KEYWORDS: let, view, mountains, beauty, mountain, peaks

Mountin Maid

David Berg

—MODecember 27‚ 1970GP N0.240

—Inspired by contemplations in Israel

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A Dissertation on Mountain Peaks: —A Mountain Climber's Odyssey!

I am for the mini-blouse

Or the see-through at my house

She is such a lovely thing!

To her mounts I love to cling!

I'm a mountain' man, my Honey!

Give me mountains for my money!

Though I oft explore her cave

It's on her mountains that I rave!

Let those mountains be more visible

And their clothing more divisible!

Then they would be safer far

If you'd leave those gates ajar!

To reveal her scenic beauty

Is your Godly given duty!

Clear away that underbrush

And their praise you cannot hush!

Down with front retaining walls

Beauty hidden is what galls!

Away deceit—hypocrisy!

Truth unveil for all to see!

Lift men's minds from out the gutter

And her praises they will utter!

Raise their eyes unto her hills

And you'll cure neurotic ills!

T'would increase their hopes to hail

Beauteous heights without the veil!

You can now her valley fathom

Far above her lower chasm!

Clear the undergrowth away

For that smell of new–mown hay!

Undergirding, pillared column—

You can have your clothing solemn!

Flying buttress, deep crevasse,

There is nothing like her ass!

But I'll show you something better

For a real attention-getter!

Set your mind on things above

That deep cavern that you love!

When I show my lovely miss

Which is why I'm writing this.

I prefer the top to bottom:

Brother, she has really got'em!

The bottomless is not amiss,

But topless heights I like to kiss!

Can't have one without the other,

Like a babe without its mother.

'Bove the bottomless abyss

Stand the mountains you can't miss!

It's each peak so fascinating,

Makes my Love so titillating!

If you'd view ecstatic wonder

Tits like hers can make hearts thunder!

Top to bottom I'm no stranger

But I thrill to mountains' danger!

Top to bottom can be seen

Undulating curves between—

Up and down her tiny crater

Heaves and sighs whene'er I mate'er!

Her volcano off explodes

When we love in our abodes!

It's a holy hole indeed

And within I leave my seed.

Topless, midless, anywhere‚

But for bottomless I don't care!

Lest we fall too far therein

And those peaks we ne'er unpin!

Twin peaks draped with fleecy cloud

Very thin and not too loud—

Billowy colour, not deep snow

Lest her lovely lines won't show!

Deep soft snow, howe'er you shape,

Will never cause us males to gape!

Natural pinpoints, clever cleft

That is all that we want left!

Unless she is some old crone,

Can't you leave those peaks alone?

Can't we leave those summits bare

Without all that underwear?

If snow is needed, let it fall

Down within her garden Wall!

For this padding I don't care!

I prefer my mountains bare

Not obscured or capped with snow!

For such trappings I don't go!

Let mountains rise o'er foliage too,

With timberline below the dew

To coverings I have objections!

I like to view the real projections!

Must you think it all so rude

To naturally let her protrude?

To fondle her resplendent beauty

Is our precious pressing duty!

If support is sometimes needed,

Let those peaks be unimpeded!

Buffer bulwarks from below

But leave mountain peaks to show!

Weight not down nor hide the top!

All this hiding's gotta stop!

Lofty shoulder, rolling field‚

Let those headlands be revealed!

Arms extended full of grace

No more hidden than her face!

If warmth is needed ere betrothed‚

Let her peaks be lightly clothed:

Furry creature, woolly flock,

Loosely wrapped about her smock,

Easy drawn aside by hand

Of the shepherd of her land.

When the summer sun doth shine

And in heat her fires refine,

Quickly melts her fallen snow

And cascading it will go

With the warmth of summer love

Baring mountain tops above!

Like the fleecy misty cloud

Just with vapour her enshroud!

Filmy vapours only flow

From above to vales below!

Only bright and shining tresses

Top our mountain maiden's dresses!

Accent all her naked beauty

With less on our nudie cutie!

She's a beauty with them on

Beauty's self when robes are gone!

Don't conceal her points of int'rest!

Nature's course with clothes thou hind'rest!

Flowers nestle in her hair

'Twined in hollows here and there

Circling round the tower above

All proclaim her joy of love!

Craft displays her lovely wares

Only please the one who cares!

Custom or conformity

And artificiality

Clothe her in hypocrisy

Never let her hidden be!

Methinks there'd be far less desire

To ravish her on lust's cruel fire

In man's relentless exploration

If viewed with open admiration

Her pleasing beauty clearly seen

Would satisfy his sexy spleen!

No need to strip what God created

Nor herself be violated

Open view could satisfy

Ardent longings of his eye!

Nudeness thrills her thankful viewers

Only look and be not doers!

Else she might end on the skewers

Of whose strength goes down the sewers!

You don't wonder what's beneath

Heavy snow or wooded wreath,

All is there for all to see

Mountains' magic majesty!

With each lovely rise and fall

Breath of Spring and nature's call!

Wonders of our God's creation

Defy man's imagination!

No need imagine here their form

Stark reality is borne

'Fore the eyes of mortal men

Naught is hidden from their ken!

With more truth and honesty

Viewers could possessors be!

Insatiable curiosity

Lust for new discovery

Need not strip this pretty maid

It's already been displayed!

Only lower parts need hide‚

Upper ones seen far and wide!

Need not lust to rend her veil

See her now you could not fail

Need not dream what lies beyond

For all barriers are gone!

Fantasy doth hide and tease

But undress doth only please!

Fascination doth explore

Man insists on seeing more!

But when rid of all false pride

She has little more to hide!

Strip those bare necessities!

Show those nude realities!

Methinks such open revelation

Tempers tantalised temptation

All is now both known and seen

There is nothing in between!

Evil quests for the unknowns

But her beauty she enthrones!

She doth no more her viewers taunt

Beyond her garden wall to vaunt

To trespass on her property

For all is there so plain to see!

They're not piqued to push their way

Thru' foliage dense to see what lay

Beyond the hedge nor o'er the wall

For all lies bare at beck and call!

Why should I climb my neighbour's fence

When he's not barred my view from thence!

For now I have no need to tread

And trespass to his lady's bed

Nor climb her mounds for better look

Whilst all is clear as in a book!

For naught lies now 'twixt me and thine

To gaze upon thy lovely vine

I need but cast a casual glance

And pass her way with naught askance!

I go upon my merry way

I've seen the entire scene today!

With treasured mem'ry homeward bound

To climb upon my own young mound!

No need to prey and to offend‚

This openness I recommend!

You need not honour sacrifice

Just let man's open view suffice!

For oftentimes such wall and hedge

But aggravate, I do allege,

And signs that say, "Do not trespass!"

The more provoke to see, alas!

Where if you'd not obstruct the view

I'd be the more obliged to you!

Let's have no hiding hedges now,

Nor warding walls, to this we vow!

'Twere better far for us to share

Our lovely view of pretties bare

Than hide for us alone to see

In selfishness and privacy!

So let them look in fancy free

Upon your female bon beautie!

Instead of tempting to trespass,

Let's have a look at you‚ fair lass!

For to look we all are prone—

Just let us see and leave alone!

For if all men are just like me

We like to view our wonders free!

We don't want to bother you,

We just want to see the view!

We'll then pass to other scene

Content with what we've only seen.

Methinks 'twere better to unveil

These hidden beauties ere they pale

And let be seen to all enjoy

So that their loveliness may cloy

And let be shared by every eye

To lessen wont to steal and lie

And trespass on some mountain peak

The news of which is bound to leak!

Let's tread our own and not another's

Or we may have too many mothers!

And so we'll gladly share our own

And hope to view our neighbour's zone!

We'll be most happy to display

Our property that others may

Enjoy the view that we can see

Of all her pretties well as we!

Methinks this rule be better far

And in such way the fashion bar

Of crude display of coarse crevasse

By some near unskirted lass!

That tempteth men with low desire

To plumb her depths beneath with spire!

Or else be nigh repulsed with spasm

By sinking sight of stinking chasm!

So lift your eyes unto the hills

And set your thoughts on rocks and rills

And keep your mind on things above

And let your heart be filled with love!

Let's hope for nobler‚ loftier scene

And lower parts from mankind screen!

Let's have top, midriff revealed

Not bottomless abyss unsealed!

I guess I'll take what I can get!

Enjoy each view, that you can bet!

For there are those who'd plant a kiss

Upon each passing friendly miss

And if you'd show a friendly nipple

they 'd kiss that too without a ripple!

They'd satisfy the bearer too

As each new mountain heaved in view,

And they'd not stop, but ask for more

Until they've made of you a whore

Give you a parting friendly squeeze

Leave you with nothing but a sneeze!

So let the barers thus beware

Of other bold ones that would dare

Imbed the distaff of their pride

In virgin soil beyond the tide!

Some dauntless might desire for more

And daily dream to you explore

To claim some new discovery

And leave it will posterity!

So you watch out, my maiden fair!

For if you choose to beauties bare

Don't let some drag you to their lair

And plant that distaff you know where!

Be on the lookout for each knave

Who'd leave his mark within your cave!

Please save the touching for your own

If you want mounts for him alone!