KEYWORDS: attention, god, something, nitler

Lampton on the Altar of Watergate

David Berg

—MOMay 29, 1973GP No.239

Box 31, London WC2E 7LX, England, or BP 752, 75123 Paris Cedex 03 France

1. WORLD LEADERS HAVE OFTEN USED SMOKESCREENS, RED HERRINGS OR OTHER CLEVER DIVERTING TACTICS TO DISTRACT THE PUBLIC MIND FROM IMPORTANT BUT EMBARRASSING ISSUES. This is also a very common military device: to create a diversion, such as a pretended attack in one sector when actually the main drive is going to be in another. World powers also frequently create what are known as small brush-fire wars in various unimportant areas of the world to distract the attention of their enemies from their actual main objectives or major goals and operations.

2. THESE DIVERSIONS HAVE BEEN USED FOR BOTH GOOD AND EVIL throughout time immemorial: the main idea being to get the mind of the public or your enemies off something you're actually doing but you don't want them to notice so you can do it with a little less observation. This is also the most important psychology of the magician who specialises in tricks known as sleight-of-hand, the principle point of his operation being to distract your attention from what he's actually doing so you won't see what he has done and therefore will not notice that he has palmed the coin or hidden the handkerchief until he chooses to reveal it again surprisingly from some unexpected location‚ thus fooling you or literally making a fool of you!

3. THIS IS ONE OF THE DEVIL'S DIABOLICAL DELUSIONS with which he deceives you also: just about the time you think you have things pretty well sorted out in your Garden of Eden, Satan slithers in and distracts your attention from the main issues of your faith in accepted values by casting doubt and suspicion and raising questions about minor issues to get your mind off the big ones and distract your attention from the things you should be concerned about, so that you become busy with a little here and there and the man is gone! This is also the artifice of the escape artists as well: he distracts your attention just long enough to grab your keys or your gun so he can make his getaway!

4. THE BIBLE SAYS THAT WHEN PEOPLE FAIL TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE TRUTH THEY ARE APT TO BECOME STRONGLY DELUDED AND BELIEVE A LIE INSTEAD and be damned. This has been the favourite trick of despots and dictators throughout the ages: get the people's minds off their internal problems and needs and altercations by creating a much more frightening bugaboo, such as an external war or fear of their neighbours, or causing them to focus their fears on some scapegoat leader, class, race‚ sect or supposed problem or trumped up issue to take their minds off the Führer's mistakes and failures and their real problems.

5. THIS IS ALSO A VERY SUCCESSFUL DIVERSIVE METHOD WHICH YOU CAN SOMETIMES USE WITH YOUR OWN CHILDREN IN ORDER TO GET THEIR MINDS OFF SOMETHING that's bothering them, especially when small and annoyed or upset about something, by simply starting to talk to them about something else or giving them another toy to play with in place of the lost, broken or dangerous item, or threatening them with an even greater loss or retribution if they don't hush. This used to be one of my wife's favourite tactics, this method of distraction or diversion to get our children's minds off the things they were worrying about and replacing them with something else instead. Whereas‚ I must confess, probably like most fathers, my usual blunt approach to their whimpering, murmuring or fretting was simply: "If you don't hush, I'm going to give you something to cry about!" So you see, these smokescreen or red herring methods of diversion can be used for either good or evil.

6. NOT ONLY DID THE SERPENT USE THIS TACTIC IN THE GARDEN, BUT GOD HIMSELF HAS USED IT UPON OCCASION, OR ALLOWED UNBELIEVING MAN TO BE DIVERTED by it to his own shame and destruction: The Bible tells us that the wicked world of Noah's day ate and drank‚ married and planted and builded until the Flood came and swept them all away! Warnings unheeded ended in death!

7. THE POSTDILUVIANS BECAME SO INTERESTED IN MAKING A NAME FOR THEMSELVES THAT THEY FORGOT ABOUT GOD AND WOUND UP WITH AN UNFINISHED TOWER OF BABEL AND THE TOTAL CONFUSION OF BABYLON! Jacob the Deceiver tricked his brother and deluded his father to attain his covetous ends which eventually ended in his own crippling humiliation. Abraham deceived kings and loaned out his wife as his sister to obtain personal safety to his eventual embarrassment and expulsion. Moses' mother obeyed the Egyptian laws and cast her newborn son into the Nile‚ but in a drifting basket to be found and reared by the queen as Pharaoh's own son! And Moses himself pretended to borrow the wealth of Egypt for a temporary pilgrimage into the desert, but actually took off for good with all Egypt's gold, silver, jewels and six million slaves, while God kept Pharaoh busy with plenty of plagues!

8. THE KINGS SOMETIMES TRIED TO FOOL THE PROPHETS BUT WERE MORE OFTEN MADE FOOLS OF THEMSELVES BY THE PROPHETS OF GOD by diverse bits of God's own trickery! Despite the handwriting on the wall, the Babylonians ate, drank and made merry while the Medes and Persians were crawling under the wall to capture Babylon‚ and the Greeks took Troy by distracting the attention of the Trojans and infiltrating their ranks with a phoney wooden horse. The Romans were too busy playing games and cracking jokes in the Senate to notice that their empire was crumbling around their ears!

9. TIME AND SPACE FAIL ME TO ENUMERATE THE MULTITUDE OF HISTORICAL EXAMPLES, BUT TWO OF THE MOST MODERN AND SIGNIFICANT ARE HITLER AND NITLER‚ the term we prefer to use for Hitler's present American presidential heir. Hitler was an expert at distracting his people's attention from their real problems and his own mistakes by dragging the red herrings of Red Jewry across his hell-bent trail of national destruction, and conjuring foes without to divert their attention from their much more serious affairs within. His namesake Nitler of today could probably boast that he is faithfully following his hero's heritage as plainly as if led by Hitler's Mein Kampf!

10. TO DISTRACT THE ATTENTION OF AMERICA from the well-worn fact that his ruling Republican party have always been the robbers of the poor and the protectors of the rich‚ Nitler has frightened the Americans with Red-herring hippies and the ghosts of Red plotters undermining national security while Nitler himself, with his personal Gestapo, loyal storm troopers and nationwide political Nitzies‚ corrupts the very foundation of government itself by illegally boring into the private affairs of its citizens and scandalously destroying their personal freedoms, while at the same time he tries to hide his evil-doing with hush money, colossal cover-up, and the most flagrant whitewashing in Washington White House history!

11. FURIOUS AT THE COURAGEOUS EXPOSURE OF HIS CRIMINAL HYPOCRISY and traitorous deception of the American people‚ and enraged by the humiliation of his scandalous Administration being the continuous major subject of daily worldwide headlines. It is easy to see why he and his cohorts would have done everything in their pernicious power to get their nefarious names and dastardly deeds off the telly and out of the papers for awhile! With their confessed expertise in political espionage, even to the bastardly bugging of bordellos to obtain secret information and blackmail bait on foreign diplomats and important politicians, it is also easy to see how easily they could have leaked some of these juicy tidbits of certain respected politicians' indiscreet casual affairs through foreign journalistic channels into public knowledge and scare headlines to replace their own! In fact, God told me so!

12. AND IN CASE THIS UNSCRUPULOUS AND DISASTROUS CHICANERY DIDN'T DO THE TRICK sufficiently, how easy it was to abort a virtually abandoned space project to help steal the news headlines from Watergate! Could some of Nitler's admittedly hired agitators also be aggravating the troubles in Iceland, Ireland, Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, Arab oil, American and European conferences and even African border clashes and political explosions, etc.‚ just to get the world's mind off Watergate's wonderland? It has certainly worked! The worldwide flood of news released by the floodgates of Watergate has dribbled to a mere trickle!—Another trick from a whole bag of tricks by Tricky Dicky the Trickster? It doesn't matter to him and his if other governments fall and political careers are tragically destroyed and lives lost as long as his own power is preserved!—Like Hitler!