that says it is worth so much, then the people no longer believe either in that government nor its word nor its money when they lose faith in it!

32. THEREFORE, THE MONEY LOSES ITS BELIEVED ACTUAL OR SUPPOSED INTRINSIC VALUE and its professed and recognised value as a medium of exchange at its former rate of exchange in almost exact proportion to the people's loss of faith in it! In other words, paper money is only worth what people believe it is worth! They have to have faith in it, believe in it and be willing to accept it as a valuable and negotiable medium of exchange. Otherwise, when they lose faith in the money, it immediately loses its value and becomes worthless! If the people believe it is worth nothing, it becomes worth nothing! Because paper money and currency to begin with are created by governments, the powers that be, to furnish the people with a convenient form of trading values or as a medium of exchange, instead of actually having to exchange products, goods or services.

33. FOR EXAMPLE: Say the price of a goose is considered so much in the currency of the land, and the price of a watch is considered so much in the same currency of the same land. But, instead of having to bring so many geese to the jeweller in exchange for a watch, or vice versa, you simply each of you put your faith in the medium of exchange or money and what the market and the money men and the government say the goods are worth in relation to the money or what the geese or a watch is worth according to the economic laws of supply and demand. So instead of trading so many geese for the watch or the watch for so many geese, you take the geese to market and you sell them to the butcher for what he says they're worth in money and what you are willing to accept as their value in money. Then you take that money over to the watch-maker and you trade that money to him for the watch, which is a lot easier than carrying a bunch of geese to him, since most jewellers don't have pens to keep geese or that much use for that many geese! So you simply trade him the money for the watch at the price he says it is worth and what you're willing to pay for it.

34. SO THAT MONEY IS MERELY A MEDIUM OF SIMPLIFIED EXCHANGE OF GOODS BETWEEN PRODUCERS AND CONSUMERS. Though the paper currency has no actual value in itself any more than the paper it is printed on, it has value according to what the people are willing to believe it is worth in this form of monetary exchange which the various governments of the world have built up, particularly in modern times. In ancient times‚ the medium of exchange was almost always precious metals such as gold, silver, nickel, brass or copper, etc., mined and minted into coins by the various governments, with the imprint of those governments and their rulers and the designation of the coin's value according to what the government said it was worth.

35. AS A GOVERNMENT BECAME MORE AND MORE DECADENT AND CORRUPT AND DISHONEST, ITS MONEY BECAME MORE DISHONEST, until the people found that the coins were no longer being made of pure gold and silver but filled with other less valuable metals: The gold coins became more brass and copper than gold, and the silver coins became more nickel, zinc or lead, etc. In recent history America was even making pennies out of aluminum when copper was scarce.—And of course paper coinage is quite a modern invention in fairly recent history, which came in with the invention of paper and printing press.

36. SO THAT PAPER MONEY IS A FAIRLY NEW THING IN WORLD HISTORY, which our clever capitalistic governments quickly latched on to as a much more convenient means of exchange than actual metal coins, and a far easier and cheaper way to manufacture worthless money and cheat the people! The people were then persuaded to accept these paper bills, or dollars, or pounds, or marks or what have you, because they were far more convenient to carry around‚ of course, than lugging around bags of gold or silver or copper coins! As long as the people were told by the government that the government would be ready and willing to exchange the paper thing for the real thing at any time they desired to do so, or, in other words, the paper currency for its printed designated worth in actual gold or silver coinage‚ real value, the people were persuaded to accept this paper substitute for the actually valuable metal coins.

37. BUT OF COURSE, THIS ALSO MADE IT VERY CONVENIENT FOR GOVERNMENTS TO MANIPULATE or change the value of their exchange to their own advantage, which usually means the advantage of the rich and the powerful. As modern governments also became more corrupt, decadent and deceitful‚ they too began to pollute their paper money and actually devalue it by being no longer willing to exchange it for either gold or silver‚ or anything else of actual value for that matter.

38. NEVERTHELESS, FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS THE WORLD HAS CONTINUED TO DRIFT DREAMILY ALONG‚ still believing in the power and value of the American dollar, supposedly backed by the power, worth and word of the American government. So that, since America went off both the gold and silver standard and no longer has to exchange either for her dollars, the world has continued to drift dreamily along on pure faith in the paper tiger of America‚ the Green Paper Pig, the dollar, and that it's worth what its government says it is worth! When actually the dollar is really worthless and without any intrinsic value whatsoever with no backing or redeemability in coinage of actual value such as gold and silver!

39. BUT AS THE WORLD BEGAN TO WAKE UP TO WHAT IS GOING ON, THE DOLLAR BEGAN GOING DOWN! It had continued to coast on for quite a while on its original monetary value momentum implanted in the minds of men by memory. But those memories are beginning to fade, and the minds are beginning to wake up, and the men are beginning to lose faith in the once almighty dollar, the god of America and the world! For a long time it continued to coast along, not only because it was considered worth what the Americans said it was worth, but because other governments of the world were also willing to support it with their word, saying that it was worth so much to them also in their own currencies. But now other governments too are losing faith in America and America's money because they're losing faith in Americans and American administrations, so that other governments of the world are no longer willing to support the dollar and say it is worth so much in their money and give you as much of their money in exchange for it as they used to.

40. SO AS WORLD FAITH IN THE DOLLAR WANES, SO WANES THE DOLLAR, and it is sinking lower and lower day by day!—Since its actual paper value is really worth nothing, and it is actually only worth what Americans or others are willing to give you for it in the way of actual material goods. But if the Americans themselves should lose faith in their dollar, as they shall, then they will no longer be willing to exchange valuable goods and services for worthless paper dollars‚ either between each other or other members of the world community!

41. THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE TO OTHER COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD after the collapse of their governments, so that their people had to take a wheelbarrow-full of Chinese yen to market to buy a few groceries, or a basketful of German marks to exchange for a few loaves of bread! When the paper money, the paper tiger, lost its power over the minds of men and they lost their faith in its value as a mere medium of monetary exchange, its value went down to the nothing from whence it came, because it was worth nothing in the first place, no more than the paper on which it was printed! It was only made to be thought worth something by the faith of man, but now man is fast losing faith in his former paper god!

42. IF YOU THINK THAT PAST GENERATIONS AND CULTURES WERE FOOLISH for worshipping gods of gold and silver and wood and stone‚ give a second thought to modern man who has been worshipping gods made only of paper, and very thin paper at that, for a good many years now! But he's now beginning to lose faith in his paper gods, these worthless currencies, and they're beginning to fall! They'll soon be worth so little they'll be cast away as worthless, and only things, services, goods, products and materials of actual value and usefulness will be considered of any worth: The things and materials or products which the consumers of the world either need or want or are willing to pay for in other needed and wanted goods of actual value and use and worth and not merely spots of ink on pieces of paper!

43. ACCORDING TO MY DREAM, SOME PEOPLE HAVE LET LOOSE THIS MONSTROUS GREEN PIG of the paper greenback, as the dollar is called in America, or the Green Paper Pig, as God portrayed it to me, resembling a monstrous green papier-mâché pig similar to those old big fat piggy banks we used to have! What a fitting picture of the American dollar!—Like its American makers: —Big fat pigs overstuffed with green paper money!

44. SO THE PEOPLE WHO TURNED THIS GREEN PAPER MONSTER LOOSE ON THE AMERICAN PUBLIC and the peoples of the world, seeking to devour and destroy us to their own advantage by means of their Green Paper Pig, these Paper Pig producers and manipulators of pecuniary Paper Pig power, according to my dream, are going to be very soon dumbfounded and dismayed when the people of the world turn upon the Paper Pig and say, "Boo!" to its face!—"I don't believe in you anymore, so you don't even exist!"—And suddenly the Green Paper Pig power will vanish on the spot, and those dollars will be worthless‚ because they're only built on the faith of the people who believe in the Pig!

45. WHEN THE PEOPLE'S FAITH IS GONE, THE GREEN PAPER PIG WILL VANISH WITH IT, as they challenge its power and refuse to believe in its value and reject its worth and even deny its very existence! Because it is a purely imaginary monster—nothing but a Green Paper Pig—which will disappear without an "oink" when the day comes that you lose faith in it and you question‚ challenge and defy the phoney paper power of the Green Paper Pig‚ the once—almighty American dollar!—And the American greenback will vanish from the world scene like the Green Paper Pig in my dream!

46. BUT WHAT IS GOING TO TAKE ITS PLACE?—What will replace this Green Paper Pig which has so long been the recent world's means of monetary exchange, and upon which their own currency systems have been based? Right now certain currencies are going up while the dollar is going down in relation to those currencies. But what if these other governments also betray their people and the world by refusing to redeem their paper money in so–called hard currency or valuable silver and gold, the price of which is going up daily and is now four times what it was 40 years ago! What will the people of the world do then?

47. THEY WILL NOT ONLY DUMP THE DOLLAR, BUT THEY WILL ALSO DUMP THEIR OWN PAPER PIGS as well, and their governments with them, as they lose faith in both the paper words and the paper–tiger governments which speak them! The peoples of the world will then have to turn to some other gods and governments in which to put their faith, and the only acceptable values will be actual material things‚ goods and services. At such a time, the valuable salts, minerals, phosphates, bromides and other chemicals of the Dead Sea, where the Green Paper Pig was finally challenged and vanished in the heart of the explosive Mideast—those chemicals of the Dead Sea alone will be worth more than all the money in all the banks in all the world! They are extremely useful and valuable for making many useful and needed things such as fertilisers‚ gasoline, medicine, etc., as well as dangerous things such as explosives!

48. THE POWERS THAT BE WHICH CAN CONTROL THE VALUABLE, NEEDED AND WANTED MATERIALS of the world such as these and the oil of the Arab world and foods and necessities—such governments will wield the powers of the world, not in worthless Green Paper Pig money, but in actual raw materials, foodstuffs, etc., Those governments which can control the actual goods, and can deliver the goods, are going to get the government of the world! The time will come when money is no longer used as a medium of exchange‚ and the power of the Green Paper Pig will vanish, and the people of the world will be ruled by a one-world government who will control them by the material power it wields and its control of goods and services, actual material values, and not a Green paper-tiger Pig! The Arabs will have their oil, the Jews the Dead Sea, and the Americans a dead Green Paper Pig!

49. THE APPORTIONMENT CONTROL AND SHARING OF THESE NECESSARY AND WANTED GOODS and services will be managed no longer by the Green Paper Pig and those who monkey with our money! The money medium of exchange will be replaced by a very remarkable credit system in which every person in the world who belongs to the system will bare a credit number, without which he can neither buy nor sell, and by which he is accredited in his governmental account with the value of whatever goods or services he produces, and to which he can charge the goods and services that he himself needs.

50. SO HE WILL NO LONGER BUY NOR SELL WITH MONEY AS A MEANS OF EXCHANGE, BUT WITH A NUMBER‚ a number which will be given him permanently‚ without any possibility of counterfeit‚ change‚ or manipulation nor forgery, because it will be branded on each person: "a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads, that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the Beast (the world leader and his government) or the number of his name ... for it is the number of a man!"—And every man will have his own number, every member of the world System will be branded or tattooed with the mark of this final bestial anti-God world government.—They will no longer fear the Green Paper Pigs of past paper tigers and their owners‚ but they will have a new god and be branded by the Beast like cattle for the slaughter‚ and will be forced to worship the Beast and his image or be killed!

51. SO SAYS THE WORD OF GOD IN THE BIBLE IN THE THIRTEENTH CHAPTER OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION, as well as in many other descriptions of this final world government in the Book! Those who refuse to worship the Beast or accept his mark or number will be neither able to buy nor to sell, so we who worship God will starve, suffer, be persecuted, and even slain! But our faith in God will save us, and after three-and-a-half years of this awful time of the Great Tribulation under the Beast's new economic and religious system‚ Christ will come and rescue us and destroy the Antichrist government of the world and set up His own Kingdom here on Earth, where the real values will no longer be temporal, but eternal ones: Truth, love, joy and peace, in a world without money and without marks‚ and without the bestial governments, wars, cruelty and lies of man, but with truth and love and peace and plenty for all! Farewell to all you paper tigers—and especially that ridiculous Green Paper Pig! Instead, we will ride the pure white horses of the power and plenty of the Kingdom of God! Hallelujah! Amen?

Meanwhile, beware of the Green Paper Pig!

—What god do you worship?