KEYWORDS: name, maria, spirit, man, lan-ti, saint

Lan-Ti Revelation, The

David Berg

11/87DO 2403

1. (I was praying for & about Japan & I saw a picture in the spirit of a sweet dear old Japanese man, a grey-haired & a grey-bearded old wise man:)

2. He's so precious! A real Saint! He's a good old wonderful ancient Saint! (Maria: How ancient?) He's been a Saint thousands of years! He's such a sweet old man, he's so precious, he's just beautiful! He's just almost like one of those pictures, those ancient paintings, so beautiful. Grey hair & grey beard & funny costume of very very ancient times. Very sweet, real precious. They should pray to him & ask him to help them, Sweetheart. (Tongues)

3. His name Lan-ti! (Maria: L-A-N-T-I?) Yes. Lan-ti. How beautiful. I asked his name & that's what he said‚ Lan-ti. Hallelujah! TYJ! You know, you can ask Him for a name & He'll give it to you, in Jesus' name. It's a beautiful name, huh? That's a pretty name. TYL!

4. He's teacher. He's such a sweet little old man, grey–haired & bent & he's small. His hair is all tied back. And he wears something like a kimono. He's so sweet, I just love him, he's so beautiful‚ so precious, so wonderful! He has such a sweet face, so precious! He keeps smiling & bowing. Hallelujah! TYL! It's like he's so far back he's almost Chinese, but he really knows Japanese.

5. Now that must be a very important word, it's beautiful! I got that in the Spirit. His name is Lan-ti! Like L-A-N‚ & then T-I, is the way you pronounce it.

6. I can draw his picture maybe, I can see him so clear! He's a little bent old man with grey hair tied back‚ & he smiles & he bows. Isn't that beautiful? I can see him right now! He wears something that looks like a kimono, very old-fashioned. He's very small, bent, smiling, bowing, so precious, so sweet, a real Saint! A real sweet face‚ smile, grey hair drawn back in like a knot behind his head, you know? It hangs down a little bit. So sweet & precious, has such a sweet face!

7. (Maria: What kind of work did he do?) He's a teacher! A teacher, of course! (Maria: Who does he help?) The people there, of course. The people, the Family there. It's funny, that name sounds more Chinese than Japanese. Maybe he's a very ancient Chinese spirit who knows Japanese. It seems like he's more Chinese than Japanese. We'll have to find out what that name means. It has a meaning in Chinese or Japanese. Lan-ti, isn't that pretty? (Maria: Can you ask the Lord what the name means?) Something about love or loving or caring.

8. Isn't that beautiful? I hardly had to ask & just immediately I saw him & I got his name! Isn't that beautiful? (Maria: Amen!) That's really wonderful! He's a really wonderful, wonderful Saint, very very old! He's thousands of years old! He's sweet & precious & funny! He really has a sense of humour, big smile, happy, & he's just tiny, old & bent. TYJ!—In Jesus 'name.

9. Powerful evil spirits try to overcome the Family in Japan, but Lan-ti helps them! He's very powerful in the Spirit of God, a very weak man but very strong in the Spirit. I'll have to draw him. He's so sweet, so precious. A bent little old man. (Maria: So he helps fight the evil spirits?) Yes‚ yes, yes! He has great power, he has great influence, great wisdom. He's our spirit for Japan. Yes. Old, very ancient wise man, wise spirit.

10. Lan-ti means something, you'll have to find out what it means. Ask somebody who knows Japanese. It's a very important & significant name. It's almost like a little bit Chinese. It's like he goes way back. (Maria: Way back where?) Way back to when the Japanese were still Chinese. He's been working many thousands of years to help poor Japanese & Chinese to know about Jesus. Thank You Lord for Lan-ti! Thank you, Lan-ti! GBY! TYJ! PYL! Thank You Jesus for Lan-ti.

11. (Maria: Is he the one that helped MacArthur?) Of course he helped MacArthur! MacArthur couldn't have done it without lots of helpers. Many many spirit helpers gave him love & wisdom to govern the Japanese. That's why they're such good people today, because they loved him & obeyed him & they knew he was right & they did what he told them to do.